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Red Eyes Volume 9

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Feb 17, 2011 22:27 | Go to Red Eyes

A quick translation for my team. Hopefully a one-time thing. Not that I didn't enjoy the story, but I'd rather read it translated by someone else, lol.

Scanaltion available from GWR.

red Eyes09/jun shindo
#29 Dark Echelon......003
#30 Grave Forest.......057
#31 Ghost Yard..........109
#32 Duel....................141
#33 Clasped Letter.....177

Dragnov Federation

general alexander h. powell
Oversees the occupation troops in Regium.

Julian Krayz
>Grand Chaos.<
A man who operates under the banner of "Restorative Chaos".
His true identity is unknown.

Rudolf Cheka
Acts as Krayz' bodyguard, under the alias of “Nightmare”.

This old man administers the descendants of the former Kingdom of Loomis' nobility.

Daniel Murdock
Descendant of the former dukedom of Kent. Regards Krayz as an enemy.

People's Army of Regium

Grahad Mills
Former hero, known under the dreaded name of "Battlefield Reaper".

Lenny Kruger
An ace fighter, proficient in the use of SAA armor.[tn: I had to Wiki that one. Literally it says "Close Combat Battle Tech". Just in case it helps.]

Klaus Gardner
A genius of information-gathering and management/operation. Supervises troops supplying.

General Edward Hamel
Commanding officer of the People's Army (Formerly 3rd Battallion).

Lieutenant General Horst Pallmann
Military Chief of Staff.

Leon Ridas
Tactical Section manager, Colonel. A rare strategist.

Saya Hamilton.
A girl who follows Mills around. She's a war orphan.

Anthony Howard.
Responsible of the SAA schematics' development for AGI.

Republic of Regium

Rod Serioni
Ex-JRR. Current affiliation, activities, etc... unknown.

Baros Wald.
… Dead.

Mikhail Waldmann...... Dead.

Colonel Allan Classad
Ringleader of the JRR uprising.

Dan Chapman.
JRR drill sergeant.

Captain "Max" Werner.
Commander of the D company.

Lieutenant Leila Kruger
Lieutenant Krayz's Subordinate.

=.....(Where is he?!//Where the hell.../did he disappear to...?!)


#29 Dark Echelon

=On the top of the truck! Fire!!//Tsk!//The bastard took cover!

=!//Oh, shi-!

=!//FIRE. FIRE!!

=Who do you

=think you are?!

=Bloody hell! Hit him!!//Oogh.


=I... Impossible!/This must be.... a dream....?!//An elite squad like us, taken out by a single man....//Hell no! I'm not having it!!

=If I am dreaming//wake me up now!!


=Heh....//Acting all scary and shit//I don't know what you did., but...

=Stay right where you are! So I can shoot you//full of.../holes?!//U... Uh?/My hand... It's gone...

=Mh...?//Ah, my hand.//There it..../is?!

=Tell me, colonel....//just what is that Order of the Loomis Knights/to take such a freak of nature//and appoint him as their leader...?!
=Indeed, Leila Kruger./I believe it's about time you learned everything....

=These 11 guys are board members in the Divan organization proper. The cream of the crop./Each one of them is allowed their own personal army, and they have some society covering all of their expenses.//Conversely, I don't have access to a force of wy own, since I'm not part of that board./Unbeknownst to them, however... I control a militia of berserking warriors, which I've inherited by birth and by blood: the Order of the Loomis Knights.//For a very long time, their existence was kept a secret... The warriors were scattered just about everywhere./Soldiers. Civil officers.... Many even make a living abroad as mercenaries.[tn: I couldn't quite fit it in, but the verb employed in Japanese suggests that this is a step down from their former lives as Knights.]//But now that the fateful day is close at hand/they are all rallying under my banner.

=But put together, the Divan 11's forces amount to an entire regiment!/Even with the infamous Nightmare at their head, a small battalion can't possibly stand up to that!!
=Heh... The Divan army, eh?/Eliminating that ill-assorted gang of mercenaries will hardly be worth mentioning.//The Order of the Loomis Knights/live for the day when eventually, they must face the entire world!
=Face the... entire world...?!
=This is madness. Is that what you're thinking?

