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Death Note 104

Death Note 104

+ posted by Hanabi as translation on Apr 7, 2006 15:11 | Go to Death Note

-> RTS Page for Death Note 104

Oopsies, I was doing this while watching TV. You're fast RTT. Anyways I'm dropping this one and leaving the rest to you. It was something to do to get myself to sleep.

Since gto0o kindly recruited me to this noble cause I'd like to drop a translation for page 104.


Page 1

The reason no one is dying explained.

It's thanks to Mello.  If I say this much someone like you should understand.

Light thinks:
Thanks to Mello!?  Mello!?  Mello...  What!?

Please look at this page before the pages that we swapped out.  It is forged, but is exactly the same as the real notebook.

Page 2:

The first line of the of the left page.

The note book displays:
Kiyomi Takada   Suicide by burning herself.  2:33PM  January 26th.

Page 3:

Light thinks:
Kiyomi Takada!  Suicide!  Set to die one minute after I killed her!  D... Did Mikami...

Mikami Thinks:
I...  I thought you were being watched and couldn't do anything...

If...  If Takada were to be in that kind of a situation...  That is my role...

Light thinks:
Idiot...  I told you to not do anything until today...

Page 4

Yes that's right.  Mikami used the real note when Mello abducted Takada.

The note he had hidden in a safebox in the bank.

And he wrote Takada's name.

After the report of Takada's abduction Mikami went to the bank...
The 25th of October was a Sunday so he went on the 26th but on August, September, November, and December he went to the bank on the 25th.

Page 5:
Gevani explains:
And when Mikami went to the bank on the 26th even after going on the 25th.  Especially when it was the day that Takada was abucted.  It is strange for someone like Mikami.  And when I went in the bank to follow him he headed to the safeboxes.

And at them moment he showed precautions against being followed.

When someone like Mikami who follows a strict schedule goes to the bank two days in a row, especially after Takada was abducted, and for him to visit his safebox both times...  When Gevani reported this to me I finally realized the possibility of a fake Death Note.

Now that I think of it the fact that Mikami would use the note in public and mention that the shingami isn't with him should have struck me as something odd.  It was a minor downfall for me to have gotten to him so early.

Until then we were fooled by the communication between Takada, Mikami, and you and had actually altered the fake notebook.

So that's why if it had remained that way I would have lost.

Page 6

When Mello abducted Takada you could no longer communicate with Mikami.

But Mikami thought to complete his role as your avatar and did what he thought was best.

This immense worship of you, his drive to serve you, his desire to perfect everything, and his quick thinking instead benefitted us.

It was not impossible for us to break into the safe.  It was an old safe in a country bank.

And while Mikami was at the gym he allowed us to check his bag so we had copied his keys and cards.

It was easy to open the safebox.

Inside there was the note and Takada's name was written in it.

At this point even an idiot could figure it all out.

Page 7

This is quite funny.  The fake note we had replaced earlier had 1 page of entries every day but the real one skips from the 25th of November to the 26th of January.

This means that Mikami had been instructed to keep a fake notebook to trick us since 2 months ago.

And before January 26th he didn't declare a time for the deaths for the real notebook, but after this date he would write the date and time of deaths for the next day in the notebook.

On the other hand, in the fake notebook Mikami prepared, all names except for Takada's had no time declared.

This means that after killing Takada on the 26th, he decided to perform the judgements for the 26th and the 27th.

Page 8:
Even if you can kill someone with a piece of the Death Note if Mikami were to use it at his home there is a chance that we would find the pieces.

Mikami probably sent pages of the Death Note to Takada to have her do the judgements.

If he had Takada do it he could send her the names to judge through email and delete the data after.

In the case of the judgements for 26th and 27th he might've sent the list to Takada but just in case Mikami had written the judgements in the death note after killing Takada.

As for the 28th he would have done the judgements after he killed us so he could do it at his own leisure.

