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KissxSis 65

Kiss X Sis 65 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Jan 14, 2013 19:56 | Go to KissxSis

-> RTS Page for KissxSis 65

Fifth application:

Kiss X Sis 65 TL
TL how you read manga

Page 1:
[Yuuzuki] Well then! It's finally the sports festival!
[Text] The female teacher Kiryuu Yuuzuki is pumped!!
[Yuuzuki] Let's aim for victory as a class!!
[Yuuzuki] 1, 2, Let's do this--!
[Yuuzuki] Yeah---!!
[Keita] Yeah--…
[SFX] shin - silence
[Arrow] Keita

Page 2:
[Yuuzuki] H-…huh..?
[Yuuzuki] Why aren't all of you excited?
[Text] You're a high school teacher
[Text] Things like athletic meets are tiresome to use high schoolers…
[Text] It's a sports festival!
[Keita] But I'm pumped ?
[SFX] funsu - sigh
[Text] Are you okay?
[Text] You're from the Track and Field club so this is perfect for you
[Keita] There are various events like the Cavalry battle and the Oodama (Giant Ball Pushing) right
[Text] That's nothing but running right--?
[Text] I would only insert the ball from Yannee
[Text] The thing you want to insert isn't a ball, it's your stick right
[Mikuni] Hahh… It's the sports festival again huh
[Mikuni] I hate this time of year...

Page 3:
[Chapter] 65th X kiss: Mikuni's troubling sports festival
[Text] Running and swaying her large breasts hide her secrets. What could be troubling her…!?

Page 4:
[SFX] Wa-- - cheering
[Text] We're sixth!
[Text] Once we're past the flag we can have a rest
[Mikuni] Y-… Yes…
[Mikuni] We're… last again
[SFX] Hah----- - panting
[Mikuni] Just because we've been high school students doesn't mean that we'll suddenly be able to run fast…
[Text] This is the final call for all first year girls participating in the competition
[Text] A round of applause everyone…
[SFX] tobo…

Page 5:
[Mikuni] Ah…
[Mikuni] It's Kiryuu-sensei
[Mikuni] and Suminoe-ken…
[Mikuni] It seems like recently their relationship has gotten strangely good
[Mikuni] What happened between those two…?
[Mikuni] Well… It's none of business anyway
[SFX] Fuu - sigh
[Text] Mikuni?

Page 6:
[Keita] What are you doing in a place like this?
[Mikuni] Ah…
[Mikuni] Erm…
[Mikuni] Nothing really…
[Keita] Hey, let's sit over there
[Text] But Miharu was really surprising right!
[Text] About what?
[Text] I heard it was about her terrible performance
[Text] She was really slow
[Text] Well… I think it was because it was her first time
[Text] I heard that too
[Text] I can't imagine how it would feel to run in an event and come in dead last
[Text] Aw stop it! Imagine how she must feel
[Text] Sorry sorry, I'm gonna go back and properly thank her

Page 7:
[Text] Anyway you were really slow, Miharu
[Text] Is that so-
[Mikuni] ….
[Mikuni] I thought that since I'm from a sports club I could do things like run fast or have good reflexes but I was super wrong
[Keita] Don't say stuff like that
[Mikuni] I know this much
[Text] I heard that Riko-senpai is quite slow but
[Text] that has to be wrong
[Text] Even so, because I like exercising I joined a sports club but...
[Text] I didn't think I'd end up hating an athletics meet
[Mikuni] It must be nice to be someone who's fast…
[Mikuni] Ah…!
[Mikuni] I'm sorry!! -I must sound sarcastic…-
[Keita] It's fine

Page 8:
[Text] I thought that if I could come first just once
[Text] I'd be able to enjoy things like an athletics meet or sports festival, even just a little…
[Text] ---well
[Text] It's only something I can't do
[Text] I don't really mind
[Text] You do mind
[Text] !?
[Text] That story… you didn't look like you were fine whilst telling me it
[Text] And… you expect me to see that and be ok with it?
[Mikuni] Come to think of it I carelessly told him…
[Mikuni] Ah… Erm…