=Fear not. I'm no megalomaniac..../In addition, the Loomis Knights aren't just a mere handful.//In the sam way as Divan's influence extends over every layer of society/my Knights are implanted far and wide./From the infantry to the Navy via the Air Force, and even the clandestine assassination squads under Cheka's control. They are everywhere.//Put together, they'd be enough/to man an entire division.[tn: Anywhere between 10.000 to 30.000 men according to Wiki.]
=...?! A whole division..../Talk about war potential......
=War potential?/If you put it that way it's another story.

=The Kingdom of Loomis came to an end a century ago.... Its army – born warriors – passed on the results of their training, from one generation down to another./The lowliest, rank-and-file soldier is a expert in the art of warfare. Faithful, brave, and powerful beyond compare.//And the four commanders who lead these braves could stand on an equal footing with the great Genocide himself.../Better yet. These champions are so skilled they might even outclass him.
=Freaks of nature who surpass Captain Mills. Four of them, no less....
=The Knights regard their 4 leaders with the utmost reverence/They even have a name for them

=The Shileds of Loomis.

=And among the “Shields of Loomis”, Cheka stands out the most./His superior talent saluted even by the other three.//He was unanimously recommended by the Knights/as the who would lead them all.//That's how good a troop they are./Their war potential would easily match that of an entire army, and that's no exaggeration.//...This isn't an estimation, but fact/Should the clandestine assassination squad under Cheka's direct control: the Palace Battallion move in for the kill

=Even the elite special tactical corps, these most powerful, soldiers among soldiers/even the COBRA would be anihilated within days.//But when you come down to it, my ultimate goal is the entire world./The Knights might be powerful well beyond their actual numbers//But pitting them alone against the entire world?/Obviously, that's something only a megalomaniac would do.
=...And that's where Orbiter Eyes come in./You need the power of God. That's it?
=Quick to the uptake as always, lieutenant. You fail to disappoint me.

=Conquest, defense, you name it. The Orbiter Eyes will erase our enemies./And this, anywhere on the face of the planet, courtesy of its ultra-high magnitude laser.//In the unlikely event that some of them get lucky enough to survive such an assault/Once reinstated, the New Royal Army, with the Order of the Loomis Knights at its core would obliterate them.

=When the world at large knows of our offensive and defensive might//people will acknowledge the establishment and reign of the New Sylvein dynasty of the Loomis Kingdom.//And every man on Earth will hear the name of the man who shall become God.//Restorer of the Holy Kingdom of Rotschild Misaleggio*/Founder of the 9th Monarchy....//Deo zernes am Elihi o shiltua den Rotschild. (Legitimate child of Elihi and Custodian of the Bloody Shield Medallion.), a.k.a//Julian Krayz Fonte Sylvein.
Footnote: *“The red shield is with the Legtos.” Formal name of the Loomis Kingdom.

=Julian Krayz the First.

=A descendant..../of the Royal House....
=Few people know of this./Only the handful I know I can trust....//And now, lieutenant/you're part of that tiny little club.

=Looks like you're done cleaning up.//Congratulations, Cheka.
=I welcome your words with gratitude.....

=Haah. Haah./Pheew.//Our mission is to assassinate this man!

=For the sake of our squad's honor..../I shall fulfill it without fail!

=Gotcha!//!/He knows?!

=Guess that was the last one of them...

*beep beep*
*beep beep*
*wrrrr wrrr*
*wrrrr wrrr*

=*beep* R32 speaking.
=It's me.... I'm still awaiting that report!//Has our man been dealt with?!
=...Heh heh heh.
=?!/What's so funny, cur?!!

=Is that the best Divan's elite has to offer?/It's official now, Lord Murdoch. You are a complete joke.
=!//That voice...//Krayz!!

=I must regretfully inform you that your assassination attempt has failed./That squad you made such a great deal out of has been annihilated.
=Nonsense!/My squad, dead? Impossible!!
=Oh, my goodness.../I am appalled at your imbecility.//You're actually talking to me/Are you not?
=Grrr....//Fuck you, Krayz./Don't expect to get off the hook easily after what you've done!

=Humph... Well, right back at you./You've meddled a bit too much in my affairs for your own good....//Do you want to die?
=Wh- What?!! You misbegotten plebeian./You will watch your mouth!!
=Heh heh heh... Plebeian, eh? Of course./And you think you're worthy of your glorious ancestors' good name, perhaps?
=You fucking...! Consider yourself on top of my shit list..../I don't care what it takes, I'll fucking kill you!!

