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Attack of the Titans Volume 1

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jan 10, 2011 15:17 | Go to Attack of the Titans

Narrator: On that day, humanity remembered/the dread that was a life under their rule... The humiliation of being caged like birds......

Chapter 1; To you, in 2000 years.

Shingeki no Kyojin 1 (Attack of the Titans).
Isayama Hajime.

Note: This is a work of fiction, blah, blah, blah.
Dude: Everyone//Prepare for battle!!

Dude: We have one target!!/Take it down if it's the last thing you do!!

Dude: .......!!/Distance to target 400m!!//It's coming our way!![tn: That's roughly 440 yards.]

Dude: Split into 5 groups just like during practice. | We'll act as decoys!!//Distance to target 100m!!

Dude: To all attack teams!! Switch to three-dimensional maneuver!!

Dude: Strike from all directions at once!!

Dude: Have a taste!!//Of the power of humankind!!

Mika: See you later./Eren.//Eren.//Eren!!
Eren: Mh......?
Mika: Wake up.//Get back home now. It's gonna get dark.
Eren: .......?//...Uh?

Eren: Mikasa... Your hair.../It's gotten longer, hasn't it...?
Mika: .........//You were sleeping tight enough to spout that kind of nonsense upon waking up?
Eren: Well... It's like I just had a mighty long dream, ya see...... | But I can't seem to remember what it was about...
Mika: .......!!/Eren?//What's wrong?//Why are you crying?
Eren: Uh...?

Eren: Uh...?!
Panel: 845

Eren: ......
Mika: .....
Eren: Not a word... to anyone./They don't need to know I've been crying...
Mika: .......I won't.//Still... You had tears in your eyes for no good reason./Maybe you should let your dad have a look?
Eren: Are you mad?! Like hell I'd tell him about that.
Han: What have you been crying about, Eren?
Eren: !!/Ha... Hanneth-san.

Han: Did Mikasa get mad at you for some reason?
Eren: Huh?! What would I be crying for?! ...I mean/You stink of booze!!//!!//Uh......?!//You're still... You're still going at it...
Han: Why don't you join us?
Eren: Nah... Erm... What about work?
Han: Oh! Today, we man the gates!

Han: We're supposed to stay here all day, so it doesn't take long before we get hungry, as well as thirsty./Alcohol happens to be part of the drinks sometimes, but that's nothing to write home about.
Eren: And when the situation calls for it, you're supposed to fight how?!
Han: ...//The situation? What situation?
Eren: ........!! Can't believe I'm hearing this. It should be obvious!//WHEN "THEY" BREAK THE WALL!!/AND ENTER THE CITY. THAT'S WHEN!!

Han: Hey, Eren! Don't just shout out like that...
Dude: Hahaha... Good to be wholesome, eh, doctor's son!!//Should "they" ever break the wall, then we'll deal with it./But you see/That hasn't happened once in a hundred years.
Eren: B... But come on! We can't let our guards down like that, it's dangerous./My father told me so!!
Han: Well... Sure, you're probably right about that./I don't claim to know any better than doctor Jaeger, this city's resident savior.../But well...//becoming a soldier might allow you a chance to see them prowling around while you're busy reinforcing the walls...

Han: But this wall is like 50m high, and I fail to see how "they'll" work their way around that.[tn: Roughly 164 ft.]
Eren: So you're not even ready to fight them in the first place?!
Han: Nope!
Eren: What... the hell!! Quit calling yourselves the Stationary Troops, then. Wall-Building squad would be more like it!!
Han: Yeah, sounds good!//But ya see, Eren.../An active army's not a good thing at all. It means things have gone south.../Whereas so long as we're derided as useless freeloaders, life is peaceful for everyone.
Eren: .......!!

Dude: What Hanneth said./Dang... I just can't get these guys from the Scouting Legion, going outside the walls and all that jazz...
Eren: !!
Dude: It's like they get a kick out of playing warfare, or something!!
Eren: ........!!
Han: Even if we can't get outside these walls....../we got food and rest, and that's enough to stay alive... But... a life like that...//is no different | than if we actually were cattle...
Dude: ...Heh | There's a weird little guy...
Han: ...!!//He can't possibly be contemplating.../the idea of engaging into the Scouting Legion, is he...?

Mika: .......//...Eren.//You'd better forget about the Scouting Legion...
Eren: !!//What's this......../You're gonna make fun of them too?!
Mika: ...//..........It's not so much about/making fun of them or anyth*CLANG CLONG CLANG*
Eren: !!

Dude: The Scouting Legion is back!!/Opening the front gate!
Eren: ...The heroes return victorious...!!//Let's go, Mikasa!

*chatter chatter*
Eren: Too many people damnit. I can't see a thing.

*chatter chatter*

Eren: ........!!
Dude: So few of them are returning.../It's been awful this time as well...//There were over 100 of them when they departed...
Mika: .....
Dude: They aren't even 20... Did everyone else... get devoured...?
Mom: Brown!!/Brown!!
Eren: !!
Mom: Excuse me... My son... I can't see my son Brown.../What... what happened to him...?!

Beard: .....!!
Dude: That's Brown's mom.../.....
Beard: Bring it here.....
Mom: ......Uh?

