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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

The Guin Saga Volume 3

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Sep 22, 2010 19:15 | Go to The Guin Saga

Third volume is out!
Available from Gantz Waiting Room, as usual.
Hope you like it.
The Parros royalty is annihilated by the emerging nation of Mongaul. As the princely twins Rinda and her brother Remus escape to the forest, they are cornered by the Mongauli soldiers in pursuit. The siblings almost lose all hope when a muscular, leopard-headed man named Guin shows up and promptly rescues them.
The three companions make their way out of the bordering forest in one night, but they end up captured again, and imprisoned by the Mongauli reinforcements.
A third protagonist - the Semu clan - choses the very same moment to launch its offensive, and they take advantage of the ensuing confusion to break out of jail. The party makes its way underground deep beneath the stronghold, only to be confronted with its master Vanon, popularly known as "The Black Count"...

A leopard-headed warrior. His past is a complete mystery, as the only things he remembers are his name and the word "Aura".

The rightful heir to the Holy Kingdom of Parros. A fainthearted boy, he constantly hides in the shadow of his sister, who truly embodies the spirit of the royal house.

Princess of the devastated country of Parros. A beautiful girl, her younger brother and herself are known as the Twin Jewels of Parros. She is also possessed of potent foresight abilities.

Count Vanon
The Black Count governing the Staforos stronghold. Stricken by an incurable disease, his entire body is covered in armor.

A mercenary who worked for the Mongauli, but ended up imprisoned for his insubordination. Styles himself the Crimson Mercenary.

Remus: Guin...
Guin: ........
Van: Let my curse befall everything and everyone.

Van: Jahn, by whose decree I became what I am. | Janus, who gave His approval./My fatherland, Mongaul. | And you!!
Remus: Aah...
Rinda: Aaaaaaah...

Rinda: Guin... Should I be infected by the Black Death.../Kil
Guin: That won't be necessary.
Rinda: ?!
Guin: Count Vanon./You're forgetting something, my friend.

Van: Watch your tongue./You beastlike, leopard-headed thing......
Rinda: Guin!! Don't provoke hi

Guin: Go ahead, why don't you do it?
Van: You do seem very eager to contemplate the Black Death.
Remus: Guin!!
Rinda: Stop it!!

Van: C... Curse you/Don't you fear the plague at all?
Guin: I do fear the disease.//However

Guin: I don't know who you are, but you're certainly not the Black Count Vanon, cur!!

Van: Heheh/Heh heh heh//Have you lost your mind, Leopard-man?

Van: Let the Black Death/take you
Kids: Nooooo

Guin: Why don't you take this instead?

Rinda: Wha//It's totally empty?!

Guin: Not quite.

Rinda: ...Guin/What is that thing?!

Guin: No./Get away.//That thing is of the same kind as the Ghouls we met in Roodwood!!

Semu: ...Y//Aayyy
Kids: The... the Semu!!
Semu: Ayyy/Ayyy
Kids: We're sandwiched!
Remus: Aah...
RInda: ?!//Guin!!/Another passage. Over there!!

Guin: !//Run!!
Semu: Aayy

Semu: Ay?//Aayyyyyy

Rinda: What's going on?/Was Count Vanon devoured by a ghoul?!
Guin: Presumably/One of the people, or Semu, or animals he brought for his treatment took him over./Eventually consuming even his knowledge.//!!

Guin: A dead end!!
Kids: G... Guin...
Guin: Mnuh...
Rinda: Ah!!

Guin: !

Rinda: Hi/Him again...?!
Guin: ......./Judging from your plague-ridden body...//You are Count Vanon...

Guin: His manner of death was a curse strong enough to deny him the Underworld...//......//It won't take long before Staforos goes up in flames./The inferno should burn the place clean of this abomination.

Guin: Count./Go on peacefully. To Dohl's dominion. To the Underworld.

Rinda: (Did he smile?! ...........)
Semu: Ay
Guin: !

Kids: The Semu!!
Guin: Step aside, Twins.//Is this army so great that even a monster can't devour them all?
Semu: Ayy.Ayy
Kids: Gu... Guin

Rinda: (The Count is fading.../Setting off for the Underworld.//It...//It can't be!!)

