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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 2

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Mar 18, 2011 16:19 | Go to Shingeki no Kyojin

Second volume for what is turning out to be a really big shot. I wasn't able to post this earlier because of some IRL matters I had to deal with.
But now here it is.
Available from GWR as everybody must know by now.

Eren Jaeger.
Enamored with the world beyond the walls, he aims to enter the Scouting Legion. Graduates from his military training as the 5th best element, but ends up swallowed whole by a Titan.

Mikasa Ackerman.
Graduates as the top student from the military academy. Doggedly insists on protecting Eren, whom she's been brought up with. She has yet to learn of his fate.

Armin Arlelt.
A childhood friend of Eren and Mikasa's. Rather skilled in theoretical courses, he is lacking when it comes to practical application. Graduates somehow anyway. Eren's demise occurs right in front of him.

Grisha Jaeger.
A doctor, and Eren's father. Has been missing since the Titans' previous attack 5 years ago.

100 years ago, humanity built three reinforced walls, over 50m high each, therefore securing an area where they could live peacefully, away from the Titans. But 5 years ago, a Colossal Titan even taller than the outer wall was high appeared suddenly. The Titans broke through the rampart and swarmed the outer area in large numbers, and humanity relinquished its outermost territory as a result. As of now, human activity has been restricted to the confines of the second wall (Wall Rose).

They prey upon humans. Their intelligence is limited, and next to nothing is known of their way of life aside from they man-eating habits. They range from around 3 to 15 meters tall. Therefore, they have never been able to advance past the walls the humans have built. But one day, a "Colossal Titan" appeared, which was both intelligent and large enough to go beyond the 50 meters high wall.

Dude: Fire!!
Chapter 5 - A Faint Glimmer of Light in the Middle of Despair.

Dude: Load in those grapeshots, move it!!//Uuuugh...

Dude: This is... We're hardly buying any time at all!/Why don't you Increase your rate of fire instead of cutting small talk, you idiot?!!//You have a wife and a daughter within the walls, right?!/Yes!! I don't wanna see the Titans come any farther in town! But... cannon shots seem to have no effect...

Dude: That's just the way it is! The vanguard team know how to put them down, but they've been exterminated!/Damn it!!/Damn it!!/Fire!!

Conny: ~~~~/~~~~//~~~~min!!/Armin!!
Armin: ?!
Conny: Wake the hell up......!!
Armin: Conny...
Conny: Are you hurt at all? Hello?! What happened to your team?!

Armin: Team...?
Conny: Hey, get a grip, man! Why are you standig here all alone?!//You're damp all over...!/Just what the hell happened exactly?!
Armin: ...../...Ah...//RraaaAAAAAAAAHH
Conny: Armin......!!
Armin: ......!!
Voice: Damn you......!!//You're freaking useless...!!/Just die already!!

Conny: Hey... Take it easy, Armin! What happe...
Gal: That's enough, Conny! They're all dead, him excepted.
Conny: Shut your trap! Armin hasn't said anything about that yet!!
Gal: Just take a look around, blockhead! We can't afford to waste any more time on this one!
Conny: Why is Armin the only one unharmed?!
Gal: Beats me. They must have mistaken him for a corpse?!//Really sucks for them to have run into that many Titans at once.../But I can't exactly tip my hat off to Eren and his gang for saving this guy... He's like, one of the least competent of us all...
Conny: ....//You shit-faced bitch...//How about I make sure you can never open your mouth again?!
Christa: Stop it, you two!!

Christa: Everybody here is on edge!!/With so many of our friends dead so suddenly... It's only natural
Gal: That's my Christa!
Christa: !
Gal: When this operation is over, let's get married.
Conny: True enough... She's bullshitting even harder than usual...
Gal: Anyway. We can't leave things at that...//Can you stand, Armin?
Armin: Sorry for causing you so much trouble./I'll go join the rear guard.
Conny: Armin!//...
Dude: Conny, let's get moving./We've been ordered to the front...

Armin: (This is Hell.../...No...//The situation didn't become hellish/It's just that so far, we were too blind to see it.//It's always been Hell/from the beginning.//The strong devour the weak./If the world was so kind to me. So easy to understand...)

Armin: (It's just/That my friends/friends striving to number among the strong ones//friends who would help out a weakling like me.//A standard I couldn't live up to.../To them, I was someone who needed protection.)

