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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 4

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Aug 3, 2011 23:58 | Go to Shingeki no Kyojin

Shingeki no Kyojin volume 04.
Gantz Waiting Room.
You know the drill.
Table of Contents

Chapter 14
Primal Desire ~3~

Chapter 15
One by One ~49~

Chapter 16
Need ~87~

Chapter 17
Illusions of Force ~119~

Chapter 18
Now, what is to be done? ~153~

Black frame: They prey upon humans. Their intelligence is limited, and next to nothing is known of their way of life aside from they man-eating habits. They range from around 3 to 15 meters tall. Therefore, they have never been able to advance past the walls the humans have built. But one day, a "Colossal Titan" appeared, which was both intelligent and large enough to go beyond the 50 meters high wall.

Eren Jaeger.
Enamored with the world beyond the walls, he aims to enter the Scouting Legion. Somehow gains the ability to alter his shape into that of a Titan.

Mikasa Ackerman.
Graduates as the top student from the military academy. Sees her parents die right in front of her. She's been raised with Eren ever since, and doggedly insists on protecting him.

Armin Arlelt.
A childhood friend of Eren and Mikasa's. Feels that the other two have had to protect him since childhood for his lack of strength.

Grisha Jaeger.
A doctor, and Eren's father. Has been missing since the Titans' previous attack 5 years ago.

Grey frame: 100 years ago, humanity built three reinforced walls, over 50m high each, therefore securing an area where they could live peacefully, away from the Titans. But 5 years ago, a Colossal Titan even taller than the outer wall was high appeared suddenly. The Titans broke through the rampart and swarmed the outer area in large numbers, and humanity relinquished its outermost territory as a result. As of now, human activity has been restricted to the confines of the second wall (Wall Rose).

Chapter 14 - Primal Desire

Ian: ...Got him...//Is the damn thing dead already?!/!!
Dude: Asshole!!
Ian: Another one coming from below!/Dodge!!

Ian: Fall back for now!!/Team Mitabi, resume formation!!
Mika: This is Mikasa, sir. I'm back!//I'll be joining Team Mitabi!

Armin: Wake up, Eren. Eren?!//Are you in there somewhere?! | Eren?!//Don't just sit there, or the Titans will kill us!!//It's all gonna end right here!!

Eren: ...//I still don't get what you're talking about, Armin...//What would I need to go outside for...?//......//...That's right/What good is it out there.../what good is the Scouting Legion...?

Armin: Haa/Haa//Haa/....../Eren...

Armin: What happened to.../exploring the world outside? We were meant to.//Far, far beyond the wall.../there's flaming water/expanses of ice/and snowfields of sand, spreading as far as the eye can see.//I've been wondering if you still remembered it/but that conversation... is what gave me the impetus to enlist into the Scouting Legion, wasn't it?
Eren: ....../The world...//outside...?

Armin: Eren... answer me.//I know the first step we take outside the walls would begin our journey into Hell, but still//tell me, Eren/what did you want to see the outside world for?

Eren: ......//Why....?/....../I, uh...//......../I thought it was obvious...

Eren: It's because/this is the world I was born into!!

Gal: Leader... this is it.//We're the only ones left!!
Riko: ~~...!!//Withdraw towards the rock!!//?!

Mika: 5 Titans coming through the gate!
Ian: Step back for now!!/They're acting in accordance with Eren's condition!!

Mika: Eren...
Armin: Scores of Titans closing in from behind!!
Mika: Armin!!
Armin: Eren got the upper hand!!/Now he's busy doing his part...!!//Let us see Eren to the gate/and our victory is assured!!

Ian: ......!!//Guard him with your lives!!//We will protect Eren on his way to the gate even if it's the last thing we do!!

Ian: You two get back to Eren!!
Mika: ?!
Armin: Uh?!
Ian: That's an order!!/Understand?!
A&M: ...Yes sir!!
Ian: ?!//Team Mitabi...?!/What the......?!

Mit: Them Titans scum aren't snacking on us!!/Gotta run up to them till they do!!
Team: Over here, damnit!/Over here, or I'll shove my blade up your smelly ass!!//Here they come!!/It worked!!/Run!!/To the building!!

Armin: What the...!! Why'd they get down to the ground, this is suicide!!/You can't fight without horses or buildings around!!
Ian: Wrong.../This.../was the only option.//Proceed after Team Mitabi!!/Forcibly establish contact if you must. We're making ourselves the targets!!

Eren: (I feel......//like my body's going/to break apart...)

Eren: (......?!//Mikasa.../Armin...//What are you doing...?/You can't walk around here//you'll become Titan food...)

Armin: Tell me, Eren.../what did you want to see the outside world for?

Eren: We were all//born free/All of us.//Anyone tries to take that away from us, it's not gonna matter//how strong they are.

Eren: Flaming water, icy landscapes/or whatever//Whoever gets to see those things//can call themselves/the freeest person in the world.//Fight!!//That is the sort of thing/which is worth dying for.//The world out there might be a scary place/No matter.

Eren: The world out there might be cruel/No matter.

Eren: Just fight!!

Eren: Fight!!

Armin: G......

Eren: FIGHT!!

Riko: ......//Everyone....../died to pull this off...

Riko: Today, for the first time...//humanity/has the upper hand...
Gal: A yellow smoke bomb.../The operation...//has succeeded, sir.
Pix: Send reinforcements at once!!//Evacuate the Elite Squad!!
Riko: The remaining Titans are coming. Let's climb up the wall!!
Mika: We'll withdraw as soon as Eren recovers!

Armin: You're burning, man!!
Mika: Armin! How's Eren?!
Armin: He's positively baking with fever! We need to climb up the wall, now...!//Heck! He's still partially merged with that thing!/No matter how hard I pull he remains stuck in here!
Riko: Gotta cut him out, then!
Mika: Wa-wait!!

Mika: !!
Armin: Whoa!!//Unh......//Ah......

Mika: !!//Eren!!/Armin!!