Beard: That's it./That's all we were able to recover...
Mom: ...Uuuh......./Waaaaaah........//Waaaaaaaaaaah/Waaaaaaaah.//Uh... Uuuh.../...But.... | my son.../my son has been useful, hasn't he......?
Beard: ........!!*todom*

Mom: It doesn't have to be anything outstanding!!/He contributed! His death contributed towards humankind's retaliation, did it not?!!
Beard: Of course.//........./.....

Beard: ...../..... ... No...//The exploration//This time again... ...we...//.......!!//It was all for naught!!/We didn't make any progress at all!!

Beard: I've been nothing but an incompetent......!!/Toying around with the lives of our soldiers...!!//We couldn't find where they come from...!!/We didn't discover the first thing about them!!

Dude: ......This is horrible./To think they could have lived out peaceful lives inside the wall. They would've been fine.../Our taxes could be better spent than on them soldiers. What a waste.......
Eren: .........?!
Mika: ..........
Dude: So true.../As it is, our taxes essentially serve to fatten "them" up by sending out our men as free meals.
Eren: ?!!
Dude: Hoh?!//You goddamn kid, what do you think you're doing?!!

Eren: Hey...!!//C'mon, that's enough!!//Whuh!!//What's the big idea?!! The firewood's all scattered, now!
Mika: ...Eren.//You were planning on entering the Scouting Legion.../you haven't changed your mind, have you... .......?
Eren: !!
Eren&Mika: .......
Eren: Help me pick these up...

Eren: We're home.
Jag: Welcome back.
Carla: You're late, children.
Mika: Yeah... Well......
Eren: It's a long story...

Eren: Uh? Dad is about to leave?
Jag: Yep. I'm off to town, for a couple of examinations.
Mika: ...Eren said...//he wanted to enter the Scouting Legion...
Eren: Mi... Mikasa!! I told you to keep that quiet.
Carla: Eren!!//What are you thinking?!/Of all the people who got outside these walls, do you have any idea how many died?!
Eren: Ye... Yes I do!!
Jag: .....

Dad: Eren./Why do you want to go outside?
Eren: I wanna know what's going on out there./I'd hate to live my entire life inside the walls, as an ignorant!!//And...//If no one here wants to pick up where they left off/all the people who laid down their lives so far did so in vain.
Jag: ...I see.../The ship will be there soon. I'll be on my way, now.
Carla: Wait... Honey!

Carla: Talk some sense into Eren!!
Jag: Carla...//When somebody's on a quest, there's no such thing as talking them down.
Eren: !!
Jag: ......../...... | ...Eren.//When I get back... There's that room in the basement, which I've always kept secret./Well, I'll show it to you.
Eren: Fo... For real?!
Carla: ...Eren
Eren: What?

Carla: I insist. It's not happening./Only a fool would consider joining the Scouting Legion.
Eren: Huh?!/A fool, you say...?!//As far as I'm concerned... those who would buy they own safety at the cost of living cooped up like cattle/are ten times sillier!
Carla: .........!!/...Eren
Mika: .......
Carla: Mikasa.//He has a knack for getting into trouble.../So help each other out when things get out of hand.
Mika: Uh-huh!*tilt*

Bully: What's the matter, heretic?/If you're not happy about getting hit, just hit back!
Armin: Li... Like hell I'd do that! I'm not stooping down to your level!!
Bully: Excuse me?
Armin: You know I'm telling the truth.../That's why you got no choice but to hit me without even bothering with an actual answer.//Tha... That's right! You're effectively conceding my point, are you not?!
Bully: C...... Clam it, you smartass!!
Eren: Stop that!!//What do you people think you're doing?!!

Bully: It's Eren!!/This time around, he's out for our blood, the little bastard!!/Mh?!*Aaaaauuuuuugh*
Bully: AH?!!/He's got Mikasa with him. We're screwed!!*WAAAAAAAAAAAH*
Eren: Oooh... Look at them... ... The mere sight of me and they scurry away like rats.
Armin: N... Not quite.
Eren: Haah/Haa.
Armin: They ran away when they saw Mikasa, more like.../Oooowww...
Eren: Hey! You okay, Armin?
Armin: !!//........//I... I don't need help to stand.
Eren: Mh? You sure...?

Armin: And then I told them/that humankind would need to go outside someday.//That's when they hit me./Calling me a heretic.*sob*
Eren: Damnit. How come you get looked down upon just for mentioning you'd like to get out?
Armin: Well... That's because for the 100 years we've spent inside the walls, life has always been peaceful./People are wary of screwing up and inviting "them" in.//The royal government has declared that manifesting any interest in the outside world would be taboo.
Eren: The King is just chickening out, then. End of story.
Armin: ...You're right./But is it the only reason?
Eren: It's our own lives, we risk./That's our business.
Mika: I don't think so./Forget it.

Armin: ......
Mika: ...Not happening.
Eren: Which reminds me. What possessed you to tell on me to our parents?!!
Armin: Uh?!
Mika: I never said I'd cooperate.
Armin: So... How'd it go...?
Eren: Well./It wasn't exactly cheers and applause...
Armin: ... I can imagine that...
Eren: Wh-what? Are you gonna join the chorus and tell me to stop?!
Armin: Well... It's dangerous.../But I do see where you're coming from.//But I'm also curious about the people who do believe that staying within the walls will actually protect us forever.//The wall may not have been broken in 100 years./But there's no guarantee that it won't happen today, and still...

Eren: ?!!/Huh........?!//Wh... What the?!/Was that an earthquake, or something?!
Armin: ...Uh?!
Eren: Let's go have a look!!

