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Shingeki no Kyojin Volume 5

+ posted by Gottheim as translation on Sep 13, 2011 05:37 | Go to Shingeki no Kyojin

Shingeki no Kyojin volume 5, GWR version is out.
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Characters featured in SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN.

104th Trainees' Squad.

Eren Jaeger.
Enamored with the world beyond the walls, he aims to enter the Scouting Legion. Can alter his shape into that of a Titan.

Mikasa Ackerman.
Graduates as the top student from the military academy. Sees her parents die right in front of her. She's been raised with Eren ever since, and doggedly insists on protecting him.

Armin Arlelt.
A childhood friend of Eren and Mikasa's. Physically limited, he is however remarkably sharp-minded.

Reiner Braun.
Second best graduate. Possessed of exceptional strength of body and mind alike, he commands great trust from his comrades.

Berthold Huber.
Greatly skilled in every field but indecisive, and lacking in assertiveness.

Annie Leonhardt.
Highly proficient in close combat despite her shot build. Her acute sense of realism makes her a lonely type.

Jean Kirschtein.
Adept at the three-dimensional maneuver. Routinely clashes with others courtesy of his blunt honesty.

Marco Bodt.
Dreamed of the day when he could join the Military Police force and serve under the King. Found death during the Titan cleansing operation.

Conny Springer.
Particularly good at taking tight turns but none-too-bright, he has a hard time grasping anything that involves strategy.

Sasha Braus.
Moves blindingly fast, and has a remarkably keen intuition. An oddball, she functions poorly in a group.

Christa Lenz.
Exceptionally petite, she is a kind and friendly type.

Elvin Smith.
Chief of the Scouting Legion.

Levi.[tn: This guy is so badass he doesn't need a last name! :hahaha:]
Famed as humanity's strongest asset, he is the Lance Corporal of the Scouting Legion.

Grisha Jaeger.
A doctor, and Eren's father. Has been missing since the Titans' previous attack 5 years ago.
Narrator: Inside the inner wall, confusion reigns just as it did 5 years ago.
Folk: The Colossal Titan appeared in the Trost district, smashing open its southern gate.../The area was overrun by Titans for a time | but the door was successfully blockaded as the result of an ambitious recovery operation.
Chapter 19 - Still can't See their Eyes.

Folk: Elimination of the Titans inside Trost is ongoing.../The wall got destroyed and they blockaded it? How?!/Bollocks, obviously! The government published that thing./They feed us inner wall dweelers that kind of crap to keep us quiet.//Them folks from outside will come flocking to Wall Shiina any time, now.//I have grave news! Look at this company's paper!//Company? Who would trust anything that doesn't have the government's seal on it?!/And you know the government's info is reliable how, exactly?!/He... Hey... What the heck...//Unless... I'm reading this wrong/it says a Titan used a stone to seal the door shut...

Folk: What the hell.../Titans... working on our side...?

Eren: ......//Haa...//Sorry./Need bathroom...
Dude: You went there just a moment ago.
Eren: ....../Water please.
Dude: Hey there//know your place.../freak...
Eren: ......//(Freak, eh...?/Can't exactly fault them on that one, but still...)

Eren: Do I scare them so much... they have to confine me this way...?//Bah, guess I understand... I don't know what's going on either.//Still beats 'em trying to kill me, I suppose.//...Come to think of it...//these two weren't scared of me.../They weren't scared at all...//I wonder... what they're doing right now.../how everybody else is doing...)

Eren: (What do they think now that they've seen what I've bcome?)
Elvin: Just a little bit more patience./We'll try to talk a way out of this mess.
Eren: (How many days have passed since then?/What's going on out there...? ...Unless...//I might... spend the rest of my life in here, the way things are shaping up.)//!

Zoe: Sorry, Eren./We've kept you waiting.//But odds are you'll finally be able to get out.
Eren: .....!
Zoe: I am Hansie Zoe, squad leader of the Scouting Legion./This gentleman next to you

Eren: Uh... Ahem...*sniff*
Zoe: .../He's Micke Zacharias, a squad leader like myself.//He's in the habit of snifffing out people he meets for the first time...
Eren: ......//!
Zoe: then, he scoffs at them.
Eren: ...
Zoe: It's probably not meant to make much sense./But well, that doesn't stop him from being a very competent squad leader...//Ah!
Eren: ?

Zoe: Sorry about the pointless rambling./We're there... It's gonna be fine!//It's best if you dispense with the convoluted explanations.
Eren: Uh?
Zoe: Just say thing however they come to you.//As arbitrary as it sounds...//we have no choice but to take whatever you say at face value.

Eren: ....../(A court room?!//So I've been spending all this time in a court room's underground cell...?)

Dude: Keep walking. Slowly.//Here. On your knees.
Eren: ......//(The Police force's top brass//Commander Pixis...//Chief Elvin | and Corporal Levi.//Mh...?!)

Eren: Guys...
Dude: Now... Shall we begin?
Eren: I know that man.../The head of the three military divisions...//Generalissimo Darris Zacklay.
Zack: Eren Jaeger-kun, yes?/You are a soldier, sworn to dedicate your life for the good of all... is that correct?
Eren: Yes sir.../(By the way...//what is is they're judging me for, exactly?)
Zack: How unusual. This is meant to be a council of war, as standard law does not apply./I've been given carte blanche in regards with decision-making.

Zack: Now, once and for all.../we shall deliberate whether you live or die.//Any objections?
Eren: None, sir!
Zack: You have a good head on your shoulders. Good. | This case is odd to the extreme as it is, and these walls resound with all the emotional drivel that passes for disgreement.//Some people describe you//as a fiend, and a harbinger or destruction.../others view you as a savior, and a beacon of hope.

Zack: We were unable to keep your existence from becoming public knowledge, quite predictably./We'll have to make a public announcement of it at some point, lest we find ourselves dealing with some manner of threat other than that of the Titans.//What we are considering here is which division should endorse responsibility for you./Your subsequent treatment may vary, depending on the outcome.//Will it be the Police force.../or the Scouting Legion...?