Armin: !!//Mikasa?!//Uh?!
Mika: These are...
Eren: (The wings.../of liberty......)

Levi: Hey...//Kiddos.../Mind telling me...
Narrator: The Scouting Legion and the Stationary troops' engineering division showed up quickly afterwards
Levi: what's going one around here?
Narrator: endeavoring to make Wall Rose impervious to Titan intrusions once again.

Narrator: Humanity had repelled the Titans' advance for the first time, which was nothing short of an amazing accomplishment/but the people we'd lost to that end were far too many for actual rejoicing to take place.[/end

Narrator: 847
Chapter 15 - One by One.
Dude: ...Hey...//This land here should have been made cultivable before winter, am I right?/B... But most of our workers were kicked out and sent on that recovery mission one year ago...

Dude: Of that I am quite aware. But you should have thought of something. Maintaining production output up to the scheduled amounts is supposed to be your damn job./My... my apoligies, sir!/We're gonna be the ones who end up starving, at this rate.
Bloke: ....../The Military Police. So full of themselves.../for people who don't even know what a Titan looks like.../Quit rambling, you senile old fool. Don't give the kids any funny ideas.../Hey, kids...//You guys old enough for the trainees' squad, aren't you?/If you're gonna be soldiers, be sure not to become like those guys...

Eren: ...!//What's wrong, Armin?
Armin: Recovery mission, my foot.../they killed off my mom and dad to have less mouths to feed...//Yet look at them.../Look at them now.

Dude: Hey/You, there
Armin: Sir!

Dude: Who the hell are you?!
Armin: Armin Arlelt sir! From the Shiganshina district!!

Dude: Oh yeah?! Silly name, that!!/Your parents gave it to you?!
Armin: My grandfather did, sir!

Armin: To contribute towards humankind's victory, sir!!
Dude: That's what I like to hear!!/You're gonna make great Titan food if it comes to that.//Third line, look behind you!
Armin: ...!!
Dude: Who the hell are you?!!
Gal(?): Sir!

Dude: Look at them go.../You went through the same thing when you started out as a trainee, did you not?//This brings me back./Still... I don't get the point of that intimidation game...//It's a rite of passage./This is the degree of self-denial that is needed to cultivate the necessary qualities of a soldier into a complete newbie.//? ...What about that one over there? He's not telling her anything./Well...//She's been through the rite of passage already. There's no need.

Dude: A couple of years ago, it was Hell on Earth. I assume you people were there to see it.//It shows on your faces.//Who the hell are you?!
Jean: Jean Kirschtein, sir! From the Trost district!
Dude: What are you here for?!

Jean: .....//To enter the Military Police/and live in the inner district, sir.
Dude: I see! So that's where you wanna be, eh?
Jean: Yes sir!
Dude: Humph
Jean: !!
Dude: Hey there! Who authorized you to sit down?!!/You chicken out now, you're never gonna make it into the Police!!//Who the hell are you?!!
Marco: Marco Bodt, sir! From Jinae town in, in Wall Rose's southern district!

Dude: What are you here for?!
Marco: The Police Force, sir!/I want to enter the King's service!!
Dude: ....../That so...?//Well, I think that's great//you make that your goal./...That said//I doubt the King will find you to his taste. If you know what I mean.//NEXT!!/You, punk!! Who the hell are you?!!
Conny: Conny Springer, sir!/From the village of Ragako, in Wall Rose's southern district!

Dude: You got it backwards, Conny Springer...
Conny: ...!!
Dude: It must have been one of the first things you learned. This salute is meant to represent your resolve to commit your very heart to public service...//Is yourheart on the right side, Conny?
Conny: ......
Dude: ...!!
*munch munch*

Dude: You... there... What's the big idea?
Sasha: ?!//?
Sasha: ?!//......?!

Sasha: My name is Sasha Braus, sir!!/From the Village of Dauper, Wall Rose's southern district!
Dude: Sasha Braus.../What is that thing you're holding in your right hand?
Sasha: A steamed potato, sir!/It was in the kitchen, and I thought it was just what I needed! I didn't think this through!
Dude: You mean... you stole it.../Why did you.../pull out that potato to eat... now of all times...?
Sasha: .../...I wanted to eat it while it was still hot. There's no point otherwise.../So I reckoned it was now or never.
Dude: ...?!/Well... I don't get it./Why did you eat that potato?
Sasha: ...?/Is that a... "Why do people eat potatoes?" kind of question?

Sasha: ...
Dude: ......
Sasha: Ah!
Dude: !
Sasha: ......

Sasha: Here's half of it.../for you...
Dude: A...//a half...?

Conny: Man.../That potato girl is still running, she is.
Eren: Uh?//It's been like 5 hours straight. Wow. Just wow.//The whole thing about running till near death didn't get to her/quite as much as the moment she was told to skip lunch.
Conny: I do remember something about Dauper being a remote, scarcely populated village of hunters inside the mountains.
Marco: I'm surprised to hear those still exist...//By the way, we never got to hear where you're from.../Where did you live?

Eren: I'm from Shiganshina, just like him./I lived there till I was 12... before moving to the landfill.
Marco: ...I see. So that's your story...
Conny: That means/you were in Shiganshina the day it happened!
Marco: Hey. Easy, there!
Conny: Did you see it?//Did you get to see the Colossal Titan?!
Eren: Yeah.......

Eren: ...../For the thousandth time...
Eren: Yes I got to see it.
Kids: For real?!/How big is it?!
Eren: Big enough for its head so show above the wall.
Kids: What?! It could straddle the wall, I heard!/Me too!!/That's what they said in my village too!
Eren: Nah... It wasn't quite that big.
Kids: What did its face look like?
Eren: It was mostly skinless, with a huge mouth.
Kids: What about the "Armored Titan" that broke Wall Maria?
Eren: I saw that one too.*Oooooooooh*
Eren: But despite the name, it looked just like your average Titan to me.
Kids: Well, then....../what does the average Titan look like?!