=Why, now you've got me interested. I can't wait./......By the way//Your fiancée happens to be studying abroad, I believe./Tell me, how is she?
=?!//.... Wh.... Why..../Why are you bringing that up....?!

=What about your uncle? He had some liver problems, I hear./He was hospitalized in a deluxe suite at the Maglair general hospital, was he not?
=Wha?!//That was this morning. How do you kn....
=I happen to have a lot of competent people working for me./Well, now I assume even your crude brain has been able to assess the situation.//I can eliminate the people who are close to you whenever I see fit./Of course, this isn't limited to physical proximity.... if you catch my drift.

=I have no interest in your insignificant life.//What I do want is...//the heirloom of House Murdoch, from the former dukedom of Kent.
=Hmph.../You'll find out what I mean,, someday.//Until then, just be a good boy and do like the old fossils/Just sit on a chair and wait.

=What's your answer?
=Very good. That's a smart move./I hope I can count on your continued collaboration. *beep*

=You incompetent fool...../House Murdoch has gone to the dogs.//The resourcefulness of its founder, the man who was granted the rank of Duke when the royalty disappeared didn't carry over so well to his descendant.//As soon as I get the “Key”, the man himself will be of no use....
=Your Highness..... Your escort has arrived.
=Good....//A century-old, fanatical delusion to put Divan to shame...?[tn: That sentence was confusing. I'm not 100% sure I got it right.]

=Certainly not! This is a rightful ambition I am enjoined to pursue by my blood!![/end

Narrator: Republic of Regium, Salage province, South of Leblanc. Mount Dratte, Ransbahl range. Nov. 5th, Year 182
=Tsk... We're cut off from the unit./And the radar won't even work, at that. Blame the magnetic field, I suppose....
#30 Grave Forest.

=Damn it... There's a fair chance we got lost/inside the "Forest of Death".
Narrator: Armored Recon Team. Parent Corps: Makarov RCT, Orfeld occupation troops from the Dragnov Federation .
=The "Forest of Death...?"/What's that mean, sir?
=I wouldn't expect a newbie like you to know about such a thing./It's gonna show up!
=What's "it"...?
=These parts saw some fairly brutal fighting during the war.

=As the Dragnov troops forced their way through Ransbahl, in an effort to invade the province of Druge, the battle we fought against our enemy was a deadly, year-long affair./Mounds of corpses piling up everywhere unattended, faster than they could possibly be dealt with.//Their hate took up residence inside an SAA, and now they're wandering about./As a Ghost...!
=We know we're newbies and all, sir/but please, that's no reason to have fun at our expense!
=I'm not./Couple of months ago, a squad was sent on the lookout, in case enemy some militia came from the other side of the mountain. Once they reached the Forest, there were no more news from them whatsoever.

=Three days, later, the only soldier who came back was stricken with abject fear/Pale as a corpse, this is what he said between a couple of faint shudders:
=A ghost./It was a ghost!
=According to him, it was wearing a heterogenous collection of equipment parts./His squadron had been obliterated by some patchwork-clad ghost SAA.

=As incredible as it sounds, the squadron never returned. That much is for real./They sent in a recon squad, but it hasn't come back from the "Forest of Death" either.
=...Just kidding! C'mon, Nicky. Did you really freak out right here?/Oh, well. There are stories of course, but they're just that. Tall tales from people who got exposed to the kind of bad mojo that lingers in places that have seen enough bloodshed.//I'm more of a St. Thomas persuasion myself./I must see before I can believe. After all, rumors are nothing else but talk.
=Same for me. Rumors tend to blow things out of proportion. Battlefield stories, especially. These tend to crank it up to eleven...

=And it's not like ghosts actually exist in the first pla

=Th-The gho.../Ghasp
=!//You motherfucker!!/Who are you?!

=?!//What's going on, O-Lake?!
=The patchwork SAA/It got Nicky...!
=Hey... Can't have you freaking out on m/!

=What the hell did...

=Eegory too!/ No way! Does that thing exist for real?
=Eeeeek! It's him. It's the ghost!!/It's too soon, I don't wanna die.
=Wait, O-Lake!/Careful where you're going!!

=O-Lake!!//(......There is no ghost.//"Someone" is hiding out there./Here in this forest!)

=(Traps everywhere./Quite unsurprisingly.//The recruits were one thing/but I'm not gonna fall for such petty tricks)//!


