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Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 3

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on May 15, 2011 14:16 | Go to Shingeki no Kyojin

Hello, boys and girls! It's been a while!
I'm back and I brought some goodies with me.
Introducing the 3rd volume of the famed manga Shingeki no Kyojin for your entertainment.

======Scanlated release available from GWR==========

Eren Jaeger.
Enamored with the world beyond the walls, he aims to enter the Scouting Legion. Presumably swallowed by a Titan, traces of his presence have nevertheless been picked up from inside.

Mikasa Ackerman.
Graduates as the top student from the military academy. Witnesses the demise of her own parents firsthand. Brought up with Eren ever since, she doggedly insists on protecting him.

Armin Arlelt.
A childhood friend of Eren and Mikasa's. Perceives himself as a weakling whom they've had to protect since childhood.

Grisha Jaeger.
A doctor, and Eren's father. Has been missing since the Titans' previous attack 5 years ago.

100 years ago, humanity built three reinforced walls, over 50m high each, therefore securing an area where they could live peacefully, away from the Titans. But 5 years ago, a Colossal Titan even taller than the outer wall was high appeared suddenly. The Titans broke through the rampart and swarmed the outer area in large numbers, and humanity relinquished its outermost territory as a result. As of now, human activity has been restricted to the confines of the second wall (Wall Rose).

They prey upon humans. Their intelligence is limited, and next to nothing is known of their way of life aside from their man-eating habits. They range from around 3 to 15 meters tall. Therefore, they have never been able to advance past the walls the humans have built. But one day, a "Colossal Titan" appeared, which was both intelligent and large enough to go beyond the 50 meters high wall.

Special chapter - Lance Corporal Levi.
Caption: Over a century ago, humanity had to contend with imminent destruction/at the hands of its "natural enemy".
Bottom note: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance with real life events, people or organizations is purely coincidental. Blah, blah, blah...

Narrator: The surviving humans built a threefold gigantic rampart/therefore achieving a hundred years of peace.//But 5 years ago...... that very same peace came to an end.

Narrator: A colossal Titan smashed open the gate/and humanity was ravaged again, as the Titans unleashed upon it their century-old hunger.//The humans relinquished their outermost wall, sustaining the loss of 20% of their population, along with that of one third of their territory./Their living space now restricted to the confines of the two remaining walls.//But at the same time... humanity's eyes were now opened.
Eren: How dare they. That was my mother...//I will wipe them out!!//Erase them from this world.../every last one of them!!

Narrator: And 5 years later... the Scouting Legion undertook a sally outside the walls, fearless of the Titans./Human and financial resources were invested into them. Along with hope.
People: Here they come!!/The Scouting Legion's main force is here!!//Chief Elvin!!/Please kick some Titan ass for us!!
Eren: Hey... Look!//This is humanity's most powerful soldier. Lance Corporal Levi./As strong by himself as an entire brigade!![tn: Levi is alternatively called ("heichou" (兵長) and "heishichou" (兵士長), which are both ranks in the Japanese military, somewhere around Private First-Class and (Lance) Corporal. From what I understand, he is not quite either.]
Riv: .....

013: Somebody please shut up these goddamned brats......
Gal: Good thing those wide-eyed kids don't know what a cleanliness freak you are... They'd be in for a rude awakening...
Voice: Open up!! The land past this gate is Titan territory./Let us recapture the ground we lost to them 5 years ago!!
Narrator: The members of the Scouting Legion who are entrusted with this mission represent the accumulation of humanity's knowledge and wisdom.//The Scouting Legion's survival rate increased dramatically due to some strategic adjustments/but the detachments sent into Titan territory still sustained over 30%'s worth of losses every time.

Narrator: Such is the gap between the power of humanity and that of the Titans.

Dude: Even now....../Haah/You'll see.../Haah.//Even now... The human race....... still has what it takes to destroy you......Haah/Haah/Haah./The last ones standing... will be us humans......//You scumbags.../mark my words...//Corporal Levi will find you. And...

Riv: (A single one on the right......//A couple on the left......)
Petra: Corporal, sir!! I've gathered the reinforcements!!
Riv: Petra! You take care of the soldiers down there!/T ake all the remaining men and help them with the Titan on the right!!
Petra: Eh......?!
Riv: As for the right side, I will sort things out myself!//You look so friggin' silly......

Riv: Every last one of you...

Riv: Whoopsie...//If only you would quit squirming....../I'm gonna make ground meat out of you...//and I can't do that properly if you don't stay put......

Riv: !!/Fu...//Bloody hell, this is disgusting.

Riv: Hey there...//Petra. What's wrong with this one?!
Petra: Corporal......//He's bleeding......./And there's no stopping it.
Riv: ......
Dude: Cor... poral.......
Riv: !/......What?
Dude: Did I... contribute... to the human cause...?/Or did I die... pointlessly... without even... making a difference....?

Riv: You've done more than enough already. For now....... and for the times to come./I will take up your will. It shall give me strength.//I will eradicate the Titans!!/Even if it's the last thing I do. You have my word!!
Petra: ....../C... Corporal...//He is... gone...
Riv: ......//Did he hear everything I had to say...?
Petra: Yes... I'm sure he did, sir.

Petra: Look at him.../He seems to be resting so peacefully.
Riv: ....../Fine, then...//......
Dude: Levi! We're falling back.
Riv: ......?!/Falling back...?!//Aren't we gonna see this to the end?/Or did my men die for nothing? Give me one reason to agree.
Dude: The Titans have all started to move north, towards the city.
Petra&Riv: ?!!
Dude: The exact same thing happened 5 years ago. There's gotta be something going on in town./The wall......