Eren: Ugh...
Marco: ...Enough with the questioning, folks./Some things are best left forgotten.
Conny: Sorry! Must have reminded you a lot of unpleasant stuff...!
Eren: Hah!

Eren: Wrong...
Marco: Uh?
Eren: Titans... aren't such a big deal, when you come down to it./Once we get used to the three dimensional maneuver gear they'll be nothing to write home about!

Eren: Screw stone-picking and weeding. We're training to be soldiers at last!/My emotions just got the better of me, that's all.
Marco: I-if you say so...
Eren: Then, I can enter the Scouting Legion.../and wipe the Titans off the surface of the Earth!//When that happens...
Jean: Hello? Are you insane?//Did you say something about joining the Scouting Legion?
Eren: ! Yeah... I did.//!//If memory serves.../you're that guy who wants to join the Military Police to chill, right?

Jean: Honest is what I am.../A lot more than some guy who puts on a brave facade even as deep down, he's pissing his pants, anyway.
Eren: Listen to yourself. Think you're smart, eh?/You talking about me, mister Smartypants?
Jean: Oh. My bad.
Eren: ?!
Jean: I have that bad habit of always speaking what's on my mind. | Never meant to upset you.

Marco: Dinner's over. Time to tidy up.
Jean: I don't mean to dismiss your opinion./What everyone does with their lives is their own business.
Eren: It's alright./I was a bit too eager to pick a fight myself .
Jean: Sure. Let's forget about it and be friends, okay?
Eren: Yep.
Jean: He... Hey, you...!
Mika: !

Mika: ?
Jean: Er... Ahem. Uuh.../Never saw anyone who looked like you before... Ah, dang it...
Mika: ......//Sorry.../You have beautiful black hair...
Mika: Thank you.

Eren: The heck? No, I wasn't getting into a fight./

Mika: I take my eyes off you for a second and this si what happens...
Eren: Here we go again.../But more importantly...//Ain't your hair a bit too long?/Great way to get into an accident during the maneuver drills.
Mika: Yeah. Alright, I'll cut it./But... how short do you think it should be?
Conny: Ow!!

Conny: H... Hey, man!! Does my shirt look like tissue to you?!//What the heck have you wiped in there?/...?!
Jean: My trust.../in others...
Sasha: Pant/Pant.//Finished.../at last...

Sasha: (He did have me... run till I almost died, he did.../And here I thought I'd find some nice things to eat when I left my......//village...//I bet I'll have starved to death by tomorrow morning...//So many.../things left I... wanted to...... eat...)

Sasha: Huh!!//(What's this?!)//BREEAAAD!!
Gal: It's not much, but I thought you could use some.//Well... Still... might be better to drink some water first...

Sasha: (Uh?//God?)//My God, is that You?
Gal: Uh?
Sasha: Is that You?
Gal: Be-be quiet about it!
Freckles: Hey there!
Gal: Hic!!
Sasha: My Lord and Savior.
Freckles: What do you think you're doing?
Gal: Um, well... She's done nothing but run for a while, so
Freckles: Not Potato Girl/You./What do YOU think you're doing?
Gal: Me?

Freckles: I saw you hide that loaf during dinner, and it pissed me off...//Just like those kids who raise a pet behind their parents' back, you know...//Now.../tell me...//you think you're doing the right thing, huh?//Did you do it for Potato Girl?/Is the sense of accomplishment and exaltation you get out of this worth the effort?
Gal: Uh......

Gal: I.../I... chose to do this because.../I wanted to be seen as somebody you can count upon...//Is that it...?
Freckles: Huh?/Like hell I'd know...//Anyway... Let's get Potato Girl to her bed.
Gal: Uh?!
Freckles: You'd have a hard time carrying her on your own, wouldn't you?//......
Gal: Ahem...//Why would YOU/choose to do the "right thing"?
Freckles: If I do her a favor she'll owe me... That's why. I can bank on her stupidity.

Dude: First thing, let's see if you're good for something!/Just tie the ropes to both sides of your waists, and hang down from there!!//Use your full-body belts for balance!/Those who can't manage that will be used as bait!//We'll send you to the landfills, we will.

Guy: This is but the most basic step. But from there we can get a good grasp of your general aptitude.//Mh......//That girl, there... Look at her.//This is what I call perfect...
Mika: ....
Guy: She knows exactly what to do and how to do it... That's what I mean by aptitude.//Mmh... I'll say//we have many competent people this time around.
Bloke: Um.../That one...
Guy: ...Speaking of aptitude/if some people can perform much better than others...

Guy: the exact opposite is equally true.

Dude: What's the big idea, Eren Jaeger?!!/Upper body up!!
Eren: (Uh...?//What's going on...?//How did.../this happen...?//You gotta... be kidding me./It wasn't meant to go down this way......)[/end

Mika: just follow the basics, you should be able to pull it off./Don't go for anything exceptional.//Keep the muscles in your body taut. And let your lower body relax./Concentrate on your front and back balance only. Impart your weight onto the belts on your waist and the back of your legs. Easy.
Armin: Be calm about it, and it should work out./Even I can do this and I suck at physical stuff.
Eren: ...This time around I'm sure I'm gonna make it./Pull me up, Armin!
Armin: Here goes.

Armin: Uh?!
Mika: Eh?!

Chapter 16 - Need.

Kids: Hey... Ain't that the guy from last night...?/He was like, "I'm gonna slaughter them Titans to the last", wasn't he?//I hear he almost killed himself on basic position control training./Seriously...? Can't imagine how someone could fail at THAT...//What happened to this guy, for him to want to wipe 'em Titans out?
Mika: Eren.
Kids (bottom bubble): Beats me... They're gonna kick him out evenutally, at this rate./(top bubble) It's not like we can afford to waste food on the useless.
Mika: Eren.//Eren!
Eren: Ow.