=Vice-admral Zaugen*, reporting in. Aerial recon mission has been carried out successfully./Our gratitude goes to the pilots who flew into enemy airspace in broad daylight in spite of the obvious danger.
Narrator: Ransbahl province, Alba Julia. People's army of Regium headquarters.
Footnote: Vice-admiral Zaugen: commander of the Regium Air Force 11th division.

=According to our analyses, the enemy's preparing for winter occupation./That much is established.//It is common knowledge to everyone here that Ransbahlian winters are long and harsh./The first snows were reported as early as within the last 10 days of October last year. Snows that didn't start melting until mid-April.//We've investigated thoroughly and carefully, considering that the winter preparations might be just a facade to conceal something else/But we have no cause to believe we were mistaken for now. ......Which is to say that our opponent has given up on the idea of a resolution within the year.

=They won't be proactively attacking us until spring, presumably./Which turns out to be an unexpected boon for us, seeing as the "Sobs of the Violins" are drawing near.[tn: "Sobs of the Violins" stands for "autumn". It's a reference to "Chanson d'Automne", a work by the French poet Paul Verlaine (1844-1896).]
=Actually, there's a mistake about that specific point that might prove a bit troublesome.../Thanks to major Gardner's efforts/we've been able to prepare the amount of material we need for our strategy, and this without a hitch.//But the taking of Solgrenn is vital to our plans. At the heart of the forces meant to carry out the assault/we have the 1st Special Equipment Unit. Well, the commanding officer of that unit is not good enough.

=The strategy for such a critical objective as the capital would be best left between the hands of captain Kruger, commander of the Special Armored Unit.../and major Mills. In our whole army, these two men are the only viable options.//Now if you would please take a look at the data prepared before you./File D 6-18, please.

=Ridas. Who's this?/I never saw this man, neither did I hear of such a name.
=Few people among the generals know of him at all.//Ensign Sepp Siebernau./A name familiar to anyone who's been on the battlefield.

=Ever since the war began, he's always been on the front line./He's distinguished himself in battle many times.
=A most efficient soldier with a brilliant record indeed./Why is he still an ensign?
=To him, the intermingling of life and death characteristic to the front lines is everything./From promotions, to recommendations, via decoration, the man has declined everything the hierarchy would offer him./He is thoroughly uninterested in such things as influence, prestige or status./He won't yield to anyone, including his superiors.//Much like someone we know. The kind of guy who's just that unbearable.

=.....So. Where is that devil of a man, then?
=Presumably Dratte mountain, Ransbahl range, due south of the Salage province./Enemy soldiers have coined a name for the place: the "Forest of Death".
=A survivor of Brehan Gebair, the war of the mountain chain road turn? But that conflict ended with us capitulating....
=You are right of course.../But we've intercepted emergency non-encoded radio transmissions from the enemy confirming this state of affairs.

=Even now that the war has ended.../he's carrying on the battle, all on his own.
=But the end of the war has been notified tot he army, and announced everywhere in the media./No matter how far ensconced he is in these mountains, he must know.
=He believes the whole thing to be enemy propaganda, perhaps.../Or chances are he fights all the harder precisely because the war's over....//A few days ago, we sent an emissary to inform our men of the end of the conflict and reform our scattered troops./But he was grievously wounded, and he came right back well before he was able to persuade anyone.

=Here's one troublesome individual....
=....Indeed./There's only one man he'd ever surrender to.
=There is such a man?/And who would that be?
=Major Fabio Masetti.

=That won't be possible.
=Wh... What?/Is there some kind of problem?
=In June, Major Masetti//took part in the battle of Senpiena....//He was killed in action.

=We're totally out of options, then!
=No need to throw our hands up in the air just yet./I happen to have the one thing Major Masetti left behind.//A posthumous letter/addressed to Sibernau.
=...I am doubtful as to whether this one slip of paper the major has written/will have much of an effect on such a stoneheaded individual....
=He's gonna respond to it, in one way or another./Because the major meant a great deal to him.

=A carrier soldier, Major Masetti took an orphaned Siebernau under his wing/and brought him up in the art of combat ever since he was a child.//The major was the kid of soldier beloved by his men, and people took pride in the mere fact of being in his presence./With such a figure to look up to, Siebernau found himself wishing to become like the major someday.//When war broke out, he enlisted into the major's independent battalion./Together, they saw many a battle, and they acquired many a feat of arms to their names.