Rinda: Guin!! Look!!/The Count is pointing at the wall!!
Guin: An escape route?!
Semu: Ayyyyy

Guin: Find it, Twins!!
Rinda: Alright.

Suni: ?!

Rinda: !

Guin: You go first.
Remus: Guin!!/It's no use!!//The path is cut off.
Guin: !

Semu: Ayyyy

Semu: !

Kids: Guin!!

Semu: Aaaaaaah

Guin: Haa
Kids: Gu... Guin...
Guin: Haa//Haa/Haa

Guin: Haa/Haa//Haa//Children./Brace yourselves.

Rinda: That's insane! At this height, the fall would kill anyone!!//And the river Kes is infested with imps........
Guin: Yes, but//if we stay here, we are guaranteed to die!!

Guin: Haa/Haa/Haa.

Ish: Semu bastards./They withdrew without even a feast to celebrate their victory.//For apes/they do seem to know how to work their minds.

Ish: Alright.

Ish: It's getting late. Time to move out.

Ish: Blimey. What a bunch.//By Garm, the Hound of Hell./That leopard head is the real thing, it is. Amazing...

Ish: A curse, wrought by evil magic?/Or is he some strange creatures from Nospherus?//Nevermind the ape//Nevermind the kid//Whewww//By Iris the Pale/Give it another 10 years, and countries will go to war over that girl.

Guin: !
Ish: Whoa
Guin: .....
Ish: He.../Hello...

Guin: ...I do seem to remember you...
Ish: Ah... | Aaah...//I am the Crimson
Rinda: Mh...
Guin: Are you alright, children...?
Remus: G... Guin...
Rinda: Are we... safe?
Guin: So it would seem.

Rinda: Wonderful........
Ish: Don't get too comfortable just yet.
Kids: ?!
Ish: Staforos is destroyed and the Semu are gone. True./But the Mongaul reinforcements from castle Arvon should be here any minute.

Narrator: Arvon/Along with Staforos, an important castle that guards the Northwestern regions of Mongaul.

Gaius: All life/terminated...//Staforos/has been destroyed...
Dude: Oooh.../What is the meaning of this?!

Dude: My lord!!/Let us recall the reinforcements we've sent and increase our defense here.
Rick: Settle down./The Semu have withdrawn to Nospherus.//The Count Vanon no longer lives...
Dude: My lord.

Dude: Her Excellency, the Udaijin-General will be there shortly.
Rick: Good.//Make the preparations to receive her.

Rick: It's been a long time, Lady Amnelis.
Amy: I'll go straight to the point, Count Ricardo.//How many men do you have available right now?
Rick: It's too late, Your Excellency./Staforos has already been obliterated.
Amy: I am aware./My accompanying practitioner saw the destruction in his crystal ball.

Rick: ?!/Why, then?!/Staforos was pivotal to the defense of the Northwest region./We've lost a great asset...//For now, however

Amy: We are to fulfill our greatest priorities.
Rick: Our greatest.../PRIORITIES?!

Amy: Have the reinforcement troops you've sent to Staforos assigned to its reconstruction | and to the tracking down of the Parros twins./As for the rest of Arvon's regular defense troops | prepare them for deployment and tell them to await orders.
Rick: It shall be as you command.

Remus: Y.../You?!//You tricked me and made off on your own. How could you?!!
Ish: Bah, don't be mad.//If I'd left you lying down by the riverside you'd be Semu food by now./So let's call it even.

Remus: .......
Rinda: And you are?
Ish: The Crimson Mercenary/Ishtvan of Valachia.

Ish: What's the matter?
Rinda: ?!
Ish: ?
Rinda: It... It's nothing.//(The exact same thing happened....../when we met the strange warrior Guin for the first time...)

Rinda: (What is this feeling?)

Ish: By the way/what are you folks gonna do, now?
Rinda: We intended to head for Cheironia or Earlgos.
Ish: Earlgos, eh...//That'd be the land of prairies, where the Parros King's younger sister is married. The same Parros that was brought to ruin the other day.

Remus: Tha... That's right...
Ish: ?//What about you, Leopard-head?
Guin: ..........

Guin: I need to find out what the word "aura" means.//I might discover more about who I am when I do.
Ish: ........//Dang.

