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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Wolfsmund 1

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Feb 12, 2011 15:57 | Go to Wolfsmund

-> RTS Page for Wolfsmund 1

I'm starting a new seinen series, and a pretty grim one, at that. It's about a tyrant who well... does his tyrant thing.:P
Let the show begin. MWAHAHAHAHAH!!

This is a Kotonoha translation.
=Kneel at once. | You traitorous scum.
=I refuse. | I am no criminal.//I request to be decapitated by the sword.//I have fought for freedom./As a champion of liberty.

=Spare us.
=Ungh. | Blast it....

=Your Excellency.//The rebel ringleader Ernst Schweiz/has been dealt with.
=Very good.//Now | What of his daughter?
=About that, well/We're still...
=I want her captured and marched off here quickly./If we dally too much it will dull the impact of her punishment.//Whosoever rebels against us shall see their family line destroyed entirely./It is incumbent upon us to let the people of this land know the extent of our determination.//As for the highway checkpoints
=We've sent them a message.

=Should she attempt to flee the country | her shortest course would be......
=Through the St. Gotthard pass | towards Milan, I take it.//Speaking of the checkpoint at specific pass/our man has been there before......
Narrator: Early 14th Century, in the Alpine region. | The federated states of Uri, Unterwalden and Schweiz/see their political autonomy stripped away | at the hands of the Austrian oppressor.

Chapter One – Lise and Georg.

=Fräulein Lise.
=Very well.//(Father...... I'm leaving//I shall travel across the pass/in order to survive.)

=Herr Georg....../Why?!//This is completely out of proportion.
=I'm sorry./Fräulein Lise.

=It can't be......//I don't understand//How will cutting off my hair help us through the pass exactly?/I fail to grasp the connection between the two.//I used to think of you/as a much kinder man than that.//You even complimented me on my hair before, did you not?/Told me how very lovely you found it.

=But this hair you are so proud of might end up shortening your life.//It gives you away. | You might as well proclaim yourself a wanted fugitive.//”Look at me, I am Liselotte, the daughter of a rebel.”//This is no pleasure jaunt. | You need to understand this.
=Proceed, then./Please don't cut it too short.

=Dear God. | That's a lot!//Herr Georg | You didn't do that on purpose, did you?
=Take off your dress | and put this on.
=......!!//What | is that thing?

=My attendant wore these clothes./He never took them off even once, ever since I hired him 4 years ago.//They're permeated with 4 years' worth of sweat, urine and dirt.
=You want me/to wear THAT?!
=Exactly. | I would have you become a man./Knight Georg von Steinfeld's personal attendant, more specifically.
=At the pass checkpoint | we'll pretend to be a Knight and his servant, on an initiation trip across the country./Hence the disguise.//Call me back when you're done./We shall leave before daybreak.


=Horseback riding is out of the question./The risk of falling is too great.//If you can't walk | I'm willing to carry you on my back, however.

=You have a hole in your shoe.
=There is no choice, then./Let's get some rest.//Once we make it out of the country/you'll be free to exact retribution from me however you wish./Hate me, resent me if you will. For my part...../I will stop at nothing to see you to safety.

=Why | are you doing all of this?/It's so much trouble.
=Herr Ernst | is the man who made me a Knight.//I gladly would have died fighting by his side | but he placed your fate between my hands instead.//I never knew my parents, and I regarded him with the same affection one would a father.//Therefore/I think of you as my sister.//To me, you're family./And I'm going to protect you.

=There we are, Fräulein Lise./This is......
=The St. Gotthard pass checkpoint.

=Daaaaaah. | Herr Knight. Herr Kniiiight.//Come spend the night at our inn.♥
=Wai- Not so fast. | We're......
=Oh...... In this checkpoint, emigrants are handled in the morning. The afternoon is for immigrants. | So you won't be going any further today, you see?//And there | look at your companion.//Halfway prepared for a night's rest already.♥

=She has a really pretty face, too.//A client with something to hide, eh. | Well, here's some advice.//Ever since the feudal lord's armies came here in the Alps/people have been sentenced with the utmost cruelty.//Countless people have attempted to disguise themselves to cheat their way through.//In an effort to subtract themselves from absurd punishment.//That's right. By the way/Did you know, Herr Knight?//This checkpoint even has a nickname coined for it.//Wolfsmund: the “Wolf's Maw”.

=Governor Wolfram has turned the highway he protects into the greatest, finest of barriers./So far, not a single soul has ever managed to sneak past him./For nothing can escape his keen eye.//My advice | if possible at all, go back whence you came.
=Is it...... that hopeless? | No secret passage, nothing?
=Oh. So you really have something to hide?//Not to worry.♥/I don't go about selling my clients to the authorities.//Well | as a matter of fact, a passage does exist.//But only wild goats ever do go through there. | It's an animal trail. Bare rock all the way.//Honestly, a human being shouldn't even consider it an option......

=There. | Horse dung.
=Am I supposed to rub this into my face and hair?//Very well.//Compared to the woes that befell my father/this is less than nothing.