Zack: Now let's hear about what the Police has to propose.
Nile: I, Police Division commander Nile Doakes suggest the following course of action[n: I slightly tweaked his name to better resemble something I'm actually familiar with.]/We are//to take Eren Jaeger's body for a thorough inspection/after which he is to be disposed of as quickly as possible.//This decision was reached after due consideration of the considerable damage that would ensue/should he be allowed to live.

Nile: Everyone of importance in the inner city who happens to be in the know recognizes him as a threat./The establishment, royalty included has remained insistingly uninvolved with out-of-walls affairs... even 5 years ago. And even now.//But after the latest attack, the populace has come to regard Eren as a hero... Just about all of Wall Rose's citizens, plus the company officials are becoming increasingly rebellious./As a result... we might find ourselves dealing with a civil war, as they try to cut into what little territory we have left here.
Eren: (A hero?!/What the hell is wrong with people out there...?)
Nile: True enough, his Titan power helped repel the latest invasion, which is quite laudable./However.../the damage his very existence would entail is also very real./He's become far too much of a political issue.

Nile: Therefore, we should at least retrieve whatever information we can/after which he shall be counted among humanity's honored dead.
Eren: ......
Bloke: That won't be necessary.
Nile: !
Nick: He's an insect of plague that tricked its way past the walls God only knows how./Kill him now.
Eren: (!... Judging by that get-up of his, he's got to be...//from that organization that whipped up a following out of nowhere, 5 years ago.../They're called... was it a cult, or something...?)

Zack: Reverend Nick, please be silent./Next, the Scouting Legion's proposal.
Elvin: Yes sir./I, Elvin Smith, 13th Commander of the Scouting Legion make the following proposition.//We would integrate Eren as a full member of our division/and use his Titan's power to reconquer Wall Maria.//That is all.
Eren: !
Zack: Mh? Are you done already?
Elvin: Yes sir.

Elvin: With his power on our side, we'd be able to reclaim Wall Maria./I belive our priorities are clear enough as it is.
Zack: ...I see.//By the way, where was the next out-of-walls expedition meant to depart from?/Pixis.//The wall in Trost has been sealed completely shut, am I correct?
Pix: Indeed... No more opening or shutting it.
Elvin: We hope we can depart from the Caranes district, to the East.
Map: Caranes district./Trost district./Shiganshina district.
Elvin: As for the route we'll use to get to Shiganshina from there/we have... no choice but to plan everything from scratch.

Dude: Wait a minute. Shouldn't we just seal all the gates shut?//They're the only parts of the walls the Colossal Titan can destroy./Reinforce them, and we'll no longer have to fear any further attacks...//Are you so eager to grab even more land?! Filthy corporate dogs!!
Eren: Conservatives around too?
Dude: Always spouting your impossible ideals, driving us to extinction while at it./We won't go along with your childish, so-called heroics. No more.
Levi: You talk a lot. Pig.../What makes you think the Titans will be nice enough to wait while we're busy barricading and reinforcing the gates, uh?//Is that any way you bitches should talk to us.../considering that we're your friends, covering your asses so they can grow fat?/I guess people who struggle to put bread on their tables because we lack the land don't fucking register with you swines?

Dude: Al... All we're saying is that merely stopping the gate would save us a lot of trouble...!
Nick: Enough! You impudent fool!
Eren: Uh...
Nick: The fate of Rose was a judgment from the Lord.../yet you dare speak of intervention by us mere humans?!!//Imbeciles. Remember the wall... Don't you recognize the work of a God whose miracles outstrip human comprehension?!
Eren: (Putting up defenses on the walls took like forever, just because of these folks... | Nasty customers, these guys. Full of shit, but influential and backed with a shitload of support.)[tn: That's religion for you, pal. :maikka:]

Eren: (What's going on around here?/Even in a time like this they're still more worried about their personal interests than anything else......?//We're willing to put our lives on the line.../yet they won't trust us in the least.
Zack: Let us continue./Next...//Eren... I have a question for you.
Eren: Sir?
Zack: You have volunteered for entry into the Scouting Legion. You would become a soldier//contributing towards the human cause with your Titan's power. The question is: can you do it?
Eren: ......//Ye... Yes sir./Yes I can!
Zack: Oh yes...?!
Eren: ...!
Zack: Here's what the report about the latest recovery operation says.

Zack: RIght after becoming a Titan... you attempted to forcefully punch Mikasa Ackerman, and this as much as three times...
Eren: ......!!
Mika: ......
Armin: He doesn't remember anything from the part where he wasn't in control... No surprise there.
Mika: Tsk
Riko: (Was I supposed to write lies in my report or what?/It did happen, and concealing it would do humanity no good.)

Zack: Is Mikasa Ackerman here?
Mika: !/Yes... It's me, sir.
Zack: You are?/Is it true that Eren attacked you?
Riko: I'd refrain from any kind of trickery if I were you. For Eren's sake.
Mika: ...Yes./It's true...
Dude: Aaah....
Nick: This is appalling...

Eren: (I attempted/to kill off Mikasa?//Me? I did THAT?
Mika: However...
Eren: !
Mika: before that particular moment/Titan-turned Eren had saved my life twice.//The first while I was just a hair's breadth away from falling into Titan hands/he stood in the way and protected me./The second time, he saved Armin and myself from a cannon shot.

Mika: I believe you should also consider the implications of such a thing.
Nile: I'm not sure about that.
Mika: !
Nile: Your report does mention those things//but it pretty much reeks of wishful thinking/a lack of objectivity that makes its data less than reliable.
Mika: ...!
Nile: Plus, we're aware that you have a good reason to root for him./While investigating his track record, we stumbled upon something that occurred 6 years ago.//As incredible as it sounds, these two were able to kill off three criminals./And I mean grown, adult men. This at the ripe old age of nine.[tn: Badass!!]

