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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

The Guin Saga Volume 1

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Aug 15, 2010 23:46 | Go to The Guin Saga

A manga adapted from a successful novel by KURIMOTO Kaoru.
Scanlation available from Gantz Waiting Room.
Rinda: Haa/Haa/Haa/haa//Remus, quick!!
Remus: Haa/Haa.//Rinda... wait for me!

KaimanGuin: Ungh...

Dudes: Don't let them get away.//We must capture them.

Rinda: They're gone.

Rinda: It's fine, Remus.
Remus: Wa... wait.//Ouch... Owww.../Gosh! I've had enough of those Vasha trees!!
Rinda: Oh, my... You're scratched all over...
Remus: But...

Rinda: Come on, Remus. Let's leave Roodwood before it gets dark.
Remus: Rinda... I can't go any further.
Rinda: Remus.../Is that any way to behave yourself?!//You're the successor to the Sacred Throne of Parros!!
Remus: Bu... but...
Rinda: Up, Remus!!/We're going to survive no matter what.

Rinda: Don't you feel any bitterness at all?!

Dude: My King!/Please withdraw immediately!!/The Mongauli army will be here shortly!!
Al: Rinda. | Remus./The two of you will flee.
Rinda: Father...[tn: Arbitrary, yes, but "My Royal Father-sama", which is what she's actually saying was clearly not an option.]

Dudes: Aldross the Third./Say your prayers.
Al: Rinda!! Remus!!/Quickly!!
Rinda: !

Remus: Fatheeeer
Guys: Rinda-sama!! Remus-sama!! This way!!

Dudes: Don't let them get away!!/All that is Parros must die!!
Rinda: Up, Remus.//We'll live to rebuild Parros.
Remus: Yes...

Remus: Rinda?
Rinda: (I just felt something./What is it?)

Rinda: Haa Haa
Remus: Ri... Rinda...//Is it.../a premonition?

Rinda: (Was that a demon I felt here in Roodwood?/No... It's different...)//!
Dude: There they are!!//After them.

Kids: !!
Rinda: Remus!!
Remus: Rinda!
Rinda: Le.../Let go of him!!

Dudes: Hyahahahahaha./What is that thing for? Fruit-picking?!//Hee hee hee/Heh heh./Listen up. You'll want to aim for the armor's weak spots.
Rinda: Waaaaaah

Remus: Rinda!!
Dude: Haa/Haa

Dudes: Hee hee hee.
Rinda: Barbarian!! Animal!! Gohra pig!!//May Janus strike you with his lightning bolts and burn you all to a crisp.

Remus: Rindaaaa//?!
Rinda: ?!

Dudes: Uh...

Dudes: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaah/Wait./Don't leave your posi

Dudes: Ca... Captain!!//RUUOOOOAAAAAAAHHH

Dudes: Raaaaaaahh
Remus: Rinda!!
Dudes: Yaaaaaaah

Remus: Wha... | What's this?/Haa/Haa
Rinda: I don't know.//But
Dudes: Raaaaaaaaaaah

Rinda: (It's magnificent)

Remus: Let's run for it, now.
Rinda: One left!!
Dude: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Remus: !!//Rinda!!

Rinda: Janus.//!
Remus: Rinda. Let's go.
Rinda: Give it a minute!!
Guin: Grr.../Grr...

Remus: Rinda!! Quickly!![tn: Okay, I hate this guy!]
Rinda: (Is he asking for something?)
Guin: Grr/Grruooooooh
Rinda: Is there something wrong?! Something you want?!
Guin: ........ | .......Urh...//Uaah.../Au... raaaah...

Rinda: (Aura...?)//A... | Are you alright?! Hello!!/Hello?!

People: All hail the Mongauli!!/Mongauli!!

People: Mongauli!

Dudes: After so many years, Parros, the jewel of Midland/has finally fallen between our hands.//The heads of Holy King Aldross the Third and Queen Tania no longer rest upon their shoulders./Yet Prince Remus and Princess Rinda have eluded capture.//Are you telling me they were able to escape from the Black Knights?/They might have vanished right in front of them...//Vanished?!/Ridiculous!//Silence, everyone.

Dudes: Gentlemen: the Udaijin-General.[tn: The text actually uses the Chinese term "Ufu" instead of Udaijin. Udaijin translates as Minister of the Right, a high-ranking administrative title during the Heian era (794-1185).]
Amy: Soldiers!!/Our victory in this Black Dragon War was Justice.

