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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Dance in the Vampire Bund 44


+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Aug 9, 2010 15:10 | Go to Dance in the Vampire Bund

-> RTS Page for Dance in the Vampire Bund 44

First chapter for the 8th volume, and things are slowly starting to look bad again. Well, complicated would be more like it.

This is a thefolenangel scanzz translation.
Maybe I can squeeze in another chapter or two sometime soon, but for now I'm gonna focus back on my other projects and various requests...
Dance in the Vampire Bund Contents.

Chapter 44: Visitors.|3
Chapter 45: Nothing Hurt.|33
Chapter 46: Family Plot.|63
Chapter 47: Mandible.|93
Chapter 48: Lamentation.|119
Chapter 49: 36, Quai des Orfèvres.|139[tn: French movie. In English, "Department 36". To quote Wiki, "The film takes place in Paris, where two cops (Auteuil and Depardieu) are competing for the vacant seat of Chief of Police while involved in a search for a gang of violent thieves."]
Appendix: Dance with the Vampire Maids.|192

Chapter 44: Visitors.

Akira: You're scarred.

Angie: I'll be fine.//You guys all got hurt at some point. Graham did, Sanin did. You did........./Now at last, I feel like I really belong.
Akira: Don't be silly.

Mina: Akira... What happened was inevitable. | You did what you had to do./Don't let it torment you.//....... | No good./How could I tell him he shouldn't feel bad about hurting his friends?/That's past insensitive, it's downright callous.//Hello, Akira!/How are you? Fine?!//........Of course not. | What am I talking about...?//Akira...

Mina: I can't find the right thing to say to you........
Leeroy: Hnghh!!

Leeroy: Oh, crap. I didn't mean to go all-out./You okay?
Akira: One more time.
Leeroy: You're getting dead serious about this.
Hyunte: Then I'll be your sparring partner.
Hyunte&Akira: Hah!! | Yah!!
Leeroy: I was wondering how he'd fare after that thing with Sanin./But as it turns out he took the hit pretty well. I'll say, he's growing into a fairly dependable guy.
Romulus: ........ | Is that what it looks like?
Mina: Akira........

Mina: Akira.......
Akira: Hime-san.
Mina: Uh/Eeerrrm.//Ho......./How are you? Fine?//Uuuuuuugh./Of all the silly things I had to say........ | I had to chose the dumbest.
Akira: I'm great.

Akira: Don't worry. | I'm okay./I'm fine, alright?//You're gonna be late for school. | I'm leaving right away.
Mina: Ah...//Don't worry?.../Like I care. You idiot...//Is that what you wanted him to grow into?/Eh, Wolf.
Wolf: .......
Dude: Wolf-sama. You have a phone call, from the Senate.
Wolf: Understood. I'll pick it up in my room.

Yuki: Akira-kun.
Akira: Yuki. | Ryouhei.

Akira: What's wrong, Yuki?
Yuki: It's just that... I...
Ryouhei: You gonna be alright, pal?!
Akira: ......... You know what happened, don't you.
Yuki: Hime-sama told me........
Ryouhei: And I heard it from Angie......... I was worried sick.
Akira: I see...//It's gonna be a moment before the classes begin./Let go out for a little walk.

Ryouhei: Sanin... | That's what he was called, eh.
Akira: We never spent any more than a month together. | But it might as well have been a decade. He was really a great guy.//He kinda reminded me of you.
Ryouhei: You mean......../You mean he was that close a friend, and you...........//You were under orders, right? | Like, you had to do this for Hime-san's protection or something..........
Akira: ....... | As my old man told me/I have made my choice........

Akira: Time is like a river. It can only flow in one direction./The moment you step in, your fate is no longer yours to decide./Whatever the outcome might be........//I think now I can finally understand.
Yuki: Akira-kun...//To be in Hime-san's position/means that she'll always have to order somebody to shed blood, or be hurt themselves. That's the burden she bears........

Akira: And I think I ought to be that person./That's my conclusion.//Because that's about the only thing I can do for her.

Ryouhei: ........./Why do you have to go this far?
Akira: Lessons are about to begin./Let's get to the classroom.

Scott: ...Hmm. I see./So that's what it came to.//If I'd been told what we did in the past would come back to haunt those children's lives......../What a great wrong it was.
Wolf: We did what had to be done to restore the Royal House. There was no other way.
Scott: It was brutality, plain and simple.
Wolf: I never expected such a show of weakness, Lord Scott./Not from you, of all people.