Nile: Now I can understand the part about it being an act of self-defense somehow/but any normal individual out there can't help but wonder//should we really trust someone like him with humanity's fate? Its most valuable human and financiary resources?
Dude: He's right... This thing is a Titan who merely took on a child's form to slip into our ranks./Thing is that it couldn't quite hide its violent nature.//...Come on... Do we really have time to waste discussing this?//That thing that stands before us is walking disaster, waiting to happen./That restrainin gear is wasted on him.

Eren: (Ah, crap... Say something... Gotta say something...)
Dude: And that one too!
Eren: !!
Dude: She might be human, but I wouldn't bet on it.//Well said!/Should have her studied, just to be on the safe...
Eren: HELL NO!!/I... I mean.../There's no need...//I might be a freak/but Mikasa has nothing to do with all this.

Eren: Nothing at all.//Plus... making nothing but self-serving assumptions is all you've been doing.../you won't achieve anything worthwhile by running away from reality.
Nick: What...
Nile: You little...
Eren: (Wro... wrong call...?)/You people... don't even know.../what a Titan looks like anyway. So why are you so scared?/(Guess now it's best if I just shut u...)

Eren: (No.../They're gonna hear... everything I have to say.)//If the strong people don't fight, who will?//If you're scared of fighting for your lives, just lend us your power.//(Begging those cowards make me sick....../Screw those spineless bitches......)//QUIT RAMBLING ALREADY/AND JUST BET IT ALL ON ME!!

Dude: Hic...
Eren: (Uh......)
Nile: Get ready!
Dude: Sir!
Eren: (I went too far/I'm fucked......)

Eren: (......?/Something just flew off...//What... is that......?//A tooth...?)

Eren: !!

Mika: Hh!!
Armin: Mikasa!!/Hold on!!
Mika: ...?!

Levi: I am no expert//but I've always found pain to be the best discipline.

Levi: The one thing you need them most right now/you can't learn with mere words.//Education time./Bent over as you are, you'll make a ripe target for kicking.
Eren: Hufff/Huffff//Hufff/Hufff

Nick: ...!
Eren: Huhhh/Huuuhh.
Nile: ...Hold on, Levi.
Levi: What...?
Nile: ...You're playing with fire.//What if he gets angry enough to go Titan?
Levi: ...I don't get it.//Weren't you going to make a lab rat out of this guy?

Levi: Hah...
Dude: ......
Levi: Word's out he exhausted himself killing as many as 20 Titans while transformed/If he is our enemy, his intelligence could indeed be bad news.//But even then, he wouldn't be that much of a threat to ME.../What about you?//You people who've been abusing him better think this hard/would you have what it takes to kill him?
Elvin: Generalissimo... Here's what I propose.

Elvin: That Titan power of Eren's will probably introduce many unknown variables/that is an ever-present risk.//Should you choose to put Eren under our supervision/I would assign Corporal Levi to work with him, as a safety precaution.//He has the skill required to deal with the situation should it come to that.
Zack: Uh-huh...//Can you do that, Levi?
Levi: If you mean killing him, then I'm positive.//The real problem is that I lack less extreme an alternative.../...!

Zack: I believe that settles the argument./Now for me to make my decision...
Nile: ...!/Please wait.//Elvin... I have a question./What do you make of the inner land?!
Elvin: I am well aware that our out-of-walls activities hinge on the stability of the human race./I am no making light on the Inner land's issues by any means.//This is where my proposition comes in./In order to defuse the current situation//we shall demonstrate Eren's crucial importance to the human cause during the next expedition./You can decide what to do then, depending on the results.

Zack: Uh-huh.../Outside the walls, then...?
Dude: (Yes. Get him out of here as soon as possible/and with any luck, he might get himself killed.)
Nile: ......
Zack: ....../Then it's settled.//We'll entrust Eren Jaeger to the Scouting Legion./However... he might find himself here again, depending on the expedition's outcome.

Eren: Oooww!
Elvin: Sorry about that...//Good thing is, you've been able to convince the Generalissimo and the people in charge of your sincerity and honest intentions.
Eren: Sir...
Elvin: The fact that you chose just the right time to pull out your cards
Eren: ...
Elvin: makes the pain worth it.//You have my respect...

Elvin: I look forward to working with you, Eren.
Eren: Yes sir.//So do I, sir.
Levi: Yo, Eren.
Eren: Ye... yes?
Levi: Any hard feelings at all?
Eren: N... No, sir. I know you did what you had to do.
Levi: Good.

Zoe: There is such a thing as going too far, though./You literally knocked off his teeth, you did./Here you go.
Levi: Still beats the autopsy table, I'd say.
Zoe: Eren. Open your mouth, so I can take a look.
Eren: ....
Zoe: ...!/...Uh?//The tooth is growing back.[/end

Chapter 20 - The Special Tactical Squad.

Dude: The Scouting Legion's former headquarters./The facility's merely a repurposed old castle... but it's classy as hell, you gotta give it that...//As for why an HQ would be placed so far away from a river or the walls/well, the Legion had little use for such things.//This dates back to its formation days, when morale was still qute high.../That said... the main point to all that fancy setup//it's that we needed someplace to keep you caged up, and this one was the most qualified.

Eren: ......
Oruo: Now don't get cocky, new guy...
Eren: Sir?!
Oruo: I don't care if you're a Titan or the King's uncle. Having Corporal Levi of all people watching you constantly is just

Petra: Bit your tongue, you did. This is what you get for running your mouth while horseriding.
Oruo: ...First impressions are everything.../And I just couldn't stand this new guy. He gives me the creeps.
Petra: Gotta say I'm surprised, Oruo. You're not exactly the sharpest knife in the set.
Oruo: ...Anyway, things pretty much worked out as I intended.
Petra: ...Um. This way of talking is kinda new for you, isn't it?//Unless... Don't tell me... if it's a Corporal Levi you're trying to pull with that attitude... I strongly... recommend that you stop./Well.. not that I can find any resemblace, however...
Oruo: ......!!/Hmph... Is that your idea of keeping me down, Petra? If you wanna act like my wife, you still have quite a few things to learn.
Petra: The fact thatyou've been appointed by the Corporal is getting to your head, isn't it? | ...Better if you'd just bit off your own tongue and died in the process...
Oruo: ...For a joke between war buddies, this sure ain't funny...