Amy: Under normal circumstances, I would gladly allow you some well-deserved rest./But the war is not over yet.//I've received word that the twins/Princess Rinda and Prince Remus had been spotted in the forest and consequently given chase.
Dudes: Roo.../Roodwood?!//I... I respectfully disagree with this assessment, Your Excellency./They couldn't have made it that far even in one night.
Amy: Indeed... It's had to believe, at first./But it's still possible.

Amy: Provided they could travel by some means still unknown to us/is it not the very proof of the existence of that which we're looking for?
Dudes: You.../You can't mean
Amy: I do./The treasure of Parros!!

Dudes: It really exists, then?!
Amy: The twins would know everything.

Amy: The Twin Jewels are to be captured.

Amy: In order to unify Three Countries of Gohra./And beyond it, for the unification of all within the borders of Midland//For Mongaul.

Amy: Send a message to the Staforos stronghold in Roodwood./Spare no effort to capture the Parros twins.
Dude: !//That signal...!

Dude: I have a message from the Udaijin-General, Amneris-sama.//Lord Count.//Count Vanon.

Dude: We are to capture the royal twins at any cost./Should you need anything, the General will see to it.//........../Lord Count.//The units we've sent to investigate are yet to return......../What shall we do?
Van: Heh heh heh... You must be new.../There is nothing to fear...

Van: As long as I avoid open air, there's no risk of contamination.//Maybe the twins' flesh and blood would prove effective.[tn: Pedobear alert!]
Dude: Uh?!

Van: Would the flesh and blood of the blue-blooded relieve me of my pain?//That is what I asked.

Remus: Hey, Rinda...//It's getting dark.
Rinda: I know.//That's why we need to hurry.../Bring more of those medicinal herbs!!

Remus: Hey, Rinda. Let's make a fire./The imps are rising.
Rinda: We can't!!/We'll be in trouble if the Staforos stronghold sees the smoke.
Remus: We could leave that monster alone and get away from here...

Rinda: And in time, we'd keep wandering endlessly inside the forest....//I've seen it.
Remus: (Rinda Farseer.../she's inherited the gift of the Royal Line perfectly...//Jahn, the God of Fate can be so unfair.)

Rinda: Ah//Are you alright?
Guin: ...Ugh........
Rinda: What is it? Water?//Remus!
Guin: Ugh...//He... here...

Guin: Mwaaah....//Mmmh//Mnnaaaaahh/Nnhhaaaaaah.

Guin: Huff. Haaaaah.
Rinda: What is this on your head? Why are you wearing it?
Guin: I don't know...

Remus: Rinda!! There's no way he's human!
Rinda: That's enough!!//Here. Food from the Mongauli soldiers you've defeated.

Remus: That's an animal mouth...[tn: Shut up!]
Rinda: .....//(But...)

Rinda: I'm Rinda. And this is my twin brother, Remus./What about you?
Guin: .......//Gu... Guin...

Rinda: Guin.......? Is that your name?
Guin: I... think so...
Rinda: Where do you come from?/Judging by your skin color, you aren't from the North.
Guin: Aura....
Remus: Aura?/Is that where you're from?
Guin: I don't know...

Guin: What is this place?//Who in the world am I?!

Remus: You can't remember anything?
Guin: I can't...
Remus: Hey, Rinda.//It's almost dark./Let's start a fire.
Rinda: ......./Guess we don't have a choice...//But the stench of blood is too strong here.......

Rinda: The water imps won't come on land./We should be fine, as long as we don't let the fire die out.//And the people of Staforos won't come for us here...
Guin: ........

Rinda: It's alright./The fire will protect us.//The fire/will protect us.
Imps: Protect us/Protect us/Protect us
Rinda: That's it. Keep parroting us. | That's the only thing you can do...

Rinda: No sleeping, Remus. Or the Nightmares will get the better of you.
Guin: ......//What are you doing in the forest?
Remus: We are
Rinda: REMUS!!//You saved us, but we still don't know whose side you're on...
Guin: ........//I see...
Rinda: Surely you know of the Kindgdom of Parros, jewel of Midland.
Guin: The Kingdom... of Parros?