Armin: (I wished I could have been just like them.../Strong enough to make my own way into this world...)//Ah//Uuuungh...//.....//(And this is the result.../Eren is dead by my fault.)//Haah./Haah.

Armin: Hannah?/What on Earth are you...
Hannah: Ah...!!/Armin?!//Help me!/Frantz is no longer breathing!!
Armin: .....//.....//Hannah...
Hannah: I've been trying to reanimate him so many times I've lost count, but still... nothing!
Armin: Hannah... It's dangerous, around here. Get back to the roofs, quickly.
Hannah: I can't just leave Frantz behind. Not like this!!
Armin: You don't get it... Frantz is...

Hannah: Haah./Haah./Haah.//Huuuf/Huuuff
Armin: ..../That's enough... Stop this...//No more... I can't take more./I can't...

Dude: Oof.//He... Hey...!! Folks.../Do you have any idea what's going on right now?!//Hell yeah I know. That's why I'm doing this!!/Now if you wanna leave these walls, come give me a hand, damn you!!

Dude: Don't be silly!! This cart won't go through, no matter how hard you keep pushing!/People are supposed to go though first! What are you thinking?.//Soldier, what are you doing?!/Bring them under control!!
Soldier: B... But...
Dude: Try it, drudge!
Soldier: Uh.
Dude: I'm the head of the companies in this town! Who d'you think pays for the meals you're shitting?/Do YOU have the money to feed all the soldiers in this town, eh? Do you?//Alright. Push!!.//Your pathetic lives aren't worth half the cargo in there. You wouldn't have enough of a lifetime to make up for its worth! Help me and I'll show my gratitude!!

Mom: It's alright. Daddy is out there. He's killing the Titans with his cannon.
Kid: Mommy...//Over there...
Crowd: THE TITANS!!/They'll be here in a minute!!//Pull away that cargo, now!!//Whoaaah. Moooove.//PUSH!!/Those of you who don't wanna die, push!!/Stop it. Think if the children.......

Dude: Fuck it!! Why is it ignoring us in favor of the civilians?!!/Don't sweat it, they're a strange race like that!!//Da... It's too fast!!/Even for a crack team like us. I can't believe it.//At this rate/?!

Crowd: Waaaaaaaaaah.

Mika: ....//?!//..../Huh...?//(I was wondering what took them so long to evacuate...)//What... are you people doing here?//My comrades are dying out there...//With the inhabitants yet to evacuate... they're fighting the Titans and dying because of it...

Dude: Of course they are! Sacrificing your hides for the protection of the citizens and their goods is supposed to be your job!!/Don't get so full of yourself just because your 100 years of freeloading are finally serving a purpose!
Mika: ..../If you think people dying for the sake of others is a matter of course...//Surely you can understand/Sometimes... the loss of one precious life can help save many others.
Dude: ......!! Try it, then!! I'm the head of the companies in this town, you know?!/Even your employer is a long time acquaintance of mine. The fate of lowly grunts like you is a trifle for us to decide!
Mika: ?/It's already dead. Why is it speaking?

Dude: Boss...//Huh...//Pull away the cart...
Kid: Thank you, Miss!!
Mika: !//.....
Mom: Everyone is saved, thanks to you./We are grateful.

Dude: Good job killing that thing, Ackerman. I expected no less...
Mika: Thank you, sir. ...However

Mika: In my precipitation to attack... I completely dulled my blades with that one blow./I'll be more careful next time...[th: HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! ]
Dude: (She's a genius, no doubt./With someone like her in our ranks... That said...//Why so unflappable? We're talking life or death situations, here.....//Now I'm wondering what her past was like...)*pain* *pain*
Mika: (Why am I recalling this now of all times...?)

*pain* *pain*
Mika: Uuuh.//Uuuh... It hurts...
Mom: Taken it like a champ, Mikasa... Good.//This is the symbol of our clan, which we have to pass down.[tn: Someone's gonna develop Sharingan. ]/When you have children of your own, you'll give it to them too.
Mika: ......? Hey, mommy./How do you make children?
Mom: ...Erm//Why don't you ask your dad?
Mika: How, dad?
Dad: Well... I'm not too sure of it myself. Doctor Jaeger is arriving shortly for your examination. We'll ask him when he's there...//That was fast.

Eren: Mikasa?
Grisha: That's right. A little girl your age.//There aren't any children around these parts, so try to get along.
Eren: Okay...//But that's gonna depend on her attitude...
Grisha: Eren... You'll never make a single friend with YOUR attitude.//Mh? No one at home?//Ackerman-san... It' me, Jaeger./?!

