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Pastel 94

All You Need Is Love!

+ posted by guorbatschow as translation on Feb 14, 2009 23:02 | Go to Pastel

-> RTS Page for Pastel 94

page 48
Thank you
- Toshihiko Kobayashi

page 49
Thank you for reading!
Without noticing, we already arrived at volume 18.
The initial goal of 10 volumes was reached...
Then 10, 15 volumes were releases, and now finally volume 18!
Time flew by really fast.
During all this time, I moved twice, had two different assistants, and suffered two back injuries.
Even though it went by this fast, a lot of things happened.
Let’s keep getting along!

page 50
Miracle 94 - All You need is Love!

page 51
Mugi: Wow!

Mugi: In Tokyo, there are...
Mugi: so many people!

SFX: rumble rumble

page 52
Box: The reason we both came to Tokyo...
Box: is because tomorrow...

Box: is Sayuri nee-chan's wedding!
Mugi: Ah, Excuse me!

Mugi: Hey, Yuu, wait for me!
Yuu: Huh? Mugi?

Bubble: The bridegroom is a carpenter.
Bubble: Shijou Takumi...

page 53
Bubble: He is the kind of guy who, whenever he sees broken furniture,
Bubble: he can't help but repair it.

Bubble: He also likes drinking tomato juice.

Yuu: Mugi... spending the night at Sayuri-san's place won't be a bother, will it?
Mugi: Eh? Of course not.
SFX: Whoosh

Yuu: Will she have a room for us to sleep in? Shijou-san lives there too, right?
Mugi: Hm... It's probably a big and luxurious apartment. Nee-chan is a star after all.
Yuu: I see. I'm looking forward to it!

Mugi: But... how are we going to get there?
Mugi: We have to change the train...
Yuu: Hahaha. Don't worry.
SFX: Whoosh

page 54
Yuu: I used to live in Tokyo.

Mugi: Oh, right!
Yuu: What, you forgot?

Yuu: Once you get used to it, you will find changing trains very convenient.
Mugi: I see...

Mugi: Oh yea... I almost forgot that...
Mugi: Yuu lived in Tokyo three years ago.

page 55
Bubble: Yuu haven't come back to to Tokyo for a long time...
Bubble: And this is only my second time to visit Tokyo...

Bubble: Last time it was to find Yuu... together with Kazuki...
Bubble: This time it's together with Yuu.

Bubble: I never knew that in such a short time
Bubble: Our relationship could change so much...
Bubble: It's really miraculous!

Mugi: Look! Two trains side by side!
Mugi: Look, Yuu!
Yuu: Mugi... You are embarrassing us...
SFX: Whooom

page 56
Bubble: ding dong

Sayuri: Hey! You finally arrived!

Mugi: Nee-chan.
Yuu: Hi, Sayuri-san.

page 57
Sayuri: You are tired, right? I'll make some tea.
Yuu: Sorry to bother you.

Mugi: Wow... what a stylish room!
Mugi: This is more discreet than I thought.
Sayuri: Hahaha, are you talking about this room?
Mugi: Yea, and it's very clean too.
Yuu: Yea...

Yuu: And by the way, congratulations to the wedding!
Mugi: Tomorrow is the big day.
Mugi: Nee-chan, you are not nervous, are you?

Sayuri: Haha...

page 58
Sayuri: I decided to cancel it.
Sayuri: Cancel, cancel.

Yuu: Oh...
Mugi: I see...

Yuu: Whaaat?
Mugi: Eeh!?

page 59
Yuu: Isn't tomorrow the wedding?
Mugi: Nee-chan, what are you talking about?
Sayuri: Pff.

Sayuri: Ask that guy over there for the reason.
Mugi: Hm?

Shijou: Hey...
Shijou: Welcome, you guys...
SFX: gaunt

Yuu: Oh my god, Shijou-san!
Shijou: Sigh...
Mugi: What happened to you? You are just skin and bones!

page 60
Shijou: Actually... I accidentally lost our wedding rings...

Yuu: What!?
Mugi: Lo- Lost?
Shijou: Sigh... I had them in my backpack, and left the backpack in the train... They are lost for good...

Mugi: Oh...
Yuu: So that's what happened...
Sayuri: Hmph!