Rinda: The Crystal tower was put to the torch | the Holy Knights exterminated./The Holy King and Queen, from the Sacred Royal Bloodline of Janus' Chosen were killed.//The bloodshed that occurred on that blue moon, in the year of the Dragon/is something that I'll never forget.[tn: Long story short, a blue moon describes the phenomenon of a second full moon in the same month. It happens periodically.]
Guin: .......//?!

Guin: A storm is coming.
Rinda: Uh?!
Guin: The smell of rain is in the air.
Rinda : .......//(He picked this up even faster than a farseer like me/thanks to his leopard's sense of smell.)

Rinda: The fire won't withstand this!!
Imps: Grrrr.../Grraaaaah/Pewwww
Remus: The imps!!
Einda: Janus the Fate is an annoying old fool!!//What now?!

Guin: Climb on, children!![tn: Hey! Where did he get that?]
Rinda: Where are we going?!
Guin: To the Staforos stronghold.
Remus: Uh?!
Guin: We're taking over the castle, lest we become ghoul food!!

Remus: To the enemy's castle?!
Rinda: Guin is right. Our only choice is between taking the caste and being eaten by the imps!!
Guin: !/I smell blood.
Rinda: ?!

Guin: !//Keh

Rinda: Remus
Remus: Uugh...
Rinda: Are you alright?
Guin: Children! Stay next to me.
Rinda: ?!

Rinda: !

Rinda: Are... are these the Mongauli soldiers Guin defeated?[tn: If I see a Behelit, I'll call bullshit!]

Guin: Eaten and possessed by the Ghouls.

Ghoul: Ghiiii.../Ghiii...
Remus: Aaah!!

Guin: There's no end to them!!
Rinda: !

Ghoul: Ghiiii
Rinda: That's it. We have to burn them!!

Rinda: Guin!

Rinda: Guin!!/Guin!!//!
Remus: Aaaah...

Dudes: The Parros Royal twins. Rinda and Remus!!/Surrender yourselves!!
Remus: Ah...
Rinda: Aaaaaah....

Dudes: Hey./*chatter*/Uh.../What's this?/An imp......?/Silenus, maybe?//We have to inform the Count.
Remus: They're going to kill us, aren't they?
Rinda: Quit crying!![tn: Seconded.]

Dude: No fooling around!!
Remus: Rinda..........
Rinda: ..........//(Guin...)

Dudes: Open the gate.
Remus: The Staforos stronghold.....

Rinda: NOOO!!//I don't wanna get in here!!
Dude: Silence!! Just do as you're told!!
Rinda: It's gonna be totally destroyed!!/Can't you see it?!
Dudes: Don't let it get to you.//Bu... but/The Royal House of Parros is well-known for its Seers...

Dudes: !
Remus: Gu.../Guin!!

Guin: Be at ease, children.../They haven't injured any vital spots.
Dude: Don't try anything funny.
Guin: .......
Rinda: Wait!!//This warrior has nothing to do with us, he was just passing through!!/Treat his wounds and just let him go!!

Dudes: That is for our Lord to decide.
Rinda: ......
Guin: .......

Dudes: Are these the Parros twins?//They're still kids.//But now, the victory of the Mongauli.../Our victory... is complete!!

Dudes: Mongaul!!/Mongaul!!//Wha.../Whoa//What the hell is that?!/A mask?!/No.../Silenus?!

Remus: Rinda....... The people are just... gone.
Rinda: .......//Where are you taking us?!
Dude: To the Lord.

Dude: Our master is ill./Noise is very bad for him, so be careful.
Twins: Ill?
Guin: ......

Van: Welcome/to my fortress.
Rinda: Could you be/the Mongauli Black Count?!

Van: Hohoh... The rumor of my affliction by the Black Death has spread like wildfire in Midland./Even in Parros, they've heard about it.//Indeed. I am the custodian of the Staforos stronghold, by the grace of His Highness Vlad, Archduke of the Mongauli./Count Vanon.//Stricken with incurable disease, rotting alive./Contagious when exposed to open air...

Van: Fear not./The countermeasures I've taken are more than adequate.//This fortress would be overrun with disease otherwise./......//But you'd like to watch, maybe?/It's a sight worth seeing.
All: !

Dude: Co... Count!! Have mercy!!
Van: Heh heh heh./Don't fret. I was speaking in jest...
Dudes: Haa/Haa/Haa//By the way...//Who's this strange giant of a man?
Guin: I wish I knew.

