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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Dance in the Vampire Bund 41

The Wolves' Afternoon.

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jul 27, 2010 14:18 | Go to Dance in the Vampire Bund

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This translation is brought to you by:
-The Furry Fandom Federation
-and Gay Porn International

God, I'm almost regretting the Vampire lolis... Almost.

Minor spoiler warning: Like the last time, if you like your plot twists fresh and unadulterated, refrain from reading this trans and just wait for the scanlated release.

This is a thefolenangel scanzzz translation.
Boys: There. It went that way./Uh. No way./Wow. | Whoa.
Graham: Damn it. It got away!!
Sanin: Even with 4 Earth clan members on its tail!//Now I know./I've just realized why the human race created underwear.//Sure, it's embarrassing, and all./But more than that, it's a lot of trouble when you're trying to run, ya know./With your dangly bits all over the place.
Akira: Sanin, come on.
Graham: Let's end this quickly, then. We could use the fur. That, and I'm hungry, too.

Akira: Hey. We would've been better off practicing turning back into wolves first, don't you think?/We're gonna freeze to death.
Graham: .......Maintaining a human form is something we've had mercilessly hammered into us since we were kids./It's not like we're still gonna remember how to shapeshift into animals.//But maybe you're different. Eh, Mister I-hang-out-with-the-big-shots.
Sanin: Graham!!
Angie: ..........
Akira: Anyway, let's find someplace to sleep. It's getting dark.
Graham: Don't give us orders. Who died and made you chief?
Sanin: Graham!!
Akira: It's alright, Sanin.

Chapter 41: The Wolves' Afternoon.

Al: Hello./This is Alphonse.
Mina: Hama has approached you, I heard.
Al: Yes. In regards with some insider's information about House Rozenmann.........
Mina: I'll just let you finish, then. I can wait.
Al: As you command.

Mina: I got word that one of the assassin the Three Clans had sent after Akira assumed the shape of one of his dead friends./Whatever happened in Akira's past, they found out about it. | Hama too, naturally. He was part of the ambush.
Al: Why would you want to know that much?
Mina: Mh?
Al: Ignorance is bliss, you know. It keeps us from getting hurt.
Mina: What am I to understand?
Al: Sometimes, keeping you in the dark, and indeed, failing to inform you is also a form of loyalty. Sometimes.
Mina: That kind of logic from you, it's so typical! | I've had it.

Al: ........Even Her Highness loses her head when it comes to that boy./Heh heh..........
Mina: ..........
Yuki: Hime-sama.
Mina: Oooh... Yuki.
Yuki: Is it really a good idea for you to eave the island? | The assassin could be...
Mina: Actually I'm safer here.//I don't know how he managed to infiltrate the island, but now that we're aware of his existence, he isn't leaving./He's already trapped like a rat....... Or a wolf, as it were.//I'm betting the Beowulfs are circling him as we speak./How's Akira?

Yuki: ........ Extremely irritable...... | Um, yes./It's as if his body was there, and his mind somewhere else.......//Sad, yes.../But true......
Akira: Damn......... What wouldn't I do to be with you guys right now.
Angie: We can handle it.//I'm pretty sure I can capture this guy.
Akira: But//He called me by name!/There's a good chance he's.........

Angie: I know. It's gonna be fine./Just leave it to me.
Remus: Angie.
Angie: Yes sir.
Remus: Never thought we'd be up against a werewolf./Any info regarding his identity? History? Lineage?
Angie: Even perusing the Senate's records didn't turn up anything likely.
Leeroy: Which means... we're dealing with the Outer Clan.
Remus: Pretty much, yeah.
Leeroy: Either way, no skimping on the equipment.
Heinrich: Angie, that means you too.//...Angie?

Angie: This marker........./is all the equipment that I need.
Akira: ........
Mina: Akira.//Is the identity of that assassin of that much concern to you?