Grisha: Excuse me.

<Page 37>
Frame: Information currently available for public disclosure.

<Page 36>
This illustration is meant to provide a general sense of how much territory humanity has left, not to be an accurate depiction of the towns and walls. Whatever there is outside the outermost wall (Wall Maria) is still unknown at this point, so no accurate description there either.

The area around the middle of the human territory is more elevated than the rest, and rivers stream down from there, towards the outside. The space occupied by humankind is blessed with various resources such as water, minerals and natural gas.[/end

Grisha: Kh...//No good...//They've been dead for hours.//Eren.../Is there a little girl nearby...? Is Mikasa there?
Eren: No she isn't.
Grisha: I see...

Grisha: Now dad is going to call the police and request for an investigation./You wait for me downstairs.//!/.....//Did you understand, Eren?
Chapter 6 - The World through a Little Girl's Eyes.

Mika: I'm hurting...//I'm cold...

Dude: Hey.../I'm wondering if we'll really be able to sell that one...//We went through the trouble of killing her parents before hauling her off.../Take a good look at her face.
Mika: Mmh?
Dude: Great stuff, but she's still a kid... Not my thing at all.//No one's asking you about your tastes. She's an "Oriental"./There used to be different types of humans in the past. She's the last descendant of a clan that fled from that Orient place into the wall.

Dude: We gonna auction her to one of those creeps at the underground mall, in the capital./Given that all the other Orientals have been exterminated... this should net us a juicy profit./Her father didn't look much like an Oriental, did he? She is not pure.//That's right! The mother was the only one really worth something! But you freaked out and killed her!/Wh... What choice did I have? She was resisting!!
Voice: Doctor Jaeger. We've been waiting for you.

Mika: Uuuh...?!/Unh.
Dude: Excuse us for butting in.

Dude: Alright. Don't start any trouble./Or I split your head in half with this.//!!
Mom: Raaaaaah!!
Dude: Whoooaaa!! What's with that woman?!
Mom: Mikasa!!//Get away from here!!
Mika: Uh.......!!/Mo.../Mommy...

Mom: Mikasa!!
Dude: Hell... Damn you!!
Mom: Hurry!!
Dude: Hey there. What are you doing?!!/Damn it!! Enough of your
Mika: Eeerm..../Daddy?/Uh...?!//N... No.../...
Dude: bullshit!!//Aaah!! What are you doing, you idiot?!!//I told you we had to kill only the father./B... But!! She was......

Dude: You... I want no trouble from you, alright?//Or else

Mika: Mommy.../Where...//Where should I have fled to......?/Wherever I am will be too cold for me to live......//If you and daddy aren't there.

Eren: Excuse me.//.../Uh...
Dude: Not so fast kiddo!
Eren: !!
Dude: How did you find out about this place?!
Eren: ...Uh...? I, uh/the forest. I got lost in the forest......//And I spotted this cabin.......
Dude: ...//Come ooooon boy. A kid like you shouldn't be wandering about the forest all alone./There are scary critters in there. Wolves, and all.

Dude: But don't worry. My friend and I will accompany you to
Eren: Thak you, sir...
Dude: ?
Eren: I've caught on already.//Now die, motherfucker.
Dude: Huh......!!//Th-this can't be real......

Dude: Hey...?!//Wait. Stay where you are, damn you!!//To hell with you, kid!!//!!


Eren: You fucking animal!!/Die!/Don't you wake up again, ever!!//You had it coming...... Scumbags......!!/This is what you deserve!!//Haa/Haa//Haa/Haa

Mika: .......!
Eren: It's over, now./You're gonna be okay...//You must be Mikasa?/I'm Eren... Doctor Jaeger's son. I think you've already met my dad.//He came at your place for an examination, and I was tagging along./That's when
Mika: There should be 3 of them
Eren: Uh?

Dude: Little bitch. Did you do this?
Eren: Gh.../...!!
Dude: I can't believe it./YOU KILLED THEM?! THEY WERE MY FRIENDS, ASSHOLE...!!
Eren: .....
Mika: Ah......
Eren: ~~~~//Fi......//Fight!!

Mika: ......!!
Eren: Fight, you hear me!!//If we can't win... you're dead...
Dude: Why, you little... pissant!
Eren: ....You win. you live.
Dude: The hell are you thinking, you brat......?!!
Eren: You can't win without fighting...