Eren: (Has everyone here... been appointed by the Corporal.../to serve in the Scouting Legion's Special Tactical Squad, a.k.a Team Levi. The team I now belong to.../Here to keep me in check while I use my Titan power.//Should I ever get out of control.../they'll put me down like a rabid dog.)
Dude: The place hasn't seen much use in a while. It could do with a little bit of cleaning.
Levi: This is of critical importance...//Get started immediately.[tn: Remember, children: Levi was introduced as somewhat rupophobic (fear of filth and dirt).]

Eren: The cleaning of the upper floor is complete, sir.//In what part of this castle am I supposed to sleep?
Levi: Your room is in the basement.
Eren: The basement... again?
Levi: Of course... It's not like you'd be able to subdue yourself./Should you go Titan in your sleep, your being underground would allow us to keep you in check.

Levi: This is one of the conditions that were put forth if we were to gain custody of your person./There's no way around that rule.
Eren: ......
Levi: I'll go check on those rooms you've cleaned up./You take care of things here.
Eren: Sir...
Petra: You look disappointed.
Eren: Pardon?!
Petra: It's hardly surprising.//This is a far cry from the flawless hero the masses describe him as, yes?/Well, that's the real Corporal Levi for you... | And he's shorter than you'd think, too. | Thin-skinned, rude, and distant.

Eren: Well... the one thing that surprises me.../is how readily he abides by what his superiors say.
Petra: You mean you didn't expect such a powerful and talented man to fit into a mold, or conform to common pecking order and hierarchy?
Eren: Yes... Thought he'd be the type who doesn't care about people telling him what to do...
Petra: Can't say I know him all that well, but... at some point in the past, he might've been that way./Word is that before he entered the Scouting Legion... Corporal Levi used to be a notorious rogue in the capital's shopping center.//Then, for some unknown reason, he got in the mood to serve under Chief Elvin, thus enlisting into the Legion.
Eren: Chief Elvin?
Levi: Hey... Eren.//...
Eren: Ye... Yes sir!!
Levi: You call that cleaning?./Start over.

Dude: Our standby orders ought to remain effective for another few days.../But I've heard that a large-scale expedition is being thought up in the 30 days to come.//That, and the newest recruits would get to be battle-tested in short order./Eldo... Any truth to that?
Eldo: That's fairly quick, if you ask me./It's already bad enough that them new guys had to contend with the latest Titan attack.
Oruo: Peeing their pants, more like. I can picture it from here.
Petra: Is that true, Corporal?
Levi: I'm not in charge of strategic planning.

Levi: That's his thing... Always thinking of the big picture. A lot more than us, anyway.
Dude: True enough... the situation is a bit different than what we've been dealing with so far.../Just when we thought the countless sacrifices made to secure a route for the recovery of Wall Maria had come to nothing overnight//another source of hope appears just like that, out of nowhere.
Eren: ...
Dude: ...Even now I still can't picture it, but.../what's that whole "turning into a Titan" thing like, Eren?

Eren: ...I don't have very clear memories of those particular moments.../I'm like, completely lost into it, you see...... | It is triggered by self-inflicted harm however. I hold out my hand like this and...//(Uh?//Come to think of it, how do I even know that much?)
Levi: You people know this already./No need to bring up what's already written in the report...//Meh. Not like you-know-who's gonna shut up about it anyway./Might even make you croak by sheer dint of dicking around with you... Eh, Eren.
Eren: Uh...?/Who's you-know-who...?
Zoe: Good evening, Levi. Good evening, team./How's it feel to live in a castle?
Levi: There she is.

Eren: Squad leader Hansie.
Zoe: I'm currently supervising the live experiments on those two Titans we've captured, back in town.//I'd like you to help out with tomorrow's endeavors./I came here to seek your approval.
Eren: Ex... experiments, ma'am?/What would I do?
Zoe: Something... greatly exciting, I assure you.[tn: Creep-o-radar: activate!!]
Eren: ?//Um... For the whole approval thing. Well, I can't help you./I don't have the authority to dispose of myself.
Zoe: Levi?/Any plans for Eren, tomorrow?

Levi: ....../Clean up the garden.
Zoe: Great. The it's settled!!
Levi: ......
Zoe: Eren! See you tomorrow.
Eren: Uh... Right...//But what do you mean by Titan experimentation exactly?
Zoe: !
Oruo: Hey! Stop right there... Don't ask!
Eren: ?
Zoe: Aaah... I knew it./You look like someone who's dying to know...//If you're so curious... I can't just leave you in the dark./I'll tell you everything.//The whole story about the Titans we've captured.

Zoe: Hello!
Titan: Hah/Hah/Hah
Narrator: This is hardly the first time we successfully get our hands on a live Titan.
Dude: Leader. Not so close.
Zoe: How do you feel?/What's your name?/Are you in any pain?
Narrator: We start off with the same experiments we carried out the five previous times. FIrst and foremost, we make sure to establish a level of "mutual understanding".

Narrator: Unfortunately, we've come yet again to the conclusion that such communication was impossible.
Zoe: Whoa!!/Close call, that!! | Close call!!
Dude: Leader!! Be careful!!
Narrator: But the time I spend exchanging with them awards me a sense of plenitude that eclipses my daily exertion.//By the way, we've nicknamed the 4-meters class Sonny...//and the 7 meters-class is Bean.

Narrator: Next we've tried to insulate them from sunlight.//Since Titan activity decreases the darker it gets at night, we set up his test to see whether the light of day made any difference.//In this, we've found that results varied greatly from one individual to another./Sonny had become nearly inactive after one hour spent cut off from the sun/while after 3 hours, Bean was still as energetic as ever.

