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Death Note 102

Death Note 102

+ posted by gto0o as translation on Apr 17, 2006 18:27 | Go to Death Note

-> RTS Page for Death Note 102

[color=blue]Page 102 Translation by Karasu[/color]

Karasu Thread As Follows:

Hey guys...

I created a translation using the help of my crappy japanese skills, translators (babelfish) and dictionaries...
took me some hours to do it..hopefully anyone can use it in their scanlation...
hope you don't mind if i make mistakes..this is my first time translating after all... but i really think it's pretty decent...


From the opening!!

near: ...
light: ...

Matsuda: If our name has been written on the note ... it's useless now.

SPK: Please don't move!

Matsuda: !..Wha.. What kind of idiotic..?

Near: It's alright. We won't die. Just stay there..

Mikami: Eliminate... Eliminate...


Neverending story... bystanders hanging..


Near: It's alright. Even if your name is written, you won't die. But with this, we'll know who's Kira.

Aizawa: ho...how can you say we won't die.. Near?

Near: We've got our hand on the note and replaced the pages. Now, the one outside, judging for kira, was writing one

page per day exactly. I replaced the page for today so that we won't die.

Matsuda: !?trick?....
Ide: ...
Aizawa: "Get your hands on..", how is such thing...possible??

Near: Now, the person outside writing our names in the note peeks in once more to check if we have died. At the time

which is good for catching him, we'll confiscate the note, the name that wasn't written there is Kira.

Aizawa: Ce..Certainly the person whose name wasn't written in the note is Kira... but..
Ide: Bu..But...

Light: ....

Light: Everything's according to my plan!

Light: The trick with the note, I've known that. Near, it's your complete defeat.

Light: As for reason of your defeat, you were unable to control the Kira incidents. You were wanting to defeat me

instead, trying so hard to attach the evidences to me.

Light: It was not possible for me to ask "not to bring a gun" in the meeting. I persisted that I am not Kira, and

therefore I cannot place such request.
Near, If you think about the solution for Kira incident first, you would've shot us in this place and that would be

the end.

Light: Your foolish pride, trying to attach the evidences on me. You were defeated because you're so picky about your

way of winning.


Light: I would never confess. Therefore, it would've been necessary to plant the evidence by using the fact that you

need to write the real name on the note.

Light: In order to do that, you need to create the circumstances. You need to 'not die' when your name has been

Which leads to planting tricks that note.

Light: You probably assume that I would think that you couldn't possibly have direct manipulation of the note, that's

why you decided to go on with that.
But, I was convinced that you would take those steps... No, I point you there. I have the confidence to guide you

little by little.

Light: And you did it just like that..

Light: You were working on a fake copy I made Mikami prepare before.
And now, Mikami is writing names on the original one which has been hidden until today.

Light: From that time you said "Meeting to bring everything to conclusion"
For some time, you tailed Mikami, I've known that you've had your hands on the note.

Light: You didn't know that owners of the note can kill even with a page, or even a fragment which are separated from

the note.
That is the strong point of the note, and the cause of your defeat.

Light: As for Mikami, to make the copy of the note Mikami made, Takada had written the note spread in first 5 pages,

and then send it to Mikami. Mikami then thought up the patterns afterwards. The time was sufficient time to write in

the patterns after sending it.
In other words, the one doing the real judging is Takada. But, Mikami and Takada is keeping contact. You'd notice the

same name also written in the fake note when you got your hand on the note.

Light: So that the tailing person can witness Mikami writing in names, he purposely wrote the names many times.
When Mikami executing in advance, cases not previously arranged with Takada, Mikami would send a message containing

the name where the name and face can be seen by Mikami, Takada would then do the judging.

Light: The tailing person would not be able to stay so close to Mikami to be able to peep in to read the messages.

Messaging is a daily normal behaviours.
The tailing person saw the note being taken out and people dying, he'd observe that.
This way, he will be convinced that Mikami obviously carries the real note.

Light: As for giving opening to let the tailing person have direct contact naturally.
Mikami has been going to the gym every Thursday and Sunday for the past 5 years.
The tailing person would have thought that the only chance to get the note was during the gym.

Light: Perhaps he touched it several times.
Checking for shinigami... verifying the names of dead people written in the note.. how it is written.. when it is


Light: Even the advantage of choosing Mikami here was shown.
Mikami is very precise, writing 1 page exactly per day, no more no less.

Light: Near, your observation of "1 page per day" which leads to your plan of tricking the notebook.
In other words, you thought of a date for confrontation, and all you have to do is replace the page and the pages

after of the day the note was supposed to be written. Well, that is your plan!

