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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Dance in the Vampire Bund 39

The Wolf's Crest.

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jun 5, 2010 09:25 | Go to Dance in the Vampire Bund

-> RTS Page for Dance in the Vampire Bund 39

Greetings, my fellow rapist pedophiles (if you read this series, I assume you know what I'm talking about, lol)!
Here comes the belated 39th chapter of Dance in the Vampire Bund.
I would have done it earlier, but I've been busy with some other projects, and this manga itself can be egregiously difficult.

To avoid another typesetting fiasco as we had with the 38th issue, I added another code to my translation patterns. Now the sentences that span over several bubbles merged into one will be separated by a | symbol to make it clear where everything is supposed to go.

This is a thefolenangel scanzzz translation.

Chapter 39: The Wolf's Crest.|27

Yuki: SAGA...........?//As in....... a tale?
Mina: Indeed. That's what ancient epics were called in Northern Europe, originally.........//And this image is the only file our enemy didn't delete in that computer they left behind.

Yuki: You mean it was on purpose ......So we'd get to see it?
Mina: This is an option we must consider.//Saga........ | Has to be a code word of sorts, but it's way too obscure for me to risk a guess./Well no. Assuming the message is indeed meant for me...........
Yuki: 性 (Saga)...............
Mina: Mh?
Yuki: Um. That's another possible reading......... | An old Japanese word. Means "an inborn characteristic"....... It might also be a reference to causality.
Mina: Causality......... As in "karma", I suppose.

Mina: Let's assume this is the correct answer. It's probably a way to point the finger at someone./This........./is the sort of thing I know all too well.
Camille: Your meal, Your Highness.
Mina: Good.//Akira is with Angie today again............?*pop*
Camille: Yes.//They're in the Bund, under special orders from Wolf-dono.

Mina: Special orders, eh.........../Theirs must be a critical mission, if he had to contrive you people into protecting me.
Camille: By all means, they're perfectly cut out for the job./After all, even us can't excel at everything.
Mina: .......You're doing good enough, no problem./That's not what I'm angry about.
Camille: ..........Please be patient./It's a bit difficult to distinguish friend from foe, at the moment.
Mina: Pied Piper eh?/.......Figures.

Heinrich: Your Highness/The young siblings came to visit, but upon learning they couldn't be granted an audience, | they asked that you be given this instead.
Heinrich: Your Highness!
Mina: Anna!/Geegee!/Clara!

Mina: ..........
Heinrich: Please be patient. We have barely started to blood test the whole island.//We can't allow a single vampire in your presence as long was we aren't sure they're not infected with Pied Piper.

Mina: I don't who's behind this scheme./But when I do find out........ They're gonna have to pay, and pay dearly.//I'll teach them what it costs to sever the connection between me and my citizens....... I will drain them dry and suck even the marrow out of their bones.

Akira: There. Thank you for your time.
Angie: This armband proves that you've undergone the blood sampling. Don't forget to wear it whenever you get out.//This makes it our third day./If only Her Highness knew our special orders were actually about blood sampling, she'd fly into a rage.
Akira: I like it that way.//She doesn't need to know everything.
Akira: Do you think our enemy will show themselves.....?

Akira: They will./With the two of us around, I'm positive they'll show up. | It doesn't make sense for them to have left that picture for us otherwise.//After all......../That carving.......//........//.......Did he just run away?
Angie: Could he be...

Akira: Wait.//Angie. Let's surround him.
Angie: On it!!
Akira: Wait the hell up.
Dude: Eeeeeeeek

Dude: Aaaaaaaagh.
Akira: Good job.
Dude: Wait... | Wait please!/I don't have any of them nanomachines. I am not infected.

Akira: Why flee, then?
Dude: Because | what I do have is HIV! ........I haven't reported this to the authorities yet!/If they find out, I'm gonna be punished for breaching Disease Containment rules. | That's why.........
Akira: ..........What do you think?
Angie: Must be true. | There's not much point to Pied Piper if the infectee is aware that they have it. | They wouldn't even think of fleeing in the first place.
Akira: Dang. Talk about a mess./Come on, get up!
Dude: Plea... Please. About my disease...

Angie: Akira

Akira: Angie[tn: Gotta love pages like these. Makes the work so much easier.]

Akira: .........Where'd he get such strength......?/A werewolf like me........ losing a contest of force.........?

Wolf: Freeze./Any opposition will be met with lethal force.
Sanin: Rrr Rrrr//ROOAAAAAH

Wolf: After him!!

Shorty: Akira
Akira: I'll be fine.//! Angie
Angie: Same here./I'll be fine........ too.
Beard: Hey, folks.//Have a look.

Akira: Angie./You should take a shower too, before we get back./Angie...//........
Mina: Looks like someone got into a fight.

Akira: Hime-san.
Mina: You had him surrounded yet he still broke through and lost you people anyway. | That guy was no slouch./Let's have a look at those wounds.
Akira: Nh.......
Mina: Hey, Akira. I'm positively fuming at the moment.
Akira: Eh........
Mina: We have a bunch of lowlifes come out of God knows where, infringing upon my kingdom | and working to cut me off from my citizens./On top of which you and your friends go behind my back and do everything to keep me out of the loop.
Akira: It's not really about that.........

Mina: But it happens anyway, that's it? | What with you leaving me behind to go blood sampling, of all things./Then, you get assaulted by an assassin on the job, and you still go about it as if nothing happened.//But the thing is... They left another SAGA message behind....... | That's a bit too much, don't you think?//Akira......../What are you hiding from me?
Akira: I'm not hiding anything.
Mina: Fool. I can read you like an open book.

Mina: Since the last incident... | everyone has been getting farther away from me.//Are you trying to do the same?
Akira: ..... | That carving | It's not meant to be read as "Saga". | It's not even a word./It's an acronym.

Akira: Sanin | Angie/Graham | Akira./These letters stand for the four of us.
Mina: What's it mean......?
Akira: It represents the eternal bonds of friendship between 4 people........ | Comrades who went through thick and thin in Siberia. We carved it on a wall inside a cave.//Nobody else knew about that place. | And now, Angie and I should be the only ones.//This message.../It was meant for the two of us...
Voice: I...

Voice: I/I'm/I'm disappearing.//No matter how much time passes//No matter how hard you strive to forget//No matter how much you try to deceive yourselves... Your past will not lose sight of to you.//Hear Him. Listen to His step as He steadily closes in behind you.........

Sanin: Rr...../Rr.......
Voice: Wherever you go, the past will follow you there/And someday, He will catch up to you.//He will bite you in the throat while licking His lips.
Voice: For such is His heart's desire.

Angie: ...Akira./Come on, wake up.
Akira: Mhhhh//........Are we there?
Angie: Not yet....... But look//These guys have been staring at us the whole time.

Akira: Let them stare, then. We're gonna spend the next month with them anyway.
Angie: But...//Here they come
Akira: Angie.
Sanin: The son of Lord Wolf Regendorf, I presume?
Akira: Not quite./It's the other way around. He is the father of Kaburagi Akira.
Sanin: Ahaha. Aren't you a funny one.//Hey, Graham. Come on over here.
Graham: Pout.[/end

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#1. by maniket ()
Posted on Jun 5, 2010
thanks for you translation i like it
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