*clank clank*
Eren: Armin. What on God's green Earth is...?!//He... Hello... Can you see something? What is it?!

*thwomp thwomp*
Eren: ......... ........?!
Armin: It can't be...!!
Dude: Tha... That wall's like...... 5... 50m tall... 50 meters.......*thwomp* *thwomp*
Eren: ...Ah....../......... ...It's one of "them".......

Eren: A TITAN.

Narrator: On that day, humanity remembered.*Oooooooooh*

Narrator: the dread/that was a life under their rule...

Narrator: The humiliation/of being caged like birds......[/end

Chapter 2; On that day.
Narrator: It happened 107 years ago, which is common knowledge./The entire human race... us excepted/was devoured to extinction.


Armin: Im...... Impossible./Titans shouldn't be any taller than 15 meters at most...! So how come this one's head's sticking out above a 50m high wall?
Eren: ?!//It's moving!!


Eren: ...Hh?!

Eren: ......Ah......
Armin: .........../The... The wall.......
Mika: ........!!
Armin: It's blown a hole into the wall...?!

Dude: Hic...!!
*panicked cries*
Armin: Get the hell outta here, you two!/Quickly, or the titans will come in one after another.
Eren: ?!
Mika: Eren?!

Eren: There were houses where the debris from the wall landed!!/Mom!!
Mika: !!
Armin: Mikasa!!//Haa/Haa/......!/........!//........!!/Haa
*brr brrr*
Armin: Uuuh......!!/Haaah/Haah.//It's... it's over.../This town... is finished...//the titans are gonna invade it in countless numbers!!

Eren: (It's not like those debris fell on our home.)
Eren: ........!!*Haah/Haah*
Eren: (No doubt about it, she's escaped already...//When I turn at this corner....../Our old house will be there...)*Haah/Haaah*
Eren: Hah......!!
Eren: (Like always......)/...Damn it!!

Eren: Mom!!*Haah/Haah/Haah/Haah*
Eren: Mom...?
Mika: !!
Carla: ......That you, Eren?
Eren: Mikasa! You hold this!!/We're gonna move that pillar away!!//Here goes!!/Heave-ho!!

*ROOOOOAAAAH* *thwamp*
Eren: ?!!/Uh...!!//...?
Mika: ........./.........*thwamp/thwamp*

Eren: Mikasa. Hurry!!*Uuuungh*
Mika: I know.
Eren: Move it!!
Carla: Hahhh.*todom*
Carla: The... The titans.../They're in town, aren't they?//Eren!! Take Mikasa with you and run away!!
Eren: !!
Carla: Quick!!
Eren: ...Run...//I wanna run away too, alright!! Hurry up and come out of here!!/Come on!! You're coming with us!!!
Carla: My legs have been crushed beneath the rubble./Even if I do get out of here, I wouldn't be able to run... You can understand, don't you?
Eren: I'll take you on my shoulders, then!!
Carla: !!

Carla: Why don't you even listen to me?!/You could at least obey my last wish!!//Mikasa!!
Mika: No.../No...
Carla: ......!!//!!

Carla: Get out of here, both of you!!
Eren: Quick, Mikasa!!/Uuungh...!/.......!!/At this rate//The three of us will bite it...!!
Carla: !!//Hanneth-san!!//Wait!! Don't go fight that thing!!

Han: .......?!
Carla: Take the children with you.../and get away from here!!
Han: That's a low opinion you've got of me, Carla. Can't have that!!/I'm gonna stamp out that titan and save the three of you!!/At last I can repay my savior by rescuing his family.
Carla: Hanneth-san!//I beg of you!!
Han: ........ ...!!//...

Han: (What should I do.../Act on the definite chance I have to rescue the two of them...//Or do I take the risk of fighting the titan to maybe save everyone...?//Do I comply with Carla's request.../or proceed to repay my debt...?!//That's right!!)

Han: I...

Kids: ?!
Carla: Thank you...
Eren: H... Hey?!/Haneth-san?!/What are you doing?!! Hey... Our mother is still
Carla: Eren!! Mikasa!!//You must stay alive...!!

Carla: ...Ah.......//...Don't...//Don't leave me...

Eren: Ah.......

Han: Ouch...?!//Eren?! What the
Eren: A little longer, and we could have saved our mom!!//And you think you can just do as you please?!!//Gh..!!

Han: You couldn't save your mom.../because/you weren't strong enough to do so...//As for me...!//I couldn't stand and face the titan//Because I simply didn't have the courage...
Eren: ......!!

Han: Forgive me...
Eren: ........//......Uuuh
Han: Forgive me...
Mika: ...Ah//That again...

Dude: The boat is filled to capacity!!/We're gonna leave, now!!

Dude: We can't afford any more, it's dangerous. Close the gate!!//What are you talking about? There are still plenty of people left inside!!//If this wall is broken, it won't end with just one city overrun by the titans!!/Humankind's allotted territory would shrink all the way to the next wall!/There's no point in watching individuals get slaughtered right in front of us!!//Close the gate!!/Move it!!/The titans are literally knocking at our doorstep!!//Intercept them!!/!!/What is that thing?! It's completely unaffected by our weapons.

Dude: The door...!!//Wall Maria......!/They've busted through it...?!//This is the end...//Humanity is finished...//the titans will devour us all......
Eren: Our house... is no more...

