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Dance in the Vampire Bund 45

Nothing Hurt

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jan 17, 2011 20:14 | Go to Dance in the Vampire Bund

-> RTS Page for Dance in the Vampire Bund 45

It's been a while since I last translated a chapter of this series. I took a break from it, and I expected someone else to pick up where I left off, but since that hasn't happened and this manga is still in such high demand...
Anyway, there you go.

The vampire lolicon is back.

This is a thefolenangel scanzzz translation.
Chapter #45 – Nothing Hurt.

Mina: Political asylum, eh......
Sign: Special Zone Supervision Agency. Tokyo Branch.
Gal: Yes. They were a small minority from some mountainous region of China, originally. | But the people we have here are 21 in total.......
Mina: Vampires.
Gal: Yes.
Mina: And they're asking for asylum now of all times. This is disturbing.
Gal: Their guide, or at least the one who calls themself that has requested a personal audience with you, Your Highness.
Mina: Very well.

Mina: I hear she isn't a vampire. Is that true?
Gal: Tatiana Humoresque...... She's still very young.
Mina: Humoresque?
Gal: Is there a problem?
Mina: Nothing.//Let's just meet the girl, shall we.
Gal: Go ahead, please.

Tatiana: Princess Mina Tepes, Your Highness.[tn: Tatiana uses the Chinese word for « princess ».]//My request for an audience was bold and out of place. Thank you for acceding to it.
Mina: That was nothing. Your trip must have been quite an ordeal. This is the least I could do./Surely you've been through a lot.
Tatiana: Indeed......
Mina: Now tell me/why request for political asylum?//You seem unaware of it, but our country accepts newcomers without restrictions. | It doesn't matter which duchy you belong to, so long as you're willing to join the family./Don't bother asking for political asylum, there's no need for such roundabout procedures.

Tatiana: We...... I mean/they need it.//Have you heard of the calamity that struck within House Li, Your Highness?
Mina: Calamity?
Tatiana: An epidemic./Disease suddenly spread among the vampires of that country, and there's no telling where it will stop.
Mina: What kind of disease?
Tatiana: Despite what the label « disease » implies, it has little impact on physical health or integrity

Tatiana: The infectees escape the control of their superiors...... or their masters....... | and they're stricken with extreme destructive impulses.
Mina: !
Tatiana: And of all things, the most dreadful is that the subjects themselves are unaware of it./They're convinced they're still following their masters' orders......
Mina: Pied......./Piper!!

Tatiana: The epidemic is consuming its way throughout the land, spreading like wildfire. | Even deep within the Imperial Court, some cases are already manifesting./The totality of Li's domain has entered a state of civil war.
Mina: That accursed Li...... | To think his situation was already that bad.......//But what does it have to do with your request for political asylum?
Tatiana: The Lord took extremely harsh measures once he learned of the situation./He would exterminate any and all who lived in the vicinity of the people contaminated in order to halt the disease's progression.
Mina: …...What.
Tatiana: The exterminators' depredations took them all the way to our village./That's when I took charge and lead everyone here in this country.

Mina: You mean they're infected with Pied Piper?!
Tatiana: Please wait./Indeed, they are carriers! But they aren't exhibiting any symptoms!!
Mina: Excuse me?
Tatiana: They are plagued by the same destructive impulses as everyone else/but their reasons are strong enough to let them suppress these urges completely.......//The epidemic didn't make targets out of them.
Mina: So you're telling me they have something that enables them to keep Pied Piper in check......?

Tatiana: Should he learn of this, Lord Li would stop at nothing to get his hands on them. | What would happen to them then...... the less I think about it, the better.
Mina: And you would have me protect these people?
Tatiana: This here territory is very close to the continent./Their help will be indispensable if you want to put up any countermeasures!
Mina: ….....//True enough...... Provided a way to neutralize Pied Piper does exist/I must get my hands on it at any cost.
Tatiana: !
Mina: Very well. Consider yourselves welcomed./I vow to protect you to the fullest extent of my ability.

Mina: However, we can't have them enter the Bund right away. It's a matter of precaution, you see./They'll be taken to a facility in their home country, in an area under our joint jurisdiction. There, the Beowulfs will see to their safety./Is that agreeable?
Tatiana: Words cannot express my gratitude.
Mina: I know what it's like to lose one's home./I can feel your pain.//......One last thing./Are you acquainted with Sanin Humoresque?
Tatiana: SANIN!! | Your Highness, do you know of him?!/Where is he?

Mina: Are you...... related to Sanin?
Tatiana: I'm his sister./Sanin Humoresque is my younger brother!![tn: Shit is gonna hit the fan!!]

Akira: What is the meaning of this, old man......?//You called Yuuhi here, didn't you?/What's the big idea?