Zoe: They never cease to surprise me.../They don't drink and they don't eat. They have vocal organs but no need to breathe... The only fuel they need at all is sunlight...//Seeing what would happen... should we turn off sunlight somehow would be interesting/but I don't fancy the whole "then everybody dies" part of it...//Then, the next step involves establishing direct, physical contact.
Eren: That part quickly translated into "pain awareness".

Dude: Leader!! Don't shout like that, there's no nee...
Zoe: How am I gonna do this WITHOUT shouting, uh?!/Do you have any idea how much Bean is suffering?!

Zoe: Hang in there, Bean. You can do it!!

Zoe: We had to establish whether the nape of the neck was the Titans' only weak spot.
Eren: ......
Zoe: I felt really terrible having to do this...
Narrator: Sonny turned out to be quite the introvert, as opposed to Bean. His reactions were always dull in comparison.
Zoe: There... I'm stabbing you in the heart./Does it hurt at all? How do you feel?

Sonny: Uuuhh/uuhhh
Zoe: Mh...//Yes?/What is it?!//Whoa!!
Dude: Leader!! Please step back!
Zoe: Ahahaha./Too bad, Sonny. Try again!
Dude: You'll get yourself killed!

Zoe: Sonny's always had a hard time expressing himself. You get the picture./Always trying to bite my head off, and all.
Eren: How can you be so upbeat while confronting a Titan?
Zoe: Uh?
Eren: Well... the Titans are our natural enemies. They hunted us down till nigh-exctinction.../You must know firsthand howvery dangerous they are. And yet...
Zoe: Precisely.//I've lost count of how many friends of mine were lost to the TitansTitans./During my first steps in the Scouting Legion, I relied on my hatred of them for support.

Zoe: One such day, I realized something/as I was kicking into the head of a freshly killed Titan.//It was light. Abnormally so./Those Titans weigh nothing.
Eren: Come again?
Zoe: Normally, they shouldn't be able to walk on their legs if they were as heavy as they looked./Any Titan's arms which we cut off... turned out to be impossibly light given the amount of matter in them.

Zoe: I heard that when you transformed, you would manifest a Titan's body, seemingly out of nowhere.//Here are my thoughts on the matter./I believe...//that what our eyes perceive and what really is.../are two very different things.//We've spent decades combating fueled by our hatred.//Unlike my comrades of today, I want to consider things from a different point of view./Even though it might prove useless in the end...

Zoe: Still...//I'll do it.
Eren: (Ever since I joined the Scouting Legion I've gone from one surprise to another/It's full of weirdos. Hansie-san is just one of them...//This is like/a real nuthouse, right there.)

Eren: (An congregation of revolutionaries... that/is what the Scouting Legion's all about.)
Zoe: Eren.... Your contribution to our experiments might bring something new./And that something could very well take us one step forward.//Having all those expectations placed in you must feel uncomfortable.../but I feel great.//Because this is such an unprecedented turn of events.
Eren: Hansie-san...

Eren: If you don't mind, I'd like to hear more about your experiments.
Zoe: Uh?//You sure?
Eren: I guess the more I know about what's gonna happen tomorrow, the better.
Zoe: Yes... I suppose.//Alright. After all, I've been leaving out many details so far...//Time for a an in-depth explanation./Though I warn you, it's gonna be a bit of a long story...

Zoe: ...and because of this, the lastest experiments have yielded nothing in the way of new information./Everything I've talked about people learn during their time as trainees.//I presume this applies to you too?
Eren: Yes it does... I already know.
Zoe: So let me explain again, this time with my personal twist on things.
Eren: Excuse me?!
Zoe: Well... I, uh.../Let's begin with communication with the Titans. A troubling example comes to mind. According to Ilse Langner
Dude: Is Squad Leader Hansie here?!

Dude: Our specimens.../The Titans... have both been killed!!

Team: It can't be... Is this the work of soldiers?
Zoe: Sonnyyy/~~~/~~/~.../.../Beaaan.
Team: Yep. We haven't found the perpetrators yet | The Titans were probably killed off simultaneously, before dawn. By the time we found the evidence - some maneuver gear - the culprits were already far and away./So I guess it was a planned move, involving more than a couple of people.
Zoe: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
Team: Look. Leader Hansie is losing it.//Those were important test subjects... What kind of idiot would.../And if they're not stupid... I don't know what to call them.
Levi: Let's go... The rest is up to the Police.
Eren: Ye... yes.
Elvin: Eren.
Eren: Chief!

Eren: What's going on, around here?
Elvin: Can you see anything at all?/Who do you think we're up against?
Eren: ...Pardon?
Elvin: ....../Sorry... Me and my funny questions.[/end

Chapter 20 - Open the Gate.

¤Intended Cover Art.
Didn't quite match with the general atmosphere and worldview.

Dude: When did you get our shaft changed for the last time?
Sasha: After the sanitizing operation 6 days ago, sir.
Gal: It's all been recorded.
Dude: Alright, next! You.
Christa: Christa Lenz, sir. From the 41st.
People: So you can get punished for killing Titans./If I'm not mistaken... and as weird as it sounds, they were important test subjects.

Folks: And they're looking for the culprit among us trainees...? It makes no sense./Sure... Cleaning up the battlefield's kept us occupied till today,and we were all spent from it.
Conny: They hated the Titans so much they just couldn't help it.
Armin: ...Yup.//But what they did will prove helpful to the Titans in the end./Whoever they are, they might have had their vengeance, but they still hurt humankind in the process.
Conny: Being an idiot and all.../I think I can understand.
Armin: ...!
Conny: Your brain just kinda switches off./You know... Befor eseeing 'em Titans I really considered joining the Scouting Legion...