Rinda: He has nothing to do with us!! Let him go!!
Van: I cannot.//Strange dress./To say nothing of his uncommon body.

Van: Fascinating!!/Most fascinating!!//Is his appearance genuine or just a false impression...?//I'll take some time later to find out.
Guin: ........
Van: Now.../As for the Twin Jewels of Parros...

Van: Let's get straight to the point//take me to Parros' Treasure.
Rinda: We........ we don't know what you're talking about!!
Van: Really...

Van: Then you have a perfect explanation as to how you made it to Roodwood in one night, I am sure.
Rinda: I have no idea!!
Van: Heh heh heh.../I'm wondering how much longer you can keep up the strong girl act...

Remus: Ri... Rinda...
Rinda: Do your worst!!/I am Rinda Farseer, beloved daughter of the glorious Aldross The Third.

Rinda: And Remus is Parros' legitimate ruler!!//You would fool with the true successors of a holiest of lineages?/For shame.

Van: Truly you were born to be Queen...
Rinda: ........//But the other Jewel of Parros/is made of much weaker stuff, it seems.//But the disease I suffer must have started to affect my brain, I presume./Changing it for the worst.//I'd rather pry the glorious jewel/out of the stronger shell.//For example, how about........./you and my decaying, suppurating self..........

Rinda: AAAAAAAAAAAAAH.//No./Stop it./Stop!!
Van: Haaaaaaaah hah hah hah hah.

Guin: ..........
Remus: Rinda...
Rinda: Haa./Haa
Van: !//Pah.../The time has come for me to rest...//Third Captain!! Put the three of them under lock and key!!
Dude: Yes sir.

Van: Furthermore.../Don't let the General know that we've captured the Twins. You will send no signal.
Dude: Co... Count.../Are... are you sure?
Van: No.../Take the Princess to a different cell.

Rinda: Uh?!
Van: We shall meet again.
Rinda: You.../You can't!!//Wait!!/Don't separate us!!
Dude: Follow us and be silent!!

Rinda: NOOOOOO//Remus
Remus: Rinda.

Rinda: Remuuuuus.
Remus: Rindaaaaa.//Ah.../Aaaah...

Rinda: We've never been separated even once./Ever since we were born...
Guin: Stop complaining./Our time would be better spent thinking of a way to escape.
Remus: ........
Guin: It's gonna be fine... Your sister is strong./She should handle whatever danger comes her way.

Dude: Get in.
Rinda: Are you going to throw me into this dark place?!
Dude: You'll get used to it!!
Rinda: Ah//Wai...
Dude: You're a strong girl, you are./Bah, give it one night here and you'll be weeping and begging for mercy.

Rinda: Haa/Haa//Haa/Haa/Haa/Haa.

Remus: Rinda... Please be safe...
Guin: ......//What's that noise?
Remus: Wha... Rats, maybe?
Guin: No. The prisoner in the cell next to ours, probably.//!

Ish: Well well well.../Finally an opening to talk through.
Remus: .......
Ish: Hello!!/Can you hear me?!//You won't name yourselves out of caution, perhaps?/Or maybe you're too tormented by the living rot to be in any shape to respond?

Ish: Or else maybe I would do well to introduce myself first? | So be it. I shall do as etiquette dictates.//My name is Ishtvan.//Ishtvan of Valachia.

Ish: Ishtvan the Crimson Mercenary.

Ish: I used to serve in this fortress, but I got tired of it./And I got thrown in here for opposing the old bag of rot.//I don't know who you are/but Staforos is a dreadful place to find yourselves in.
Guin: What do you mean?
Ish: Mh?

Ish: You must be one of those dim-witted Taluwan giants?/Or are you a Ragon from the savage tribes of Nosferas, perchance?//You speak like someone who would gleefully gorge himself on raw meat.
Guin: ......../My name is Guin.//I've been captured in Roodwood./But presumably the Count wants to make a pugilist out of me.
Ish: I see. I bet that dirty sack of pus would./He's always been looking for a fistfighting slave he could make a fortune out of through gambling.

Ish: Well, you don't see so different from a mercenary like me./It's not like you've pledged your sword to the Archduke Vlad or anything, right?
Guin: As of now, my loyalty/belongs to me and me alone.
Ish: Let me tell you this, then./You'd better find your way out of here as fast as you can.
Guin: ?!/What do you mean?