=Chuckle.//Herr Georg. | About that inconsiderate promise you made/that I could repay you however I pleased//You might come to regret those words, but don't expect that so stop me. | You're going to pay for this a thousandfold.//Oh. Herr Georg./You're smiling.
=It's been a very long time/since I last saw a smile on that face!

=.....//Herr Georg//You don't intend to let me be the only one who gets smelly and dirty, do you?! | Give me a hand.

=Herr Georg//You've dirtied me so much./You'll definitely | have to take responsibility for this......

=Next! | Jacob the tulip peddler and his associates./Come on in.
=If you do have a pass there's nothing to fear./Just a token little search and you'll be strolling right through in no time.
=I heard the Governor had magical powers that let him see right into people's hearts....../That he was born of the union between a wolf and a human woman......
=A would-be clandestine.
=Augh. | They hung his wife and child with him.//The girl must be no older than 14. 15, perhaps.
=How horrible.......

=Lord, help me. | Preserve me from Evil.//Deliver me from the mouth of the wolf.
=Next. | Herr Georg von Steinfeld./In you go.
=We'll do as agreed. | Avoid making eye contact./Do not reply if talked to.//I'll handle conversation. | You try to look as utterly stupid as you possibly can.

=I'll take care of your mounts.//Oogh.../Oh God...//Herr Knight, I'd have my retainer pay a little more attention to his personal grooming, if I were you.

=Welcome, Herr Knight.//I am the Governor of this checkpoint./You may call me Wolfram./Pleased to make your acquaintance.
=(He is quite different from what the rumors made him sound like.//How should I put it/he seems so kindly.)

=An initiation journey, is it......?//You should have a pass issued by the feudal lord, then./Why haven't you prepared one?
=I don't need a pass for an initiation journey. | It's an old custom.//Regretfully//no matter how time-honored the tradition./It's still a different thing from established law.//An increasing number of people have been attempting to avoid searching | under the guise of initiation journey, as of late./So you can't blame a careful observer for altogether eschewing leniency......

=So/here's a little suggestion//Bructo.
=This is Bructo, head of the gatekeepers./He's an encouragement gift awarded by my master.//Now how about | testing your mettle against his?//Grace us with a demonstration of your skill | and I shan't delay you any further.

=Herr Georg.[tn: Oh shit!]
=Have you forgotten about the sword in you right hand?//You don't stand much chance of winning | if you remain on the defensive, you know?//Humph.//It's a bit too late to get in the right mood/now that your shield is gone.

=Young fool. | A real mollusc.


=That's enough.

=I underestimated you./Please forgive my rudeness.
=So//What about our right of passage?/Do you recognize it, then?
=Certainly. | You'll be compensated for your shield, as well.//However | there is one last thing I need to investigate.
=I see. | What impoliteness indeed.

=By the way, brave retainer.//You cried out something during the match. | “Herr Georg”, I believe./And in a lovely little voice, too. Very feminine.
=That's because/his voice his yet to change. He's still a young boy......
=I'd like to make sure.//Truth be told, last night I've been notified about the fugitive daughter of a rebel./We are to investigate anyone her age regardless of gender./He could uncover his chest, for example./As proof that he really is a male.


=How can a boy be so effeminate./Now I'm covered in shame by your fault.//Because I was unfortunate enough to hire you.//I do you a good turn and this is how you repay me.
=Why, you//useless scum.

=By all means, continue./Don't mind us.//Unless

=you're ready to put an end/to this little comedy?

=Seize them.
=!//!! | No...//Hngh.


=...../Just as I thought.

=Herr Wolfram. | This is an order from His Excellency./Her punishment is not yours to decide.//Executing her is our duty./Cease immediately and hand her over.
=Whatever happens at this checkpoint will be handled at the checkpoint./As the custodian of this gate, such is my mission.

=We can't start making exceptions. Exceptions make it more difficult to maintain order.//Attempting to cheat one's way past a checkpoint is a capital offense./No one, whoever they are, is above the law.//.....//Now//let the penalty/commence.

=.......Who the Devil does he think he is/to dare defy his superiors like this?//Blast it. | Now what am I going to put in my report......?

Narrator: Today at Wolfsmund, two people have been decapitated, and their heads exposed outside the gates.
End of Chapter One.
p.10 “Your Excellency.”
The Japanese term used actually means “Your Excellency Duke's Younger Brother.”, which is about as unwieldy as it sounds. In the given setting this is a clear reference to Leopold I of Habsburg, Duke of Habsburg and Styria, which he co-ruled with his older brother Frederick the Fair.

p.11 “St. Gotthard pass”.
A real-life mountain pass in Switzerland. It connects the German-speaking part of the country with the Italian-speaking part, and is indeed a viable route towards Milan.

p.11 The defeated alliance.
This is where the manga divorces from reality. There was indeed battle in the early 14th century between the Old Swiss Confederacy (comprising the cantons of Ur, Schweiz and Unterwalden) and Leopold I's Austrian forces: the Battle of Morgarten. Except the Austrians got their asses kicked!

Additional note: I usually keep the Japanese honorifics untouched unless there's an English equivalent readily available. In this case however, I felt that having characters in a German/Swiss setting exchanging “sama” and “dono” back and forth would have been way out of place. Hence the German titles.
Should anyone otice something amiss do not hesitate to let me know.

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