Eren: *garbled noise*/*garbled noise*/*garbled noise*
Mika: ......./I can't......//do such a thing......

Eren: ....../......
Mika: That's when//I remembered/The horrible things I was experiencing right now//I'd seen them happen countless times before.

Mika: That's right.//This world is

Mika: A callous and merciless place.

Mika: The second I fully realized what a cruel world I lived in/is the second I stopped trembling.//.../Huff/Rrhh.//From this moment on, I've been able to assume/(Fight)/perfect self-control.//(Fight!//Fight!!)

Mika: I believed I could do anything.[tn: HOLY SHIT!!]

Dude: Stabbed from behind. Straight to the heart. In one strike...//...And this is...//the work of these two kids...?
Grisha: Hic......//Eren...//I'd told you to wait for me downstairs!!//What have you done....../Do you even realize exactly what you did...?!

Eren: Merely put down some rabid dogs!!/Sometimes they just happen to look like people!!
Grisha: Eren!!
Eren: The police has arrived only now, and by that time they would have been long gone!! The police wouldn't have made it in time!!
Grisha: Even then, Eren! Even then!!//You just happened to be lucky!!//You thew your life away so easily, and that's what I'm so angry about!!
Eren: .....//But...//I wanted.../to save her as quickly as possible...

Grisha: .....//Mikasa.//Do you remember me? I've seen you plenty of times when you were smaller...
Mika: Doctor Jaeger.//...I//I need to go home... What direction should I take/once I get out of here?

Mika: I'm cold.../....//Now I have... nowhere.../nowhere left to go.

Eren: Have this./Now it's yours.//Should be warm enough?
Mika: .....//It's warm.
Grisha: Mikasa. Come live with us.
Mika: Uh...
Grisha: You've had it hard.../What you need is rest...
Mika: ......//...
Eren: What is it?//C'mon.

Eren: Let's go home, quick./Our home.
Mika: ...Yes.//Let's go...

Mika: Only the victors are allowed to live./The world is just that cruel.

Mika: (They haven't rung the withdrawal signal yet...?!/So the citizens still aren't done evacuating?!)
Voice: Alright! Locking procedure complete!!/Ring the withdrawal bells!!

Dude: The withdrawal signal!!/Replenish your stock of gas! We're climbing the wall!
Mika: I'll go assist with the front guard's retreat!!
Dude: Wha... Hey... Mikasa!!
Mika: In this world... I do have someplace I can return to.//Eren... So long as you're around, I can do anything.


Soldiers chiefly use these as supplementary firepower before engaging in close range combat. When it comes to the Titans they stand little chance of inflicting lethal harm, but they do succeeed in slowing them down to an extent.

Pomegrenates (high-explosive projectiles).[tn: Pomegrenade is a pun on the Japanese spelling for "high-explosive projectile". It is fitting, because the other piece of ammunition (grapeshot) actually has a real life counterpart.]
Their aim is to inflict lethal harm to the Titans. Provided one can catch the Titans' weak spot, they can be taken down in one fell strike. The unrifled cannon itself is fairly inaccurate against a mobile target however, which can make the aiming process quite an ordeal. Mostly ineffective.

The railroad-bound cannon needs to be solidly fixed when firing, lest the battery itself be blow away. Once the alignment in determined it is affixed to the railroad track, and the necessary procedure translates into a diminished rate of fire.

Frame: Information currently available for public disclosure.
5. The cannons fixed on top of the wall.

Cannons have been the primary means of anti-Titan combat even before the three-dimensional maneuver gear, but they lack in mobility, and the arduous task of operating them becomes excruciatingly difficult when battling on ground level.
On the other hand, disposing them on the walls for defensive purposes yields excellent results.

Unlike traditional cannons, these models allow for downward vertical shots. Therefore, they come with an additional structure that helps mitigate the recoil.[/end

Dude: ...../It's over... We're done for.......//This is the end...
Chapter 7 - Short Blade.

Dude: Right!
Gal: ?! ......How's that thing gonna make any difference?

Mika: (?!/Why...)

Mika: (Surely they've heard the bells ringing for temporary retreat.../So why are they about to climb the wall...?!//.....?//?!//Over there...?!)
Dude: Damn it./What do we do?!