Dude: Chances are the Titans managed to destroy it.

7. The Scouting Legion nowadays.
Frame: Information currently available for public disclosure.

The Scouting Legion primarily handles out-of-walls exploration, but their work differs from what it used to be before the fall of Wall Maria.
It now involves the preparations for the impending start of the second campaign for the recovery of Wall Maria. As the army progresses towards the Shiganshina district where the wall was breached, the Scouting Legion brings supplies to the ruined towns and villages found along the way, thus preparing the way for the battalion's advance.

Eren: (Fuck it...//Fuck...)
Chapter 10 - What Happened to the Left Arm

Eren: Unh...//Aaaaaaah...?!

Eren: ......../Things were......//..../(not meant to be this way...//I am not the one I used to be 5 years ago.../I've been training like hell.../I've been thinking over and over//about how I'd get the better of them./How they would no longer take everything from me...)

Snack: Mama.../I'm hot....../I'm so hot...//~~~/~~
Eren: (Why has it come to this...?//Why do I keep having it all stripped away from me? ......Damn it...... It's all over now...//My life...//My dreams...)

Eren: ......I haven't become any stronger. I merely persuaded myself that I had... I... I haven't changed at all./Why am I still so weak?//Uh....../........//Fuck it...//Fuck it!!

Eren: I... not.../giving up...//I'll erase them from this world.//Kill them all.../to the last.//...Up close...//and personal...


Eren: (I will wipe you out.../Erase you from this world//Kill you all...)

Eren: (To the last......)

(Again...//Kill again.../I wanna kill more.//More.../Heaps of them.)

Eren: I'm gonna kill 'em dead...
Armin: ......Eren?
Eren: Huh...?!

Mika: ...... ...Eren!!
Eren: .......?!
Armin: Eren! You can move about alright, can you? Are you fully conscious?//Tell me everything. Talk to me. We're bound to figure it out.
Eren: Armin... ......?!
Team: Hey... You heard that...?
Eren: ?!
Team: He was like: "I'm gonna kill 'em dead".../Yeah... We heard him alright... He was talking about us.

Team: He intends to kill and eat us...
Eren: ...?! ...Wait.../(What are they talking about...?)/How come...//they are surrounding us three... and pointing their swords at us?/Last time I checked those were meant to kill Titans...//Why...//are they looking at me like that...?!//No way... What I just saw//that... that was a dream, right?/I still got my arm attached.

Eren: What the.......?
Dude: Trainee Eren!!/You have come to your senses, I see!//The behavior you three exhibit makes you look like traitors to humanity!!//Therefore, I'm going to have to decide how we should dispose of your lives!!//Try to pull any trick or to leave that spot//and you'll be eating explosives./We'll shoot without hesitation!!

Eren: ...Huh?
Dude: I'll go straight to the point.//What are you really?//Human?/Or Titan?

Eren: (What kind of question is that?/Why are they glaring at me like that...?//It's as if.../they were looking at some kind of freak.//I'm a freak, then? Is that what you mean?)/I.../I fail to understand the meaning of your question, sir!
Dude: ......

Dude: Are you playing dumb with me?! Goddamn freak!!/Come on, just try it again!! We'll fucking dust you!! On the spot!! You won't even have the time to assume your true form!!//Lots of people saw what happened!!//They were right there, watching you coming out of that Titan!!//We humans are facing an invasion of your monstrous kind into Wall Rose!!/It doesn't matter if you number among the trainees sanctioned by the king himself. It is perfectly suitable to swiftly eliminate any threat!! In this, I know I'm right!!

Dude: That freakishly strong Titan who destroyed Wall Maria 5 years ago might show up again any time, now!!/Our very existence, that of the human race is at stake!! We cannot afford to fail as we did back then!!//Understand?! We have no more time or soldiers to spare on your account!!//No room for hesitation. I'll have you blown to Kingdom Come!!
Gal: Our defensive strategy is a clear one.//I strongly doubt we'll get any worthwhile information out of him, sir... As you said/it's a waste of our time and forces.
Dude: If we attack now, we can take him down easily!/Let's pulverize him while he's still assuming a human form!!

Dude: ?!
Mika: My specialty//involves flesh.../and the lacerating thereof.//You just draw close enough, and I'll be happy to demonstrate./Should anyone wish to experience my technique... by all means, feel free to come this way.
Guy: Captain... This is Mikasa Ackerman./Assigned to the Rear Guard with the rest of us elite soldiers.

Guy: She's as good by herself as a hundred ordinary soldiers... If we lose her/it will hurt the human forces greatly.
Dude: .....!
Eren: Hey... What are you guys doing...?/What are you all doing here?!
Armin: Mikasa... What are you trying to accomplish, fighting humans?/I say, let's flee somewhere within the confines of the wall...
Mika: I don't care whom I have to fight//I will not allow Eren to get killed./That's all I'm saying.
Armin: We can talk this over!/Anyone... Anyone would get scared out of their wits when faced with a situation that they don't understand...
Eren: .....//(So I'm the only one who doesn't believe I'm a Titan, that's it...?!/Damn it... I don't have the faintest memory of how I ended up here... I feel so numb I can't even stand... And if they don't like what I have to say, I'm a dead man... Me? Dying by human hands? That's ridiculous...)