Armin: Worrying about it won't make much of a difference, you know./If you pull it off tomorrow everything will be okay./More importantly, you should eat in order to recover from your bloodloss.
Eren: ......//...What if.../what if I can't pull it off tomorrow...?//I won't...... I won't know what to do with myself...
Armin: Come on already. It's no use losing sleep over it for now.
Eren: This is pathetic.../How am I supposed to deal with them in those conditions...?
Mika: Maybe you should just forget....../about the whole extermination thing.
Eren: ...Huh?!
Armin: Eh?
Mika: If you're not cut out for this, well that's just the way it is./If you can barely pull your weight, the only thing you'll manage is to die pointlessly./All your dreams and efforts will have been for naught.
Eren: ....../Wha...//Say what...?
Mika: You don't have to be a soldier is what I'm saying./Supporting humankind as a manufacturer is also an option.//Fighting is not just about tossing your life out the window.
Eren: What... what the eff...//I trust I needn't remind you of what I saw on that day...?/And you think your little argument is gonna convince me?

Armin: ......
Mika: ...Still//How resolute you are is hardly important.
Eren: Uh? What do you mean? Let's hear it.
Mika: Whether you become a soldier or not is not for you to decide...
Eren: Uh...//(Bitch)/I know that...)

Eren: (True enough, I shouldn't even think of it so long as I can't even pull that trick off...//It's only logical... I got no way to argue against that for the moment.//You're pretty much telling me to shut the hell up...//Eh, Miss I-can-do-whatever-like-it's-no-one's-business!)
Mika: ...!//I'm not saying... you'd be the only one going back to the landfills...
Eren: Let's go, Armin.
Armin: Yup
Mika: When that happens, I'll be going too...//So...//you shouldn't let it trouble you.

Sasha: Mh?/Pardon?/What you mean?//I can have that if I want, you say?

Freckles: What're you doing eh, Sasha?
Sasha: YE-YES!
Freckles: What happened to taking care of me and Christa's part of that water-drawing chore?
Sasha: Ye-yes, right away, my savior. My God... Hehehe.
Freckles: Surely you don't value that life of yours we rescued so lightly.
Christa: You can't do that. Stop it...
Mika: ......

Conny: A hint?/Sorry bro... but I'm a genius, y'see./Aside from "feel it" there's not much I can tell you.
Jean: Me on the contrary, I wouldn't mind taking a few lessons/in the art of not going bonkers after being caught in such an embarrassing position...
Eren: Gu... Guys, I just begged for your help, right there.
Marco: Easy, easy.//Other than Conny and Jean, those two over there were deemed pretty good at it./If memory serves...

Bert: Uuuuhm... A hint about position control, uh...
Eren: Please!/I heard you two were great at this.//Berthold.../Reiner...

Reiner: Sorry, bro... but I can't think of an trick that involves being suspended.
Eren: ......
Reiner: No useful advice to help you keep your hopes up, I'm afraid.
Eren: I see...
Armin: All we can do is bank on things turning out okay tomorrow...
Bert: ......//You guys are from the infamous Shiganshina district, aren't you?
Armin: Yes... yes we are...
Bert: Then... you should know firsthand just how scary those Titans are.//So...... why do you still want to become soldiers?

Armin: Eeeerm.//It's not like... I got to face the Titan threat up close and personal./As for why I didn't remain on the landfill...//I couldn't just sit back and watch as the royal government enforced that outrageous recovery operation.../I'm physically weak and none too confident, so I can't quite imagine... how I could accomplish anything...//but if there's one thing I can't do.../it's to stand there and do nothing.
Bert: I-Isee...
Eren: The same more or less goes for me too...
Armin: If you don't mind my asking/where are you guys from?

Bert: ......//Reiner and I
Reiner: come from a village in the mountains, southeast of Wall Maria...
Eren: ...!!
Armin: Uh?! But that's...
Bert: You said it... Unlike that prosperous town alongside the river, we weren't informed immediately when the wall was broken./Whatever the case, the Titans got there before the information did.//It was dawn... The livestock was making such a ruckus, it was as if hell had broken loose./And the ground was resonating in kind. Increasingly louder, and in a way that was unfamiliar... | By the time I'd figured out those were footsteps, and opened my window to look

Bert: After that... I don't remember much... It was pandemonium out there. For everyone./We took our horses and fled all the way to Wall Shina.//I take it you guys did the same?
Eren: We worked at the landfill for a couple of years, which brings us where we are now... Pretty much, yeah...

Reiner: Jeez... What possessed you to start blurting out that story like that?
Bert: So... Sorry.../Uumm... Well, what I meant to say is that...//You aren't quite like those other guys, are you?
Eren: What guys?
Bert: All of them out there who came here, ignorant of the dread thing that is a Titan./They're here mostly to uphold society's expectations of them...//By now, those who turn to manufacturing when they hit their 12th year are regarded as spineless cowards.../since after the fall of Wall Maria, public opinion did a total 180. So they go with the flow, and become soldiers in training. | But even then, they're not exactly eager to join the Scouting Legion. More like the Police force. And if that's not an option, then the Stationnary troops, in the hopes of being transferred to the Police force from there...

Bert: I'm as much of a coward as they are.
E&A: Eh?
Bert: Since I'm pretty fit, and all... I thought I'd aim for service in the Police force, with all the privileges that entails./If that's not possible, I may outright quit the whole thing...//I have.../No will of my own.//I envy you guys... for having something you value more than your own lives...
Eren: Considering what happened to you.../it's hardly surprising that you'd value your own life, right?

Eren: I may have wanted to join the Scouting Legion even before the wall was broken/but to think like that you'd have to be touched in the head... | So I guess that makes ME the freak.
Reiner: Mh...?/So you mean...//even after running into a Titan/you still haven't changed your mind?
Eren: We... Well, now that we come down to it, it's more about whether I can become a soldier at all.../I've been taught a mighty lesson in fear alright/but I wanna kill them a lot more than they scare me./Kill them all... to the last.[tn: It's been going on for a while now but in Japanese, Eren's way of saying "to the last" -一匹残らず- (ippiki nokorazu), uses "ippiki" (一匹), which is a counter for small animals and bugs, instead of the more appropriate "ittou" (一頭), which covers the big ones. This is a means to convey his scorn.]
Reiner: ......