Dude: We do nothing.../They've rung the withdrawal signal at last... Yet here we are, out of gas an unable to climb the wall.......//Now we're all gonna die, we are. All of us.../Because of those filthy cowards.//They've lost the will to fight?/That I can understand, but still...//Calling off the supplying mission, effectively hanging us out to dry so they could barricade themselves at the HQ? That's just wrong.../And of course, the Titans come swarming in, and we can't even go replenish our stocks of gas......

Conny: Precisely!/We have no choice but to fight tooth and nails against the tide, and kill those Titans as they come!/If we stand around here doing nothing, we'll be in the exact same situation anyway! The Titans will congregate here too!!//If we keep scurrying about like mice tryingto escape, we'll only end up squandering what precious little gas we have left./And once we completely lose our mobility, it's over!!
Dude: You're using your head for a change, Conny. However...//Do you really think we can make a difference given our current manpower?/Most of our senpai from the front guard have been slaughtered... We trainees are all that's left, so who's gonna take charge of this suicide mission exactly?[tn: That's a job for Mikasa "Kwayzee Beeyatch!!" (sic) Ackerman!]

Dude: Oh, well... Even if we do find a leader, there's no much we can do about those Titans anyway.../I'm betting the 3-4 meters classes have infested the supplies room already. And there's no way we can properly operate in those conditions, natch.
Conny: .....//I guess it's no use?
Dude: Sigh...//What sucky lives we've had.//We might as well go for it, then... Or so should say......
Sasha: Let's do it!! Come on, everybody! Up!!

Sasha: Surely we can succeed, if we pool our resources together!/It's alright, I'll take point.//G-guys...//.......//Armin./Help me convince everyone...

Annie: What now, Reiner?
Reiner: Not yet...... Let them gather first.
Dude: We're done for, no matter how you slice it...//We're gonna remain trapped in town and get picked off like animals./Not that I wasn't prepared to die... but this...//Just what are we dying for exactly...?
Annie: Mikasa?!/Aren't you supposed to be with the rear guard...?!
Mika: Annie!
Annie: !
Mika: I more or less worked out what was going on somehow.../And while we're at it... Sorry for letting my personal matters interfere, but//Have you seen Eren's team at all...?

Mika: Personally I didn't, but the teams that made it up the wall...
Dude: Now that you mention it, I saw Armin over there. From Eren's team.
Mika: Armin.
Armin: !!//(Mikasa......//There's no way I can look her in the face... Forget it.../What am I... gonna tell her......?//My survival.../is as utterly pointless as they come... If I'd known)

Armin: (Back then/I rather would've died with him......)
Mika: Armin.../Are you injured? Is everything okay?//Where's Eren?

Armin: In the Trainees Squad #34....... our team......//Tomas Wagner. Nack Teaz. Millius Zermusky. Mina Caroline, and Eren Jaeger/The aforementioned 5... bravely fell in the line of duty...

Mika: No way...
Team: Most of Team 34 has been obliterated.../This is what awaits us if we confront the Titans head-on...
Armin: I'm sorry Mikasa....../Eren/sacrificed himself for me...//I was... unable....../I couldn't do a thing.../Forgive me......
Mika: Armin.

Mika: Calm down./This is neither the time nor the place to be emotional.//Come on, stand!
Armin: .....
Mika: Marco.//If we eliminate the Titans swarming the HQ, everyone can replenish they gas reserves and climb back up the wall./Is that correct?
Marco: Uh... Yeah. That's it.

Marco: But even with you around.../there are so many of them...
Mika: We can do this.
Marco: Uh......?!
Mika: I am strong... Extraordinarily so... Much more than you guys!/...Therefore... I am perfectly capable of kicking those Titan scumbags' collective ass... Including on my own, if I have to.//......//Are you all such a bunch of incompetents? You gutless, spineless cowards.../For shame... For shame indeed./You just stay there and watch in helpless envy... Yeah, you do that.

Gal: Hey, Mikasa? What are you talking about?!
Dude: Are you planning to take on that many Titans all by yourself? But that's just impossible...
Mika: .....//If it is, then I'll die...... It's just that simple./But if I win... I get to live...//You don't stand a single chance to win/unless you fight...
Dude: He-hey?!
Jean: If there's one thing to deplore here, it's your oratory skills./Those harsh words were meant to shock us into action...//...Eren... This is all your fault.