Eren: (First things first... What did he say again...?/That I came out from inside a Titan? What's he talking about?! What the hell does that mean?!//...If all that stuff was more than just a dream.../That means... the part of my arm where the clothing's missing has grown back?! Just like...//Just like it would for a Titan......)
Dude: I'll ask again!!/What are you really?!
Eren: (!!... Okay... I can't screw up on that answer.)/...I.../I am...!!/(I'm not the only one who'd die...!!//...That's right./I am just like you and I've always been)//I'm human.

Dude: ...I see...//Please don't resent us for this...//We have no other choice...//You see, no man has ever been in a position//to see the evil in their own hearts...
Eren: (What the hell am I doing...?//I merely said what I hoped to be true...)

Mika: Eren! Armin! Up the wall, let's flee!!
Eren: That's enough! Don't mind me!!//You guys get away from me!!
Mika: ...?!
Armin: This is bad... At this rate
Mika: Up there too...?!
Armin: Ple... Please listen!! We'll tell you everything we know about the Titans!!
Eren: (This isn't happening........//It can't be...)

Eren: (...?!)
Grisha: Eren......//When I get back... There's that room in the basement, which I've always kept secret.../Well, I'll show it to you.

Grisha: Eren... See this key...?/Be sure to keep it on your person at all times...//And whenever you see it/remember...

Grisha: It is indispensable that you go to that basement...//With this injection, you will experience losses of memory.//That's why I cannot explain anything right now.../But someday, when you go to the basement, you'll find out the truth... The journey will be a bitter and harsh one

Grisha: But you must reconquer Wall Maria and reach that basement.../The "power" ought to prove useful then.//As for the way to use it, their memories should teach you what you need to know...

Grisha: If you wish to protect Mikasa and Armin...//You must embrace this power...

Grisha: and become its master.

Dude: Hic...!!


The Titans swarm in, seeking out living flesh.../Volume 01: OVER 150.000 copies! SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN.
Chapter 11 - Response.

Han: It's holding fast to those harpoons alright./Creating a defensive flesh wall out of the Titans themselves was the Technological squad's idea...//Still, we can't afford to let our guard down./Should anything happen, however improbable, we must be able to handle it smoothly./The Titans might force their way through./Or a Colossal Titan could show up out of nowhere.//The edge of this wall is no more no less than the front line of the battle between them and the human race...//...../What's wrong?
Dude: ...Well//Our mission is proceeding without a hitch.../but...I'm still worried about our companions assigned to the vanguard, sir.

Han: Yeah...//As of right now the less we know, the better.../We must concentrate solely on the ambush, and nothing else. Just like we first did during training...
Dude: I understand the three kids who escaped with you 5 years ago have joined the military as trainees, Captain Hannes./They're on front line duty too...[tn: From what I've been told, "Hannes" is the proper spelling, not "Hanneth" as I wrote it initially. Blame my faulty (nigh-inexistant would be more like it) German.]
Han: Yeah...//.........
Dude: ...My apologies, sir.../I talk too much...
Han: It's alright.
Dude: Pardon...?
Han: They're tough kids./Each one of them has a little something to help them survive.

Han: Advanced combat skills for the first one./Great mental fortitude for the second./And the third one can count on his outstanding intelligence...//They're doing fine. They're alive.../I'm sure of it...

Dude: Trainees!!/Equip yourselves, get in team formations and await orders!!
Conny: ~~/~~//And that's how we managed to get our hands on some gas...
Gal: Oh my God...//So sorry... To think I'd volunteered so many times to help supplying everyone...
Freckles: After all the trouble we went through to get that gas.../Now everyone and their mom knows about it! I mean, someone right here just couldn't keep his damn mouth shut...

Gal: S... So the people that aren't here with us right now are all...
Freckles: ......
Conny: ...Yeah.
Freckles: Really? Even Mikasa? THE Mikasa?
Conny: Mh?//Erm... I thought Mikasa was merely lagging behind, like Jean and the others, but well.../Hey, Jean... Is she wounded or something?
Jean: ......//That's confidential stuff... We're forbidden to tell.//Though I'm no so sure how well that whole secrecy thing will work out...

Conny: Confidential?
Freckles: What's that about?
Jean: It's not the kind of thing you can keep under wraps.../I expect before long, all of humanity will know...//...Assuming there's still a human race to speak of...//Uuuuh...//Marco... I... I'm totally worthless.../Worthless...//I saw my comrades devoured. ...... Right in front of me. They couldn't fight the Titans...//My friends were eaten alive... But I didn't feel even the slightest hint of sadness or hate...//I was just... thankful... from the bottom of my heart... that it wasn't me...

Jean: But... Next time it's gonna be my turn.../Now I understand... what our job is all about...//Truth is...//We're meant to fight against the Titans/Again and again. And again, until we get devoured.//If I'm gonna be eaten alive...!!/It might as well happen now!!
Marco: Stop it!!//Get a grip, man!! You're not the only one who's scared./Everybody else is terrorized, even as they fight...//Take a look at Sasha!!
Sasha: !!
Marco: Even after what happened, she's still as splendid a warrior as ever!
Sasha: Bwaaaaah.
Marco: !!
Sasha: Excuse me... It's about my stomach...!! I'm hurting.../Can you please count me among the wounded...?!
Jean: ...//It's over... We're doomed!!
Marco: Don't!!

Jean: A cannon?!
Team: Why are they firing only one shot?/Hey?!/That came from inside the wall!!//Did they breach through the flood gate?!/They can't have. It's one of the sturdiest position we've got... Surely that was just a stray projectile.//Even then... What's with all that smoke?!/Is hat Titan vapor?! No way!//......!!

