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Wolfsmund 2

Johanna and Klaus

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Jul 18, 2011 12:54 | Go to Wolfsmund

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After an all too long interruption, Gottheim Productions is proud to present you with the second chapter of the awesomeness-coated awesome manga Wolfsmund.

Just like the previous issue, this is a Kotonoha translation.

Chapter 2 - Johanna and Klaus.

Dude: Arrest him./Sir.//Horse rental manager Klaus. | We're here on behalf of His Excellency the Duke./Come quietly.//He's gone?!//The place is totally empty, sir./He got away, then. | The sly devil.//He can't have gone very far./After him.

K&J: Pant/Pant//Pant/Pant.//!
Jo: Master.
Klaus: Hic/Aaagh.
Dude: This one's got to be Klaus, alright. | Pretty much our biggest catch of the day, that.
Klaus: Hold. | Keep your filthy hands off me.
Dude: Clam it.

Dude: Ungh.//Wh-/Why, you...

Dude: It.../It can't be...

Jo: Do as I say and you'll live./Step away from my master.

Narrator: Late Middle Ages//In the Alpine region.

{1st frame}Narrator (+ all the framed stuff): Beyond the mountain range, a short distance away from Deutschland (Germany) and Italy alike | there was a pass. A main artery of the North-South traffic./Holy Roman Empire./AL.PI.NE.RA.N.GE./St. Gotthard pass./It was known as the St. Gotthard pass.
Map (rightmost section from top to bottom, right to left): Lithuania./Order of the Teutonic Knights (Prussia)./Kingdom of Poland./Magyar Kingdom (Hungary)./Bulgaria./Serbia./(Middle section, from top to bottom) Germanic states./Bohemian states./Austrian states./Italian states./Papacy./(Left section, from top to bottom, right to left) Kingdom of England./Kingdom of France./Kingdom of Spain.[tn: Good luck sorting all that shit out!]{/1st frame}
Narrator: Ever since its excavation | the pass had been controlled by the Alps' residents.//{3rd frame}They were organized in several autonomous states.
Map: Alpine region.
Framed stuff: Austrian Dukedom./Schwyz./Uri./(on the left) Double-state of Unterwalden (comprised of Obwalden and Nidwalden)./(bottom) St. Gotthard pass.
Narrator: The pass-generated trade granted them a substantial income.{/3rd frame}//In the close of the 13th century | the states of Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden, the three of which held financial interests in the pass formed an alliance./To fight their enemies, and for greater profit.//And thus, the Swiss Confederacy was born.

Narrator: Their concern quickly proved justified./Their adversary was a feudal lord | From the Austrian Dukedom of Habsburg.//Duke Leopold's armies occupied the federated lands.//Arrogating their economic interests/crushing any opposition he met.//Such tyranny, however/stirred the embers of rebellion.//The confederate soldiers used their superior knowledge of the land to keep the resistance alive./Their independence was becoming an increasingly likely prospect.

Narrator: Confederate land of Uri. | In the wake of the 14th century.
Dude: Ah, mister Klaus./It's good to see you unharmed, sir./I feared the worst had happened.
Klaus: Good grief | If Johanna hadn't been around/I don't think I would've made it here./She's known as the Lightningstrike Sorceress for a reason./This is the strongest warrior maiden in all of Uri we're talking about.

Klaus: The enemy controls our estate/but the gold is secure in the Florentine bank where we left it.//And the gold's precisely what they want./They seek to cut off our movement's financial resources.//Speaking of which | I have a request for you, Johanna./Here's my signet ring./It ascertains the trustworthiness of my transactions./With this ring and a promissory note in hand | you can withdraw enough money to buy our way to freedom.//Beyond the pass, in the city of Lugano lives a friend of us./He'll have the document.//I need you to deliver this.

Jo: You would have me leave your side/while you are in so great danger?
Klaus: Gather some weapons | and rally our compatriots abroad.//I need you to train warriors/I need you to lead them.
Jo: With me gone/who's going to ensure your protection, | my master?
Klaus: What if the unthinkable was to happen | because of my absence?
Klaus: Johanna...
Jo: Please send someone else.//If this turned out | to be the last time I ever saw you/I would
Klaus: Johanna.

Klaus: You're the one person upon whom we can count./That's what I believe, and so does everyone else.//To get to Lugano | you'll need to travel beyond St. Gotthard pass.//I'm speaking of Wolfsmund. | The Wolf's Maw. Do you understand?//If you can't make it past that place no one else can./There is nobody else I can turn to.//For the independence of our homeland.//In order to reclaim our freedom.//I beg you | Johanna./Go.[tn: Aaaaaaaawww <3!!]