Eren: (I can never go home again./Even in the end, all we could have was one of those worthless disputes. Why?!!//And now... Mom is no longer there!! Completely gone...//How did we end up like this.../Because we humans are weak?//So a weakling's only option is to weep and wail?!)

Eren: I will wipe them out!!
Eren: I'll erase them from this world...

Eren: Until/not a single one remains!!
Dude: We have paid a terrible price for our 100 years of peace./There was no way we could have reacted to the sudden apparition of that colossal titan given our current level of alertness...

Dude: As a result... we had to abandon our foremost wall: Wall Maria./Mankind's territory has shrunk down to the limits of Wall Rose, within which we stand presently.//Even as we speak, it's very plausible that this colossal titan/might tear down the wall to come at us any second, now.

Dude: When that time comes, your duty will be to assist the Manufacturers/sacrificing your lives to oppose the titan threat.//You will sacrifice your all!!
Army: Sir!!!
Dude: Today, you have completed your military training.../I will now announce the 10 best among those who obtained satisfactory results. Step forward at the mention of your name.

Dude: First: Mikasa Ackerman.//Second: Reiner Braun.//Third: Bertholdt Fubar.//Fourth: Annie Leonhardt.//Fifth: Eren Jaeger.

Dude: Sixth: Jean Kirschtein.//Seventh: Marco Bodt.//Eighth: Conny Springer.//Ninth: Sasha Browse.//Tenth: Christa Renz.

Dude: That is all.
Eren: (I've made it here, at last...)

Eren: (It's humanity's turn, now./This time around.../Mankind will feast upon the titans!!

1.The reason for having city offshots protruding outside the walls.
In this world, wall-building is an endeavor of the utmost importance.
As illustrated by the simple figure on the left, just building the city inside the walls leaves you with no available countermeasures should the titans ever manage to break in. Because simply put, on such a large scale territory, there's no telling where they'll strike.
Obviously, preemptively patrolling and defending the wall in its entirety is not humanly feasible. Therefore, an alternative has been adopted, as depicted on the figure below.

The point is essentially to reduce the target to manageable size. This policy allows to keep the cost of defending the wall in check, and to concentrate the military forces in a single point. However, it won't work if the people meant to serve as "bait" for the purpose of gathering the titans are nowhere to be found within. The troops stationed there warrant a certain economic impact on the city, but when weighed against the fear of being eaten by the titans, economic advantage doesn't make those towns all that attractive for potential dwellers.
Which is why the royal government has been promoting those who do live there to the rank of "Bravest Warriors", in an effort to encourage the general public.

A little anecdote: the doors, drawing the line between the humans' territory and that of the titans outside the walls aren't quite as solid as the rest. In light of which the Conservatives had devised a plan to have them buried. But that was countered by the Reformists advocating that "abandoning the doors to the outside world was tantamount to renouncing the idea of a rehabilitation of mankind".

More information about how when and how these walls were build later in the story.
Frame: Information currently available for public disclosure.
Figures: Town./Town./Town.

Dude: Now that you've completed your formations/you have three alternatives.//The stationary troops, reinforcing the walls, and protecting every town.//The Scouting Legion, ready to sacrifice their lives outside the walls to engage the titans on their home turf.//And the King-controlled Military Police, who regulate the population and maintain order.

Dude: It goes without saying, but among the freshest recruits//only the top 10 may directly apply for the Military Police force.[/end

Dude: Tomorrow you will apply for your assignments./And today marks the end and the disbanding of the 104th Training corps... Over!
Class: Sir
Chapter 3 - The night of the disbanding.

Dude: I wish I was part of the top 10 like you guys!/I'd be surprised if you didn't join the Police anyway.
Jean: Huuh?//Of course. Why do you think I aimed for the top 10 at all?
Marco: Me too. That's where I'm headed.//An opportunity to work close to the King... Such an honor!!

Jean: Going all Einstein on us again, Marco...?
Marco: Bwhh!!
Jean: Tell 'em the real reason./Wanna live in the inner walls, don't you?//We can escape the stinkhole that is the outer town at last!!/In the inner district, a life of peace and comfort awaits us!!
Marco: Wha....../Hey, man......//Sh... show some decency. I, for one
Jean: Ah, my bad. Sorry about that. My fault./Mister Honor Student.//But what would you guys do?

People: We won't have an opportunity to live there anytime soon!
Jean: Still, are you folks staying here for the glory of being "Humanity's Fortress" or whatever the name is?
People: ........//...........//Well.../It's not like we gladly volunteered to be born here in the outskirts.../And if we could live without having to fear the sound of the Titans' footsteps...
Jean: Thought so.../Everyone would like to move to the inner quarters...
Marco: I'll apply for the Police too.
Annie: So will I... However//Don't you imagine you and I are anything alike.

Jean: Hahaha!!
Eren: Hey...//You said something about the inner district being comfortable...
Jean: ....../The part of town we're in right now used to be part of the inner district, you know.//Jean... I believe even without moving "in"/the contents of your brain would still be comfortable enough.
Dude: Snorrrrt./Aaaaaagh.//So.../Sorry!/Euugh...
Mika: Eren.//Don't.
Jean: ........

Jean: Unless I'm mistaken, Eren/you're calling me a half-wit?//.......//Well, you're wrong about that... I'm a realist./The biggest one out there.//Four years ago, we invested half our population into a general offensive... half of the entire human race/out to recover the territory we'd lost...//And most of those people earned an instant one-way ticket to the Titans' stomachs./How many more would it have taken to reconquer our lost land?