Team: ?!/Reiner?!//......//Hey?!/Guys!!

Reiner: ....../What the hell?

Eren: ........?!/......?!/Rraaaaaaaah.

Eren: Haah.//Humph!!//Haah/Haah.//Such heat.../What the heck is this......?

Armin: ...I remember hearing the cannon shot.../After that, there was that terrible noise, and that shock.//It's so hot...!!/And what are we doing inside this gigantic skeleton?!
Mika: It's Eren... He protected us.../That's all we need to know for now.
Eren: Hey?!/You guys alright...?!
Mika: .....
Armin: Eren?!//What is thi
Eren: No idea!!/...But it's gonna evaporate any minute!! Just like a Titan corpse would. We need to step away!!

Eren: Perhaps they're still assessing the situation... Or maybe they're a bit less on edge.../Them soldiers can't see what it is we're up to for now, but eventually......//They'll likely start attacking again.../I seriously doubt they'll be inclined to listen to me after what they just saw.//I just remembered one thing, though...
Armin: ...?!
Eren: The basement./The basement back home!! My old man told me everything would make sense once I went there......//......Whatever it is I've become, he's also the one responsible for it.../If I go, I'll probably find out the truth about the Titans as well.

Eren: Damn it!!
Mika: Eren?!
Eren: If he knew such a thing, why hide it...?//Thousands of men from the Scouting Legion died for that information and the hope it represents for humanity.../And it was stashed away in our basement all along?! ...What was he thinking...?!!//And while we're at it, where did he vanish to 5 years ago? Why did he leave us? To do what?
Mika: Eren!/We have other matters requiring our attention at the moment.
Eren: ! ... Aah. Right.

Eren: I'm getting out of here.
Armin: Where to?/And how?
Eren: For now, anywhere will do./From there, I'll just get past the wall and go for the basement...//I just need to turn into a Titan once again...

Armin: ...../For real? Can you really do that?!
Eren: I don't know how I'm doing it myself. ......But I believe I can./Just like I don't know how I make my arm move, but am able to do so anyway......//That skeleton thing came to me unconsciously. I just wanted to protect us against the cannon./Which is why it was rather limited in what it could do, and decayed away so quickly.
Armin: (Could Eren be a Titan...? Or did he just conjure up a Titan to manipulate?)
Eren: Haah.
Armin: (He probably doesn't even know himself.)
Eren: This time I'll go for something with a lot more clout.../Haah.//A 15-meters class, just like the one I used to kick Titan ass!/Haah.

Mika: Eren! You've got a nosebleed...
Armin: You look terribly sick, too. And you're breathing heavily.../You're not at all healthy, that much is obvious...!
Eren: It doesn’t matter how bad a shape I'm in right now... Anyway/I got a couple ideas.//If you quit trying to protect me... you might be able to get away with your lives./I've caused you a metric ton of trouble already, but from now on I'll be playing solo.
Armin: ......?!/You can't...!!
Mika: ....../Eren.....

Mika: I'm coming too.
Eren: No you're not. You're staying behind.
Mika: If I can't keep up you needn't worry about me./But I needn't take orders from you either.
Eren: I said cut the crap, you hear me...? I'm not your little brother nor your kid...

Armin: (The soldiers aren't going to engage us in close combat it seems./If they were, Mikasa would have picked up on it faster than you can say "psychic".//Should take them another 20 seconds at the shortest to reload the cannon.../I expect Eren will have made his move and left the place by then...)

Armin: (Why am I remembering that stuff now of all times...?/Because this is the end of us, perhaps...?//Ultimately...... I've been nothing/nothing but a coward, till the very end...)

Armin: I've lost count of the number of times they've saved me./Yet I haven't returned the favor even once......//How can I call myself an equal and a friend in such conditions?/How could I possibly say I want to accompany them...? I'm not even sure I could keep up...)

Armin: (Now.../It's over.../The three of us have been together/for the last time......)

Mika: Eren! I
Eren: Mikasa, wait a sec.//I said I had two ideas, remember...?/I'd come up with this as a last resort, and I wanted to let you know about it. As food for thought, if you will./What we'll do next is for Armin to decide.
Armin: Excuse me......?[tn: This is Japanese for "WTF?!!", LOL. :hahaha:]
Eren: Even I can tell how unrealistic my plan sounds./This Titan's power I have would be a most useful tool into the army's hands./This is gonna sound crazy...

Eren: But if you can convince the military that I'm no threat to them/then I'll trust you on this, and that's what we'll do.//If you think you can't pull it off/I'll go with the initial plan.//You've got 15 seconds left to make up your mind.//Can you do it?/Or not?/Whatever you say I shall heed your advice.

Armin: ...Eren/why would you entrust me with such a crucial choice?
Eren: You're good at making the good call when things go south, right?/I thought I'd rely on that.
Armin: When did I ever do such a thing?
Eren: It's been a solid 5 years./So many things happened since, eh?//If you hadn't called upon Hannes-san/Mikasa and I would've become Titan food by now. We'd be dead.

Mika: Armin...//If you have anything in mind...//I'll trust you judgment as well.
Armin: (It was me/all along)

Armin: (I was the one convincing myself... that I was powerless./That I was a burden.//They never thought such a thing/not for a second.)

Armin: (As for how persuasive I've ever been beyond this...//Eren and Mikasa have entrusted me with their lives.../That means...//I am the one person)
Eren: Armin.
Armin: they trust above anybody else...)

Armin: I'll win them over or die trying!!/You guys try to look as unthreatening as you possibly can!