Ish: As the Crimson Mercenary, I've traveled from Taluuan, in the Northwestern Queensland | to the beautiful Shimuhara in the Southern Archipelago, via Rood, the Land of muck./You could even throw in the Gods-forsaken, decrepit Kingdom of Ferala for good measure//Despite this, you remain the most bizarre thing I've ever seen.
Guin: .......

Rinda: And you just had to blurt it out, didn't you?
Ish: It's kinda hard to keep that sort of thing to yourself, isn't it?!!
Guin: ......./Well, nevermind.//I'm not exactly hard to miss, which means we won't make it out of Mongauli territory anytime soon......../We need to cross the Nospherus wilds at once and join our destination from there.
Rinda: ?!
Remus: Traveling across Nospherus?!

Remus: Guin, that's suicide.
Guin: We have no choice. If we stay here, it's only a matter of time before the Mongauli reinforcements find us.
Ish: Um, hello.//I have an idea. Interested?
Group: ........

Ish: The Staforos stronghold is destroyed, sure | but a raft or two should remain still.
Guin: A raft?
Ish: Aye!! | We can use one to sail down the river Kes till we reach a town near the estuary.
Remus: RIVER KES?!
Rinda: We can't do that. Not with all the imps that live in there!

Ish: Still beats a slow walk across the wilds by a long shot.
Rinda: .....
Guin: This is the least dangerous of our options.
Rinda: ?!//What are you doing?
Ish: Mh?//Just thought I should look around for anything that could be worth money.
Rinda: Uh-huh!

Guin: It won't always be about rainbows and unicorns, so don't expect it./We need to gather whatever food and other supplies we can.

Ish: Get a move on./The Mongauli troops will be there any minute.//Alright!!

Ish: Off we go!!

Dude: Your Excellency!! | Everything is in order. The troops are ready to march.
Amy: We leave in four hours./Let the men rest until then.

Dude: Yes ma'am.
Amy: Count Ricardo./The Parros Twins show up at Staforos, and the Semu invade the place immediately afterwards. What do you make of that?
Rick: The traditionalist priests of Midland working hand in hand with the ape-men is something I find hard to believe...

Rick: But whether this is simple coincidence or something else...//......//Lady Amnelis/Whatever is this matter of all-encompassing importance?

Amy: We're raiding Nospherus./That's a good way to put it, I suppose.
Rick: !!/What?!!//Why should we go to that noisome, barren land?
Amy: .......//That attack on Parros was Father's decision.

Amy: But this is something the three great countries of Gohra were meant to benefit from. | The decision was saluted by Archduke Talio from Kuma and Oll of Urania, alias Duke Kahn./This is a tense situation. The power equilibrium between the three great Archduchies is threatening collapse, which is something people fear greatly.//The other two great countries will join forces to strike at Mongaul in they deem it necessary.

Amy: We must capture the Parros Twins and claim whatever as-of-yet unknown science they might have before that happens./First, we will annihilate the Nospherus barbarians for safety. We don't want our backs exposed to danger.

Amy: Then, we shall uncover Nospherus' greater secrets.

Amy: And claim their powers for our own!!

Rick: Greater.../secrets...?
Amy: In time, you'll understand.//Gaius./What do the stars say...?

Gaius: The stars are aligning themselves in an unusual fashion.//The Planet of Strife, the Planet of Providence and the Northern Magnetite are seemingly pulling against each other/trying to enter the same constellation.
Amy: ....../Is that a good sign?
Gaius: The threads of Fate are entangled, and there is no clear way to tell what the future holds for us...

Amy: That won't be of any use to us./Enough, Gaius.
Gaius: With all due respect/One thing remains that is plain and clear.//Amidst the gathering of stars, stands a large carnivore./And the confusing change of course that is theirs is occurring on his behalf.

Amy: Humph... A carnivore?/A monster from Nospherus or some such thing, I presume?//Gaius./You're growing old.//Count Ricardo. We're off.
Rick: Yes ma'am.

Rinda: The water looks so pure...../To think this river is called a place of darkness. It almost sounds like a lie...
Guin: Careful, child.//This river is so deep you can't see its bottom./It might seem shallow now, but that's probably because there's some creature down there.//Remember! This is the borderland, you hear me?!!/The borderland.

