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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Gamon The Demolition Man 6

Running out of time!

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jul 2, 2010 16:37 | Go to Gamon The Demolition Man

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This is a KAW translation.

6th chapter. Running out of time!
Narrator: PM 1 : 20. In front of the Mikawa Elementary School.*waaaah*
Tama: Ha/Ha
Maru: Awesome, Tama-chan. You're just awesome!*Puff Haa*
Arrow: Far behind.
Maru: He's the first among the boys, but don't lose to him.
Tama: Hah/Hah./(Aaaalright! One more lap...//I'll make it to the first place!)/Ha./Puff/(I promised Gamon I would!)
Badge: 5-2 Kugura.

6th chapter. Running out of time!

Narrator: In the meantime, Mikawa town outskirts.
Cop: Gh... Eastern district, fourth section reporting!//It's hopeless! He just smashed through the barricade yet again!//He's well on his way to enter the roads that still aren't bloackaded!
Narrator, from top to bottom: Blockading underway./Plan./Blockading complete./Tank.
Jack: Ooooh, greaaat./At this rate it is go to Mikawa Mountain!//If I do this I will freedom!/No mercy for peoples who gets in my way!

Haruna: He's heading for the schoolchildren's marathon, it's almost certain!/If we screw this up now, he's gonna harm the kids!
Yuu: This is bad, Gamon-kun! It's probably too late to have the area evacuated, by now.[tn: Wait, what? Why the Hell didn't they do that before doing anything else?]
Gamon: Please do something, we need to get there before he does!/This time around I'm gonna smash it down!
Senju: I'm already on it! But...!/This is as fast as this truck will ever get!
Gamon: Kokushou-san! Can you think of anything?!
Yuu: (If only we weren't on the move I could work out something, maybe)
Haruna: We aren't exactly out of options, director........

Haruna: But your hammering skills won't have any effect on that tank!/Even if we do catch up, there's nothing we can do about........
Narrator: At full strength, he only made a dent.
Gamon: It's fine! Let me deal with this!
Haruna: Bu-but with your left arm wounded........
Gamon: Please, Kokushou-san!/We're running out of time!!
Haruna: .........Understood! It's a bit ham-handed, but we do have a shortcut!//It'll take us right in front of the school./We can take the shortest route to the bridge and get to the tank there!
Map: Plan.

Gamon: In front of the school? That means........
Nishi: Plea-please wait!//This path is still not blockaded!//Furthermore, its a maze of road turns and narrow streets. A truck will never make it...!
Yuu: Not to worry!!/Thing is, I had this truck fully tuned to account for balance issues!/The rest is up to you and your piloting skills!/Haruna-chan! Nakanoi-san!
Haruna: Satellite image, OK./Navigation system up and running, right on cue.
Senju: Now it's a matter of skill!/Very well, then........

Senju: I'll show you a thing or two!!
Nishi: He ski-ski-skidded. With a truck?!
Senju: Ummm. That's some fine steering gear, Yuu-kun!
Yuu: Tell me about it! This is all courtesy of my maintenance skills!
Gamon: Wow, we're barely making it...
Haruna: Tilt the truck by 10cm up on the right in 15 meters./Someone's coming.[tn: Very roughly, 15 meters=50ft, 10cm=4inches.]

Woman: Aaaah!!
Haruna: In 5 seconds, turn right. Raise the left side by 50cm to avoid the garbage can.
Yuu: Woops
Senju: Good! That's what I call good navigation!
Keiji: As great a pilot as ever, manager.
Senju: I've been doing this for 58 years!!
Gamon: Tama. Touma. Just wait for me!/I will pulverize that tank, I swear!

Jack: I crosses the bridge any minute, now!*restless*
Jack: Guess I did make a good deal.
Dude: How about getting you out of here?//Provided you agree to my conditions, of course./You need to drive a car to an agreed upon destination. Do so, and I'll pressure the government into releasing you.//This is business![tn: In English in the original text.]/What say you?
Jack: I don't know if I can trust you..../But as long as I am captured I will spend next 30 years in police holding cell!

Jack: I have no intention to spend 30 years of my life in Jap.........//NOOOOO?!/The truck from earlier?!//........And what the heck is that?!!
Yuu: Nakanoi-san, you're the man!!
Senju: That's what I do!!
Jack: Them is running on a water pipe!!//This is crazy!!