Jean: Hey! I don't believe leaving a comrade to fight all on her own was ever part of our formation?!/Come on, folks!! Or we're gonna turn out to be spineless cowards alright!!
Dude: Didn't see that one coming...
Annie: .....
Marco: Haa...
Sasha: Boo-booyah, you cowards./Weaklings./I.. Idiots.
Dude: Freaks...//Bloody hell.../Let's go for it......


Jean: Hurry!/Keep tailing Mikasa!//The battle will be brief but decisive!!/We need to make it to the headquarters before we run out of gas!!
Conny: Gotta admit... Mikasa really is something.../What wouldn't I give to move so fast......
Armin: (No...)

Armin: (She's using too much gas! She's gonna run out in no time./Regardless of how skilled we are, if we lose our mobility, we're powerless...//Just as I thought...//She's not quite her usual, clear-headed self./She's staying active to suppress her shaking... If she keeps this up...//then eventually...)
Armin: ......!!/Mikasa...!!
Mika: ../Haa/Haa/Haa.

Mika: Haah/Haah.//(How could I not notice the gas problem/until I actually ran out...?//Again.../It's happening again...//I'm losing my family again.//Reopening the same old wound.../Do I really have to start everything anew yet again...?)

Mika: (This world/is a cruel place//Cruel.../and beautiful.)

Mika: (I've had a good life...)

Eren: Fight!!//Fight!!

Mika: (Sorry Eren.../I won't give up... Never again.//If I end up dead......)

Mika: (I won't be able/to remember you anymore, so//No matter what it takes/I'll fight!//It doesn't matter how. I'll live on!!)/WwooOAAAAAAAAH.

Mika: (What the.../What's this...?)

Mika: (A Titan//who's turning on its own species?![/end

(Front Cover Pic Suggestion (Rejected).

Mika: (Pure unadulterated/bewilderment.)
Chapter 8 - Howl
Mika: (A Titan attacking another one./This is unheard of.//And... It was faint)

Mika: (but this scene.../was uplifting.)

Mika: (It felt much like looking at the physical manifestation of humanity's anger...)

Armin: Mikasa!!

Mika: Unh!!
Armin: Mikasa!! You fell off because you ran out of gas, right? Right?!
Mika: ......I'll be fine...
Conny: Folks!! For now, let's get outta here!!//This is bad!! 15 meter classes. Two of them!!
Mika: No...//That Titan...
Armin: !!//Uh.



Armin: Hh?!
Conny: Take cover!!

Armin: It went... for a lethal strike?!/Is it me, or did it consciously and purposefully aim for that weak spot...?!
Conny: Either way, we better move out. It's gonna come our way...
Armin: No...//It doesn't react to us at all... Under normal circumstances it would already be at our throats a long time ago...
Mika: It has some general notions of hand-to-hand combat, or so it seemed, at least./Just what the heck...
Conny: An eccentric, then? That's all I can think of./Cuz there's an awful lot I can't make sense out of, right there...//Anyway, let's hurry back to the headquarters. Everybody's fighting!!
Armin: Wait! Mikasa's completely emptied her gas tank!!
Conny: ...!

Jean: Hey...... Are you kidding me?! How are we supposed to go about this without you?!!
Armin: There's an obvious solution to that!!//Not that I've got an awful lot of gas, but...
Mika: Armin!!
Armin: This is the only way!! There's no point in me having it!!//But... this time around... use it carefully.//So that you can save everyone......
Mika: (I...//I took it upon myself to lead them, yet I wasn't even ready/to take responsibility for their lives...)

Mika: (At some point, I even gave gave up the will to live, completely unaware that I had such a duty./All of it over my personal issues.//I...)
Armin: Good!!//Your maneuvering gear is still good to go!!/I also threw in all the blades I had.//I'll just... keep this one thing with me, if no one minds...//I'd rather... avoid being eaten alive if I can help it.//Uh?/Hey?!

Armin: No.../No way...
Mika: Armin!
Armin: !
Mika: I'm not abandoning you here.
Armin: Bu...//But... you can't go about jumping all over the place while carrying someone around./Not in an area that's crawling with Titans......

Conny: No way we're leaving you here, man!!//Let's go!! I'll carry Armin!! Mikasa, you cover me!!
Armin: (Don't. Please stop it... If you keep it up//more of my friends will end up dead by my fault......)

Armin: Li...//Listen to me!! I have an idea!!
Conny: An idea?
Armin: .....//It takes a couple of people to pull off.../So the two of you must make that decision...//....../As crazy as it sounds...

Jean: (It's no use......)