Reiner: Me too...//I got something too. Something I'll never deviate from...//There's no more going back. But I still wanna see my hometown again./That is all I am about...

Reiner: I'll do it... no matter what it takes.
Eren: Sure...
Reiner: Check out your belt again. Make sure it's well-adjusted.
Eren: ...
Reiner: Tomorrow things should work out okay...//You have it in you, of that I'm certain./Eren Jaeger, was it?
Eren: Yeah. Thanks a bunch.../Reiner Braun, right?

Dude: Eren Jaeger/are you ready?//The ability to operate three dimensional maneuver gear is the absolute lowest requirement for a soldier./If you cannot do this, we'll send you back to the landfill... Understand?
Eren: Yes sir!

Eren: (I'll do this!/I'll do this or die trying!//I might have no aptitude for this, but still...//when it comes to sheer guts, I'm second to no one!)
Dude: Begin.
Eren: To hell with logic!/Absurd as it might be!//Guts is still all I've got!

Eren: And it is my weapon!

Kids: Oooh!!
Eren: (Hell yeah...//I did it!!)

Dude: !
Eren: No...//Not yet...!
Dude: Put him down.

Eren: I-I'm still!!/I'm not!!
Dude: Put him down now.
Eren: I'm not...

Dude: Wagner.
Wag: Sir.
Dude: Exchange your equipment with Jaeger's.
Eren: (Wha...//How come?!/I did it. ...Right off the bat...)

Eren: What on Earth...
Dude: Faulty material.//The metallic fixtures on your belt were damaged./Normally it goes up to the waist, so that even if you're overturned, your head shouldn't hit the ground.
Eren: Uh?/This is the first time I hear such a thing. I never knew those bits could be damaged.
Dude: You're gonna have to get yourself some new, proper gear.
Eren: What the...!//The-then.../what about my military aptitude...?
Dude: ....../No problem... Train hard.

Eren: (Hell yeah!//I did it!//Whaddaya think, Mikasa?!//I can do this!/I can fight 'em Titans!!//Now you can't be a frickin' pain in my bum anymore!!)
Mika: ...!

Reiner: Looks like the miracle happened...
Armin: If that look on his face is not triumph, I don't know what is.
Mika: It isn't.//He's thinking about how he won't have to stay close to me anymore, and it makes him happy...
Dude: (He doesn't look particularly skilled, but.../but... still...//for a moment, he actually managed to maintain his posture with this defective material/and I'm not so sure another would have done it...//Grisha... today, your son.../has become a soldier.)[/end

Frame: Information currently available for public disclosure.
8.Practicing with three dimensional maneuver gear.

Practicing with three dimensional gear is a demanding, unforgiving affair. Humans are creatures used to move in two dimensions, and this training involves accommodating them to a third one. Physical strength is the most important of all, especially in the lower body. Anti-G capacity (females are particularly good at this) and a good perception of space come a close second, however. It takes above-average willpower, especially to avoid panicking upon suddenly realizing that one is in midair. To that end, they'll perform activities such as bungee jumping, apparatus gymnastics, on top of which the instructors might deliberately cut off their lifelines to test their reactions (in layman's terms, a "surprise attack" of sorts). This training is hardly anyone's definition of safe, but those who die while undertaking it would have stood no chance in front of a Titan anyway. Therefore, those who do complete it achieve strong morale and great self-confidence.
[Designed in collaboration with: Kodachi Ukyou - Miwa Kiyomune]

Chapter 17 - Illusions of Force.
Eren: Humph!!

Narrator: -Two years after their recruitment-
Reiner: Oooww... Next time, YOU do the bad guy.//Jeez... How can you toss around a big guy like me...?
Eren: Sorry... I'm not so good at holding back.
Reiner: You're pretty damn familiar with brawling aren't you?
Eren: When I was in town, there was that crazy big kid bully, I used to play with...
Reiner: Uh-huh...
Eren: That said... What's this training about? | Soldiers fighting other people? I'd hate to see that happen.
Reiner: Don't let the instructor hear you...
Eren: I mean, only an idiot would deal with his mark without a weapon in the first place.

Reiner: Then what do you do?
Eren: Run for it of course.
Reiner: That's irresponsible...
Eren: You don't understand. And that wooden knife doesn't help./If that hand to hand move does work at all... that just means you've been lucky.//In real life.../if it fails, nine times out of ten you go bye-bye.

Eren: It isn't some child's play...
Reiner: ...//I know where you're coming from.//But you see... I think that's an all the more irresponsible thing to do.//We're soldiers, are we not?
Eren: ......
Reiner: Sometimes, you just can't back out. No matter how bad your chances./When something you have to protect is threatened, you have no choice but to step in and defend it.

Reiner: We must stand ready to use force, be it a cannon, or hand to hand combat. And this, no matter the foe./That, in my opinion...///is the responsibility of the strong/A soldier's responsibility...
Eren: ...//The only child here/is me.//I'm just a kid who knows nothing except letting out his own feelings/just as I did that one time...
Reiner: Ugh... Listen to me being a preachy smartass.../Let's get back to training.
Eren: I never even considered... the responsibility that came with power.
Reiner: Mh?//Hey... Check that out...
Eren: Mh?

Eren: Aah... Annie, you mean...
Reiner: She's good at avoiding the instructor, she is. He hasn't busted her lazy slacker's ass yet.//...//Alright, Eren/I suggest we teach her a thing or two about knife fighting.
Eren: Uh?
Reiner: Time for another sermon. To the dilettante, this time./Let us teach her... what being a soldier's all about.
Annie: ......

Reiner: Don't fancy the instructor's headbutt, do ya?//If you don't wanna get even shorter than you already are/remember what it was like whenyou came here, and put your serious hat on.
Eren: Uh? Man, what kind of pretext is that...?//...//(Ah...!//She's mad alright.../I always thought she looked scary... but it's nothing next to when she gets really angry...
Reiner: C'mon! Let's get started, Eren!

