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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Little Jumper 17

Year to Come, Year to Go

+ posted by Green Moriyama as translation on Dec 26, 2012 13:15 | Go to Little Jumper

-> RTS Page for Little Jumper 17

Pg1, p1
B1: Do your best,
B2: Dad!!
Box1: In the year 0007 INLC
Box2: I, Ichinose Hiroki, am…
B: Chima will also come!!

Pg2, p2
Box1: front the historical point of view,
Box2: I, Ichinose Hiroki, have…
B: Wait for me, Dad!!

Title at top: Chapter 17: Year to Come, Year to Go
Box1: I’ve become the first
B: Yeeeek!!
Box2: time jumper of mankind.

Pg4-5, p2
B1: So//: Someone, please stop this thing!
B2: I’m feel dizzy!
B1: Why am I facing something like this!?
B2: I haven’t done anything wrong.//: Especially me!
B: Uwaah!

Pg6, p5
B1: Wha…
B2: What was that…?
B3: I’ve had enough. If I had ran into that thing….

Pg7, p1
B: Dowaah!!
B: Stop this! I’m already at my limit…
B: Gyaaah!!

Pg8, p1
B: I//: can’t, no more…

Pg9, p2
Txt: Prospect Rest- (cut off)//: United Nation Space-Time Committee Office//: Star Box Coffee; K-Dan Book Center//: Tomit Corolla
Txt: United Nation Space-Time Committee Office

Pg10, p1
B1: Section Chief.
B2: With the instructions given out,//: We’ve finished with assembling the guards.
B1: Sec, Section chief,//: something wrong…?
B2: By what I wrote down, you’re 2 minutes and 30 seconds behind schedule.
B: That is why I came to report to you, Section Chief…
B: These are all the receipts that you filed while you were on a business trip.

Pg11, p1
B1: This is the bill you paid for Lady-B at the newly built sex service hotel in Ikebukuro.//: We’ve already investigated this matter.
B2: Tha, that is…
B3: A daughter in the second year of middle school…who lives at your parted wife’s place? She would definitely be sad if she heard this…
B1: You’re still hundred years too early to make excuses, young man!!
B2: Compared to me, the section chief of the United Nation Space-Time Committee’s Inquiry Department.
B1: I thank you very much. I dearly ask you to keep all of this a secret….
B2: Hmph.
Small txt: Spineless fool…

Pg12, p1
B1: And…//: 200 guards, 30 ReBuilt restraint guns and three seize-nets…
B2: Just the way I wanted it…//: you have it arranged well.
B1: That doesn’t matter here.
B2: Moreover, affiliates from the Ministry of Investigation and the CIA are roaming around, but…
B3: Can’t help it.//: The governments of many countries be making their last decisions….*
TL note to staff: I seriously was a bit lost when I read “シビレ”, so I just went a line that would fit the situation….
Txt1: It has been 48 hours since Professor Nakamura departed…
Txt2: I won’t forgive him if he doesn’t bring back anything good.
B1: Now, it’s almost time.
B2: Wi, will a ReBuilt really appear before us!?

Pg13, p1
B1: It’s information we can be sure of.//: Sadly, the credibility of the designated place and time is low…
B2: We couldn’t get permission to advise any commoners to leave the vicinity, though…
B: In the case that it was all a lie, will I be fired…?
B1: Kyaah!
B2: Iyaah!
B: Heh!?

B1: This is good!! Make sure you get a hold of it!!
B2: Don’t let any other country’s agent claim it!!
B3: Ye, Yes!!

Pg15-17 no txt

Pg18, p1
B1: That//: rea~lly hurt!!
B2: Why do I have to face…
B1: Kyaah!
B2: Eh?
B: Wah!
Bs: *point*

Pg19, p1
B1: Hands up!!
B2: Eep!
B3: Kyaaah!!
Txt1: Wha, What’s this!?
Txt2: What is happening…
B1: this is the United Nation Space-Time Committee. Remain calm.
B2: From this moment on, you’ll be in our custody…
B1: United Nations!?
Sign: INLC//: Year 0024//: New Model//: Corolla FX
B2: That’s right.//: I time-jumped and came here…

Pg20, p1
B1: Ex, Excuse me?//: Where am I?
B2: What year is it?
B3: you, you are…
B1: Who are you?
B1: You’re not one of the original 5 ReBuilts!!
B2: Could it be a miscalculation by Professor Nakamura!?
B1: Uh~m…
B2: Is this a chance… run?
B1: Anyway, I shouldn’t worry about any miscalculations.
B2: I have to confine this guy!!
B: Eh!?

Pg21, p1
B: *shp*
B1: As expected of the ReBuilt.//: Easy to pass through walls.
B2: Very useful!
B: Move!
B: Uwah!

Pg22, p1
B: My bad! I don’t know how to drive this thing!!
B: St, Stop!!
B: Sorry to say, but I won’t stop…

Pg23-24 no txt

Pg25, p4
Box1: Year 0024 INLC
Box2: I was//: caught by the United Nation Space-Time Committee.
B-L txt: chapter 17 done

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#1. by SuppaiNoRingo (Registered User)
Posted on Jan 10, 2013
About that line on P12 you were unsure of;
Someone else I asked translated the line as:
"The governments from all the different countries are getting impatient/tired of waiting."
With the note that 痺れを切らす is what you're looking for.
And thank you for the translation.

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