Sayuri: Unforgivable!
Sayuri: Oh Yuu-chan, let's go out for some nice food. I'm off work the whole day.
Yuu: Huh?

Sayuri: Never mind! I'm leaving!
SFX: Bam

page 61
Shijou: Aah... I'm just too damn clumsy...
Mugi: Shi- Shijou-san...
Yuu: Please cheer up...

Mugi: That nee-chan.
Mugi: Isn't it just rings? What's with the talk about canceling.

Shijou: No... it's all my fault.
Shijou: Sayuri-san liked that pair of rings very much.
Mugi: But...

Shijou: Even though they weren't that expensive, but we spent a lot of time finding the right one...
Shijou: That's why she liked those rings so much...

Shijou: I didn't dare to tell her about losing them, and I tried finding a replacement.
Shijou: But in the end, it didn't work out.
Shijou: So yesterday I finally told her.

Shijou: Is this already the end of our relationship...?
Mugi: Shi- Shijou-san...

page 62
Yuu: You can't have that negative attitude like Mugi!
Mugi: Ugh

Yuu: You can't give up!
Yuu: Let's work out a plan to calm down Sayuri-san.
Mugi: So I have a negative attitude...

Shijou: But... I have no idea how...
Yuu: That's why we have to think together. Mugi can't do much, but at least he knows Sayuri-san for a long time!
Mugi: "at least"...

Yuu: Mugi, come up with something!
Mugi: Oh, okay.

Yuu: Oh, I have an idea!
Yuu: How about making nice food as apology?
Yuu: Of course she will get angry if she is hungry.

Mugi: Yuu, you forgot how good nee-chan cooks...
Mugi: If the cooking doesn't taste good, it could backfire. Very dangerous.
Yuu: Oh.

Mugi: Ah!

page 63
Mugi: How about having Yuu sexily dressed up as an apology?
Mugi: Most people will forgive when they see Yuu.

Yuu: Mugi...!
Yuu: That's just for your pleasure! Idiot!
Mugi: Eh?

Yuu: Really... be a bit more serious here. Sayuri-san is a woman!
Mugi: Oh. Yea, sorry...
Mugi: Damn, my way of thinking became more and more like Tsukasa and Mako-san...

Shijou: Thank you guys, but there is no way...
Yuu: How can that be!? Don't give up!
Mugi: Yeah!

Mugi: Oh!
Mugi: That's it!

page 64
Mugi: I have an idea!
Mugi: I used to do it a lot, really awkward.
Yuu: Really? What is it? How?

Mugi: Let me explain...

Sayuri: I'm back...
SFX: slam

page 65
SFX: Woof woof
Shijou: Sayuri-san... It's my fault, woof!
Shijou: I will try my best.

Mugi: Great! Shijou-san is doing it right.
Mugi: There is hope!

Yuu: Mugi, is messing like that really alright?
Mugi: What are you talking about. Cosplaying a doggy is alawys the best weapon against nee-chan.

Mugi: When she got angry, I always used this trick to make her laugh and forget about what made her angry.
SFX: Woof Woof
Caption (above Mugi's head): Mugi 10 years old
Mugi: And Shijou-san looks a bit like a dog in the first place. Don't worry!

Mugi: Shijou-san! You have to completely become a dog!

SFX: Woof

page 66
Sayuri: Yea. Great.
Sayuri: Really great.

Shijou: It backfired!

Mugi: How? Nee-chan didn't react?
Mugi: That's impossible!
Yuu: She acted like it's normal.

Sayuri: That has to be Mugi's idea... Now is not the right time.

Mugi: Shijou-san, are you alright?
Shijou: Mugi-kun.

Mugi: Is dressing as a dog right? Sayuri likes cats better...
Mugi: Hm... maybe her taste changed!
Mugi: Maybe we should try cat...
Yuu: You two, that's not the point!

Sayuri: Erm... Shijou-san...
Shijou: Yes!?

page 67
Sayuri: Do you understand why I'm angry?
Shijou: Eh?

Shijou: Because...
Shijou I accidentally lost the rings...

Sayuri: You really don't understand...