Klaus: Are you sure she'll be able to cross the checkpoint this way?
Dude: This is forgery, yes. Of that I am aware. | But still, I'm confident enough./This fake laissez passer looks even more genuine than a real one.
Klaus: Wait./Look at this. | The document mentions a middle-aged woman. Someone nearing her fifties.[tn: Normally, 50 years old wouldn't be "middle-aged" given the time frame (14th century). More like elderly. Eh, whatever.]
Dude: This is the best we could manage./Nevertheless, its owner died before she could make use of it, so...
Jo: I know just the way./Please trust me on this.
Klaus: Johanna./Will you be alright?

Jo: This is where we say goodbye.
Klaus: Yes it is.
Jo: Please be safe.
Klaus: You too, Johanna. | You too.

Narrator: In a valley cut into the heart of the mountain range/at the end of the climb up the mountain trail//carved into the surface of the precipice//lay the St Gotthard checkpoint.//The Austrian dukedom appointed a governor there | placing would-be travelers under tight surveillance./On the one hand, this ensured complete control over the levying of customs duties | on the other hand, it allowed them to keep any rebellious elements under close supervision.

Narrator: The borders between the occupied Confederation and the other states had been completely blockaded/thus confining the Confederation's citizens.//Travelling to and entry from other states was forbidden | and punishment awaited those who failed to abide the proscription.//The one and only way through | was now the passageway connecting to the Italian states.//Local citizens were not allowed passage through the checkpoint | the door would only open for outsiders.//Out of fear and resentment towards this checkpoint, the Confederates came to refer to it as Wolfsmund:/"The Wolf's Maw".

Narrator: Pass' Inn
Gal: Mh//Delicious. Today's yet another meal I can be proud of.//Oh | Welcome. Come on in./I hadn't noticed you, I'm sorry.//I've just finished preparing the soup./Assuming you intend to stay here for the night, by all means feel free to also have dinner.

Jo: It's been a long time./You seem to be doing well.
Gal: ?/Eeerm
Jo: Can't you tell? | It's me.
Gal: Ah/Aaaah!//....../Sorry | but you are?

Gal: Johanna, you're really something./I would never have guessed. | You can be proud.//Going through? | Past the checkpoint?//This is Wolfsmund, we're talking about. | Are you sure?//So many of our comrades | found death at Wolfram's hand.
Jo: I'll go./No matter how dangerous the place/for my master wishes it so.
Gal: You are so | committed.

Gal: If you put it this way | I have little else to add.//You of all people might actually be able to do it./You might be the first.//The seal is fake too? | Impressive./It's indistinguishable from the real thing.//But/this is Wolfram after all. | His methods of investigation are unknowable.
Jo: ...... | Indeed....//If only I had an alternative.../in order to avoid the worst.
Gal: Uuuh./Mh...

Gal: That was a wonderful night./I haven't had such a great time in a while.
Dude: Yeah... Same here.//When I'm back in Germany, I'll drop by again.
Gal: You promise, yes? I'll be waiting.♥

Couple: What now, darling?/This is it. "Wolfsmund'./Come on./We'll be fine.//We've paid the custom duties | and got ourselves a pass./Only the locals are forbidden from going through.//But.../what about the governor? Rumor has it he was sired by the Devil himself. | Who knows what he might be scheming?
Guard: Walpurga, pilgrim from Luzern | come in.

Wolf: Welcome./Over here, please.
Jo: (...... | Him?//This dainty, mild-mannered man | is the gatekeeper of the infamous Wolf's Maw?)
Wolf: I am the governor of this checkpoint | Wolfram./Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Wolf: A pass issued by our Lord, the Duke of Austria./Yes, yes it does look the part.//This is a fake document | isn't it?

Wolf: A well-crafted piece to be sure | but/it still lacks one little detail//Any real pass | will have a needle hole punctured into it, at a specific spot./An extremely tiny hole, you see.//Too bad for you | frau Walpurga, pilgrim from Luzern.//You're under arrest/under charge of clandestine travel.

Soldiers: !//Sto/Stop her.//Ah//Blast it | What's wrong with that old bat?

Wolf: What a surprise./I wasn't expecting such a young lady.//What's this? Pig skin | and hair from a horse's mane, perhaps?//Judging from your agility | and your mastery of disguise/you're probably no one's idea of an upstanding citizen, I'd say//Who are you? | How did you come into possession of that counterfeit pass?/You will answer my questions, and trust me I'm in no hurry.

Wolf: Oh, yes. I almost forgot. | There is something I also must confess.//That needle hole on the pass which I talked about. | Well, that was a lie./Forgive me.//I can recognize a clandestine traveler | when I see one.//Call it some sort of... intuition, if you will./So I tricked you into revealing the truth, as it were.//Tomorrow I must go pay my respects to His Excellency the Duke. | We shall talk more when I return.