Senju: Hoppity hop!!//Now it's all up to you!/Director!!
Gamon: Yep!
Jack: !//Oh, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!/You again!!
Gamon: I'm the only thing standing.../between Tama and the other kids' marathon and that tank.........

Tama: Ha./(You're not winning this, prick!)/Huff//!//(Alright! I'll break into a sprint as soon as we hit the bridge!)
Gal: Go for it, Tama-chan./Puff./Ha.
Gamon: Tama's struggling too. Giving it her best shot...!*pain/pain*

Jack: That hammer won't accomplish anything!! Stupid person!/Stay here and you're just gonna die!!
Senju: From the front?!
Yuu: That's suicide!
Haruna: Director?!
Gamon: Kugura Senjutsu/Kai: Tsuikousen.//AT//TACK

Jack: Uh?!

Jack: Ooowww.
Gamon: Armored tank or not, a car's just a car!/Just flip it over and it won't go anywhere!
Keiji: (Kugura Senjutsu. Kai: Tsuikousen./Pump the cracks in your given material full of Ki to cause a proportionate amount of destruction.//Here's a surprise. He lucked out and pulled it off on that safe, and now he's got it down just after yesterday's training.../And to think he'd put it to such use...)

Keiji: (Well, guess we have my judicious guidance to thank for that.)
Yuu: ?/(Wuzzgoinon?)
Gamon: Alright. Now to stuff in some explosives and...
Senju: Director!!//Congratulations on a job well done! Such cleverness! Such destructive power!
Yuu: Ooooh.
Senju: Now you can get those shoes for Tama-chan!
Gamon: Sure!/(Ooow. I forgot I was injured...!)
Yuu: I see! The road caved in so much because there was a drainage system underneath!/(I get it, now.)
Gamon: I remembered when they built it back in the day.//I'd go through here myself when I was in grade school...

Senju: The children are safe and sound!
Gamon: (Go for it, Tama and Touma.)
Haruna: .........
Yuu: Sumthin' wrong, Haruna-chan...?
Haruna: Well, I was thinking about the repairs.../I'm having trouble estimating how much it'll cost to compensate such damage...//But a deficit is likely.
Gamon&Senju: Whu!
Gamon: Mmmmph... Maybe I overdid it...!!
Senju: Maybe...! I'm gonna teach you maybe! Don't you ever stop, you goddamn little kid?!!
Yuu: Nakanoi-san, Gamon-kun is injured!
Keiji: Well well well...//(A question still remains, though/How on Earth did the man get his hands on that tank...?)
Nishi: Good job, Kugura company. Hey, where does that hole come from, exactly?!! You didn't have to destroy anything other than the tank...!!
Gamon: (Don't look!)
Gamon&Senju: Well, it's not that big a hole, is it?!!
Yuu:Man, we'll be compensating alright. I sense trouble.
Haruna: I'll do all I can to help out.

Narrator: Ultimately in the red.
Gamon: I'm home. Sorry, Tama.
Kaho: Ah, Gamon. Welcome back.
Gamon: Something wrong, Tama?
Kaho: She ended up second
Touma: Phew.
Arrow: Dead last.
Tama: I could have won. I had it in me!!//Just when I was about to rush for it there was that huge booming sound!! So I got distracted, and... Aaaah, shoooot.
Gamon: ...........//I see... That's too bad, Tama!/But you still remain a man, and a true sportsman.
Kaho: You sound almost happy about it./Oh, and she's not a man.//Why are you so concerned about hitting the first place anyway, Tama-chan?
Tama: Because Gamon did!

Tama: I'm gonna help him out at work someday./So I won't settle for anything below first!
Gamon: Tama...!/Ha
Kaho: Um, you know, since you're a girl and all...
Gamon: A resolve like yours is worth all the first places in the world!/I'll buy you those running shoes!!
Tama: Really?!
Touma: Whuuuut?!
Gamon: Sure!! You'll use them for intensive training for next year's marathon!
Tama: Yeah!
Kaho: There you go. Shooting your mouth without thinking again.//(Gotta admit, there's a bright side to it, though.)
Touma: Me too. I want Yahoo shares for next year!
Gamon: Nakamura... Is there anything at your place that needs demolishing?
Nakamura: Hell no./You made another one of those reckless promises, didn't you...?
Sasaki: Think ahead, man.[/end

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