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Omamori Himari 62

Omamori Himari 62 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Jan 14, 2013 19:50 | Go to Omamori Himari

-> RTS Page for Omamori Himari 62

Fourth Application:

Omamori Himari 62 TL (Pages 139-160)

Page 1:
[Himari] …Nyaa
[Himari] Hey, if young master gets close to me, master's allergies will…..
[Chapter] Chapter 62 The cat that bites the cornered mouse/rat (whichever)
[Yuuto] ….. is that so
[Yuuto] That guy's tribute huh….

Page 2:
[Kyuubi] Young boy, right now I'm serious
[SFX] Koki- - raise
[Kyuubi] If you want to count your regretful tears I'll let you meet that Jinguuji girl
[Yuuto] …It's not like I wanted to do anything special // Even though she liked to boss others around, it wasn't a problem
[Yuuto] However, as I hadn't lost anyone, naturally, I only wanted to continue my everyday life----
[Yuuto] But because I knew nothing about how they were protecting me in the background, this is the result
[Yuuto] Do you get it, Tamamono Mae?
[Yuuto] I've had-----
[Yuuto] enough

Page 3:
[Rinko] Yuuto….
[Yu] Amakawa-kun….
[Text] Kaya-sama, Yuuto-sama is….
[Kaya] Hmph!
[Kyuubi] Kindness kills people // That's why the dead can't blame anyone…..
[Kyuubi] It's good, isn't it, young boy
[Kyuubi] Even their names don't lie
[Yuuto] That's……. right

Page 4:
[Yuuto] Himari, give me my dagger
[Himari] Young master……!
[Himari] Is this okay? Young master is…..
[Yuuto] I've had enough of being trapped behind everyone!
[Text] I only have you----
[Text] Not only should you protect Yuuto
[Text] Your role is to also train guide him on his training to adulthood
[Text] From today, young master is a demon hunter-----
[SFX] Zu-
[Himari] …..

Page 5:
[Himari] ….. if you die, because I'll tell you off
[Himari] Because I'll cry and get angry
[Himari] Because I'm scared, you can't die
[Himari] You can't be beaten, for Kuesu's sake too

Page 6:
[Text] That's right…. I still can't afford to send young master to where Gen-jii is (NEED TL CHECK)
[Yuuto] Shizuku, I'm borrowing your water
[Shizuku] As you wish…… nano
[Yuuto] Su----
[SFX] Za- - raise
[Yuuto] Let's go-!!

Page 7:
[SFX] Ga- - slam
[SFX] Don-
[SFX] Bushaaaaa - water splashing
[Text] Kin-

Page 8:
[SFX] Zazazaza - running
[Rinko] Eh, wait, there's so many Yuutos!
[Text next to Rinko] From just one
[Yu] Clones…..?
[Kyuubi] ……I'll fry all of them

Page 9:
[SFX] Juo- -
[Text] All four bodies were water…..!
[Text] That means…..
[SFX] Zusha-
[Text] From behind…..
[SFX] Pasha - bubble

Page 10:
[Kyuubi] !!
[SFX] Ba-
[Text] In front…..?
[SFX] Kin-
[Bubble] Pishi- - block
[Kyuubi] Too bad….. // young boy
[Yuuto] Kuh-!
[SFX] Bochi-
[SFX] Pachi- - dissolve

Page 11:
[SFX] Zaaaaa
[Text] What…
[Yuuto] Rahhhhhhhhh!!
[SFX] Ga- - grab

Page 12:
[Kaya] H-…he grabbed her!? -In spite of being an idiot-
[Text next to head] There's little he can do
[Text] Yuuto-sama….
[Yuuto] Are you prepared!?
[Yuuto] Tamamono Mae-!!
[SFX] Bachi-
[Text] Gi-…!!

Page 13:
[Kyuubi] Gyaaaaaaa-
[SFX] Ba- - turn
[SFX] Za-
[Himari] It was a great success, young master!
[Himari] I'll bring the final blow!!
[SFX] Zazaza - running
[Yu] Tama-san!
[Rinko] Himari!?
[Text] Ton

Page 14:
[SFX] Don
[Himari] What…..!?

Page 15:
[Kyuubi] …Shu-…ten?
[Yuuto] What!? Why're you…..
[Shuten] …..hah, did you kill everything but my body of thoughts?
[Shuten] You're truly foul
[Himari] Residual thoughts….. is that residue from your spiritual power?
[Rinko] What's going on!? Didn't he draw with Kuesu…..
[Kaya] Ah that's right, if you become a high level enough ayakashi, even if your physical body is destroyed, it's near to impossible for your soul to be destroyed
[Kaya] While they're being defeated, their soul's fragments remain and through decades and hundreds of years, they'll eventually be revived
[Kaya] That's what you're seeing right now

Page 16:
[Shuten] Tama-san…. please retreat from this place
[Kyuubi] !
[Shuten] We truly despised these guys
[Shuten] They're strong
[Shuten] If someday I can revive….
[Shuten] At that time, we can be together again
[Yuuto] Shuten….. Douji
[Shuten] Young boy, I've said some rather self-important things to you huh
[Shuten] It is all my fault // But forget about it please

Page 17:
[Shuten] After all, things like protecting and being protected are this sort of thing----
[Yuuto] ….!!
[Text] …. also, this isn't a yasutsuna
[Shuten] Ehh….. but right now, this is a good way to die

Page 18:
[Shuten] Then, Cat-san…….. no
[Shuten] 'The sword of Noihara' Himari-san….. please
[Himari] …..
[Text] Shuten Douji
[Kyuubi] Wai-…..!!
[Himari] ……farewell
[Text] Young master and I aren't the same
[SFX] Za- - slice

Page 19:
[Text] Goodbye, Tama-san
[Text] I-
[Kyuubi] Uwahhhhhhh!!
[Kyuubi] How dare you!!
[Himari] !
[SFX] Gacki-
[SFX] Doka-

Page 20:
[Kyuubi] How dare you-!!
[SFX] Kuwa-
[Himari] Tch…!
[SFX] Goaaaaaa
[SFX] Gabu- - bite
[Text] !!

Page 21:
[Himari] Young master!?
[Yuuto] Ow-…. It's too late to be angry, Tamamono Mae
[SFX] Busha Goki - sounds of chewing
[Yuuto] We lost Kuesu and we're unhappy about it!!
[Kyuubi] Fu-----
[Yuuto] You have to be able to accept it!!
[SFX} Paki Guchu Bichu - more sounds of chewing
[Kyuubi] Fu-----
[Yu] Tama-san, enough already!!
[SFX] Gochu- Buchu- - more chewing
[Yuuto] Guh-….
[Rinko] Yuuto's blood!!
[Rinko] You guys, stop being irresponsible please!
[Text] Rinko!?
[Text] Young master…..
[Text] Young master is being eaten….
[Text] Young master is…..!
[SFX] Zugu-…..

Page 22:
[Text] Kyuubi, // you son of a….
[SFX] Ga-
[SFX] Baku- - chomp

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