Jean: It takes 30 human deaths on average to fell one of them.//But the Titans control this land, and they aren't content to number a measly 1/30th of the human population.//Doesn't take a genius to figure it out./For humanity...//there is no such thing as achieving victory against the Titans...//Sigh...//See... Now we've pulled an all-nighter by your fault.
Eren: What of it...?

Jean: Huuh? Have you been listening?
Eren: I did hear something about you giving up because you thought you couldn't win.
Jean: ...
Eren: Tell me... What good is it to throw in the towel?/What good is it to give up all hope and escape from reality?
People: ......
Eren: Of course//if we go challenging the Titans on the field of material resources, we're screwed from the outset.//The number one cause of our defeat four years ago was our ignorance about them./We did lose, but the information we gained is a definite step in the right direction. It gave us hope.

Eren: And you would give up your responsibility to elaborate a strategy and become Titan food, just like this? ......You're joking, right?//I...//I have a dream...//A dream where we exterminate the Titans... leave the confines of these walls//to explore the outside world.[tn: Martin Luther King Approves. :hahaha:]

Jean: Hah!//If only you could hear yourself! And you call me a half-wit?!
Eren: ...Say what?!!
Jean: Look around! Not a single soul is approving you on this!
Eren: .......//Yeah... I see.../Alright, I get it...//Just go to the inner district already, then... Having a defeatist like you here on the front lines would only hurt everyone's morale.
Jean: Oh, I do intend to go, but what about you? You do plan on going outside the walls, right? Go for it, then. Your beloved Titans are waiting for you.
Eren: ...Oh, fuck it.
Jean: Heh......

Dude: Wooooo-hoooo!*Yeaaaaaah*
Dude: Here we go again!!
Jean: Yo! Eren! What's the matter?!! If you're having trouble against a human like me...
Eren: ?!
Jean: The Titans won't even notice when they squash you!!
Eren: You got that right!!
Jean: !!

Jean: Gh...!!
Eren: Huh!!
Jean: Nghh......!!/......!!
People: Hey....../Hello! That's enough, knock it off!/Jean, have you forgotten? Going by his score, Eren is the best among us trainees//when it comes to hand to hand combat!

Eren: ?!!//......?!! Mikasa!!
Dude: Unless... was it second best to Mikasa?*Dahahahahaha*
Eren: Pu... Put me down!!
Dude: Let's leave it at that, Jean, before the instructor gets involved.
Jean: Hey... Franz...!!//You can't stop me, man! It's just a little performance for our farewell party!!
Franz: We... Well... Show's over now. No need for more.
Annie: Stop this! Humans shouldn't be fighting each other...
Eren: Hey!/Put me down, Mikasa...!
Jean: Tsk.//You're a lucky man, Eren!/That's it. Have Mikasa haul you around again like a baby!

Jean: Surely you also intend to drag her down with you into the Scouting Legion?!
Eren: Whoa!!//...That hurt, you know!!
Mika: You tend to act impulsive when things get out of hand. Almost on reflex...
Eren: About what he said earlier......//Where will you apply for exactly?

Mika: I'll join the Scouting Legion.
Eren: .....//You're top of our class...... Go for the Police./In addition, few people in history have demonstrated as much talent as you... You would certainly be afforded some special treatment.
Mika: If you go for the Police, so will I./Enter the stationary troops/and I'll follow you there.//You'll die very quickly if I'm not around.
Eren: How long are you gonna keep this up?!/I didn't ask for anything!
Mika: For as long as I live.../I died once, and I was brought back to life. It's a debt I won't forget.

Mika: And above all.../I don't wanna lose any more of my family...
Eren: .......
Armin: Hey guys. Party's over...//Let's get back to the dorm.
Eren: Ah, yeah... Hey, Armin.//What squad will you apply for?
Armin: ....//I chose the Scouting Legion!
Eren: !!//Do you really mean that?/You?

Armin: Yeah. I know...//I'm physically weak/As for the battle simulation that is our exam, it's a miracle that I succeeded at all...
Eren: You were the best at theoretical classes, so you should work on your actual skill. The instructor said so!
Armin: .......
Eren: There's nothing brave about neglecting your strong points in favor of some insane course of action.
Armin: .......//I'll sooner die than become a burden!
Eren: ........

Kids: !
Han: !//That's it for today. Dismissed.
Soldiers: Sir.

Han: Aaaah...... Good to see you well.//True enough, rules are important, but I can't quite come to terms with the fact that I have to deal with you./It's been a while...!
Eren: Agreed. There's no getting used to it.../A drunkard like you. Captain of the stationary troops.
Han: Aah... You've grown again, kids./Ah yeah... It's been a good 5 years since your last visit to this town.//.........//Forgive me.../I was unable to save your parents.......
Eren: Come on, forget about it./What choice did you have?
Han: ........./Some time before you were born

Han: My wife fell ill. She'd caught a disease that was widespread at the time... Many had died to it.../But one day doctor Jaeger came, bringing the antibody with him.../saving everyone.//I wanted to return the favor, but I never could...
Eren: I've lost count of how many times you said that...
Han: Wherever the doctor, your father is right now... I still have no idea./We only have your memories to rely on given that you saw him last, but...//Can you remember anything at all?
Mika: !
Han: !
Armin: Eren?!