Eren: !/Annie?//This is formal training against bladed weapons, remmber?/You do know how it's done, don't you?//Here goes!

Eren: !!//Ick?!

Eren: Whh.../what the...//I got... kicked in the leg?
Annie: Can I go, now?
Eren: Oooww...
Reiner: We're not done yet! The drill continues until you can retrieve the knife!
Eren: ......Hey there!! Not so fast.
Annie: ......
Eren: Wai...!!//Wait, Annie!/There's a way to go about this, I'm telling you!

Eren: Ngah!!//Unh!!

Reiner: .....
Annie: There.
Reiner: !

Annie: Now it's your turn to attack me.
Reiner: We... well.../I...
Eren: Do it, Reiner.
Reiner: !!
Eren: It's your responsiblity... as a soldier.../You taught me that, didn't you?[tn: Bitch!!]
Reiner: ......//Yeah... Some situations a soldier can't walk out of.//And this is one of them.

Reiner: ......
Eren: Reiner's nearly twice as big as you and you sent him flying...//...//Awesome technique, that.
Annie: ...!
Eren: Who taught it to you?
Annie: ......//.../My father did...

Eren: Did your father create that move?
Annie: ....../Does it matter...?
Eren: Uh?
Annie: It's not like what we're doing here is gonna serve any purpose.
Eren: ....../You mean this training? What makes you think that......?
Annie: Close combat against people won't award you any credit./Those who are dead serious about their application for inland service, like myself, don't sweat it over that sort of thing...

Annie: They use it to get a reprieve from the grueling practice.//Then, there are those like yourselves, whose honesty pushes into stupid territory.//Those who are stupid, plain and simple...//Ah...
Conny: ----
Sasha: ----
Eren: Oh crap! The instructor.
Annie: Anyway... The three dimensional maneuver is where you score the most, so there's no point in doing something else.
Eren: !!
Annie: Cause the rest is not about becoming a full-fledged soldier, but claiming the privileges of the inland.

Annie: Because in this world, the greater your aptitude to deal with the Titans is, the farther you're able to get away from them.//In your opinion, what is the point of such a farce?
Eren: ...Well
Annie: !
Eren: I wouldn't know!//!//Whoa
Annie: Human nature. How's that for an explanation?
Eren: Unh...!

Annie: My dad was just like you guys... | high on some ridiculous pipe dream of an ideal...//As a child, I knew deep down how worthless those techniques were... but I was forced to learn them anyway, and I had no choice in the matter...//I am no longer stupid enough/to derive amusement from playing at being soldiers./Not in that piece of shit we call a world.
Eren: ......
Annie: You're definitely not cut out to be a soldier, eh...

Jean: At this point, you breathe out forcefully, just for a second./The you, make use of the inertia, and you can get away with a minimal energy expenditure.
Eren: ...
Jean: Well... It's not the sort of thing that can be done by just anyone, though.
Armin: Eren's right. Before the destruction of Wall Maria, only the Scouting Legion had any real use for the three dimensional maneuver. | Small wonder it would decline in such conditions. | By the same token,to increase your chances of making it to the inland, you had no choice but not to neglect your hand to hand skill. As for how this hasn't changed once the wall was destroyed, it's because the folks from the inland call the shots, and

Eren: If that trend keeps up, someday.../(They're improving their goddman Titan-killing skills to get AWAY from the Titans.)
Armin: Eren, are you listening?
Eren: (Yeah, it's a farce alright.)
Jean: Okay, I know I'm good at that maneuver thing/but don't go about advertising it too much. I could do without all the extra rivals.
Eren: Hey.../Jean...
Jean: What is it, Eren?
Eren: Tell me.../don't you find it funny?/Honing your Titan-busting techniques in an effort to get as far away from them as you can, I mean.

Jean: ....../Yeah... you're probably right.//But that's the way it works, so you gotta deal with it./The same silliness applies to all, even a guy like me.
Eren: You slimy piece of shit!!
Jean: Don't get all butthurt over your own lack of talent!
Kids: Here we go again!/Not again./Don't they ever stop...?

Eren: Tell me, then!!/How are we supposed to defeat them Titans?!!/How, when all the competent people go lock themselves up inside......?
Jean: Don't ask me, I wouldn't know.../...I mean//YOU GOTTA BE SHITTING ME...!!
Eren: Wut??!

Eren: ...Dick//don't pull so hard on my clothes/you're gonna ruin them, damnit!!
Jean: Your clothes? Who gives a crap?!/I'd kill just to be in your shoes!
Eren: What are you talking about?/I suggest you cut the crap now...//!//(......That's right.../he is...)

Eren: (the same guy I was not so long ago/wearing his heart on his sleeve//Now... I'm different./Now I'm//a soldier!)

Eren: (I'm gonna use my technique to bring the situation under control.)
Jean: Ouch. that hurt...!

Jean: You prick!! What was that about?!
Eren: This trick I just used//is a martial art move I went through hell to pick up/while you were out there chilling.//A life of A life spent in indolence, following your every whim. That's your idea of reality?/And yet.../somehow...//you still dare call yourself a soldier?

Jean: What do you call a soldier, then?//!!
Eren: ?!
Dude: What was that huge noise I heard a couple of minutes ago?//Anyone out here care to explain...?

Mika: That was just the sound of Sasha farting sir.
Sasha: Uuh?!
Dude: You again...
Sasha: !!
Dude: Learn some self-restraint, will you.
Eren: That was a close call, Jean.
Jean: ...
Eren: A little bit more/and that petty scuffle would have cost you your place in the Police force.
Jean: Can't say I'm happy, though.../We'll never settle the scores, at this rate.

Jean: But I can't get into a fight as long as I'm part of this establishment.
Eren: I know a good way we can sort this out.//We do have opportunities to trade blows openly, do we not?/I look forward to being able to rip you a new one.