Scott: Blame my old age. I'm growing senile./Do you have any idea how many centuries it has been?//Sanin has been buried in the Bund, am I right?
Wolf: Yes. The Humoresque bloodline has died out, and he had no relatives.........
Scott: I shall pay a visit soon. So I can place some flowers upon his grave./And it's been an eternity since I last paid my respects to Her Highness in person.//Speaking of which. Regarding what you asked of me.
Wolf: Have you made the arrangements?
Scott: I took the liberty of sending someone. | Haven't they arrived yet?
Scott: No, Sir.

Scott: I see. | Then they must have been sidetracked..........
Kids: The talking jay asked/The talking jay asked//the crab hairdresser/the crab hairdresser
Students: Uh?/Look. LooK/So cute.
Kids: for a stingray's mustache/for a stingray's mustache.
Geegee: !
Anna: Oomph
Clara: Ow

Anna: Geegee.
Clara: I've hurt my nose.
Geegee: Look. | We've got ourselves a weirdo!
Anna: Who are you?
Yuuhi: Waaah!
Clara: What are you doing here?
Geegee: This is the High school section. And it's not a place for children.

Yuuhi: You're there, aren't you.
Geegee: That's different. The headmistress herself gave us, uh | Cloari... cleari...//What was it again?
Yuuhi: Clearance?
Geegee: Yeah, that's it.//The headmistress... Hime-sama, I mean. | She's our friend, you see.
Yuuhi: Uh.../For real? You're friends with Her Highness Mina?//I... I'd like to see her./Where is she?
Geegee: Do you know her?
Yuuhi: We-we haven't met yet.
Geegee: Do you have business with her?
Yuuhi: Yup.
Geegee: Come with us, then. We're on our way to see her. | What's grade are you in?
Yuuhi: First year. I got transfered today.

Geegee: That makes you our kouhai!! | If there's anything that needs explaining, come ask big daddy!
Anna: >Eeheehe!< Or me: big mommy!
Nanami: Good morning.
Mina: Morning./Nanami. How about your injuries?
Nanami: I'm as good as new.
Mina: That's good to hear.

Mina: Going after that criminal all on your own... Such a reckless thing to do.
Nanami: I just feared something bad might happen to you.../I pretty much acted on instinct from there. | I wanted my make myself useful.
Mina: Nanami.
Nanami: Everyone who serves you feels the same./Akira-kun too... I'm sure of it.
Mina: ........./How touching. You have no idea.

Clara: Hime-samaaaaaa.[tn: Was that panty-shot really necessary? -_-;]
Mina: Oooh.//Geegee! Clara. Anna!!/It's been a while!!
Clara: With the investigation done, we can see each other again!!
Anna: Hime-sama. | Hime-sama.
Mina: Easy, easy. Let me see your faces again, Clara and Anna./You're grown more charming than ever.
Geegee: Hime-sama! | There's a kid who wants to see you./Come on.
Yuuhi: ..........

Mina: Oh my. Speaking of charming, this one is doing pretty well for himself.//? Have we ever met somehwere?/What do you want with me?
Yuuhi: Uuuhm./Eeeeer.
Yuki: Hime-sama.
Mina: Yuki!
Yuki: Oh........ | Where does that kid come from? >He's so cuuuute.<
Mina: I don't really know.
Akira: Hime-san. You're late...

Yuuhi: Onii.../-chama[tn: Think of the affectionate "onii-chan" and the respectful "onii-sama", wrapped up into one package.]
Mina: ?

Yuuhi: Onii-chamaaaa.
Akira: Yuuhi... You. | How come?
Mina: A... Akira. Wait a minute./You can't possibly mean he's
Akira: He's Yuuhi....... My kid brother.
Mina: Your... Your brother
Yuki: So cheerful. | So lively.........
Akira: Yuuhi. What are you doing here?
Yuuhi: Uuum. | Uuuuum./Father sent me.

Yuuhi: He said I should attend school here./Now we can always be together.
Akira: Old man./What the hell's going through your head........?

Meanwhile, on the East China Sea.
Gal: There. This is our ship.//It's been found adrift. Presumably it's run into a storm.//Take me to the patrol boats. I can board the ship from there.
Dude: Over here, Councilor!!//I apologize for all the trouble./This is beyond the scope of our authority.
Jacket: Japanese Coast Guard.

Gal: Vampires?//...Everyone...?
Dude: No. One of them isn't...
Tatiana: Hum.//Are you from the Japanese government?
Gal: And you are......

Tatiana: My name is Tatiana Humoresque./We request political asylum in the Vampire Bund.[tn: Holy shit!!][/end

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