Team: ...?!
Armin: (Eren's case was pretty much closed the moment he turned into a Titan to fight the others...//And my mind's still an unholy mess... ......No matter./I'll pull this off! I'll make it up as I go along if I have to!
Dude: Stop right there!!/Scum!!
Armin: He isn't humankind's enemy, sir./We're willing to yield all the information we've garnered regarding the Titans!!
Dude: Quit pleading for your life, we won't hear it!/You've just revealed your true colors right in front of us but you're still talking? Now that's rich!

Dude: If you're trying to say he's not a Titan, show me the proof!!/Failing that, we will just eliminate the threat that he represents!!
Armin: There's no need for proof!//(That's right.../Who needs proof?!!)//It was never about what we should acknowledge him as in the first place!
Dude: Excuse me?!
Armin: I understand that many people saw what happened!/Then they must have seen him fighting against the Titans as well!!/And they must have seen the Titans swarming around him just as clearly.
Team: !!

Armin: That means those Titans regarded him the same way they consider us humans: as food!!/No matter how we try to slice it, that much is undeniable!
Dude: ...!!
Team: True enough. He's right.../That dude might actually be on our side...

Dude: We're going to attack. Get in position!!/Don't get ensnared into their traps, no matter how clever they are!!//Their ways are alien to us and have always been!!
Armin: Wha!!
Dude: I wouldn't put it past them to be able to turn into humans!!//We shan't let them have their way with us any longer!!
Mika: ......!!
Armin: (No. God no... I can't think straight anymore...//......../The fear... That's all I have in mind right now!)//...... Eren.../Mikasa...

Armin: I was, I am, and I remain a soldier. Sworn to dedicate my heart and soul to the restoration of humankind!!/I have to greater ambition than to give up my life should it help that cause!!

Armin: Let us add that "Titan power" of his to our own remaining forces!!//We might even be able to reconquer the town that way!!//For the human race's greatest glory!! I shall use what little time remains till I go to my grave.../to advocate the strategic advantage that he represents!!
Dude: (Let them beg for their life all they want./My job is to obey the rules.../Lawbreakers are to be eliminated.)
Pix: That's enough.//Brittle as a twig, just as you've always been./Didn't you see how beautiful a salute that was?

Dude: Commander Pixis...!!
Pix: I barely arrived here, but I believe I'm catching on fast enough.//You take care of spearheading the reinforcements.//As for me...//Something tells me that I would do well
Caption: Is this encounter a turn for the best? Or the worst?!
Pix: to listen to what those three have to say.[/end

Narrator: The Scouting Legion reported that the Titans would show up from the South./Trost district./Shiganshina district./More precisely, in the town we lived in back in the day: the Shiganshina district, south of Wall Maria... The rampart that was breached by the Titans...//Which makes the Trost district the likeliest target of the following attack, as it is located closest to where Shiganshina used to be.//Dot Pixis... Highest ranked administrator of the southern region, which includes Trost./A man given full authority regarding the defense of humanity's key district.

Narrator: Also well-known for his natural eccentricity.
Pix: ....../I guess I'll never find one...//I wouldn't mind being eaten by one of those Titans if she happened to be a stunning beauty...
Chapter 12 - Icon.

Dude: (What is the commander thinking?/Up there of all places with those freaks. Without so much as one bodyguard...)
Guy: Captain, sir! The squadron is assembled.
Dude: Ah, right... Good job...//......

Pix: I see.../Going into that basement would answer all of your questions...
Eren: Yes...
Pix: ......
Eren: .../Sir. Do you believe me?
Pix: For now, I'll keep in mind everything for which you can't provide any positive proof by yourself./I believe that is the best course of action.//However.../Provided you intend to obtain material that could make sense out of this whole mess/I shall personally see to your protection and that of your friends.

Pix: Trainee Armin/...was it?
Armin: Sir!!
Pix: You mentioned something earlier about how using some manner of "Titan's power" might enable us to recapture the town, I believe.//Did you really mean that?/Or was it just some desperate plea for your life?
Armin: It was...//....../It was both.

Armin: What I meant back then/Is that an Eren-turned-Titan could carry that large rock all the way to the destroyed gate in order to block it./Just a simplistic idea I came up with./I wanted to believe that Eren's power could help us disentangle the situation...//Of course, I really, really wanted to avoid execution, but...

Armin: ?!
Pix: Trainee Eren...//Can you close up that hole?

Eren: ......//I'll see to it, sir!/No matter what...!!

Pix: Well said!/Spoken like a real man!!//Call in the staff officers!!/We need to discuss strategy!!
Armin: Uh......?!/No way.../This is crazy...!//It's just some over-optimistic, poorly thought-out plan I came up with.../He can't just go along with it...
Eren: I agree, but presumably there's a crucial matter that needs to be considered before we so much as think of carrying out the plan...//Commander Pixis is well-aware of the situation.//The Titans aren't our only enemies.
Armin: Uh...

Pix: We're racing against time.//Move out/young soldiers.

People: A plan to recapture Trost?!/As in, right away?!/They've gotta be kidding! We can't close up that hole in the gate. We don't have the technology...!//What is the top brass thinking?! If we enter the Trost district again, we'll just die pointlessly!/Since we can't repair the hole... all we could do is die defending Wall Rose.../Damn it... What are they? Glory hounds...?
Daz: Again...?/We're going back to Hell again?//...No!! I don't wanna die!!/I wanna see my family please!!
Dude: Daz!! Watch it, man. You're too loud!!