Mina: He happens to be a werewolf, I hear./Is there some kind of connection between the two of you?//As in... an old friend... or some such
Akira: THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!![tn: Seconded. Seriously, she had it coming. -_-;]

Mina: None of my........ business?/Explain it to me. How is what happens to you........//HOW IS THIS/NONE OF MY BUSINESS?//You're positively crying out on the inside! | All this time/you never stopped looking for help.//Why won't you just take my hand?/Just what on God's green Earth am I to you?!!

Akira: You are my Master.........[tn: Ouch! >.< That's cold...]
Mina: Answer your master's question, then. Cur.//I wanna hear everything. Right here, right now!/Your master commands it.

Akira: If that is your will........../then I shall respectfully inform you.//that the assassin
Mina: ENOUGH./That's enough. Dismissed./Get the Hell out of here.
Akira: ........... | With your permission, then, I shall take my leave.
Yuki: Akira-kun.

Mina: No........//I didn't... I didn't want to talk like that./I....... I just.......//I'm just worried sick about him.[tn: Aaawwwww!]
Yuki: It's alright./Akira-kun knows.

Yuki: He knows.
Sanin: Hahah
Graham: We did it!//We did it!
Sanin: Haha. | Our first game.
Akira: Let's all drink together. | In the old times, hunters would sip the blood of their prey to appropriate its life.

Sanin: Sound good./Alright. I'll do it.
Angie: Why do we have to?//Tastes like iron.
Sanin: Tastes like after a nosebleed.
Akira: Your strategy worked out just fine this time, Graham.
Graham: Humph./I merely took Angie's concept and worked my way from there.
Sanin: True. That landmark trick of yours was a great idea. Good call.
Angie: Rea-really?

Sanin: From the orientation and the shape, you can tell its position relative to the others right away, and also how far we are from the trap./That's like super-extra useful.
Graham: Says the guy who couldn't even read them right.
Sanin: Um. Yeah. I forgot.
Akira: Ahaha.
Sanin: ........//Uh......../Uoah?//Aaah.

Angie: I wish we could be birds in the sky. Flying on the same wings.../I wish we became tree branches on earth. Entwined and conjoined...[tn: Yeah, I know about the whole "marital vows" thing. It's a sensible adaptation of the Japanese idiom. But I'd like to remind everyone that this manga is not even published in my country. So until someone comes up with the official English version for that bit of poetry, I'll stick to my own trans. Thank you for you attention.]//Here you are.

Angie: You've spotted my landmarks, haven't you?//If you are able to follow those.......... | that means
Sanin: Ggr..

Angie: It's me... | You know me, don't you? I'm your friend./Angie.
Sanin: Ur.........//Ur......... rr........
Angie: Remember. | During that winter, this is what we did to keep ourselves warm.

Angie: Argh. Aaarrrh.[tn: What has been seen... cannot be unseen...o_Ô]
Sanin: Rôôôh/RÔôÔÔÔH.//RÔH/RÔH | RÔÔH.[tn: My eyes! My eeeeeyeees!!]

Angie: I can... remember//what it tasted like when we all licked blood for the first time.//Right now... it tastes... the same...
Sanin: A | An...
Angie: It's alright.......//Come on.../It's gonna be fine.[tn: Speak for yourself.]
Sanin: Angie.../Angie.

Akira: Angie's gone missing?!
Remus: Against all my instructions not to try anything on his own.
Akira: I got that message from him a moment ago...........
Message: Just follow the signs.

Remus: Do you know what that means?
Akira: Probably, yeah.//There it is...//Over there!!//We're close.../Angie.

Akira: ANGIE.

Sanin: A... | Aki...//Akira.
Remus: Target acquired!!
Akira: Wait.//You./Who are you? Which one?!

Sanin: Angie... broke.../Broken...... He broken......//Like... | last time.
Akira: Which one are you...?
Remus: Akira!!
Akira: Graham? | Sanin?!

Akira: Sa... Sanin./...It's you?

Sanin: Akiraaaa.
Akira: Sanin./So it was you.[/end

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#1. by drokhan ()
Posted on Jul 27, 2010
Thanks, keep up the good work
#2. by maniket ()
Posted on Jul 28, 2010
thanks for you traslation
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