Mika: Hanneth-san!
Han: Oh... Oh, right. Sorry about that... I'd completely forgotten...//Are you alright, Eren?!
Eren: I... I'm fine, but//Don't ask me why... my head feels like it's gonna split apart.//And yet... I can't remember anything...//Dad./Stop it, dad!/What are you doing?!//You've been acting weird ever since mom died!!
Jag: Eren!!

Jag: Let me see your arm!
Armin: Eren........!!
Eren: ?!
Armin: ...Are you okay? You just collapsed, and we had to carry you all the way here./Whatever you were dreaming about, you enjoyed none of it, though. What was it like?
Eren: What it was like... Uh-oh... I can't remember.

Eren: Gotta admit//this may be the outermost town/but it does have more people than before...
Annie: That's because nothing happened in 5 years./Can't exactly revert to what things were like a few years back, though.
Dude: The wall's been reinforced quite a bit in the meantime!/Now maybe the colossal titans won't come anymore.
Eren: Quit sounding like a wuss!!/Stupid couple!! This is how
Annie: Co-come on... A couple...
Dude: Us. A matching pair.../You're getting ahead of yourself, Eren!
Eren: ..........

Eren: Give me a break.
Conny: Huuh......?! You're entering the Scouting Legion?

Tomas: Conny... You're number 8, aren't you?! You said you'd choose the Police...
Conny: That'd be nice, no doubt about it... But well...
Tomas: Your little speech from yesterday did work out.
Eren: Huh?!
Conny: N... No!! I, uh... It's him... That's right! Jean./I didn't want to find myself on the same squad as this guy!
Tomas: That doesn't explain how you found yourself inside the Scouting Legion...
Conny: Shu... Shut it!! That was my decision!
Tomas: Nothing to be embarrassed about. Sometimes you know what must be done but you can't find the courage. It happens.//And you're not the only o...
Sasha: Excuse me, everyone...

Sasha: I was able to steal some meat from the officers' provisions.
Others: .......!!//Sasha... Are you trying to get yourself hauled in an isolation cell?/You're really stupid, you know that...?/So dumb it's scary...
Sasha: We can all share it later... Slice it up, eat it with some bread... Mnheehee...
Conny: Go put it back.
Mika: He's right. With all the land we lost, meat has become pretty valuable.
Sasha: .....//We'll be fine.

Sasha: We'll be able to have plenty more cows and sheep.../when we reconquer the land.
Eren: Uh?
Tomas: Makes sense.//Anticipated celebration for the recovery of Wall Maria, eh?
Dude: Once we're done eating all that's left is to steel ourselves for what's to come!!
Conny: ?
Eren: ........//Tomas...
Dude: ......./.......//I'll have some of that meat too!!

Mika: I... I'll have some as well! You keep it...!!
Dude: Don't just stand there, Eren. Keep working, or we're gonna get busted!
Mika: Still got some time to go before noon.
Eren: Damnit. How come you get looked down upon/just for mentioning you'd like to get out?//(Five years have passed/since then.)

Eren: (At last. After losing one third of its territory and half its population/The human race sets out to recover its dignity.//We'll win this.//Now it's time./Humanity will strike back.)

Eren: It burns......?!//Wha?!!//What the heeeeeell?!!//Waaaaaaaaaaah./?!//Guys!!//Ungh......!!

Eren: Switch to three-dimensional maneuver!
Conny: Hah!!

Eren: ?!//Hey!! Samuel!!//Gh!!/Sasha?!

Conny: ........!!
Sam: Uh.../Uuuh...
Sasha: Samuel! Stay still, you hear me!

Eren: Close call...//?!//?!!

Eren: I will wipe them out!!//Erase them from this world...//Until... not a single one remains!!

Eren: Erase them...//to the last!!
Tomas: They've broken through the wall...
Conny: It's happening... It's happening again. The titans are coming in...//Fuck... The human race is really gonna fall to.......
Eren: SASHA!!//You take care of Samuel!!//Four teams to ready the reinforced cannons!
Team: ?!
Eren: Prepare for battle!!

Eren: Your objective lies straight ahead!!/At the colossal titan, now!!
Mika: .......!!
Eren: Now's our chance. Don't let it get away!!//It's the only one capable of breaking the wall!!/We must put it down......!!//.......!!//......Hullo.

Eren: Haven't seen you in 5 years.

2. The body weight-shifting gear used for three-dimensional maneuvers.

Performing three dimensional maneuvers is impossible without of a precise technique of bodily weight shifting, making use of a reinforced, full-body belt.

Left arrow: Equipped on the waist.
Three Dimensional maneuver gear.

This equipment is designed with fast, three-dimensional movement in mind. It remains almost impossibly lightweight, even when complete.

One may apply their full weight from either side of the body. The bulk of that weight will fall on the supporting leg. One may appear to be dancing in midair, but overtaxing the muscles is a real possibility.
Frame: Information currently available for public disclosure.
Down arrow: Typically stored in the side holsters.
Operating Device.

Up arrow: Equipped on the thigh.

Chapter 4; Their First Battle.

A rough explanation of the mechanics behind the three-dimensional maneuver gear.

{The gear proper}
*The central part of the apparatus features iron wire.
*Two axes, which may rotate independently.

Arrow: The connecting section faucet on the bomb itself.
*High-pressure gas in injected inside the bomb.

Big thanks to the scientist friend of mine who helped me conceptualize this!
Frame: Information currently available for public disclosure.