Page 9:
[Mikuni] Because
[Mikuni] Erm..
[Mikuni] Sumi-… noe-kun…
[Mikuni] is my only male friend…
[Mikuni] I...
[Mikuni] I know that Suminoe-kun is someone who is good at listening to others
[SFX] Cho-… - embarrassed
[Text] Maybe…
[Keita] … you're overestimating me
[Keita] I'm not that good of a person
[Mikuni] He's embarrassed…
[Text] That's right--… when everyone found out about our trip I didn't know what to do
[SFX] Biku
[Keita] !!
[Keita] Yeah~ that was scary..
[Mikuni] Kusu kusu
[SFX] pinponpan - bell

Page 10:
[Text] Would those participating in event 15, the people borrowing race, please make their way to the admissions area
[Text] I repeat
[Text] Those in event…
[Keita] Ah that's my call, I have to go
[Mikuni] How many events are you in?
[Keita] All the ones with running in!
[Mikuhi] G-..good luck with that
[Keita] I'll get first place in your place Mikuni!
[Keita] See ya!
[Mikuni] I'll be cheering for you!!
[Mikuni] Somehow I feel refreshed…
[Mikuni] But Suminoe-kun dealt with all of my boring complaints like they were nothing

Page 11:
[SFX] Pan…
[SFX] Wa- - Cheering
[Text] The first set of participants are on their way!
[Text] For this event, participants have to locate someone who fits the conditions written on the piece of paper they pick
[Text] and head for the goal with that person
[Text] Additionally, if the judges think that they haven't fulfilled the conditions. they'll get disqualified so please choose carefully!
[On Paper] A girl in your class that receives shit
[Text] These are all harassing conditions!
[Text] Even if we found them they'd definitely refuse to come out!!
[Text] Huh~ There seems to be a great difference in some of the topics on the piece of paper
[Text] This is where we'll see their luck and true strength!
[Text] Good luck to all participants!
[SFX] Wa- - cheering
[Keita] Such trouble for Mikuni's sake
[Keita] I want to do this one way or another but what should I do…

Page 12:
[Text] Next set on your marks!
[SFX] Pan - starting shot
[Keita] What should I do..
[Mikuni] Good Luck~ Suminoe-kun!
[Keita] No words of wisdom huh..
[Keita] What's a good method…

Page 13:
[SFX] Wa- - cheering
[Mikuni] …?
[On paper] Large breasted glasses girl

Page 14:
[Mikuni] No No! I'm gonna fall~~!
[Keita] You're too noisy! Hold still or you'll bite your tongue!
[Keita] Because of your fretting we're slower! Just endure it
[Mikuni] But your topic…
[Keita] You're perfect for it
[Text] Hmm~~!? 1-2 are fast! They're leaving the others behind one by one!
[Text] Their topic is… e~rm.. "Large breasted glasses girl" …
[Text] It's clear there's going to be no complaints here!
[Text] She's perfect!!
[Mikuni] Right now… the whole school is…
[Keita] They're probably looking at your breasts
[Mikuni] Eeeeehhhhh!?
[Mikuni] Uuuh…
[SFX] ahahah
[Text] it doesn't matter anymore
[Keita] It's does matter
[Keita] I have a feeling fate caused this
[SFX] ha- - panting

Page 15:
[Mikuni] What…
[Mikuni] Anyway are you okay with running like this?
[Keita] It's not the first time I've carried and ran with you
[Keita] It's cool, it's cool!
[Mikuni] Huh..!?
[Mikuni] No~ I didn't want to remember that again!
[Keita] Endure it for today
[Mikuni] I'm angry~!!
[Mikuni] … while you say that I still remember what happened…
[Smaller text] It felt good…
[SFX] Moji - fidget
[Keita] You're fidgeting a lot huh
[SFX] biku - surprise
[Mikuni] I-..I'm not!!
[Keita] Before you tell me something unnecessary, look
[Keita] Isn't the view around you different?
[SFX] Hah - panting
[Mikuni] View?
[Mikuni] What's diff-…
[Mikuni] Ah…

Page 16:
[Text] Theres…
[Text] No-one in front of me!
[Text] It's really refreshing…
[Text] This is the view of someone who's
[Text] in first place..!!

