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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Gamon The Demolition Man 8


+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Oct 30, 2010 17:19 | Go to Gamon The Demolition Man

-> RTS Page for Gamon The Demolition Man 8

I swear to God, there is more text per page in this freaking manga than actual images. Still, this chapter marks the end of the 1st volume.

This is a KAW translation... Assuming they're still working on this project.
Anyway, there goes.
8th Chapter: Director...

Sign: Sunrise Research Center #3
Dude: Any progress?
Doc: 90% done./See for yourself.
Mice: Squeak/Squeak/Squeak
Doc: Have mice inhale the gas, and this is what your can expect.../Nervous paralysis sets in almost immediatelly.//From there, death is only a few minutes away./I call it the "Merciful Mist".......

Doc: It's greatest particularity is that it oxidizes in the air and given a day, it spontaneously vanishes without a trace./No contamination whatsoever. A must-have for your aggressive warfare needs.//Now all there is to do is to is to refine the quantities we need, here in this factory.
Dude: Right on schedule. | The staff here is extremely competent, I see.
Doc: All thanks to you and your new formula, gentlemen.
Dude: This is business! | Give and take. That's the basis for everything, right?/Thing is, I understand there have been some leaks?
Doc: Yes. Well, that's why... we've been reinforcing security......
Dude: ...Don't let it bother you.//It's not like what little data filtered out can be puzzled back into anything useful....../No one on this planet... should be capable of uncovering our formula.

Keiji: Hence, our current assignment...//This is Sunrise Pharmaceutics' third research center, and the place where this chemical weapon is being manufactured. Our job is to destroy it.//Now, here's our client, Director-manager Oohashi from Sunrise Pharmaceutics' headquarters.
Gamon: P-pleased to meet you...
Oohashi: Rumor has it that the third center has been producing chemical weapons for quite some time./We've been covertly copying some of their data for investigation, but it's proven completely impenetrable...//Consequently, we turned to our governmental sources for advice, and they pointed us towards you.
Gamon: Indeed. I understand.//Chemical weapon, eh....../Hell yeah, that does beg to be smashed into tiny bits!

Haruna: Director... Smashing to tiny bits is fine, but how....?
Gamon: Uh? With a hammer.
Haruna: .........
Gamon: Duh?! What is there a problem with that?!
Yuu: Very well... Make room for the time-honored Yuu-nee-san's Einstein corner. >cough<*dudummm*
Yuu: Chemical weapons, along with nuclear and biological weapons are considered WMDs. | To put it plainly, they're really bad news![tn: WMD=Weapon of Mass Destruction.]//Think nerve gas, or blister agent... Breathing, or simply making skin contact with such materials is deadly.
Gamon: Whu...?! Then the hammer would...
*cough cough*
Yuu: Be careless with it and you're dead.
Keiji: Official knowledge of what has been transpiring here would effectively drive them out of business./[tn: Can't read.]/Which is why they've enlisted our help to destroy this place while staying off the radar.*snap*
Oohashi: The data we have however, remains totally obscure./We can't even begin to analyze it, which means there's not much we can do in the way of countermeasures...

Yuu: Since I knew what we were up against! | I took the liberty to develop this neutralizing reagent!!/I call it the*ta-tatata-tata*
*cough cough*
Haruna: You're ill. You shouldn't push yourself too far.
Oohashi: Ooh... Ooooooh!!
Yuu: A-anyway. Gamon-kun, take this with you to the factory's control room. | Further instructions are written inside.
Gamon: (She's sick, alright......)
Yuu: I spent two sleepless weeks on this, so don't screw up!*cough cough*
Gamon: Uh? Two weeks?*flap flap*
Haruna: I ket it a secret from you, director.../but we've received this request a couple of weeks ago.
Gamon: Wuuut?
Haruna: I reckoned that should you have leaked some information, Yuu-san's efforts would have become meaningless./My deepest apologies.
Gamon: (This is no good. I'm not trustworthy enough, am I?!)