Light: You checked the note on 21st January, on Thursday, when Mikami was in the gym.
Then, on the 25th, you arranged for the meet with me. Which means, on the 24th, when Mikami was in the gym, you made

sure there is no changes in the entry, then you contacted me on 25th.
After checking, you decided that it's better for the confrontation to be as soon as possible. 26th that is "tomorrow"

would be too hasty. Therefore, you decided on 28th, that's where the notion "3 days later" comes in. You must have

replaced the pages for 28th and after on the 21st.

Light: The fake notebook that Mikami made, it was a normal notebook sold anywhere. Rreplacing the pages would be easy

because of that. Since I've expected you to do some tricks with the notebook, I pointed to Mikami to check the pages

It's impossible to replace the pages without traces. A person with excellence like Mikami would notice that.

Light: From Mikami, I've known that I would win from the point I received "it was verified" message from Takada.

Light: You've said yourself 1 o'clock PM on the 28th, you can't move the dates anymore.
You must've thought that the note is the real thing. If you did change the dates, and names were written on the

replaced pages, your trick would be found out since people whose names are written are not dying.

Light: When Mello kidnapped Takada, I kept thinking what's the meaning behind it. But, I concluded that it was Mello's

independent action.
Mello's action didn't bring any advantage to you. That annoyance wasn't a problem and probably only a grave mistake on

Mello's side.

Light: As for Takada's death, you probably think it was because Mikami had written on the notes. But you probably

thought you will confirm it by postponing our confrontation. In fact, you didn't do that. Assuming if you did, Mikami

would most likely use his wits to write down Takada's name in the fake notebook. No problem with that.
In other words, you didn't change the date proved that you didn't have any connection with Mello's action. It proves

that you bet everything on your plan. Mello's kidnapping action was foolish, I feel my victory is even stronger

because of it.

Light: Simply Near, The chance for you to win, at least not to lose, existed.
Yet, you were too lenient, much inferior than L.
Light: L would've noticed the possibility of fake notebook. And probably he would try to use the notebook too. You had

the chance.
You only need to test the notebook, write someone's name before cutting off the pages. With just that, you would've

noticed the fake notebook, then you could've switched to another plan.

Light: Human's life, there's no calling it with criminals. Sacrifice one or two criminals to verify the note.
I completely disappointed in you. You're no competition at all. You probably tried to win too beautifully.

Light: Oh well. Because of you.

Light: Everyone will die, and then
It will be Kira's victory completely.

Light: The person out there..
Matsuda & Aizawa: !?

Light: The names has been written on the note, is it?

Mikami: !

Mikami: Yes, they've been written.
Matsuda, Aizawa & Ide: !

Light: U...Useless.. Don't laugh just yet.. Must hold it..Bu..But..

Light: They believe that they won't die and they think Near'll win. But in 40 seconds, everyone would die.
But I shouldn't admit the truth as yet. They could've shoot me now and the game would be a draw.
No...35 seconds... In 35 seconds, I'll declare my victory.

Near: Strange, don't you think so?

Light: !?

Near: Why did he answer to your question "The names has been written on the note, is it?" honestly?

Light: huh? Maybe he's an honest guy... maybe he got the space for it? or perhaps, he's seen your steps?

Matsuda: uh... maybe we're in danger.

Near: Mikami Teru, if it's alright with you, would you like to come in?

Mikami: !

Near: Mikami teru, we know that you have judged for Kira. If you've written the names, then you don't need to fear

anything. Please enter the room.

Light: Mikami Teru?
Right. Don't hide anymore. Come in.

Mikami: God...

Light: Mikami, you did well.

Mikami: God..I'm at your service.

Light: Moron.. facing here, knowing that.. wait.. it's possible that knowing they'll die soon, he did it on purpose...

Light: After you wrote the first name, how many seconds have passed?

Mikami: ……… 35 36 37

Light: 3 seconds to go!


well.. is that alright? or do i have to attach the text file somewhere?

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#1. by Miso ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2006
Wow. Thanks Karasu for the trans (and thanks gto0o for posting)!

Do you plan do do further translations or was it a one-time-thing?
#2. by gto0o ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2006
Done with the scanlation. Here's the link :smile-big

[color=blue]Death Note [102][scanlated by gto0o][/color]
#3. by karasu ()
Posted on Apr 17, 2006
that's fast....

it was a one time thingy....a heat of the moment.. :D
i better improve my japanese first.... i looked to dictionary too many times...
so yeah.. sorry if there's too much error in there :D

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