Bloke: You there!!/I heard that!!//You want walk away from your assigned duty, huh?! Do you...?
Daz: Yes sir. I do!!/This is nothing short of mass suicide, and it will avail us nothing. There is no point.
Bloke: What do you make of humanity... what do you make of the rules...?/I'd be well within my rights to have you executed on the spot.
Daz: ...Fine.....
People: !!
Daz: That's a hundred times better than ending up as Titan food...
People: Hey... Did you hear that...?/Hardly surprising, given the situation.

Gals: Say... I wish someone would rebel here as well.../....../Me too... I wanna choose the way I go down, at least...
Dude: Hey, you...
Gal: !! Ah......//I-I was only joking...
Dude: Do it!
Gal: Come again?!
Dude: Make as much noise as possible. With as many people as you can!!//There is much discontent within the ranks of the Stationary Troops./I'll take advantage of the commotion to get away.
Guy: Get away? Where to?
Dude: I will go to my daughter./The gate here is gonna go down anyway.

Pix: It is said that before the land fell under Titan control/humanity continually tore itself apart over differences in race or principles.//That's when someone spoke thusly:/What if a mighty enemy appeared that happened not to be human? Men would probably unite, and stop fighting amongst themselves./What do you think?
Eren: I did hear about that folk tale.../but.../that's an extremely optimistic outlook, sir.../Say, like a good bedside story...
Pix: Hah hah ha.../Your mind is a twisted maze just like my own.
Eren: Even now that this powerful foe has driven us into a corner/we're still a far cry from united, from what I can tell...

Pix: Indeed... If we can't even unite to begin with... we hardly stand a chance at all in battle.
Han: ......!
Eren: !
Han: (Eren?!/I see you're alright.//Mh...?/Focus on my mission?!//Damn him... Some way to address his superior, right there.../Judging from his attitude, I reckon Mikasa and Armin are also doing fine...//...?//What...?)
Pix: Ahem.
Han: (What is Eren doing right next to the commander?!)


Pix: I am about to lay out our strategy for the reconquest of Trost district!!//Our objective is the gate that has been destroyed. To succeed, we must do two things.//REACH THE HOLE!!/AND STOPPER IT!!
Peep! Uh...!//Stopper it.../The heck...

Peep: How do we do such a thing?
Pix: As for the way we'll proceed, let me start by introducing this young man./Eren Jaeger, from the Trainees Unit.
Conny: Wha?! ...E.../Eren?!!
Jean: !!
Pix: We've been carrying out secret experiments on Titan shapeshifting, and he is the successful result of that endeavor!!/He has the ability to purge the body of a Titan and control it at will!

Conny: Mmh?!//Whuuu...... I don't think I understood everything the commander just said.../But that's just cause I'm stoopid, right?!/Right?!
Freckles: If only you'd shut for a minute... Stoopid.
Pix: He will turn into a Titan. Pick up that large rock not far from the front gate/Carry it to the destroyed gate. And stopper the hole!!
Pix: Your role, ladies and gentlemen, is to protect him from the other Titans/until such time as he's done moving the stone!

Dude: We don't need to fight the Titans?
Armin: So... Sorry for butting in. I know I'm just a trainee...
Dude: Doesn't matter. Go on, let's hear it.
Armin: We know that Titans react to unusually high concentrations of humans by giving chase. | We could use that to lure them next to the wall//I believe this way, we could keep the Titans away from Eren while keeping direct contact to a minimum. | We can take them down later with the cannons, without incurring any casualties in the process.//But since we can't quite leave Eren completely defenseless, we might want to assign a small elite team to his protection./On top of which there's no way we can avoid confrontation with the Titans pouring in through the hole... That's what we need a crack team for.

Dude: ...Okay, got it... We've got the map out. Now the plan just needs some fine-tuning.
Armin: But... the thing with that plan//Is that it's contingent upon Eren closing the hole with that stone./So long as that variable remains an unknown, the whole strategy stands on shaky ground...
Dude: True enough. It's perfectly normal to feel you're just marching countless people to their deaths when the central part of your plan remains uncertain./But I can understand what commander Pixis has in mind as well.//One thing is, we've got a time issue on our hands./The Titans are pouring into town endlessly, even as we speak.//The odds of success of any recovery plan while the town is positively teeming with Titans are depressingly low./In addition to which Wall Rose is very likely to sustain a breach also.//Then, there's one more thing./Fear alone will only get you so far as a motivator...

People: Pick up that enormous stone...?/That's just...//Is that it? Are the Titans finally controlling us humans, now?!//Bollocks!!//I'm not letting you dispose of my life over that kind of nonsense!!/What do you guys think we are, eh?!/Throwaway blades? Hell no!!//Human weapons, eh./What a load of bunk. How many of us did they expect to take them seriously......? You gotta be kidding.
Dude: Hey!! Wait!! Do you want a capital offense on your head?!
Guy: Humanity's done for. I'm spending what little time is left with my family!!
Bloke: They would have us all die today, they would!! I'm outta here!!
People: Me too!!/Cou... Count me in...

People: Whoa... If that trend continues...//We're in trouble.../Gh.../Order is falling apart...
Dude: Say your prayers, filthy mutineers!!/I will cut you down right where you stand!!

People: Wha?!
Dude: Commander...
Pix: Titans are terrible creatures, and once someone gives in to that fear, they can never fight one of them again!/Those of you who have already experienced that dread are free to go away!//FINALLY!!

Pix: Those of you who would allow their own parents, siblings and loved ones to experience such terror for themselves/are all free to walk away!![tn: Pixis, MUTHAFUCKAAAAAZZ!!]

