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Imouto wa Shishunki 29

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jul 12, 2010 21:47 | Go to Imouto wa Shishunki

-> RTS Page for Imouto wa Shishunki 29

There. Would have finished this earlier, but I couldn't gather enough courage, and above all interest to actually work on this series.-_-;
This is the last time I have anything to do with it, thankfully.

This is a 4-koma Scans translation.
Imouto wa Shishunki 29.
Guidance Acknowledged.
=Hey. Where are my new socks at again?
=Second drawer from the dresser's top.
=And the gray coat I bought last year?
=Inside the closet.
=What about my "Bewbz-cyclopedia", then?
=The lowermost drawer in your des.......//Say what?
=I can't seem to find it since yesterday.
=I have no id
=Give it back.

Closing Ceremony - 1 A Gymnasium can be a Cold Place.
=Winter vacations are starting tomorrow, but we'd like everyone of you to come up with detailed plans...
=Uuuuugh. It's getting chilly, in that gymnasium. I wanna go potty, now.
=Aki-chan is blushing, fidgeting and and looking all around her.../Could that mean
=Huhuhu. Let's make the vibrations one notch harder.
=Ah. | No more, mister manager...*buzzzzz*
Narrator: Inside a train, for some reason.
=Who got the switch? Who is it?

Closing Ceremony - 2
=That's unfairness, right there. They put in a heater, but it's right on the stage near the headmaster.
=Very well. Starting with Ayo.
=Well, don't say that.| We're gonna get warmed up right away too.
=Now let's proceed with the awarding ceremony.
Arrow: Hot air
*flap flap*
=There. I'm starting to feel a lot warmer around the crotch!!/(Haaaaaaaaa)
=That's it? Well, not that I don't understand!!

Contents Critical
=Very well. I'm going to distribute the report cards.
=Looking for such a small opening, are you. Don't you know when to quit? Just look and get it over with.
=Yep. She's right.
=I hear you, but
=Then go for the "Tied up and forced to watch the contents of a porno book" approach.

Decorations Seems incredibly painful
=You don't look so good. Something wrong?
=...Yeah. | I dropped my ear-rings somewhere. The ones with the pearls on 'em....... >I paid dearly for those.<
=Ear-rings.....? | The junk I picked up in the audiovisual room, maybe...
=Uh?! | What did you do with them?
=I embedded them into my cock!!/Ahahahahaha.
=Sorry. Just joking.

A White Christmas.
=I'll spend Christmas with his this year.
=Uh-huh.//Let's hope we get some snow, then. It's romantic./(As in, a White Christmas)
=Uuuuh. I certainly hope not.
=If it snows on our walks, whoever plays the dog is gonna get frostburns on the knees, and all.
=Can't you guys do anything normally?

Lustful Crowd.
=Tomorrow's winter vacations. Students really have it nice.
=Yes? Why? On the contrary, it's a chance for us.
=Uh... A chance?
=Now we're free to use the classrooms for any plays we can possibly think of.
=I seeeee. Guess I should call over my own husband tomorrow, then. | Like hell!!
Narrator: This is the day when Kago-sensei became adept at noritsukkomi.[tn: Boke (fool) and tsukkomi (straight man) is a staple of Japanese comedy. In noritsukkomi, the tsukkomi starts off going along with whatever nonsense the boke comes up with, only to point out the absurdity of it all halfway through. Couldn't find a proper way to express that in English.]

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