Conny: But now... I don't want to see one of those things ever again./Yet it is today we decide which division we'll be joining...
Armin: ......
Conny: Damnit... Even Jean, of all people is going for the Legion.
Armin: Uh?! He is?
Conny: Hey... Annie. What's your opinion./You heard him, didn't cha?
Annie: ...How about nothing in particular?/I haven't changed my mind.
Conny: I see./Police force all the way, then...

Conny: ......//....../Hey... Annie.//Do you think I better join the Police too?
Annie: ...Okay, hear me out.//If somebody tells you to die/do you obey?
Conny: ...What the heck?/I ain't dying.
Annie: Then you're better off being your own master.//What about you, Armin?
Armin: Uh...

Armin: Me.../I would, if it turns out to be the only viable solution./Sometimes dying is the only option. ...Not that I'd enjoy it, though.
Annie: I see...//You've made up your mind...
Conny: ...
Armin: Yeah.
Annie: As weak as you are/you don't lack courage.
Armin: Tha... thanks.
Conny: Seriously...? Armin, you too?//......
Armin: You know, Annie... actually/you are pretty nice.
Annie: ....../Huh?

Armin: Cause you don't look all that happy to see us choose the Scouting Legion./Any reason at all you're picking the Police force?
Annie: ....../...Nope.//I'm just
Armin: !
Annie: looking out for number one.

Dude: Looks like ultimately, we couldn't find out whoever used their maneuver gear without due approval./Who on Earth could have done that?//Beats me... I am more worried about the introduction ceremony for the new recruits./How many recruits could possibly be crazy enough to enlist in the Legion...?//Hey, Eren. Anyone among your fellow trainees who fancies joining us?
Eren: Yes there are.//....../Well...

Eren: Some of them did.../but now, I don't know.
Sasha: Jean.

Conny: ......
Sasha: Jean. Why are you picking the Legion, all of a sudden?/Aren't you... afraid at all?
Jean: Huh? I thought it was obvious I hated the Scouting Legion.
Conny: Uh? ...So why did you...
Jean: It's not like I'm going Legion cause I ain't afraid of Titans or something.//And it's not about skilled people having a duty to join the Legion either.//Let me be honest with you./Don't you guys lump me in the same bag as Eren. I don't have a fucking death wish.

Dude: Trainees, form ranks! Front of stage pattern!
Jean: I'm not the kind of guy//someone else can sweet-talk into putting his life on the line./I'm not fit for a job where I can't at least decide that much.

Elvin: I am Elvin Smith, Chief of the Scouting Legion./Its course of actions have been entrusted to me by the King.//Today you will be choosing your affiliation. Ladies and gentlemen, as you can imagine, I'm here for the sake of promoting the Legion, and little else.//That said, the latest Titan attack has given you a strong taste of what an out-of-walls expedition is like./So many sacrifices, while you were still trainees. This is probably unprecedented.

Elvin: Surely you already know//the dread a Titan inspires, as well as your own limits.//However//we may have lost many to the latest attack//but for the first time, mankind took a step towards victory.//As you already know

Elvin: I'm talking about Eren Jaeger. | Thanks to the combined efforts of him and yourselves, the Titans' invasion has been thwarted/and we've acquired the means to discover the true nature of Titankind.//As of rightnow, there isn't much we can divulge about him./But he's without a doubt on our side, and has proven it at great personal risk.//And back in his parents' home's basement, in Shiganshina/lies the key to the mystery behind the Titans. Secrets unknown even to him.

Elvin: If only we could reach that basement/we might finally grasp a clue that would help us shake off the century-old yoke of the Titans.
Reiner: A basement...?
Armin: ......//(He must be desperate to gather soldiers/To make public even that kind of information...)
Folks: Never knew we could even get this far.../We might even find out the truth about the Titans...!!
*chatter chatter*
Elvin: ......
Armin: (No.../He's acting out some kind of plan...)

Armin: (What on God's green Earth...)/are his sights set upon?
Mika: Uh?
Elvin: That said...//In order to be able to investigate a room in Shiganshina at leisure/It is indispensable that we reconquer Wall Maria.//Therefore, such is our objective./But seeing as Trost's door is no longer useable, we have no choice but to make a detour to the East, through Caranes./Everything else is no longer an option. This includes even the battalion road, which too us 4 years to construct.//The Scouting Legion lost over 90% of its men during that period./90% in 4 years.

Elvin: Even by the most generous estimates, sending a battalion to Wall Maria/would require 5 times as many sacrifices, and a solid 20 years' worth of time... which is utterly unrealistic.

Elvin: The Scouting Legion is always on the lookout for new talents./We are chronically short on personnel, on account of the lives we lose every day.//I won't hide this from you./The newest recruits in the Legion will be participating in the out of walls expedition due for a month away from now./We need to establish a supplying route ASAP.//I mentioned how the death ratio for new recruits on a first out-of walls expedition would hover around the 50%. Regardless./those who go beyond this live to become superior soldiers with greatly increased chances of survival.

Elvin: Those of you who know the terrible odds, but still wish to put their lives at stake if need be, please remain here.//Let me remind you... most everyone of those among you who remain for the sake of joining the Legion are likely to die./Ask yourselves whether you'll be able to offer up your very heart's blood for humanity.

Elvin: That is all./Those among you who wish to join another division are free to go.
Dude: Chief. Didn't you overdo it somewhat in the intimidation department?/This is gonna cut down significantly on the numbers of those who choose to remain.

Jean: Damnit.../Please. I beg of you.//Please, don't make me.../hate myself more than I already do...

Sasha: If... if I remain here....../it will happen again...
Conny: ~~/~~~~

Conny: (Ah yeah... Joining the Police.../is the reason I left my village in the first place...)//......Mom will be thrilled.../If I enter the Police | the entire village will look at me differently.
Jean: We already know what it's like/We've seen for ourselves...
Sasha&Conny: what it looks like
Jean: when a Titan devours someone.

Elvin: Ladies and gents/are you ready to die if you are instructed to?

Team: We don't want to die, sir.
Elvin: I guess not.../People... I like the look on your faces.//As of right now! The people who are gathered here may consider themselves new members of the Scouting Legion!/This is what I call a genuine salute! | We offer up our heart's blood!