Gamon: (Nakamura said something about being unable to built up trust, | but what kind of director doesn't even have his secretary's confidence?)/That hell?/Alright, I get it./Duh./(I must earn her trust, no matter what it takes!)
Haruna: Very well, director. Shall we go?
Gamon: Nuh?//No-Not so fast! Kokushou-san, you're coming too?!/Hold on a sec!
Haruna: I am. According to this manual, half the work will be computer-related.
Yuu: Sorry. If only I wasn't in such poor condition.
Haruna: You're not too comfortable with informatics, are you?
Gamon: B-but it's dangerous!!
*tut tut tut*
Senju: Precisely, director!//You are to reach the control room while avoiding the security!/Making sure the employees don't come to harm is also part of a director's duty.
Gamon: I-I see.

Dude: Waaaaaait!!/Stay where you are, filthy intruders!!
Gamon: Shoot!! We're in trouble. We are in trouble, big time!
Haruna: We wouldn't be in this situation if you hadn't smashed the door open!
Senju: Are you listening to me at all, director?!!
Narrator: Monitoring, from the supervision vehicle.
Keiji: Entrusting him with a covert operation wasn't a good idea in the first place.

Gamon: (Shucks! I'm trying to build up trust, and this isn't helping!/And I've put Kokushou-san in danger to boot!)
Haruna: Over there!
Gamon: !
Haruna: Behind the door at the end of this corridor. That's the control room!
Dude: Good!/Now they're trapped like rats!
Haruna: (No.)/Ha/Ha/(I'm not fast enough on my feet. I won't make it!)

Gamon: Sorry Kokushou-san!
Haruna: Ah......
Yuu: Oh-hoh?! Sexual harassment!!*Aaaaah♥
Senju: You seem happy about it.
Haruna: Director, what are you...!
Gamon: Well, we'll go faster that...//WAY!!

Dude: Wha.../That's fast!
Keiji: Well/he's been working out.
Haruna: ..........
Gamon: (I may be fast, alright. But)
*clonk* *clonk*
Gamon: Dang... It's no use.../We won't make i......
Haruna: We'll be fine!

Haruna: Keep the pace up and we'll be alright! You can do this....../I know you have it in you!
Gamon: RAAAAAH!!

Gamon: To the other side!!//Alright...
Haruna: Hah
Gamon: Whoaa...?!

Haruna: Director!!
Dude: Gh!!/Tsk!!/Open that barrier, anyone?!!
Gamon: Tha-that was a close call......! | If I hadn't dropped of the helmet right away chances are I'd be dead......
Narrator: Unfasten. → Take off.
Gamon: Kokushou-san, are you hurt?
Gamon: ?/Kokushou-san?
Haruna: I-It's nothing. I'm fine./Let's get to the control room, quick.

Doc: The control room, taken over?! Ridiculous!/Damnit!! Can't have that. And the door has been locked, too!
Dude: Well well well. No way around it, I guess. Go take care of it, if you please.
Guy: You make it sound like I have a choice...
Dude: Indeed, you do not.//This is business./I'm counting on you......

Haruna: Forceful suspension of the factory's automation system complete. | Proceeding to add reagent to the precursor and initiating neutralization program.
Gamon: ?/?//Forgive me, Kokushou-san. | For putting you in such an absurd situation......
Haruna: Director, insert the reagent in here.*clank*
Gamon: Ye-yeah.
Haruna: No...... It isn't absurd.*type type type*
Haruna: I trusted your ability, and designed my strategy around that.
Gamon: (What do you know. She does have faith in me!)/Haaaaaa./Yeah, I knew it!
Haruna: ?

Gamon: Well, I was equally confident in your planning ability! | Let's hope for the best in our future assignments!
Haruna: Think nothing of it.../This is part of my job...
Guy: Right...//Huff...
Gamon: Kokushou-san!!
Haruna: ?!

Gamon: (He broke the wall....../bare-handed?)
Haruna: Director!!
Guy: Good God./You certainly aren't hard of hearing, my boy......
Kowashiya Gamon [1] - The End.

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