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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Gamon The Demolition Man 7

A Dependable Man.

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jul 29, 2010 17:59 | Go to Gamon The Demolition Man

-> RTS Page for Gamon The Demolition Man 7

For a light-hearted comedic series, this manga sure is a major workload. Lots of frames, with lots of text in nearly each one. And that's not even mentioning the tiny scribbles outside the bubbles!:>_<

This is a KAW translation.
7th Chapter. A Dependable Man.
Yuu: Glasses. My glasses. Where are my glasses?

Narrator: Somewhere in town.
Nishi: This is the knife we found with that gang of thieves./Used casually it is still able to tear through concrete.//Now the light armored tank from a few days ago./Reinforced enough to put any heavy armored vehicle to shame, it remains greatly maneuverable regardless. And it even comes with autopilot.//Both articles outweight by far the technological level of their counterparts currently in circulation.
Narrator: Cabinet Investigator/Nishi Aomi.
Nishi: Both top secret material... | It makes no sense to find such items in the hands of petty criminals.
Sai: Uh-hum...
Narrator: Chief Investigator/Saionji Tokimune.
Sai: Somebody gave them those... for whatever purpose. Correct?

Nishi: Well, about that......../Even the criminals who were using them didn't seem to know that much...
Nishi: N-no, I mean, a secret investigation is currently underway........!
Keiji: Whoever managed to get those criminals out of prison must have had some serious political clout...//But for an organization such as the Cabinet Investigators, I assume this is still an unspeakable shame.
Narrator: Head of Sales Department for the Kugura Company./Tsujihara Keiji.
Keiji: So what do you think, Saionji-san? Could there be a link between this and what happened four months ago?
Shades: .......
Sai: At ease.//I can't speak of anything at the moment./We some more time to assess the situation.
Keiji: Uh-huh.//(Well well well./I guess ordinary methods won't be getting us anywhere.)

Narrator: Meanwhile, at the Kugura household.
*drawing in*
Gamon: Yaaaaaaaaaaah!!
Touma: Fwaaaaaaah!!
Tama: Eyyyyaaaaah!!

Touma: !!
Gamon: Mwahahahaha!! Too late!!/You wanna defeat me? Come back in ten years......./Ough
Touma: Thankee!![tn: Touma uses the sumo slang word for "Thank you". Yes, there is sumo slag. It surprised me too.]

Tama: Heaven's/Love//Hurricane!!
Touma: Bwooooaaaah!!
Tama: Bon appé
Gamon: I don't think so!
Tama: Oooooooooow!!

Gamon: Hey! The biggest among us gets to eat more. It's only logical!!
Touma: I always have some spare room for sweets!
Tama: I don't care. I just hate losing!!
Kaho: Enough of this nonsense!!//Tama and Touma are one thing, but what do you think you're doing?!/How am I supposed to study with such a racket?!!
Gamon: Not so fast, Kaho. There's actually a very deep meaning to this!/There was one too many of those manjuu treats![tn: Manjuu is a Japanese pastry.]//We had to decide who would get to eat...
Kaho: That's crap!!

Kaho: Why don't you just split the thing and be done with it?
Gamon: Makes sense!
Arrow: Fish scales.
Narrator: My name is Kugura Gamon./I go to High School, but I'm also the director of the Kugura Demolition Company.
Gamon: (I hadn't considered that option.)
Narrator: We mainly do demolition, but in fact our job involves pulverizing pretty much anything./My dad was the previous director. Four months ago, he went missing during a trip abroad./Making me the head of our family as well as the company.
Kaho: And if you don't keep a good head on your shoulders... | the company will have deficits and then hello, poverty!!//That's why I'm working so hard to qualify for scholarship when I get in High School! | Are you going to hinder the laudable efforts of your poor kid sister? HUH?
Gamon: Well, I'm sorry! I totally understand what you mean!
Tama: Scary!
Gamon: Touma, don't shove.
Touma: You'll make a great shield.[tn: That was illegible, so I made something up.]