=But shortly before Brehan Gebar, the major was transfered to the Armored Battalion./At the time, "Purpassian Avalanche", the large-scale counterattack plan that was to decide the fate of the People's Army of Regium was still within its deliberation stages. Therefore, they needed to have someone particularly competent take command.//The major had a talk with Siebernau/and he left him with a few word.
=Open your ears, Sepp.... Our enemy will come here. That much is guaranteed.
=Yes sir!

=If they make it through these mountains, Druge and Barsia will be overrun from behind.//With me gone, the battalion's independent status will be revoked, and it'll be incorporated into the army....//But here's my last order, as the head of the Masetti batallion./Ensign Siebernau! As the head of the First platoon, Company A, you are to protect your assigned territory.//Guard it with your life!

=Sir!/Yes sir!!
=...Also, one more thing.//There's something I need to tell you./And it's not an order....
=......Should we...

=Should we live to see each other again/If we do....//Can I ask you to address me as Father?

=I vow...//to never to give up the battle for our defense, Major/And this, until the day you come back!//When that day comes/please allow me//to address you as my Father!

=.......You take care of everything.
=With his superior officer - his father - yet to come back, he keeps abiding by his orders./The annihilated platoon probably has to do with him continuing the battle even after we'd surrendered.
=....Just like a faithful watchdog!
=There's nothing wrong with a watchdog./But this is one is a mad dog that'll peel its fangs at anyone but its master.

=Which is why I'd rather leave the "case"/between major Mills' hands.
=.... I see. To deal with a mad dog, you would send another one.
=Can't say I'm happy with the whole dog analogy.
=I'll do it, then.
=Well... Aside from major Mills/No one is qualified for this particular assignment.

=I need to warn you, though./I won't be inclined to peaceful negotiations.
=Humph! Not like a poor talker such as you could have done so anyway./Just hand him the letter, that will suffice.//The man won't take the news so easily, however./There's gonna be a fight. That much is certain.//You and him have much in common.....//I presume that you can only understand each other through battle.//...You're a special case, however./I'll add a single condition.

=Bring the Ensign Siebernau back alive.
=Pfeh! I can't promise anything./Who knows... I might slip up or something
=If you make light of him you won't live to regret it./I don't expect you to know this...//But when the Jackals Unit was formed/he stood out as the likeliest candidate of all for the post of captain.

=But in order to abide by major Masetti's command/he refused to join the team.... This is the kind of man you'll be dealing with.//In addition, he won't be fighting unprotected/According to a telegram, he has an SAA at his disposal.
=Isolated in the mountains like he is, how can he operate an SAA at all?/How about power, firearms an ammunition?
=For the power he probably generates his own evergy out of some repurposed combustible turbine./Or else, he loots enemy SAA for their batteries.

=He probably doesn't have much in the way of firepower, but he's a guerrilla prodigy./He'll fulfill his mission under any circumnstances.... Major Masetti taught him as much.
=I see... There's absolutely nothing we can do about the situation./Our only choice in the matter is to rely on major Mills.
=....No way around it, then.
=Very well./We're counting on you!

=What do you think?
=Not bad. A bit slow in the reaction time department, though.

=Don't be so fussy! The MK-54 is being fully customized. You can't have it./I even lightened the thing to better suit you, you know!
=I must admit it's better than the standard issue.
=I helped!
=Yep. She did help. With data implementation.
=Hee hee hee.
=She learns pretty fast for a kid.

=There's a lot more to you than meets the eye.
=She's got a rotten personality, though...
=Mh?!/Did you say something?!
=I'm happy I found such a competent assistant. That's what I said.
=Right on!

=That said...
=What is it?
=These clothes don't suit you at all.
=Humph! Just leave me alone!//You just rush to the next battleground, or graveyard, or whatever!
=Heh! That's the plan.

=Narrator: Salage province, Dratte mountain airspace.

=Make sure to wrap this up before the Dragnovian leader gets there./Flying at low altitude for extended periods of time is bad for my heart! Go easy on me, will ya.
=Major Mills! We'll arrive to the dropping zone shortly.

=3 - 2 - 1/Go.


=!/This arrowhead. What the...?!//Damnit! Ridas, you prick.//I thought you said he wouldn't have any//firearms![/end

#31 Ghost Yard.