Dude: That is the one thing I can't do...//I just can't | let that happen./Because... my daughter is...//the very last hope I have left.

Eren: (Ihave no idea if I'll be able to use that "Titan power" thing to pick up that rock./But my duty is clear enough...//Yeah, the whole thing may well be just a sham....//but still.../I have to succeed nevertheless...//I must do this thing.../I just have to...//For the sake of bringing hope...

Pix: Let us talk about 4 years ago!!/About the operation for the recovery of Wall Maria!!//I believe I needn't bother with an explanation. You all understand where I'm going with this.//A reconquest plan. That had a nice ring to it!/But essentially, it was just a culling of the unemployed masses the government could no longer afford to support!!//Everybody kept silent about it, thus allowing them to be driven out to their collective doom./Thanks to this we have been able to survive within the confined space of these walls. It was a sin of which all of us humans are guilty, myself included!!

Pix: Conflict with the inhabitants of Wall Maria never became a prominent issue, since they've always been attacking in small groups.//But what now?!!//If Wall Rose is breached, we won't get away with a mere 20% less mouths to feed./With only Wall Sheena left to live in, not even half of what remains of humanity would live on!!//If the human race dies out it won't be because the Titans ate us all/but because we humans have been our own bane!!

Pix: We cannot allow death to proceed any further within our walls!! Therefore, I will ask this of you/please die where you are!!

Dude: Eren... You feeling alright...?!
Eren: Yeah.../Much better than when I was surrounded, anyway...
Dude: They said you were a human weapon or whatever.../So long as you're able to close up that wall I don't care... We'll make your protection our highest priority./We're counting on you!
Eren: Ye... Yes sir!
Dude: We'll reach the shortest route to the rock soon./As far as I can tell, there are no Titans in sight./It seems everybody's playing the part of the decoy well enough.

Pix: (Ever since the Titans appeared/Mankind never had the upper hand. Not even once.//Titans always advancing | humans retreating again and again./We've been stripped of our territory.//But once the plan succeeds/we'll have stolen back some ground for the first time.)

Dude: Over here!//Let's go!!
Pix: (The second it's done//humankind will claim/its first victory...)

Pix: (Compared to what was taken away from humanity...//it might not be much)

Pix: (But for the race of Man, this one step)

Pix: (would be a tremendous leap forward.)

Pix: When you consider things from a human standpoint//there is simply no way someone could pick up that stone...//but we can count on Eren's great power/to show us the way.
Mika: ?/Eren?[/end

Chapter 13 - Wound.
Dude: We've more or less managed to gather most of the Titans into one corner of the town.//Despite our best efforts to avoid confrontation//we've lost about 20% of our men, sir...

Pix: We did not lose them.
Dude: !
Pix: Those soldiers didn't just go die for no reason./They did it because I gave the order.//This is a crucial moment, the outcome of which shall decide whether mankind lives or dies.../If humanity can survive as a result of my actions, I will gladly accept

Pix: to be branded a mass-murderer.

Ian: ......?!!

Ian: Mikasa!!

Ian: Hey?!//Mikasa, stop it!!/Get away from that thing!!
Mika: Eren!!

Mika: Don't you recognize me?!/It's me, Mikasa!!/I'm your family!!/You need to pick up that stone and stopper the hole!!
Riko: Mission failure!//Alright, I got it.../we have no such thing as a secret weapon...
Mika: Eren!!/You are human!!//You are
Ian: Mikasa, get out of the way!!

Mika: ?!

Mit: What's the deal...?//It's just one of those brainless Titans...
Mika: Eren!!
Dude: Squad Lead Ian.
Ian: ?!
Dude: Titans in approach from the front gate! Two of them. 10 and 6 meters class!//There's one more behind us!/12 meters. And it's coming our way, sir!!
Mit: Ian! I say we should retreat!!/Closing up the gate was never some kid's job anyway!
Riko: Aye... It really sucks big time, but we should get out of here...
Mika: !!

Dude: A red smoke bomb from the elite team.../The blockading operation must have run into some serious complications.
Guy: Hic...//All for nothing...//Our comrades, sir....../they all died for nothing...
Dude: Commander Pixis/We must quickly resume defensive formation and head to the gate.//We just need your approval.
Pix: No.
Gal: We should order the team to pull back...
Pix: No.

Pix: Continue to draw the Titans to the corner of the town/As for the elite team, we'll trust the commanding officer on the field to do the right thing.//They aren't just capable. They're the cream of the crop. People who hold the future of humanity between their hands...//We will not admit defeat so easily./If there's one thing we can do to make sure our fallen soldiers didn't die in vain......//it's to keep up the struggle for as long as we live.
Armin: Red smoke...
Marco: Does that mean... they failed?
Armin: How come...//(Eren... Mikasa.../What the hell's going on......?)

Marco: Uh?//Armin?!
Mit: Hello?! What's the hold up?! Just give the order!//Ian?! This isn't your fault!/The whole plan never stood on solid ground to begin with./Everybody knows it.
Ian: ......
Mit: It was worth a try, sure. But we've been trying more than enough as it is!!//Okay. Me and my team and climbing up the wall!!
Mika: Huff

Ian: Wait!!
Mika: ......
Ian: Wait.../Calm down... Mikasa...//Team Riko! Take down the Titan on the rear!/Team Mitabi and my own will deal with the couple in the front!
Riko: Excuse me?!
Ian: I am the one in command here! Shut up and follow my orders!//We cannot allow Eren to remain defenseless any longer!

