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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Omamori Himari 61

Omamori Himari 61 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Jan 14, 2013 19:49 | Go to Omamori Himari

-> RTS Page for Omamori Himari 61

Third Application:

Omamori Himari 61 TL (Pages 119-138)

Page 1:
[SFX] Gooooo
[SFX] Bashun
[SFX] Za-
[Rinko] Didn't the atmosphere around the cat princess just change?
[Text] …..Was someone just fighting over there?
[Chapter] Chapter 61 The dreaming cat can no longer return

Page 2:
[Rinko] Eh?…. Ah it was Shuten Douji and…
[Text] The both of them are probably dead
[Rinko] Dead…..!?
[Yu] Eh, what do you mean?
[Text] Whilst they were clashing the signs of any strong power vanished // Naturally Himari noticed it too
[Box] It's a lie….
[Box] Kuesu
[Box] Weren't you devoted to Yuuto?
[Box] You can't have died that easily
[Box] I'm sure of it----!

Page 3:
[Chapter] Chapter 61
[Text] The dreaming cat can no longer return

Page 4:
[Himari] I have the role of cutting down Ayakashi and demons---- You lot better be prepared too
[SFX] Hyuuuu - cutting air
[Himari] ----No, don't get caught up on something so trivial any longer
[Himari] I'll butcher you
[SFX] Ki- - glare
[SFX] Gobaa- - slash
[SFX] Za- - appear

Page 5:
[SFX] Kin-
[SFX] Bohyu- - break
[Text] !!
[SFX} Dogoo- -
[SFX] Goooooo
[Text] ……

Page 6:
[Text] Kyuubi-sama! Black-sakura!!
[Kyuubi] …… you guys can no longer rival her……
[Kyuubi] Fall back
[Himari] Can they even rival the young master ?
[SFX] Bin-
[SFX[ Buwaa-
[SFX] Shupaa

Page 7:
[Himari] ……Wow // Now isn't that a fancy get up
[Kyuubi] …. The same applies to you
[SFX] Oooooo
[Rinko] Himari….
[Yu] This really is a battle between animals….
[Yu] Noihara-san… Tama-san….
[Text] It's fine, Himari always wins!

Page 8:
[SFX] Oooooo
[Yuuto] I'm sorry….. Kuesu
[Yuuto] …..My "light ferry" did nothing….
[SFX] Bou...
[Yuuto] I couldn't do anything to fight the demons….
[SFX] Paaaaa - disappearing

Page 9:
[Yuuto] Why wasn't I able to do anything….!!
[Box] Kuesu was always full of confidence so
[Box] I never thought something like this could happen…..
[Yuuto] Shit-!!
[SFX] Ga- - punch
[Yuuto] Damn it……..!
[Shizuku] …..

Page 10:
[Shizuku] It's not your fault….. don't blame yourself…. nano
[Text] She's right, we were also unable to do anything
[Yuuto] But if I fulfilled the promise that I would watch her back!!
[Text] She didn't have any intention letting you fight!
[Text] It's because she knew you lacked experience and training to fight the three major ayakashi!
[Text] If that's the case then why!
[Yuuto] am I the one that's still alive here…..!
[Text] ……

Page 11:
[Text] She spoke of the revival of her household but // Ojou-san wanted to see you more
[Text] However we thought-----
[Text] Kaburagi-san!?
[Text] that
[Text] If you could have run away at least, Kyuubi and the others would target "the sword of Noihara"…. // that's what we believed
[Yuuto] !!
[Yuuto] ……Haha….. Is that…….
[Yuuto] Is that so?……..

Page 12:
[Yuuto] Kuesu…… Himari……
[Shizuku] Yuuto……..?
[Box] No more……
[SFX] Bon-
[SFX] Zaza

Page 13:
[SFX] Bo- - attack
[SFX] Dogoo - explode
[Text] Wawawa
[Text] Kyaaa!
[SFX] Doga- Gasu- - collapsing
[Yu] Please stop this Tama-san!
[Rinko] Put your sword away too Himari! // Are you really okay with continuing until someone dies!?
[Yu] Why are you doing this!
[Yu] Are you going to continue this dispute no matter what!
[Yu] Weren't you quiet and calm when you visited my room!
[Himari] Class-rep-dono…..

Page 14:
[Yu] We did things like eat sweets and play games… // weren't they fun!?
[Yu] Weren't things like watching films and going to the amusement park fun!?
[Rinko] You're close right
[Rinko] Why would you do something like destroy that bond! // Why do you have negative feelings!!
[Text] Didn't you say that Crepes were tasty!!
[Text] -----Eh, you're hungry?
[Text] This is troubling, there's aren't any ayakashi we can prey on here but

Page 15:
[Kyuubi] ……
[Text] ……do want to attack and eat children that smell like meat?
[Text] No, that's impossible, there's too many witnesses around
[Text] Until you restore your demon power it would be better to stay off the radar….
[Text] Huh
[Text] ----This is a sweet called a crepe
[Text] It seems to be sweet and tasty
[SFX] Mokyu - bite
[SFX] Howaa

Page 16:
[SFX} Gatsu gates - eat rapidly
[Text] Do you like it? // that's good
[Text] I don't mean to offend you but why don't we pretend to be human for a while
[Text] We were mocking the human's lifestyle but this is a plan B of sorts
[Text] Because Tama-san would appear to be a cute little girlm especially if she does something like that
[SFX] Pero- - lick
[SFX] Kyu- - clench
[Kyuubi] ----Shuten……

Page 17:
[Rinko] Be it ayakashi or demon hunter, fighting until the death is crazy! If you die it's the end you know!!
[Yu] Let's go home, Tama-san -okay?-
[SFX] Hyuu
[Kyuubi] You're….
[SFX] Guooooo - gathering energy
[Kyuubi] annoying….

Page 18:
[Yu] Tama-san……
[Text] Uwahh, this is really bad! I can't guard against something like that outside!!
[SFX] Goon-
[SFX] Gooo
[Box] Yuuto---
[SFX] Gagin- - block
[Text] !!

Page 19:
[Text] Hi-Himari!?
[SFX] Gooooo
[Himari] Are you idiots?
[Himari] What are you doing by trying to get wiped out by attempting to persuade your opponent……!
[SFX] Goooo
[Himari] Gu….. // This is……
[SFX] Gakin - drop
[SFX] Zusa- - falling
[Himari] Kua-….
[Himari] Himari-!!

Page 20:
[SFX] Bashi- - catch
[Himari] ! // …… young master!
[Yuuto] Didn't Rinko and Class-rep's feelings reach you inexperienced-golden haired-kyuubi (Jap. is 'hakumenkinmou-kyuubi)
[Yuuto] That was probably the last choice you're ever going to make

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