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Steins;Gate Prelude

Chapter 0 : Encounter X Disappearance

+ posted by hai_Priesty as translation on Mar 24, 2010 15:28 | Go to Steins;Gate

Note : This is my first experience with this Manga (and with Non-Shonen Jump Material in general), and this is a trial translation for the Manga, on chapter zero. Hope you enjoy (and point out if there's something wrong.)

-Makise Kurisu?

[Handwritten, left at bubble : Yeah.]
-The grade-skipping seventeen year old that graduated from American University -

-Her Graduation Thesis's getting published in the academic magazine!

Top left :
The producers of "Chap;Head" presents -
5pb. X Nitroplus
Second of the Science Adventure Series!
Comic Serialization in conjunction with the Game release!

-Her eyes - she looks like she can blaspheme God!!!

Below left :
Chapter 0 : Encounter X Disappearance
By Sarachi Yomi
Story : 5pb. X Nitroplus


Attractor Field Divergence 1.130246%

-The large crowd walking through the streets of Akibahara for looking for
-Erotic materials, whatever they want.

-Like Akibahara visitors always did.

-...Is that so?
-That's Steins Gate?


-El Pusai Konglue.

-Ne, Okarin! What have you been mumbling to yourself!

-Quit calling me "Okarin, Mayuri! Told you my name's Hououin Kyouma now!

-But then, your real name stays as Okabe Rintarou;
-and Okarin will always be Okarin to me!

-There's no way to talk my natural-girl childhood friend into sense...!

-By the way, why are we here?

-You followed me here not knowing...?

-There's a Press Conference here on the invention of time machine!
-It's open for public and even undergraduates like us can attend!

-Whatever happened later, happened for real.
-I swear, that this is absolutely not a figment of my imagination.

-And on- this....

-Okarin, Okarin!
-The place's empty!
-...You're right...

-This resembles a normal press release more than press conference!

[Background thought]
-Is that because to the world, the invention of Time Machine by the reputed scientist of various inventions,
-was looked down upon...?

[Background thought]
-Honestly, I took interest at this man as an inventor myself;
-even if his speech left much to be desired I should listen with respectful tolerance...

[Background thought]
-...That was what I should have done but...


[Handwritten word bubble, bottom left]


-Don't push your luck too far!!

-What did you just said!

-The theory you've just put forward was a complete rip-off from John Titor*!
-And you call yourself an Inventor!?
[*Explanatory note below]
*John Titor - A figure that has appeared on American internet message board in November 2000, claiming to be a time travellor from 2036.

-You have no rights to be called an Inventor!


-Who is this guy! Someone get him outta here!


-As an Inventor myself,
-I'll never...

-Don't touch me!

-What's with her...

-Have I seen her elsewhere before...

-Can you come with me?




-Makise Kurisu, the teenage genius...?




-...And why's she here...!?

-There's no way she could be related to that phony Doctor Nakabachi!
-Don't tell me...!

-You... You're from the Agency right!?


-I've no idea what you're talking about;
-but I've something I want to hear from you -

-What were you trying to say to me just now?

-By "just now" when do you mean?

-Fifteen minutes before the Conference,
-You were trying to say something to me right?

-You had such a sad face,
-and a pained expression.

-What's this girl talking about... This is the first time I met you!

-......Have I...
-Ever met you before?

-And her eyes told me she's not joking...

-No, don't get cheated! If I don't compose myself now my world ends here!!

-And how do you know my name?

-You see through all this!

-Why? Because I am the
-Mad Scientist!!

-See you again!! Teenage genius!!


-...............So that's what people call...
-a fibber?

-The Agency,
-they're getting serious on me now...!

-But there's no way you can get me, Huhuh!
-The Conference should have ended by now, let's go back with Mayuri!

-...But that girl...
-What was she trying to say...

[Bold handwritten]

-What happened!?

-A man's whimper?
-Where did it came from......!?



-How... How can...!?

-Wasn't she with me just now?

-Uwaah!? Dead body!!
-Call the police!!


-What just happened!?


-This... is the first time I witness a death...

-Yes... Yes! I should contact Dar, who informed me about that girl..!!





-What.... was that feeling...!?

-Strange things has been happening throughout today...

16 & 17

[bubbles from left]
-just disappeared...?
-...Hey, this is
-Akihabara right......?

Left : Next issue will be the start of the drama! Game to be released 15th October!!

-I have to reassert this -
-I swear that whatever I saw, was absolutely not a figment of my imagination.

Chapter 0. End.

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#1. by Shinou ()
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
is getting published?

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