=One second later/and I would've been in trouble.//!//This arrowhead. What the...?!

=Damnit! Ridas, you prick.//I thought you said he wouldn't have any//firearms!

=(No visible point of conflagration./No firing sound either.//No traces of his presence.//This guy is bad news./Much moreso than I imagined.)




=Where'd he go?!


=Concealing your weapons, were you?!

=Tsk!//Crap! He's taking advantage of the meantime...


=(Got away, huh?)

=Damnit! I hate to admit it/but Ridas was right about that peep.//If I underestimate him, I won't live to regret it./That said... Capturing him without killing him is gonna be next to impossible.//Mh?!

=Hear me, Bardich-type SAA wearer!//This is a mausoleum. My companions-in-arms are resting there.//Step away, now!//It is holy ground, and I will not befoul it with bloodshed./I will not attack so long as you're still standing within this area.

=Siebernau, right?//My name is Grahad Mills.
=Grahad Mills...?/As in, "Genocide"?
=The same.... I did not come here/with the intention to kill you.

=But to inform you that the war here has ended a long time ago.
=Hah.../And they send Genocide, the Battlefield Reaper of all people? I don't buy it.
=It's the truth. Regium has surrendered./But a bunch of folks don't feel like admitting the loss, and they're still fighting.... We need your help in this war.//Your commanding officer - Major Masetti - has died in battle./His orders to you are now null and void.... Proceed to your next mission!

=Bullshit......!//Major Masetti can't be dead!/And nothing tells me that you really are Genocide!//Until the major returns..../I'm not moving one inch away from this place, even if it kills me!
=....The higher-ups need you, I don't. Whether you live or die is of little importance to me.
=Humph.... If you really are Genocide/you might indeed be able to put me down...

=Where'd he go hole himself up to?//Where will he attack from?!



=Hell! It's gonna blow up!![tn: This Japanese says "{The gun} is about to fire spontaneously/independently of my will", but only needs to words to do so. I purposefully mistranslated to keep in the pacing and general sense of urgency.]
#32 Duel.

=?!//He's gone!


=!//His posture's broken! I can get him!!


=Heh.....//Gotta admit it. Ridas' instincts are dead on for wanting this guy.

=My cheap parlor tricks won't be of much use here, apparently.
=Surely enough you should have skipped straight down to business.
=An attack combo that takes advantage of the enhanced strength granted by the SAA....
=Major Masetti can easily crush people's heads when he does it......

=Looks like a mutual defeat to me....
=Not quite.....

=When you have an ace in the hole, you keep it hidden


=It's pointless to have a trump card.....//if you can't hit your target with it.

=....Looks like you really are Genocide, after all./The genuine article.....

=I told you.....//I came here/to deliver this to you.....

=June 6th, 182. South of San Piena, Valessia province.

=Major Masetti! We can't keep this up!!/Let's retreat from here!
Narrator: Regium Armored Batallion. Provisional Masetti Task Force.
=If we withdraw now, they'll built up momentum and come crashing in!/We'll exhaust the battalion, the regiment....even the whole division if need be, but we will stop their progression.
=....But every last one of us is injured.//At this rate..../we'll be exterminated!

=Pass me some ammo!
=These are my...../last bullets.....//Major, we must withdraw!//We can't possibly fight without ammunition!/Besides, there are even more of them than before!

=Send this to Sepp Siebernau/He's an ensign in the Dorge corps.//I'm counting on you!
=Ye... Yes sir!

=......I won't force anyone//Those of you who wanna flee/may do so!
=Smoke bomb...?!/Are they going for a last stand or something?
Narrator: Dragnov 72nd Armored Grenadier division. 361st Infantry Regiment, Second Battalion.

=On the contrary./They're preparing their retreat, and this was the first step.
=Even if I'm the only one remaining//I'll fight!

=Haah/Haah/(I'm sorry, Sepp//Looks like I won't live long enough...../to fulfill our promise!)[/end

=Incoming communication!/From top down!! It's the division.
=Where's major Masetti?!
=The major... He just slipped into the smoke.....
#32 Clasped Letter.

=He attacked?! What on Earth...../Friendly special forces are coming to our aid. They'll be there within 30 minutes!
=No.... No way....!//Major.....

=Mh?/Are they coming or what?!//Aim!//!//What the?! He's only one man.....!/They're taking us for amateurs.
=Wait! Thisis probably a trick./You guys keep an eye on our surroundings!