Jean: (We can't even so much as get close to the HQ....../Not unless we're ready to make some sacrifices.......)
Dude: Aaaaaaaaaargh.
Jean: Uh....?!//(Crap!!/He's run out of gas!!)//Ugh!!

Dude: Aaaaaaargh.
Jean: ...?!
Team: Tom!! Let's go help him!!
Jean: Hold it!!/It's too late for that!!

Jean: ...Hh//......

Gal: Hic...!!/Hic...!!

Jean: Now!!!//Head straight into the HQ now while the Titans are occupied elsewhere. It's a small window of opportunity, let's take it!!//Now or never...//It's over as soon as you run out of gas anyway./Everybody charge in!!

Jean: Huh!!

Jean: Wooooaaaaaaaaaaaaah.//Ungh!!//Haah/Haah.

Jean: How many of us... could make it...?/I've utilized the deaths of our comrades...//How many people... died on my signal?//Y... You...//You're from the supplying team...... That's you, right?!
Dude: ....../Yeah...

Dude: Uh?
Marco: Stop it, Jean!!
Jean: It's their damn fault!! They fucking hung us out to dry!!/So many people died pointlessly by your fault, you asshole!!
Dude: Some Titans had made it into the supplies room!!/We couldn't do anything!!
Jean: You should have worked out something. It's part of the job description!!//?!//Take cover!!

Jean: Hh?!//(Bloody hell......)

Jean: Too many people gathered in one spot...
Dude: Where's Mikasa at?!!
Team: Move it!!/Get inside.../Hah!!//Hold it!! We ca't get out of here all at once!!/Mikasa's run out of gas and got devoured long ago!!
Jean: (It's only normal......//Guess it's time for a reality check......)

Jean: (What kind of illusion or dream were I living in?/This is reality, and I should have known better.//It's easy to understand when you think of it normally/We can't possibly expect to win against anything that big...)

Jean: Huh...?!//What the... what was that......?

Jean: Hh?!//Mikasa...??!
Conny: That was close... It's empty, now......./We made it. 'Twas a close call, but here we are...
Jean: Y... You.../You're alive!!
Conny: We did it, Armin!!
Armin: Ow!! It hurts!!
Conny: Your strategy worked out just fine!!//Hey, guys!! This Titan is a weird specimen that enjoys killing its own kind like it's going out of style!!/And it's shown no interest in us, at that!!

Conny: Mikasa and I would dispatch the Titans around it. We've been able to lead it to the swarm here this way.//If we make good use of it, we can escape this place no problem!!
Jean: ...?!
Team Using one of those Titans?!
Jean: Relying on a Titan for help.......?/That wouldn't sound out of place inside a dream...
Mika: We aren't dreaming...!!//I don't care if it's an eccentric or whatever. We'll have this Titan carry on its little rampage here a little while longer... Realistically speaking/this plan is by far the best one we have if we wish to survive.[/end

<Page 148>
Frame: Information currently available for public disclosure.
6. Illustrating the Physical Discrepancies.

15 meters class./7 meter class. 5-4 meter class./Soldier: 1.70m.

<Page 149>
Colossal Titan. Estimated height: around 60m.

Chapter 9 - I Can Hear his Heart Beating.


Conny: It-It's gonna be okay. That Titan is stronger than its normal peers./So long as it's making a spectacle of itself out there, rampaging an all... this building should hold.
Jean: Just how much do you know about that Titan?
Conny: ?...... Who cares? It saved us.
Jean: ...True enough... Saving us. That's the first step...//There! We've found the material under the police's control. There's dust just about everywhere, though...

Jean: Can we really fire our bullets with those guns...?/Are guns even all that useful....../Do they make any difference against the Titans in the first place...?
Armin: Better with them than without, I say./The supplies room still has 7 3-4 meters classes occupying it. With the firepower at our disposal we might even be able to blindside them all at once.

Armin: First... Use the lift to lower several people down the central rooftop. If those 7 Titans are anything "normal", that should draw them in. They do react strongly to human concentrations, after all./Next, the people in the lift will fire at their heads simultaneously... to rob them of eyesight.//Then...//the following moments will be decisive...//7 people will have to remain ambushed on the roofs. They will jump in and cut into the Titans' vitals during the gunfire... Which is to say/This strategy relies on us giving it our all in this one offensive. Everybody's lives wll be hanging in the balance.