Yuu: Sayuri-san...

page 68
Yuu: Sayuri-san...
SFX: knock knock

Yuu: Can I come in?

Sayuri: Oh, Yuu-chan.
Saryui: Want a piece of cake?

Yuu: Eh?
Yuu: Sayuri-san?

Sayuri: What are those guys doing?
Yuu: Hm? Oh...

Yuu: They are racking their brains...
Sayuri: Haha.

Sayuri: They really don't get it.

page 69
Sayuri: It's no use crying over spilled milk.
Yuu: Huh?

Sayuri: But that's not the point.

Sayuri: I can't reach...
Sayuri: My feelings can't reach his heart...

Sayuri: Sigh...
Sayuri: How can I get married like this.

Yuu: Sayuri-san...

page 70
SFX: Hummmm (thinking)

Yuu: Shijou-san, I have an idea.
Shijou: What is it, Yuu?

Yuu: Sayuri-san is angry not because you lost the rings.

Yuu: It's probably because you didn't tell her about it.

Yuu: You have been worried all by yourself recently, haven't you?
Yuu: But Sayuri-san...

page 71
Yuu: Maybe she wanted to worry together with you...
Yuu: That's what I think.

Her feelings didn't reach you...

Shijou: So... that's how it is...
Shijou: Ever since I lost the rings, I haven't been able to look her into the eyes.
Shijou: Of course she would get angry.

Shijou: I'm really the worst...
Yuu: Shijou-san...

Yuu: Most importantly...
SFX: whisper whisper

page 72
- lol nothing -

page 73
Shijou: Sorry, Sayuri-san. If I saved up the money, I'll buy those same rings for you again.
Shijou: So...

Shijou: For now, I can just offer this. I've put all my heart into it.

SFX: Squeak

page 74
Mugi: A wooden ring...

Shijou: I should have told you about losing the ring...
Shijou: If I were you, I would have wanted to know as well...

Shijou: Because...
Shijou: we are going to be a married couple...

page 75
Sayuri: Yea.
Sayuri: I got it.

Sayuri: Thank you, Shijou-san.
Sayuri: I will treasure this.

page 76
Sayuri: Today you will put this ring on my finger.

Mugi: Nee-chan, isn't the wedding canceled?
Sayuri: Huh?

Sayuri: Idiot. Do you know how much it costs to cancel a wedding?
Sayuri: Also,

Sayuri: getting married to such a nice guy, no way I'll cancel it.
Bubble: Eh?

page 77
Mugi: Nee-chan!
Yuu: Sayuri-san!

Shijou: Sigh...

Sayuri: Go prepare yourselves!
Bubble: Oh, right!

SFX: ding dong ding dong

page 78
- nothing -

page 79
Yuu: You are so pretty, Sayuri-san!
Mugi: Nee-chan!

Sayuri: Oh right, I have a gift for you.
Yuu: Hm? What is it?

Sayuri: Yesterday I didn't have the chance to give it to you...
Sayuri: Look here.

Yuu: Thank you, Sayuri-san... What is it?
Mugi: Whoa...

Sayuri: You will see.

page 80
Sayuri: Yup, orange colored suits you very well. Simple, yet cute!
Sayuri: It was the right choice!
Yuu: Thank you, Sayuri-san.

Mugi: Whoa, Yuu looks so beautiful!
Mugi: Like a bride!

Yuu: What are you talking about, Mugi. Sayuri-san is the bride!
Mugi: Hahaha.

page 81
SFX: ding dong ding dong

page 82
SFX: bam
Mugi: Ouch!
Yuu: Ah!

page 83
Sayuri: Yuu-chan, Mugi, thank you guys.
Shijou: Thank you.

Shijou: May I return the favor?

Yuu: Huh? Me?
Shijou: Yea. Mugi-kun too.
Mugi: Me too?

Shijou: Here.

Yuu: Oh!
Mugi: This...

page 84
Bubble: Wooden rings!
Shijou: Yea, I made a second pair.

Shijou: It's made of a piece elm wood....
Shijou: One that has been buried in a river for 300 years.
Shijou: But now, it finally...

Shijou: It's the same with people getting to know each other...
Shijou: We spent a lot of time together until we gradually got to know each other better.