Rinda: Very well, Guin.../I'll be careful.//But we can't see the Staforos stronghold anymore./That means the estuary and the town can't be too far off by now, doesn't it?
Ish: The world is not that small./We still have a long way to go.//I suggest you pray at length for Jahn's divine protection.
Rinda: I don't need you to tell me that.

Ish: .......//Tell me, girl./Ever heard about the Dame of Light?
Rinda: The Dame/of Light?
Ish: Well... Better if you don't know.
Rinda: ?
Ish: That said, you aren't from any common household./Which noble family were you born in?
Rinda: None of your business.

Guin: Suni./If we get near your home, let me know.
Suni: ~~~~~
Guin: She says she'd hate to part ways with Rinda.
Rinda: Aaah.../Suni...
Ish: Coming from a monkey, that's pretty neat.*guffaw*

Rinda: Don't you call her that!!
Ish: Ouch.//Mind you, it's pretty silent, around here...//It's calm. Too calm. This is Kes, the River of Hell we're talking about./It's never known peace.

Remus: ......
Ish: But hey//Do you know why the left and right side of the river/are so conspicuously different?

Ish: On one side a plentiful land, where the humans live.//On the other side, a hostile territory under the imps' dominion/Nospherus...//Just what went through Jahn's head when He pulled such a prank.........?

Ish: There's an endless supply of folk stories on the subject/but the story my grandpa told me was an entertaining one.//The land of Nospherus releases a miasma that turns all living things into monstrosities./The two great Nospheran races, the gigantic Ragon and the dwarf-like Semu used to be ordinary humans...//Who knows? Leopard-heads' home might be somewhere around here as well?

Rinda: Don't you treat Guin like one of those monsters!!
Ish: What are we doing tonight, Leopard-head?/Since Kes is pretty calm and all, why don't we just get off?
Guin: No! We can't afford to be anywhere near Nospherus at night. It's too dangerous./We'd better camp on the Mongauli side

Ish: !//Guin!!
Guin: Mh-h...//Someone is coming...
Rinda: Uh?/W... where...?//Borderland settlers?
Guin: No........

Guin: Mongauli troops!!
Dude: Hey, people. On the raft, over there!!
Ish: What now?!
Guin: Assess the situation.
Dude: We're the border patrol, from castle Arvon./Please steer towards the shore and state your names!!

Ish: The twins and I can talk our way out/but Leopard-head and the monkey are another story...
Guin: ........I don't think so.
Dude: Captain... The children on the raft. Could they be...
Cap: Alright.
Dude: Steer towards the shore!!
Ish: We're simple travelers!! What did we do to earn the suspicion and questioning?!!

Dude: No discussion!!
Guin: We have no choice but to flee, it seems...
Ish: Hold it!! They're gonna shoot us!!
Guin: It's fine. They won't do that.//Well.../Not much.

Guin: Som..../Something's coming?!//A... A bigmouth!!/Hold on.

Rinda: Aaaaaah
Ish: Ungh

Cap: Don't shoot! You might hurt the twins!!
Ish: Raaaah//Damn it./It's useless.
Guin: Step aside, Crimson Mercenary!![tn: Let the resident badass mofo handle this. :rapeist:]

Remus: He got it!!
Ish: Not quite!!//HERE IT COMES!!

Guin: The raft won't survive this a second time!!

Remus: Noooooooo.
Guin: !!//?!
Rinda: Is it drowning?!
Ish: It's not!!


Ish: Wh... What was that thing...?
Kids: Haa/Haa
Ish: This river may be a place of darkness, but still...//It's the first time........../first time I see a ringworm that big...

Rinda: But | thanks to this, the guards won't come across to get us/We're saved.
Guin: We would have been better off had this been normal land, though...
Remus: Ah.....
Guin: Now that we've lost the raft

Guin: We have no choice but to make our way across Nospherus.
Kids: .......
Ish: Of course...//Those are Jahn's ministrations for you. We couldn't possibly ask for more...

Amy: I've been notified that the twins entered Nospherus upon reaching the border patrol.

Amy: We shall cross the river./Attack Nospherus and capture the Parros Twins!!

Amy: Fear not Nospherus' perils.//Carry out your orders, for the fatherland's welfare!

Amy: Hail Mongaul!!

[Guin Saga {3} The end.]

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