Gamon: You want that manjuu, then? | Alright, it's yours!
Kaho: I just told you to get a grip!! | Sit here!!
Gamon: And/That's how I got lectured to death by my kid sister again.
Sasaki: Gotta say, I know where she's coming from.
Nakamura: When one thinks "dependable", yours ain't exactly the first face that comes to mind.
Gals: Did Kabao-kun find his dad's false tooth?/I doubt he has anything like this in mind, by now.
Gamon: Nonsense! I'm proving how dependable I am every single day, am I not?!/(I'm like level 44 on the dependability scale, by now!)
Nakamura: And concretely, what does this amount to........?

Gamon: I know I'm far from perfect, but still.
Haruna: Excuse me.//I'm Kokushou Haruna. Second year, class 6. Coming in.
Sasaki: Kokushou-san! How have you been?!
Nakamura: Yo.
Gamon: Hey, Kokushou-san!
Haruna: No field work for us today.*beep/beep*
Haruna: Please head straight to the company after school. | Also

Haruna: There should be a small test during the fifth class, for class 5. | Please prepare yourself immediately.
Gamon: Huh!//That's right! I totally forgot about that! Thank you, Kokushou-san!
Sasaki: Me too!!
Nakamura: And he's supposed to be reliable how?
Sasaki: Yeah, come to think of it, Kokushou-san. You're on scholarship, right?/Why don't you tell his sister about the specifics?
Gamon: Uuuh?! You're a scholarship student, Kokushou-san?!
Sasaki: You didn't know?!
Nakamura: How do YOU know?/(You actually researched this...)
Haruna: Understood. I'll make a list of the key points later, and pass it on to her./But if memory serves, Kaho-san... was it? She isn't taking the exam yet...
Gamon: True. She won't be taking it till next year.../But we have precious little money to spend on cram schools, so she's laboring like a slave.//I couldn't ask for a better sister!*Ahhem!
Haruna: .........
Nakamura: What are you swaggering about?

Haruna: You'll need to get a better grip on yourself, then./The previous director never put such a burden on his family, now, did he?//Now if you'll excuse me.
Nakamura: She can be pretty harsh./(Must be work)
Sasaki: Some might say that it's actually a good thing./(Whip me more!)[tn: Made this up because the sentence wasn't readable.]

Narrator: No. Kokushou-san hit the nail on the head./When the previous director - my father - was there, Kugura company was doing well financially.
Gamon: Uh?/A business trip abroad?
Dad: Yeah. To the Middle East./I should be back in about a week.//So is there anything you'd like as for a present?
Touma: Yahoo shares!!
Tama: A nunchaku!!
Kaho: Nothing.
Dad: Hah hah hah!/Oh, well... You take care of things while I'm gone, Gamon!
Gamon: Sure. You can count on me./You can travel without any worries!

Narrator: That's right. The old man trusts me. I can't betray that!/Getting the company out of trouble is also part of a director's job...
Nakamura: Gotta say, though: you guys are doing pretty well. Good vibe, and all...
Gamon: Me and Kokushou-san, you mean? Well, noting special, I guess.
Nakamura: Nah, I don't know what it's actually like between an actual director and his secretary | but you guys are pretty distant towards each other, no matter how you slice it..........
Sasaki: Indeed.
Nakamura: You can't build trust in such conditions, am I right?
Gamon: Wut?!

Gamon: Hah hah hah. What a bunch of hooey!/Kokushou-san's secretary job is flawless!//(She even warned me about that test thing./Even if she did chew me out in the bargain........)
Gamon: (Is it true? She really doesn't trust me?!//Can't have that! A reliable director can't just let that pass!/Gotta go ask her personally!)

Gamon: Thank you for your hard work!!/Where's Kokushou-san?
Yuu: Mhhhhhh?
Gamon: Yuu-san... Did you catch a cold?
Senju: (You should be resting.)
Yuu: Cough/Cough./Yeah, there a certain reason, for that.//As for Haruna-chan, she's back home for the moment./She forgot to bring her suit.
Gamon: Kokushou-san, forgetting something? That's unusual.
Senju: Indeed. Hasn't happened in a while.
Gamon: In a while?

Senju: She was already a secretary when the previous director was in charge........../But she was a total klutz at the time........
Gamon: Uh?//THE Kokushou-san? A klutz?/And my dad's secretary, too?
Keiji: Cheers. Uh? Where's Haruna-chan...?
Gamon: Um, she forgot something, and now she's off to fetch it.
Yuu: Thanks for the hard work.
Keiji: We'll get going when she gets back, then.//Our real trade awaits.[/end

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