Armin: This is a plan to allow 7 people to put down one Titan each simultaneously.//The ones who'll have to do it are those of us with the highest success rate when it comes to mobility./I apologize for dumping the responsibility of everyone's survival on your shoulders...... Sorry...
Reiner: No problem.
Annie: Whoever does it, the risk is the same in case of failure: everyone dies...
Armin: But... Is my plan really our best option? I mean... after all, it's just me.
Marco: It'll have to do. We're running out of time...//There's no more time to come up with another plan./W'ell give this one our best shot. That's all we can do by now!

Mika: It's gonna be fine... Have some self-confidence, Armin. If anyone can work out a solution to our problems it's you.
Armin: ?
Mika: That ability of yours has saved Eren and I in the past.
Armin: It has...? ...?/When?
Reiner: The lift is ready!!/So are the guns! Loaded and ready!
Mika: You're not aware of it, but... More on that later.
Armin: Okay...

Reiner: Just in case: you can shove this up their asses too!! That's the second of the only 2 weaknesses they've got.
Conny: !!/No way!! I never knew that was an option!!
Sasha: Never heard of it before either...
Jean: Reiner... These might be your last words, you know.

Armin: (Everything's fine... There aren't any more of them.//Let's proceed with the plan!!)

Marco: Calm down... Let them close all the way in.
Dude: Hic!!
Marco: Wait./Wait.//Wait.//Ready......

Marco: FIRE!!

=(Avoid the battle if you're at a disadvantage...... If you wanna make sure nobody has to die...)

=(Settle the score with this one strike!!)

Mika: (Gotcha...!!/How about the others?)

Sasha: Ooof!!
Marco: Sasha and Conny are in trouble!!//Hurry!!//Go back 'em up!!

Sasha: Ahem... Hum...
Conny: Ugh...
Sasha: I know I... jumped you from behind and all...//Tha... That was... dreadfully impolite... I'm really...//Hic...//really sorryyyyy!!

Sasha: Hic...

Sasha: Mikasaaaa. You're my savior!!
Mikasa: Are you hurt?
Sasha: No, thanks to you!!
Mika: Get up right away, then!
Conny: I really owe you one......
Annie: Don't mention it...
Reiner: Hello, there.//That was a close call, Annie.../I'm really glad to see you're unharmed...
Jean: They're all down for the count!!//Now to go restock on supplies!
Marco: We did it!
Jean: Alright! Let's take it all at once!!
Team: The Titans aren't coming in./That's because of the one who's gone wild!!

Sasha: Uuugh.../A Titan.../I yielded in front of a Titan.
Team: We made it...!!/We made it alright!! Now we stand a chance to escape!!*Yeeeaaaaaaah*
Team: We can all make it to safety!!
Sasha: Now I can't look anyone in the face...
Conny: Yeah, yeah. We'll despise you all you like later!! For now, let's vamoose!!
Mika: !
Armin: Uh?//Mikasa?!
Reiner: ?!

Armin: Mikasa... We need to get away, quickly...
Mika: The Titan, over there...
Armin: Uh?!!

Armin: Cannibalism...?//(It ought to be able to regenerate, or am I missing something...?)
Mika: If somehow/we could figure out what was going on with this Titan...//we'd be able to work our way out of this hopeless situation./It was a good chance, but too bad...

Reiner: I concur!//If we let it get completely devoured, we'll end up none the wiser!/Let's go dispatch the Titans that are clinging to it. We need it alive!
Jean: Reiner, are you out of your mind?/We've just barely stuck our necks out of the water!
Annie: This Titan might turn out to be an ally. How about that?/It'd be much more powerful a weapon than any cannon.
Jean: ?!...... An ally...?!/Are you talking seriously?!
Armin: Ah...//I know that one...//It's the unusual specimen that devoured Tomas......!
Tomas: Uh...?!

Team: ?!

Jean: ...Hey//Who is it you wanted to save again?

Team: Ah...!!
Jean: As expected.../it's run out of juice, apparently.//It's no biggie, now is it? We're off!/There's no way we can make an ally of such a freak.//A Titan remains a Titan.

Team: ......? ......Hey there.//...?

Mika: Haah/Haah.

Armin: (Eren......)

Armin: The arm and legs that had been cut off/...are right back.//Back then/that Titan swallowed him whole.)
Mika: Waaaaaaaaaaaah*
Armin: (Back then)//......!!//What the hell.../happened......?

Jean: That means everything/all of this was Eren's doing, right...?
To be continued in volume 3.[/end

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