Ish: This fortress is cursed.
Remus: !
Rinda: It's gonna be totally destroyed!!/Can't you see it?!
Ish: I've been earning my living on the battlefield since I was four. This is how I survived. | By the age of 12, I was already a full-fledged mercenary./I've made my way through countless fortresses and battlefields.

Ish: The survival instinct I've developed because of this is so sharp/that you could almost qualify it of supernatural.//It even earned me the additionnal nickname of Spellsword.//So you can trust me, I know what I'm talking about./It's only a matter of time before the Barbarians lay this fortress to waste!!

Guin: Fortress.../Barbarians...?
Ish: The Nosferas-dwelling Semu clan./They're short fellows. About 1 tahl in height.//The Count has been sacrificing any settlers, hunters who happened to be in the castle's vicinity including his own men/in an endavor to find a cure for his illness.
Remus: Sacrificed...
Ish: He's been extending this treatment to the Semu apes, for that purpose./They'll come for revenge soon enough.

Ish: That's why I tried to get myself repatriated to Tohras./The pusbag has taken his provocations a bit too far.//But I'm not going to die. Not like this.//I am Ishtvan the Spellsword./I was born with a jewel in hand. | And it was prophesied that I'd become a king soon.

Ish: I can't die in this place.
Guin: ......
Remus: Guin!! Rinda may be intended as a sacrifice...
Guin: Indeed...//We have to save her immediately.
Remus: Ooh./Guin.........

Ish: Someone who traveled with you?
Guin: ........./Ishtvan.//You said you'd seen much of the world./Does the name "Aura"... | mean anything to you?//raah..../Au... ra...
Remus: (That's the first word Guin said...)
Ish: Aura... Aura, let's see.../It's not a country's name. Not a town's name either...//!!

Ish: By old Janus' face!!//By the Two-Faced God's old visage of wisdom and His young visage of life!/What kind of freak have I been talking to past that wall?//Janus, God of Fate's thrice and a half folded tail!/Are you Silenus, the half-animal deity? Or an imp from some strange land far away?[tn: That's a lot of fuss just to say "Holy Shit!"]

Dude: Hey./Get out!!//Leopard-man!!/The master wants us to test your strength!!
Remus: Gu.../Guin.
Guin: You don't have to worry.

Remus: Guin.
Ish: Who's that freak?!/What are you doing with him?!
Remus: ..........
Ish: ........./Never mind...

Ish: More importantly: help me out if you don't wanna be sacrificed yourself.
Remus: Uh?
Ish: Hand me your blanket./That'd be a start.
Remus: Haa/Haa/Haa/haa

Rinda: Haa/Haa/Haa//Haa/Haa/Haa/Haa.

Rinda: (Uh?!//It's afraid?!)//Well.../you have nothing to fear//I'm just like you./A captive.
Suni: ........

Rinda: My.//You're from the Semu clan, on the other side of the river Kes.
Suni: Suni-Suni./Sema Lakundra Riik.

Rinda: Eeermmm...//!//Rinda./Rinda.
Suni: Suni./Suni!!
Rinda: Rinda
Suni: Suni
Rinda: Rinda
Suni: Suni

Rinda: Suniiiiii!!
Suni: Ayeeeee. Ayeeeeee.
Rinda: Uh....
Suni: Ayyyyeeeeee.

Rinda: Raaaaaah//Haa/Haa.
Suni: Hic/Sob.

Rinda: It's alright.../It's alright...
Suni: Alfetto./Alfetto
Rinda: (I guess this is how small I must appear to Guin.)//?
Suni: Semama Lakukri Ihni.......
Rinda: Uh

Suni: Suni Imikru./Riik.

Van: Let the show begin.//I've been waiting for this, Leopard-man.//Eagerly so.

Van: Here's your opponent for tonight!!

Van: The giant monkey of Gaboor./Gray Ape.

Van: He devoured 30 of my soldiers upon capture.//Defeat him with your bare hands/and you shall be rewarded with your own weight in pure silver.//Come on, now!!/Let's see you fight.

Ish: See you, kid.//We shall meet again, if fate wishes it so.
Remus: Wait!! That rope is as much ours as it is yours!/Where are you going? Guin is not even back yet.

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