Eren: ...//Hey, Annie?//Is it me... or is Jean actually exerting himself?
Annie: ......Looks like it...//Not that he's intent on becoming a good soldier or anything//he just wants to be able to kick the crap out of you.
Eren: You don't say.../Still...//he's serious about his close combat training now.

Dad: Good going, Annie!/That's my little girl!!
Eren: But hey, am I a good kicker or what?/I picked it up from watching you at it but it worked out great, I'll say.
Annie: Ha...//That was hopeless./A complete trainwreck.
Eren: Why.../Where did I get it wrong?
Annie: .../If you like that technique so much//maybe I can teach it to you?

Eren: uh? Thanks, but I'll pass./Those kicks in the legs hurts, you know.
Annie: Come on, you don't have to hold back one bit.[/end

Frame: Information currently available for public disclosure.
9.Ultra-hardened steel.

A material created exclusively in industrial towns. It combines solidity with flexibility, which makes it the only material to date that is able to cut into Titan flesh. Featuring folding lines implemented through a specific forging process, these "half-edged blades" are very well-known anti-Titan weapons. The blastfurnaces found in industrial towns are indispensable to the smelting of ultra-hardened steel, which means they cannot be forged anywhere else.
Then again, ultra-hardened steel required the addition, in small quantities, of several rare metals, although what materials and in what proportions remains top secret, industrial town-only information.
[Designed in collaboration with: Kodachi Ukyou - Miwa Kiyomune]

Chapter 18 - Now, what is to be done?
Dude: What's the matter, Arlelt?/You're the only one who's lagging behind!//Is that load too heavy for you?!/Should I make an exception and let you drop your equipment?!
Armin: .../.../...Kh

Armin: Ha...//Da....../Damnit...
Reiner: Give me that, Armin!
Armin: Reiner...
Reiner: If you keep up like that you'll fail.
Armin: If you do that/they're gonna fail you too...
Reiner: If you don't want them to find out, just get cracking...!/Now, before I change my mind!
Dude: ......//Reiner Braun. Strong-willed, with a solid constitution./Most adept at gaining the trust of his comrades.

Armin: ....../This is just some luggage./I'd rather die than have it this way.
Reiner: What the?! Hey?!
Dude: Armin Arlelt. Subpar physical aptitude by a soldier's standards/but allegedly a genius when it comes to theoretical courses.//Should he ever find his own niche/then probably......

Jean: Damnit/Annie and Berthold again...

Guy: Annie Leonhardt. She strikes with a perfect penetration angle... Her blows carve in deep into the target./She's a solitary type, and solidarity doens't come to her easily.//Berthold Huber. Highly proficient in various hand to hand combat styles... He seems to have great potential.../However, he lacks in self-confidence, and tends to leave it to others whenever it comes to showing some assertiveness.
Jean: Forget about cutting deep, I just can't compete.../Well, then//Gotta spot the Titans first and score points that way.
Annie: !
Jean: If I don't make it into the Police, no one will!

Dude: Jean Kirschtein. Highly competent at the three dimensional maneuver, and highly skilled at using it efficiently./He's also good at asserting his situation at any given time, but is far too prompt to unsheathe his sword. He is also prone to spark conflicts.
Jean: !!//Here it is......//Now it's MY turn to.../?!//Conny!!/Asshole...
Conny: Following him was a good idea.

Conny: Thanks a bunch, Jean!
Dude: Conny Springer. Good balance. Especially good at making tight turns./But he's slow to the uptake, and his grasp of strategy is often less than perfect.
Conny: ?!//Wha...//Sasha!!
Sasha: Yaaaay!!

Dude: Sasha Braus. Lightning fast, with an uncanny intuition./But her eccentricity makes her unfit for group operations.
Sasha: I've been tailing you from above, Conny. And it was worth it!
Conny: Bloody hell.
Jean: Damnit! Go follow someone else!
Conny: You hear that, Sasha! Stop following us!

Bloke: Here comes.

Dude: Mikasa Ackerman. A prodigy who excels in the most difficult courses./She's an unprecedented genius, deserving nothing short of top grades.//Eren Jaeger. No particular talent aside from his excellent close combat skills./But he's been slowly but steadily improving his grades through outstanding effort, and his sense of purpose is stronger than anyone else's.
Eren: Humph!

Eren: Hgh...
Jean: That was low, folks.//I'd spotted that target before you, I did...
Conny: ?
Sasha: Low, you say?//What a half baked thing to say, Jean./Since when does one need to show manners when stealing someone's prey?

Conny: That's right. It's your fault for having it stolen.
Jean: Sheesh... Your logic of hunting yokels makes no sense to me!
Marco: Oh, well... We should be thankful everyone made it through the exam without a scratch.
Eren: ......//Hey, Marco?/You've been finding them targets first, but then you'd like, leave them to someone else...//Don't you wanna enter the Police force?/You need to score good, don't you?
Marco: Yeah...//To improve one another's skill, we need to compete, I believe./But no matter what... I can't help but considering a real battle situation.

Marco: As in, since I'm the slowest and all, I should draw the Titans' attention while the rest strike at them from behind./Though it was kinda pointless seeing as this test was about measuring our offensive capability...//To think I want to join the Police force/I've always looked up to it.
Eren: I see... You're what one might call a natural leader.
Marco: Uh?
Eren: Sounds like the right job for you, eh?/What with the efficient thinking, the attention to detail... | I won't mind joining a team if you're the one who's running it.
Sasha: I want in your team too./Sounds like a good survival plan.
Marco: If.../If you say so...

Jean: The battle planification trainees' squad in Trost, uh?/Count me in with Marco, then. I could use the good luck.//I don't wanna be in the same squad as some pointlessly suicidal asshole./I wouldn't survive even 10 seconds...
Eren: Wait a minute.../You talking about someone in particular?
Jean: Make a guess. I'm sure you can find who I mean.
Marco: Take it easy, you two.
Conny: ?
Sasha: Here we go again. Jean and his roundabout declarations of love...
Jean: Can it, Potato girl...
Sasha: ?! ...I thought everybody'd forgotten about that.
Conny: Hey, Jean? I don't think there's anyone out there go goes by the same "some suicidal asshole"?
Jean: ...You shut up too, Conny.//Ugh... I'm tired...
Marco: ...