Team: Sir!!

Armin: ....../Guys...
Jean: Yeah... ...Fuck this.../I'm deep in the motherfucking shit.../The goddamn Scouting Legion...
Sasha: ...Uh... I don't want this.../I'm scared.../I wanna go back to my village......
Conny: Yeah.../Whatever... I've had enough.

Freckles: ....../It's just a few tears. Hold 'em back.
Dude: ......

Elvin: As of the 104th recruitment session, the Scouting Legion members that stand saluting before me number up to 21.//You have withstood your fear well... You are brave soldiers./I respect you, from the bottom of my heart.
Narrator: One month later.

Narrator: Caranes district.

Dude: Chief!!/Any time now, sir!!//The Titans in the vicinity have been driven away, for the most part!!/The gate will open within 30 seconds!!

Dude: The time has come!! Now humanity shall advance one step further!!/Show us the results of your training!!//Open the gate now!!//Thus begins the 57th out of walls expedition!/Forward!!

Dude: !!//10 meters class closing in from the front left!!

Dude: Hell! We got played like newbies!!//Maintain formation at all costs!!
Gal: Hic!!
Dude: Hold steady!! Keep pressing forward. The reinforcement squads will handle the rest!!

Dude: Onwaaard!!/OOONWAAAARD!![/end

Frame: Information currently available for public disclosure.
10. Scouting Legion horses.

The horses that are made available to the Scouting Legion are a race bred for that exclusive purpose, courtesy of which they can measure up to 160cm and weigh around 400 to 500 kg. They can withstand a poor diet, as well as lengthy hours of labor without complaint. Because of their docile nature, they aren't quick to panic, even when confronted with Titans.
They can run up to 75 to 80 km/h and still manage a good 35 km/h at cruise speed. They have strong and resilient legs, which enables them to haul horsecarts at a more than reasonable speed (about 20 km/h).
Horses are not the Titans' prime targets, and they're just about the only way one might outrun one of them.
Such horses are extremely valuable.
Converted to monetary value, they would equate to a lifetime's worth of the average citizen's annual income.
[Designed in collaboration with: Kodachi Ukyou - Miwa Kiyomune]

Eren: Once we get out of the old urban area/the reinforcement squads won't support us any longer. From there)
Chapter 22 - Long Distance Recon Formation.

Eren: (We'll put together a large formation to protect ourselves from the Titans.)
Dude: This is us, the Special Tactical Squad. Right here.//At the center of the 5th line, awaiting orders.
Eren: That's pretty far behind.
Dude: This lineup is meant to be the safest possible./That's fancier treatment than what even the supplies-carrying horsecarts ever get.//This expedition covers an extremely long distance/Because it's a test run for when we escort you to Shiganshina.//Our goal this time a round is to go out and come back.
Eren: ......

Ian: Protect him!/I don't care how you do it, just guard him with your lives!
Eren: ...Um//you see... I'm still not so sure what I should do with this power I have.../Is it really such a good idea to push things forward like this...?
Dude: ....../That question the Chief asked you... did you not understand what it meant?
Eren: ...Uh?

Eren: I assume senpai like yourselves would know?
Team: Beats me./Nope.
Petra: No.
Dude: I am just as clueless as the rest of 'em.//Chances are this operation has an additional goal on top of just "out and back in"./In which case the Chief didn't feel that explaining this to the troops was necessary.//So we'll just limit ourselves to "out and back in"./And have faith in him.
Eren: ...Sir.
Dude: Training's over for today./Come on... Back to the castle.
Eren: ..../(Trust, eh...?)

Eren: (I'm wondering if I can ever build such a relationship.../If I can ever have the kind of comrades... I can trust from the bottom of my heart...)//Mh!//...Them.//(I wasn't around long enough to see who'd stay till the end yesterday./Went for the Legion, they did...)//Oruo-san. Can I go talk to my fellow trainees for a bit?
Oruo: Tsk... Begone already.
Eren: Hello!
Mika: !!
Armin: Eren!
Eren: Feels like I haven't seen you guys in a while.

Mika: They haven't... been doing anything wrong to you, have they?/Like inspecting every nook and corner of your body, or putting you through any kind of psychological pain?
Eren: Na... Naaah, nothing of the sort.
Mika: ...That midget's too puffed up for his own good... | I'm gonna have to repay him in kind one of these days.
Eren: ...When you say midget, you don't mean Corporal Levi, do you?
Conny: Eren!
Eren: ! You guys joined the Legion too?//Which means only Annie, Marco and Jean got into the Police/and I guess the rest enlisted into the stationary troops...
Conny: ......
Eren: Mh?//!
Jean: Marco is dead.

Eren: Jean...?!/What are you doing here...?//I mean. Uh...?/What...//What did you just say?/Marco?//Dead.../Did I...... hear you right?
Jean: Everybody doesn't get to die the dramatic way./I have no idea how it happened... He didn't even have his maneuver gear with him.//He died alone in a corner, where nobody could see him.
Eren: Ha...
Jean: Eren.
Eren: !

Jean: When you turned into a Titan, you attempted to kill Mikasa, I hear?/Explain.
Mika: He didn't./He was attempting to swat a fly...
Jean: I'm not asking YOU.
Mika: ......
Jean: Mikasa. That's a pretty deep cut you've got on your cheek.
Mika: !
Jean: When did you get it?
Eren: ...!

Eren: It's probably true... I may have tried to kill Miksasa while transformed into a Titan.
Jean: By "probably", I assume you mean you don't remember?/Which is to say that until now you didn't even know about your Titan's power, and had no idea how to control it.
Eren: ...Yeah./That's right.
Jean: You heard that, guys?/This is the score, right there.