So normally it isn't something to notice but if you look carefully there have been no judgements against criminals who were reported after the list of inital victims in the notebook.

That is because he did not get the notebook till today.


Light Yagami, in your plan--

Page 9

Mikami shouldn't have brought out the notebook until today.

And also I dont know whether it was you or Mikami who wrote Takada's name , but you had wrote her name too.  If you can kill someone with a piece of the notebook then there is no way you don't have a piece with you.

And because you did indeed write her name you thought Mikami would know you did it after seeing it on the news, and did not think he would also write her name.

Nice try.

When Mello abducted Takada Mikami wrote her name!

Page 10

G... God...

Light thinks:
Mikami, your loyalty to me was remarkable.

I also did tell you that I was being watched and couldn't move.  Just as Near said you quickly thought of what to do and thought you were helping me...

But I told you not to ever use the real Death Note...

Believing in your loyalty hurt me in the end...

To you and to me--

Page 11

To have Mikami write our names on the right page was our plan.

Unless we let him go that far we couldn't apprehend Mikami or confiscate or look into the notebook.  At this point it doesn't matter what's on the left page.

Your plan was to have us alter the fake notebook and have Mikami use the real one today,

But we had managed to switch out Mikami's real notebook.

It's a lot harder to figure out a fake if you replace the whole book rather then pages.

Of course Gevani who forged the notebook in one day and Lester played a big role in this but the biggest help was the one who created this situation...


Page 12

Female (Zomg I don't remember her name LOL):
Mello might've known this would happen.

When Near said for me to tell Mello that you would directly confront Kira soon...

Now that I think of it...

He's going to make him write your names in the notebook...

Female (Help me out here):

Page 13

After a while of silence he just said,

I guess I have to do it.

At first I thought he meant that he needed to defeat Kira before you.

But if you look at the result of what happened to Mello...

The possiblity that we would alter the note and the possiblity that the notebook we were going to alter was already fake...

I dont think he thought that far.


Page 14

He was always on the move to remain ahead of me...  But Mello's actions weren't just that...

But if he couldn't surpass me.

Surpass me...

Mello was always trying to be number one.  He was always saying he would surpass L and I.

He knew that he couldn't surpass us...

But maybe I lacked his initiative and Mello lacked calmness.

So even when if we couldn't surpass our goal on our own...

Page 15

The two of us can be equal to L.  The two of us can surpass L.

And now.

Page 16
The Kira that L couldn't raise evidence against, the Kira that L lost against.

We are presenting to him definite evidence!

If you have an excuse try and talk your way out of this.


Page 18

If you couldn't guess that's the sound affect for manicall laughter.

I prefer MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA but choose what you wish gto0o.  :D

Page 19

I am Kira.

At the bottom of the page.
Next episode [impossible]!!


Evil evil Death Note!  I have to wait another week for something difinitive to happen!

But here's a quick full translation for gto0o to turn into a beautiful scanslation.

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#1. by Gold Knight ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2006
Hey, Hanabi, thanks for doing this :)

I'll put you in the Translators subgroup. If you would like a board of your own to store your translations, let me know. Hope you like it here at Mangahelpers and looking forward to seeing more of your work in the near future. ^_^
#2. by Hanabi ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2006
Roger that sir!
#3. by Chris ()
Posted on Apr 7, 2006
Awesome. Thanx allot:)
#4. by gto0o ()
Posted on Apr 8, 2006
I'm done with Page 104 of DN ... U'll find the link at the DN Scanlations thread:)

Thanks to Hanabi for the translation, for joining our forces here too!!!
U did a great job !!! Keep up the good work :)
Also many thanks to Rikki-Tikki-Tavi for translating pages 1-4 !!!

thnx Hanabi !! for coming around :)
#5. by Miso ()
Posted on Apr 8, 2006
Thank you very much for much the translation, Hanabi!
We don't have many DN translators so your work is highly appreciated!

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