Shijou: And we will grow old just as gradually...

Mugi: Shijou-san...

Shijou: Look closer, there are your names engraved.
Yuu: Eh?
MugiL Indeed!

page 85
Shijou: When one day your last name changes, bring it back to me.
Shijou: I will change the engraving for you.

Yuu: Oh... Alright.

Sayuri: When that time comes, you have to bring her, Mugi.
Mugi: Eh?

Mugi: Nee-chan...

Sayuri: Bye!
Shijou: Thanks for all your help!

page 86
Mugi: Puh...

Yuu: You did well.
Mugi: Nah, it was nothing.

Yuu: I was really worried in the beginning.
Mugi: Yea.
Mugi: It was really great that everything turned out fine.

Mugi: Shijou-san kept crying.
Yuu: Hahaha...
Yuu: But they were beaming with joy.

Mugi: Yea.
Mugi: ... It was hard enough to get together with Yuu, won't it be even harder for a wedding?

page 87
Mugi: But...
Mugi: I bet marrying Yuu will make me really happy.

Mugi: I really hope one day we will marry...
Mugi: Hehehe
SFX: dreaming~

Yuu: Mugi,
Yuu: Before we return tomorrow, I want to visit a place...
Mugi: Huh?

Mugi: Oh...
Mugi: Sure.
Yuu: Great!

Mugi: What is this place Yuu wants to visit?
Mugi: A romantic restaurant?

page 88
Box: The day after
Mugi: Yuu...

Mugi: Were the wooden rings your suggestion?
Yuu: Eh?
Mugi: Didn't you whisper something to him?

Yuu: No way. The rings are his idea.
Mugi: I see.

Yuu: What I whispered to him was...
Yuu: The best apology are words and gifts from your heart.

page 89
Yuu: I remembered the gift that you gave me once.
Yuu: The name plate at our door. I was really happy.
name plate: Tadano Mugi, Tsukisaki Yuu, Tsukasa, Mametarou, Mikan

Mugi: Oh... I didn't know you were that happy about it... That's great.

Yuu: Your words and gift were from your heart too. I understood your feelings.

Mugi: By the way Yuu, where are we heading?
Yuu: Hehe...

page 90
Mugi: Eh?
Mugi: A graveyard?

Yuu: Yep.
Yuu: I usually don't have the chance to come here.

Mugi: Oh...

Mugi: It's your dad's...
Yuu: Yea...
Gravestone: Tsukisaki

page 91
Yuu: This gravestone was made by dad himself.
Yuu: I guess he knew that he didn't have much time left.

Yuu: I want to tell him that I'm alright.
Yuu: And I want to introduce you to him.
Mugi: Yuu...

Yuu: Father...

Yuu: Let me introduce you...

Yuu: His name is Tadano Mugi, and he is my boyfriend.
Yuu: About what kind of person he is...

page 92
Yuu: He is awkward and gets nervous easily.
Yuu: He is also gullible and often tricked by other people.
Yuu: It's weird...

Yuu: Seems like I'm just talking his bad sides.
Yuu: Oh, right...
Yuu: He is a very good cook! And...

Yuu: He likes me very much.
Yuu: One day, we will come here together again.

Yuu: Father...

Mugi: Uh... Err... Hm...
Mugi: I... as her boyfriend...
Mugi: I hardly deserve to be her boyfriend...
Mugi: But I'm...
Mugi: Sigh...

page 93
SFX: giggle

Yuu: He is someone who pursues everything he does wholeheartedly....

he is somebody who shares his feelings with me as good has he can. Somebody I really like.

page 94
Mugi: On the Shinkansen on the way home, I had a dream...
Mugi: It was

Mugi: Yuu's dad, who I never met before.

Mugi: Even when I never met him before, I knew it was him.
Mugi: There was the same camera dangling from his neck that Yuu treasures as a keepsake.

Mugi: I don't know why,
Mugi: but Yuu's dad keeps bowing to me.

page 95
Mugi: So in return I also bowed...

Yuu: Mugi?
Mugi: In then end I fell over and woke up.
SFX: thump

Yuu: What are you doing, Mugi? You okay?
Mugi: Ouch...
Mugi: I'm fine...

page 96
- nothing -

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