Arrow: The operating gear is in turn managed by the black box (the finer bits are handled and improved secretly).

Connects with the operating gear.

Arrow: Connects with the belt.

Iron wire, capable of cutting into a titan.

Arrow: The part that projects gas towards the fan and the emission system are connected by the black box (the finer bits are managed and improved secretly).
Arrow: Emission.

(The fan section.)
*The gas is projected directly at the fan to make it spin.
*The emission system was shaped like a shuttlecock, in order not to block the emission system's inhalation hole through which the gas enters.
*One may adjust the gas' pressure to regulate the output.

Eren: (Douchebag...//It was aiming for the cannon...!!//And that's not all!/He didn't take that shot at the door at random!!//So that thing/does have intelligence, after all.)//Gh!!

Eren: (Either way, now's my chance!!/It's the only one capable of destroying the wall!/If I can at least put this one down......!!)

Eren: Too slow!!//Gotcha!!//(You're dead!!)

Eren: Wha...?!//It burns?!//HERE WE GOOooooooo.

Eren: ......?!//(No response...!!/Did I miss...?!//No...//I didn't.//It has disappeared.......)

Team: The colossal titan is gone!!
Eren: !
Team: Eren! Did you kill it?!
Eren: .....//I didn't... The same thing happened 5 years ago.../It just disappeared as suddenly as it'd come...!!//...Sorry for letting it get away...
Tomas: What are you apologizing for? We didn't do anything at all, we were paralyzed...
Conny: Hey... Do you think we have the time for such pleasantries right now?!!//The wall has been breached!/If we don't fix that quick the titans will enter again!!
Dude: What are you trainees doing here?!!
Team: !!

Dude: The special colossal titan strategy has already started!/Resume your positions at once!//And whoever made physical contact with the thing, report to the headquarters now!
Eren: Sir.
Conny: We shall pray for the vanguard's success!
Eren: !

Dude: Material possessions are the least of your priorities!/Evacuate calmly please!//Unfortunately the Scouting Legion, which counts our most seasoned combatants among its members is all out on exploration duty./We Stationary Troops are the only ones currently repairing the walls and preparing for ambush.

Dude: You trainees. You passed the qualification test. That makes you full-fledged soldiers!//I'm holding high hopes about your performance here!
Franz: It's gonna be fine, Hannah... I'll look out for you even if it's the last thing I do.
Hannah: Franz......
Mika: ...//......./!//Eren!
Eren: You okay, Armin?!
Mika: .....
Armin: I-I'm good. Things will settle down quickly enough!

Armin: Sti-still... We're in trouble big time. We still have an 8-meter high hole at the site, and it takes time to fix that sort of thing![tn: 26ft high, give or take.]/And that rock supposedly meant to block the entry... Turns out we didn't even get as far as digging it up!//With the hole not filled in, this town will be abandoned... And it's only a matter of time before Wall Rose also gets breached... Truth is//should they ever feel like it//the titans could eradicate the human race any time!!
Eren: Armin!
Armin: Hh!!
Eren: Take it easy!!
Armin: .......!!//So- Sorry. I'll be fine...

Dude: The drill's the same as during training. You guys split up. To each team its passage. Abide by the Stationary Troops' instructions./Your tasks will be to assist with supplying, transmitting information and keeping the place clean of titans.//The front guard will be assigned to the Stationary troops./The middle guard will work for the Training Corps under our command./And the rear guard will serve under the Stationary troops' elite squads...//Time for us freeloaders to earn our keep. We shall protect Wall Rose with our lives/and this until every last citizen has escaped to safety.
Figure: (from top to bottom) Front guard./Middle guard./Rear guard.

Dude: Furthermore... As you're already aware, fleeing in front of the enemy will be met with capital punishment./You are sacrificing your lives. Make sure they count.//Dismissed!!
Team: Sir!!
Jean: Aaaauuuugh!!//Why today.....?!/I would've been gone to the inner district by tomorrow!!//?!
Dude: Uh.../Uuuh
Jean: ......
Gal: Are you okay?![tn: Obviously not.]

Mika: If things get confused during battle, come to me.
Eren: Uh?!//...What are you talking about?! We're on different teams, you know?!
Mika: If the situation gets confused, things won't be going according to plan.//I will protect you!
Eren: .......//C'mon, now... What have you been talking abou...
Dude: Trainee Mikasa!!//I need you in the rear guard. Especially you.//Now go.
Mika: .......!!

Mika: Given the state of my arm, I'd just slow you down!
Dude: ?/I'm not asking for your opinion, here.//In times of evacuation like this we need the bulk of our elite soldiers close to the population.
Mika: B... but
Eren: Hey!//Quit your nonsense, Mikasa!
Mika: ?
Eren: The human race is in danger of extinction!! You have no business trying to impose your own goddamn rules!!
Mika: ........//Sorry.../I got carried away...//I do... have a request, however... Just one... Please...

Mika: Don't get killed...
Eren: (I won't./I'm not dying here.//I still don't know what the outside world is like.//Our remaining history books say nothing of the titans' origins. The whole thing is still a historical unknown.)

Dude: Whatever we learn of the titan's habitat we owe to the Scouting Legion's latest reports.//We were unable to confirm if they have human levels of intelligence/Therefore, examples of mutual understandings between us and them are pretty much unheard of.//They are fundamentally different from other creatures in bodily makeup... They lack sexual organs. We know nothing of their mode of reproduction. The vast majority of them had a male-like physical makeup./Their bodily temperature is extremely high, and for some obscure reason they don't show the slightest interest in any creatures other than human beings.//The titans' raison d'etre is to devour humans.../But considering that initially, they had to live in an environment devoid of human life for 100 years... I posit that they have no inherent need to nourish themselves.