Marco: I think you'd make a better leader, Jean.
Jean: Me? You can't be serious./Courage ain't no quality of mine.//What makes you think that?
Marco: Well//Don't take this the wrong way.../but you...

Jean: ...Hey

Jean: Marco.../Is that..... you......?

Doc: Trainee. Do you know his name?/......
Jean: I though I hadn't seen much of him.../but......//Him of all people.../that's just insane/...Marco.../what happened?//So...//Somebody....../...Anybody.../Anyone who saw his last moments...

Doc: Do you know his name?/If so, I could use a prompt answer.//...You need to understand, trainee./It's been two days since the hole was blockaded with that stone.//Yet we still aren't done retrieving all the corpses./At this rate, we're facing a risk of widespread contamination. | We have to prevent yet another catastrophe.

Doc: You don't have time to spare grieving over your friend at the moment./Understood?
Jean: 104th... trainees' corps./Leader of... th 19th squad/Marco Bodt...
Doc: Marco, eh... Thank God you know his name./You may proceed.

Sasha: What's all this...?

Dude: Ugh.../The Titans' regurgitated remains.//They do not appear to have digestive organs, you see./They eat people, and when their bellies are full, they throw it right back up.
Sasha: ...Oh my God...
Dude: Damn it... Look at this mess./How are we supposed to tell all those people apart now?
Annie: Forgive me...

Annie: I'm sorry...
Reiner: Apologizing won't make any difference./Let's get the memorial service over with.//....../After all that training...

Reiner: Logistics procession./Horseriding.//Hand to hand combat.//Strategy courses./Craftsmanship.//The maneuver.

Conny: All that hard work...//all the things.../we've done...//was it all... for nothing...?

Jean: (Everybody's having second thoughts.//If we'd known what kind of hell was awaiting us, we wouldn't have chosen to become soldiers./Exhausted and broken as we are now... nothing else comes to mind.//Hey... Marco.//Say... which one of those bones was yours again...?/I can't remember...//If only I hadn't become a soldier...//If only I hadn't met you guys.../I would've gotten away without having to worry about who's next...)

Eren: You're not even going to improve your combat skills?/You'll make a great Titan snack, you will.
Jean: (Bitch. I didn't want to hear it from you, but still... I've learned my lesson./Gotta fight. There's no way around it...//But... even then, I'm not gonna turn into a dumbass like you.../Everyone is not...//strong like you...
MArco: Don't take this the wrong way.../but you...

Marco: you're not exactly what I'd call strong./So you're well-placed to understand what the weak feel like.
Jean: ...What the hell?
Marco: It makes you adept at judging any situation with accuracy./So you know exactly what to do at all times. Know what I'm saying?

Marco: Well... I'm about the same myself, you see. You could say most people are quite weak.../So any order given by someone with whom all can see eye to eye//will ring true no matter what kind of mess you're in.
Jean: What now... | What is.../to be done...?

Jean: Hey... guys...//We're still supposed to chose what branch to serve in./Have you picked one yet?

Jean: I've made my decision.//I will//......//I will...//enlist into the Scouting Legion.

Narrator: We spent an entire day inside the Trost district, cleaning up the aftermath of the Titan attack./During that time, the reinforced cannons up the walls kept firing without a moment's pause.//Most of the Titans that had gathered within the walls were obliterated by the explosives./And the Scouting Legion disposed of the remaining handful//successfully capturring a couple of them alive int he process.

Elvin: You spent three days in a coma, only to awake now? Over so little...?//Eren./Do you have any questions?
Eren: ......//(These two are the Scouting Legion's absolute best./Chief Elvin...//and Lance Corporal Levi.)//Uh... Hum...

Eren: Where am I?//.....
Elvin: You can probably see that for yourself, but this is an underground cell./Your person is currently under the Police force's responsibility.//We've finally been allowed to talk to you, barely a few moments ago.
Levi: ...
Eren: What's next?/And... what about the trainees who were hanging around with me?!
Elvin: We're hearing them out./Them, as well as anyone else who might know something of your past.

Elvin:What we're going to do from now on/won't be much of a change from how it's been so far.
Eren: Hey...//I know that key...
Elvin: Sure you do... It's yours./You can have it back later.//Back at your parents'/in Doctor Jaeger's basement in Shiganshina | lies the answer to the Titan question.//Am I mistaken?
Eren: No, sir... Probably not... Or so my father said.
Levi: You lose your memory, and your daddy goes missing, eh...?/Now THAT'S convenient...
Elvin: Levi... I thought we'd already established that he had no reason to lie.

Elvin: There are still a few things I would like to know, however... As of now/I belive we should ask you what it is you want.
Eren: ...!/What I want?
Elvin: To inspect your house, we'd have to recover Shiganshina, in Wall Maria./The door there has been broken. Blockading it rapidly |would require us to resort to... that Titan's power of yours.//Like it or not, the Titans have a definite influence on our fates./The Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan follow the same principles as you do, presumably...

Elvin: Your will is the "key"./The "key" that can allow humanity to escape this hopeless situation.
Eren: ....../I...//I, uh...
Levi: Hello... We don't have all day, you little piece of trash./What is it you wanna do?

Eren: I wanna join the Scouting Legion.../and murder them Titans, sir.
Levi: Oh-hoh...//Not bad.

Levi: ...Elvin./Tell the higher-ups | that I'll be vouching for him.//Not that I trust him in the least./I just wanna be around to kill him if he ever goes rogue and starts a rampage.//I doubt the top brass will disagree.../I'm the only one fit for the job, after all...//Alright, son. You're in./Consider yourself a member of the Scouting Legion...

To be Continued in Volume 5.[/end

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