Jean: This is what our lives, and the fate of the human race are being staked upon./For this... we might die the same way Marco did, and Eren won't even know about it.
Eren: ......
Mika: Jean...//Exactly what are you trying to accomplish/by cornering Eren like you just did?
Jean: Unlike you, Mikasa/the entire world is not ready.../to die for Eren's sake without so much as a compensation.
Mika: !!

Jean: What are we risking our lives for?/Best if you have a clear answer to that one, Eren..
Eren: ......
Jean: And it wouldn't hurt the rest of us to know either.
Jean: Lest confusion ensue when things get hairy.//You owe us a little kickback for our trouble, Eren.//Please let us decide//just how much our lives are worth...

Jean: Long story short, Eren...
Eren: !
Jean: We'll be...//counting on you...//alright?
Eren: Ri.../right...

Eren: Oruo-san! My academy buddies... do you think they stand a chance agains the Titans?
Oruo: Duuh?//What the hell happened to you during the last month?!/A'right, you fucking brat. Lemme tell you what an out-of-walls expedition's all about!

Oruo: There's always a risk you might end up fighting them Titans!/~~~~!!
Ness: Here's the plan Chief Elvin has put together. | Adopting this formation has increased our survival rate dramatically./Within the next month, you new recruits will familiarize with this long-distance reconnaissance formation.

Ness: Long distance recon formation!!/Spread out!!

Ness: Let the front line assume a semi-circular disposition. Spread out over a long distance, but maintain intervals such as to be able to see in all four directions at once.
Narrator: Second line - Commandment.//Third line, third rank - Communication.//Middle fifth line - Standby.//Second line, third rank.//Second line, fourth rank - Communication.
Ness: Extend searching and communication range as much as possible.
Narrator: Third line, fourth rank - Communication.

Ness: You newbies will be right here./Halfway between the squads protecting the carts and the recon support squads. | There, you'll be running along with the spare horses, and handle communication.

Ness: Contact with the Titans will be made mostly by the recon squads on the front line.
Guy: Mh...!
Ness: Whenever they spot any Titans/they'll fire red smoke bombs accordingly.

Ness: When you see the smoke bombs, you are to communicate in like fashion./This way Chief Elvin, who assumes command at the vanguard, can be informed of the Titans' position in short order.//Then, he will fire a green smoke bomb./This way, the entire troop can abandon its course for a new one.//Everyone will fire green smoke bombs to inform all teams about the new course.

Ness: This way, we can aim for our destination while avoiding contact with the Titans./The average Titan can't keep up with a horse in the long run.//It depends on the individual, but a Titan who's exhausted most of its strength becomes significantly more sluggish./But things don't go over so well all the time.//Some can exceed a horse's running speed for a short time./Then again, terrain and obstacles can postpone detection... allowing one one them to slip into the formation's ranks. | The formation as a whole runs the risk of being divided,or outright destroyed... When that happens,considerable damage ensues.

Narrator: Second line, third rank - Communication.
Sasha: Hic/Red.../The red smoke bomb...
Dude: Dang it! The Recon squad got sucker punched!/Let's draw its attention this way!

Dude: Sasha. Over here!/This way!
Sasha: Hgh!!
Dude: Over here, dickhead!!
Sasha: ...!

Sasha: Haah/Haah/Haah.
Dude: !!

Dude: Resume formation. Your little friend is spent.
Sasha: Yes Leader!

Ness: The limits of this method, however/is that it only works on the normal specimens.
Armin: ......?//Something weird's going on.../Nobody's shot a red smoke bomb for a while now, yet the formation's a mess.//...!//Unless...//!!//This is...

Armin: Black smoke?//It's ignoring the humans next to it and goes for the center instead?!/No doubt about it! This guy//is an anomaly!

Ness: Only those whose behavior is unpredictable - the anomalies - are to be fought at all.//Damn it./Guess there's no other choice!//Seith! You go for the neck!!/I'll stop the damn thing!!
Seith: Roger that!
Ness: (Maneuver gear can't be used to its fullest potential on plain ground./And given the extrememly low chances of success, we might fall off our horses./We also run the risk of being cut off from the ranks./That said... We can't afford to let the formation be broken. Gotta put it down as soon as we catch it!)

Ness: I taught the new guys that stuff.../What good is it if I can't do it myself?!//I believe the one over there is Armin./Can't have the newbies deal with that thing just yet...

Ness: Humph!!//Now!!/Seith!!

Seith: I did it!/Leader Ness, I did it!

Ness: You did...?/Oowww//....!//You came back for me, you did.../That's why you're my favorite horse!
Armin: Uh?

Ness: ...Again?/What's the left wing's Recon squad doing?
Seith: It's ignoring them and coming straight for us. Which means...//this one's yet another anomaly...
Ness: Then we have no choice... Here we go again, Seith!
Seith: Sir!
Ness: ....../(Still...//We won't be able to do this twice in a row...)

Ness: (And it looks like a 14 meters class, at that./This is gonna be draining.)//?![tn: HOLY SHIT!!]

Armin: What the heckis that?/This one's crazy fast!!//(Hell...!! Leader Ness and the other guy!!
Ness: Gh!

Ness: RAAAAAAAAAAH//!!//(It's going for Armin...)

Ness: Oh no you don't!//Seith!
Seith: Sir!

Ness: ?!//Huh?

Armin: ~../~~.../No.//No.../It's not an anomaly!/Tell me, Leader Ness.//What should I do about this thing?/It's not a normal Titan.../but it's no anomaly either.../That thing!//That thing is intelligent./Like the Colossal Titan./Or the Armored Titan/...or Eren!

Armin: It's a human in a Titan's form!!/Wh... who is it?!/Why?! How did THAT happen?!!

Armin: Aw, damn!!/What now?!/I'm gonna die!! It's gonna kill me too!!

Narrator: Front Line, tenth rank - Recon.

Dude: So.../Somebody.../send the message...//The left wing... has been exterminated. Almost.../to the last man.../A female Titan... with a Titan army.//Somebody there...? Anybody...?/The formation... has been destroyed./...We're all... going to die...
To be continued in Volume 6.[/end

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