Page 17:
[SFX] haa - panting
[SFX] Gaku - moving
[Keita] ~~~~~..!!
[Keita] Let's go Mikuni!
[Mikuni] Where?
[Keita] You wanted to know the feeling of crossing the finish line in first place right?
[Text] Sorry! Erm!
[Text] Could you raise the tape higher
[Text] Eh?
[Text] ??
[Text] One
[Text] Two!!
[SFX] dan - stomp
[SFX] Guun - sway
[Mikuni] Yu-…

Page 18:
[Double spread]

Page 19:
[Text] It feels… good…

Page 20:
[Yuuzuki] Thank you everyone~~!!
[Yuuzuki] We weren't able to win but we did our best!
[Yuuzuki] Especially Suminoe-kun, you were amazing-!
[Yuuzuki] You were first by miles!!
[Text near Keita] hono~~~n
[Yuuzuki] The footrace, the people borrowing event, the inter-class relay… what else was there?
[Text] In the end it wasn't the track club's big moment
[Smaller text] Sure all I did was put in the ball but...
[Text] Ahh, stop shining already-…
[Yuuzuki] If we're talking about the people borrowing event, then Mikuni-san too, thank you!
[Mikuni] Heh-…?
[Mikuni] No… I'm not tired at all
[Mikuni] All I did was ride

Page 21:
[Yuuzuki] Even if you say that, after you finished you disappeared straight away, what's up?
[Mikuni] !!
[Mikuni] That was…
[Mikuni] Erm…
[Mikuni] I had to use the toilet…
[SFX] bufu
[Mikuni] B-… but Sensei asked!
[Yuuzuki] S-..sorry~~
[Yuuzuki] but…
[Mikuni] No buts about it!
[Mikuni] Thanks to that I've got trauma about the infirmary!
[Yuuzuki] My… Is that so..
[Smaller text] Well that's….

Page 22:
[Yuuzuki] It's…
[Yuuzuki] the opposite for me <3
[Yuuzuki] It's nothing anyway~ <3
[Mikuni] ?
[Mikuni] Haa…
[Mikuni] But
[Mikuni] The one who caused the trauma looks like he's forgotten all about it…

Page 23:
[Mikuni] Thank you
[Mikuni] I don't think my stupidity will ever be healed but
[Mikuni] thanks to Suminoe-kun, I've started to not dislike the Sports festival
[SFX] zu-…
[Mikuni] Suminoe-kun? Your legs are….
[SFX] Ha-… - remember

Page 24:
[Mikuni] That time… when we crossed the finish line he positioned himself awkwardly!
[Mikuni] Then after that event he should have definitely taken a rest
[Mikuni] His legs must be….!
[SFX] bi- - gesture
[SFX] Kyuuuuuuuuu - heart throb
[Text] Hey-- Miharu-chan
[Text] Ah… Hello
[Ako] Class 1-2 were really close huh--

Page 25:
[Riko] If your class were against you, why did they end up choosing you instead of someone better?
[Riko] The slow girl without the will to run?
[Mikuni] Uu…
[Text] But if Kei-chan were alone he wouldn't have been able to win
[Text] It's expected since you go to a school that's big on club activities
[Mikuni] You're getting confused, you think I was able to take this high school's entrance exam because of you right (NEED TL CHECK)
[Mikuni] What have you been saying to other people? (NEED TL CHECK)
[SFX] Nyahaha - laughter
[Ako] This was the expected result huh~~
[Riko] Indeed
[SFX] Ha----- - sighing
[Mikuni] ?

Page 26:
[Mikuni] What's wrong?
[SFX] Ha----- - sighing
[Riko] We lost
[Riko] Naturally as it is we don't intend to withdraw but
[Mikuni] Eh…
[Mikuni] It's like that...!?
[Ako] If it isn't too much trouble, if Miharu-chan were to tell us she wants to help us
[Ako] It would be a fair match from then on!
[Mikuni] Well….
[Mikuni] It's nothing to do with me…

Page 27:
[Text above Yuuzuki] Alright alright <3
[Text between the two] Good boy Good boy <3
[Text behind Keita] Wait Sensei…
[SFX] Chiku - pains
[Text] It's nothing to do with me….

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