=This one's mine!
=Sepp... As your "father", fighting is the only thing I ever taught you./Now I regret it.

=Pretty worked up, for an old wardog!/But that's it....

=Old guys like you only need.....//to be shown the way out!


=(We will probably/lose this war.)
=Tsk. Persistent as a cockroach!
=(When the war is over/chose the way you wanna live your life//Whatever makes you happy/I'll be happy with as well, my son.)

=The hell's wrong with you, gramps?!//You give me the creeps!/Just drop dead already!!

=I've got your back, lieutenant!

=Old fossil....

=You missed.
=Humph..... Youngsters!

=What are you.....!!//Grenades!!//Le.... Let me go!/You senile old man! Let go of me!!

=Uungh.....//Fucking old fart!//Let go, you hear me!!//Die if you want to. But leave me out of this!

=Gasp.//....Humph! Is that all you've got?

=Aaaaaaaargh. Let me go!/Let me go. Let me go!!
=Sepp.//The time I was fortunate enough to spent in your company/i wouldn't exchange for all the money in the world.
=What are you blabbering about...?/Starting to kick the bucket, are ya?//Gh

=Ghaaaaaaaaargh!//Hyuurgh Uuurgh....//Fate has placed you across my path, and for this/I am grateful.

=Wha.... Whad are you waiding for? Shood hib./Kill him dead.
=Wai-wait! Don't you run away!!

=My most... beloved son/Sepp....//You are my pride.
=Aaaaaaaaargh. I don't wanna diiiiiieee.
=Stay strong...../and live on.


=This... This is..../It can't be.....

=What did the major sacrifice himself for, then....?//Why.... ....For what reason......?//Everyone!/Affix bayonets!!
=Sir!/Yes sir!!

=Stop this, ensign!/The special forces will be there shortly!
=......What's the name of our unit?
=? .......Armored Battalion, Masetti Task Force, sir.//Who's our commanding officer?!
=Major Fabio/Masetti!!

=As a soldier and as one of his men/my wish is to follow him wherever he goes.
=Then I'm coming with you!
=You're a medic. .....And//The major has given you an assignement.//See to it/That is is fulfilled!

=Now the Masetti Task Force/shall annihilate the enemy!


=We're a bit too late, it seems....
=We're talking about major Masetti's squad, here./You'd expect them to be able to hold out for 30 minutes......

=Did the major and the remaining soldiers manage to retreat successfully?
=.....The major Fabio Masetti/is not the kind of man to retreat or flee.//Everybody, me excepted......//has been fighting to the bitter end in an effort to obliterate the enemy.....//And they died in battle. All of them!!

= I see..../So another hero falls.....
=No.....!//Not "hero", but "Heroes"!!

=Captain Mills. Gardner reporting from recon.//Enemy Transportation Squad spotted 6 kilometers eastward./Five vehicles plus one squad of Armored Infantry escorting them.

=Lieutenant Krayz. | Let's seize the opportunity./You will lead the squad and kick those those vehicles down.
=Roger that. Let us show those Dragnovians just how terrifying the Jackals can be.
=Lenny..... You go look for an helicopter.

=Yes sir!/What kind of helicopter?
=Something large enough for the triumphal return of all those heroes at once.//A huge one. King-sized.
=Thank you, sir!

=You'd promised.....//......Father!

=.......Is it true.....?//Is the war really over?

=The government has signed a peace treaty and proceeded to military disarmament...../So yes, the conflict is pretty much over.//.....But//For you, however/a new war is about to begin.//Whether it does or doesn't/It all depends on you.

=......I will.....//I will fight!
=Why?//Now the major Masetti is dead...../you no longer have

=any reason to do battle.
=A reason to do battle....?//Talk about grand ideas.//I never had such a thing to begin with.

=It just happens to be the only thing I can do.
=Lump the both of us freaks together, eh.....//Well..../There's just one thing I need to tell you, then.

=Don't even think of following in the major's footsteps.
=M father!!//wouldn't want me to do such a thing!//If there's one thing//One thing I can do for him//It's to fight on his behalf....

=And to stay alive!
=Ensign Sepp Siebernau.

=Effective immediately/You are relieved from your mission to protect mount Dratte.//Your new orders are to resume your position on the front line//as a commissioned officer of the Popular Regian army!
=Yes sir!

to be continued...[/end

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