Wolf: Your Excellency.//It's me, Wolfram./I humbly answer your summons.
Leo: You see to have a great time/making light of my emissaries.//You may have my brother's favour/but you shouldn't abuse it. Make no mistake, | Wolfram.
Wolf: I dare not even think of it. | My only wish is to serve.//Please regard my methods/as a testament to my loyalty towards you.
Leo: Humph.//Be sure to do as you're told in the future. Serve me faithfully | in a way that doesn't warrant undue suspicion.
Wolf: Yes Mein Herr. | Your wish is my command.

Leo: This man manages a horse rental trade in Uri. | He's also one of the chiefs of the rebellion.//We're interrogating him about the location of their financial resources./But he persists in keeping silent.
Klaus: Hah... Hah...
Wolf: He may have sent off someone else/on a mission to move away the money, I presume.
Leo: ...... | What was that?/Would you happen to know something?
Wolf: I arrested someone at the checkpoint yesterday./A uncannily resourceful young lady. | I gathered there was a great chance she would be part of the conspirators.
Leo: Will you/deliver her to me if I give the order?
Wolf: Provided you leave her questioning to me.
Leo: Incorrigible./You will never learn.

Soldiers: Hey. | Quit dozing.//Wh | what is it?//The prisoner's moaning, or something. | Let's check it out.//!
Jo: Haa/Haa

Jo: My back/it's itching.//Scratch it for me/please.
Soldiers: Do-do-do | don't be silly./Like I could just do that.
Jo: Quick | I can't/bear it any longer
Soldiers: Gulp.//Come on. | Let me take a look.

Soldier: Who...//Whoa...

Soldier: Haa... | Haa...

Soldiers: So I told him back | you couldn't please a woman if your life depended on it.//And if you do. Well, she's a good comedian.//Ouch. | That was mean.
Jo: Hah/Hah//Hah/Hah//Hah/Hah.

Jo: The other side, at last.../Haa.../Haa...I made it...
Soldier: Stay where you are.

Soldier: Indeed I see/we cannot afford to let our guard down.//You managed to strangle two of our guards/and break out of your cell.//However/we can't go so far as to kill you//We are to capture you alive./Lest we find ourselves on the receiving end of Herr Wolfram's displeasure.//Close the door.//Do not strike to kill./Hit her with your swords' guards./Aye.

Soldiers: !/Damn it.

Soldiers: Raaaah/Stop scurrying around

Soldiers: Damn you/Little tart

Jo: Haa//Haa

Soldier: That//does it.//No more/mercy
Jo: Haa/Haa

Jo: Haa//Haa
Soldier: Blast it/You're not going...//anywhere.

Jo: (Master//I've made it/past the checkpoint.//I shall//deliver your seal without fail.)

Wolf: Jesus.//What do you think you're doing?//Now she's dead./She's of no more use to us this way.//What am I supposed to do/now that my task is no more?
Soldier: How do we dispose of this? | Mein Herr?
Wolf: Ummm//For now, she'll adorn the front of the gate quite nicely, I suppose./I'll let you handle it.//We did manage to get our hands on a corpse, after all.

Gal: Sorry./Please let me through.

Dudes: Tell me, boss | I don't believe this is ours?/What is it?//Mh? | Aah.//Well/The innkeeper back at the pass asked me//to deliver this for her/to a certain place.//Where? | Where are we headed?

Dudes: Lugano./What? | All the way to Bellinzona? | Why should we?//When such a great lay insists on something | there's no man on Earth who could refuse her...//I was so busy parading like a fool, you see | Made that crazy promise without thinking.//So. | Tell me/in the end, how many times did you get to do the deed?//Mhhh./.......... | Six.//If your wife finds out, things will get ugly./You. | Say a word and you're dead.

Gal: (Wolfsmund.)

Gal: (Arrogant fortress treading upon the people's resentment//One day/that resentment will swell till it's too great to be trampled underfoot.//Mark my words./The time will come when you are knocked down your throne, defeated.//And that day/that day will come soon.)

Narrator: Today at Wolfsmund/One person was executed | and exposed outside the gate.
Order of the Teutonic Knights|/b]
Simply put, the Teutonic Knights were German crusaders. They conquered and evangelized Prussia, on top of which they assumed administrative control of the land.

Back in the day, the Catholic Church was an actual country (and a very powerful one, at that), its sway both temporal and spiritual.

Germanic states, Bohemian states...
At this point in history, Germany, Italy and so on weren't exactly countries in the proper sense of the term. More like an unholy mess of independent city-states.

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#1. by Kaiten (Harasho)
Posted on Jul 18, 2011
Chapter one was really good, I'm looking forward to reading chapter two. Thanks Gottheim!
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