Dude: In other words... That they're not hunting us for food./What they do want is the slaughter...//And...//The foremost reason why humanity has been driven into the corner it finds itself in right now/is the uncanny vitality possessed by the titans.//Back in the day, humankind was powerful enough to blow their heads off.//But that wasn't enough to stand our ground./It varied from individual to individual, but half of the time, the heads would grow back as good as new.

Class: .....//...No way....../You'd think them being gigantic would be trouble enough...//Instructor! Does that mean.../the titans are immortal?!
Dude: They aren't immortal...//There's only one way to bring them down./That is, to strike here!!//This section, at the nape of the neck./The titans can't regenerate when they're dealt extensive damage in that area. They die.//And to achieve this, ladies and gentlemen, you have to resort to this. The three-dimensional maneuver gear./Currently, the best tactic to repel the enemy is to rely on a close combat technique that allows great mobility.

Dude: This equipment is operated with a handgrip for each hand//The shooting mechanism situated on both sides of the waist propel an anchor.//The iron wire fired out of the tube is rewinded thanks to the gas' pressure.//This plug-in blade is your weapon./In order to bite into the large masses of hardened meat... it has been completely twisted around itself.//With a couple of those, you can slice off the flesh./Hit the titans' vital spots this way and you'll swiftly kill them, off well before their regeneration process can kick in.
Armin: At last...//At last...//Finally.../I can be of use...

Eren: ......./Armin.//This is a good opportunity, don't you think?/We're not part of the Scouting Legion yet.//If we start getting things done now, by the time we're recruited...//We're gonna raise in rank pretty quickly, no doubt!!
Armin: ......!!/Sure... No doubt.
Sasha: Listen up, you two.../You aren't exactly the only ones applying for the Scouting Legion, you see!!

Tomas: Eren got a few steps ahead of us, but we won't let him beat us this time around!!/I declare the titan-hunting contest open. Whoever takes down more wins!!
Eren: You said it, Tomas./Don't go messing around with them scores!!// Team 34 onward!!//Let's move out!!

Eren: Wha?!//Is that...?!//They're incorporating even us, the middle guard into the front guard?!
Sasha: So many titans already...
Dude: The heck's going on? Those senpai from the front guard are so prompt to throw their weight around, usually...

Eren: Almost no time has passed at all...
Tomas: And they already got their asses handed to them.
Eren: (I wasn't too optimistic about the whole thing/But this is getting out of hand...)
Tomas: A Specimen!!
Team: ?!!
Tomas: Out of the way, everyone!!

Eren: !!
Tomas: Uh...?!/Uh...!!

Tomas: Aaauh.../Oh... Oh shit!!
Eren: TO... TOMAS!!

Eren: Wai...!!//Wait here, damn you!!
Dude: Hold it! No lone-wolf expe/Eren!!
Eren: Another one below.//Ugh?!!

Sasha: It can't be... Eren......
Eren: My leg...
Dude: H... Hey.../Things are bad, here. We can't afford to stay put!!

Team: Here it comes!//Suspend!!

Dudes: gibberish/gibberish/gibberish
Armin: (Why......)

Armin: (Why am I)*Aaaaaaaaargh*
Armin: (Standing there.//watching my comrades.../getting eaten like this...?)

Armin: (What's going on?//My body won't move/and I don't know why...)//Waaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Eren: A... Armin....../Haah/Haah//Haah/Haah//Haa.../Haa...*todom todom todom*

Armin: Eren!/There you are!!
Eren: What's the matter, Armin?
Armin: This... My grandpa had it stashed away!/A book with pictures of the outside world in it!
Eren: A book about the outside world?! That stuff ain't allowed, now is it?! The Police could haul you off for this, you know?!
Armin: That doesn't matter at all, right now!!/According to this book most of the world is covered by a water body know as the sea!!

Armin: And the sea is entirely made of salt water!!
Eren: .......!! Salt water?!/No... Nonsense!! Salt is like, extremely valuable. By now, traders would have depleted the whole supply already!!
Armin: No! It's large enough to never run out!
Eren: ......../Yeah, right...
Armin: And it's not just about mountains of salt!!/There's flaming water!/Landscapes of ice!/Entire fields of sand!/The outside world's got to be God knows how many times larger than the confines of these walls!
Eren: The outside world...
Armin: Eren!//If we could... explore/If only we could see it for ourselves someday...

Armin: Uuuh...//Wwwaaaaaaaah

Armin: Eren!!

Eren: I'm not dying here. ...Hell no.......//Hey... Armin...//You......//You taught me about the outside world, so I......./So I...... I want so see it for my...
Armin: Eren!!/Quick!!

Armin: Raaaaaaaaaaaaah

Continued in the Second Volume.[/end

The working premises for the new series.
Arrow: Mostly TBS Radio, and little else.

Left: SHIN[...]-SAN.
Right: To all the readers of Shingeki no Kyojin

Quote: "It's a cruel world, Eren... But with you around, I can do anything".
Caption: Mikasa still knows nothing of Eren's tragic fate...
Bottom: The assault picks up the pace!! Second volume scheduled for release within the first three days of July!!

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