Wolf: I needed him here./That's why.
Akira: Needed him for what?!!/Am I not enough?!//What about mom...... Are you trying to take everything from her.......?//You have me. This should be more than enough.../So please......
Wolf: It's the kid's decision.
Akira: He's only seven!!

Wolf: You were about the same age when you blindly swore loyalty to Her Highness.
Akira: That was......
Wolf: You weren't forced./It was your decision.
Akira: That's right. | Because I thought it was right./Turns out I was playing right into your hands.//Nevermind me. My mind is set./I'm ready to follow you to Hell for Hime-san's sake./But Yuuhi and mom, that's another story.//If you sacrifice these two any further on the altar of your loyalty to Hime-san.../I won't let you get away with it!!

Wolf: …...Is that all?
Akira: …....Yeah.//I'm done.
Yuuhi: Onii-cha......

Akira: STAY AWAY | This is no place for you!!/Go back to mom, now!!
Yuuhi: Onii....../-chama.
Mina: My, is something going on, here?/What is this shouting all about?

Akira: Hime-san.
Yuuhi: Hic/Hic.
Mina: What's the matter, mh?/Big brother is angry at you?
Yuuhi: Ooh....../Boooh.
Akira: ...Nothing at all.
Mina: Um.......
Akira: ...Yes?
Mina: ...Forget it/it can wait.

Yuuhi: Zzzzzz/Zzzzzz.
Wolf: We're looking around for confirmation about the intel we've received/But for the most part, House Li does seem to be in dire straits.
Mina: Because of Pied Piper, no less....../Damn Li. Small wonder he was trying so hard to keep a low profile.

Mina: That said, we must now reconsider what we thought we knew about Pied Piper. | We took it for granted that it was a ploy from the Three Clans to sabotage the Bund from within......//But, instead, we might be dealing with an attack against the vampire race itself.
Wolf: …...Chances are, House Rozenmann and Ivanov have to cope with similar situations.
Mina: If you think it over for a minute/the way the Three Clans have been surrounding me, while watching one another's every step has effectively resulted in a three-way deadlock. | Ironically, this state of affairs works towards the preservation of a global equilibrium......//And now, someone is trying to upset that balance.

Wolf: ......./Telomere......
Mina: When you consider things from that angle, much of what has transpired so far starts making sense./Starting with the time I spent in lethargy, to the Pied Piper-induced riots...... | Sanin's violent rampage, on top of which we might add what happened that winter......//Telomere was probably behind everything.
Wolf: ….....

Mina: Which reminds me of that Tatiana girl......
Wolf: We were able to collect this evidence from their relatives. | She is, without a shade of doubt Sanin's elder sister.
Mina: I heard the clan was all but extinct.
Wolf: Truly enough, half a year before the Rite of Passage Sanin's parents and sister went missing in an airplane accident, and were presumed to be dead./How she survived, and ended up associating with that clan | we'll have to wait till our next interview of her to find out.
Mina: How ironic. The brother dies, and it turns out his sister survived to take his place.//Siblings, eh.....?

Mina: Why don't you tell Akira?/You called the boy here for his sake...... didn't you?
Wolf: Even if I did tell him, he wouldn't have listened.
Mina: I don't think so. | You ought to make it clearer that you care. I've told you so already./That's what being a father is truly about.
Wolf: ….....//A father's real duty is to make sure his children are strong enough to cope for themselves./Strong enough to live on even when he's gone.

Wolf: The kids may hate him for it, but it hardly matters, so long as the job is done./It's about providing his children with what they need...... and nothing else.//It's only natural for a father to bear love towards his progeny/But that love doesn't have to be reciprocated.
Mina: …...../I was wondering just how pigheaded you could be.......

Mina: …...I've lost count of how many times I've hated my mother....... she who brought me to life......//But I never doubted the affection she bore me./Her boundless love for me is the reason I still walk the Earth to this day.//A child who grows up ignorant of his parents' love is bound to be miserable. | Don't you agree?
Wolf: …....

Akira: !

Akira: You already clear to be walking around?
Angie: Yep. | Doctor said it was about time I got some exercise.//And...... | something was bothering me./I had yet to bid Sanin a proper farewell.
Akira: I see......
Angie: …....Funny//Until a few days ago, we thought him to be dead./Things merely went right back to the way they were....../But this time around, it's a lot more painful.

Angie: …....Akira
Akira: !

Akira: Excuse me//What is your business with this tomb......?
Tatiana: …...And you are?
Akira: My name is Akira....../I'm a friend of...... the guy buried here...... A friend of Sanin's.

Tatiana: Murderer.......//YOU MURDERER!![/end

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#1. by maniket ()
Posted on Jan 23, 2011
you come back thanks I miss you :)
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