Ian: Change of plans./We'll protect Eren from the Titans until such time as he's recovered./Since approaching him would be unwise, we can only wait for him to manage something on his own...//But the potential he represents for humanity is just too great/We can't afford to let go of that so easily.//Because unlike any of us, there is no replacing him.
Riko: ......!//Hundreds of us already died for the sake of Mister Faulty Human Weapon... Just on the first try.../Let him regenerate? So you still find it in yourself to repeat such nonsense?
Ian: Precisely... No matter the casualties or how many times it takes, combat must continue!

Team: ......
Riko: Ian, are you mad?!
Ian: How, then?!/Let's hear it!!/How do we defeat the Titans?!!//You tell me!! What other way is there to sort this whole mess out?!!
Riko: ...!!
Ian: Without loss of life!/While remaining human all the way!/How do we prevail against the Titans' overwhelming power, eh?!!

Riko: A way to defeat the Titans?/Of course I don't know any...
Ian: Right... If we'd known of such a method things wouldn't have come to this./That's why.../our job right now might suck, but it still needs doing.//Our job is to throw away our lives for the sake of this obscure human weapon//Our job is to die/as bravely as we possibly can.

Ian: What a tragedy, eh......?/As humans, this is about the best we can do.../Die like animals... for something that might not even pay off.//So.../What will it be?//This is the battle we can fight.../this is as good a struggle as we'll ever put up.

Riko: Yeah, right./...I am not convinced.
Ian: Riko!
Riko: I'll follow the plan... I believe you've got a point...//I will teach them to fear the greatness of human beings fighting with all they've got./Cause you see, I'm not so convinced about the whole dying a pointless death deal./Leave the 12 meters class on the rear to my team.
Mit: The time for idle chatting is over, Ian.../Let's go! Those Titans up ahead are waiting.
Ian: .../Right!
Mikasa: Thank you very much, Squad Leader Ian.
Ian: Mikasa...

Ian: There's no need to thank me./I had no idea what you were going to do. And I confess that scared the heck outta me...//Still, there's no way we can proceed with the initial plan./The new strategy should give you all latitude to display your skill.
Mika: Sir!
Ian: Seeing as you'll be fighting to protect your love.
Mika: He's family.//Eh...?

Mika: (He hasn't regenerated any damage?//Because of the wounds he sustained back then?/How is it going to affect Eren? | We're not even sure Eren can return to his normal shape in the first place...//No...//Enough... No matter how hard I think about it there I have no way to know.../For now... I'll just do my thing.)

* todom//todom//todom *

Eren: (Huh?/What the...//What am I doing here?/Am I sitting...?//I can't see a thing.../What day is it today? Where am I?)

Eren: Mh...?/What the.../Oh. I'm home...//Yaaaaaawn...//Sleep...

Armin: Haah/Haah//...Eren...//What the heck are you doing?!/Eren......?!

Ian: Shit...... Behind us!!//A 13 class!! Making its way across the building to get at Eren!!
Mika: Hh!!
Dude: More Titans coming in through the gate, sir!!

Dude: Four 10 meters class!!
Ian: Mikasa. The one from behind is all yours.
Mika: Roger that!!
Ian: Don't let them anywhere near Eren!!/This is where we hold them![tn: TONIGHT!! WE DINE IN HELL!!]//(Elite teams or not//two squads can't possibly handle 4 Titans at the same time...)

Mika: !!

Mika: (No way.../Why are there so many Titans heading this way?!//There are barely any humans in that area!/...Unless//Are they drawn to Eren somehow?!)
Armin: Mikasa!!
Mika: ?!
Armin: What happened to the plan?
Mika: Armin?!
Armin: What's going on with Eren?!
Mika: Get out of here. This is dangerous!!

Armin: ?!
Mika: This Titan is not under Eren's control!//I tried talking to it and it didn't react!!/There's no point in anybody else trying!!
Armin: !! ...What about the plan?!
Mika: It failed!!/We fight because we can't afford to abandon Eren...!!/At this rate, we'll be overrun by the Titans!!/We are not going to survive this!!
Armin: ......!

Armin: Area from the back of the head to the nape of the neck//Length: one meter...//Width: 10 centimeters.

Mika: ...?!/Armin?!
Armin: I'm getting Eren out of here!!/You keep the Titans away from here!!
Mika: Uh...?/What the...?

Armin: Eren emerged out of the Titan's weak spot.../Surely it has something to do with the fundamental way they function, whatever that is.
Mika: ...
Armin: It's gonna be okay./So long as I don't strike dead center!
Mika: Wha...?!

Armin: It's just gonna hurt a lot!!
Mik: Armin!!


Mika: Armin!! Stop it, this is crazy!!
Armin: Mikasa!!//I'm going to do what I can!!/Get going. You might be able to save a few lives!!//Leave Eren to me!!
Mika: ......
Armin: Now go!!//Eren!!/can you hear me?!//Get a hold of yourself!!/Get out of here or we're all gonna die!!

Armin: Don't you give in to some lame Titan's body!!/Now quick!! Get the heck out of this lump of flesh!!
Eren: (Get out of here? Why.....?/I feel like... sleeping...)//~~~/~~~

Armin: Haah/Haah.//Who's gonna avenge your mother, eh?!!//What happened to wiping out the Titans?!/You hate them, don't you? They killed your mother!!

Eren: ...?//What are you talking about, Armin?//My mom is standing right here.
Armin: Eren!/Eren!
To Be Continued in Volume 04.[/end

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