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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Maken-Ki 47

Maken-Ki 47 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Jan 18, 2013 20:46 | Go to Maken-Ki

-> RTS Page for Maken-Ki 47


Translation Check was done by Kemari:

Maken Ki 47

Page 1:
[Down the left] The chest is a little tight but, it still looks good… right?
[Down the left] It’s a little tight in the chest, but it still looks good… right?
[Top] Chapter 47 [You can't avoid the things you can't see]

Page 2:
[SFX] Po - droplet
[Minori] ….hn
[Text] Huh? This is….
[Text] I… Why was I…. sleeping?
[Text] That's right…. I lost to Ouken…
(PR choose: Ouken or Oken)
I think Ouken is better.
[Text] … As it is now, Himegami will…
[Minori] Ah!!
[SFX] Ba - sudden movement
[Minori] Kodama!…
[Text] You awake now?
[Minori] Huh?

Page 3:
[Tesshin] It's been a while Rokujou Minori
(Rokujou Minori or Minori Rokujou? I prefer the original but that’s up to PR)
I prefer the Japanese way of writing names as well and most of the people I know who read manga prefer it as well (part of the manga experience and whatnot), so I’d go with “Rokujou Minori”. Otherwise, it is really an argument of consistency. If previous chapters had it last name first, do it that way and vice versa.
[SFX] Zun - huge presence
[Minori] Tesshin!?
[Minori] …. the fact that you're here means…
[Minori] Takeru is…
[Tesshin] Takeru is over there.
[Minori] Eh?

Page 4:
[Text] ….I-is that so? …..Huh?
[Text] What are those two doing?
[SFX] Chuuu - Sucking
[Text] They're in the middle of doing something called 'Stamina Recovery'.
[Minori] Recovery?
[Text] ….
[SFX] Hah! - realisation
[Minori] Wa-Wait!! // If you’re recovering, give it to me!!
[SFX] Puru purr - shaking
[SFX] Gufu - being held back
[Minori] I have to chase Ouken!!
[Tesshin] No you're resting
[Tesshin] No, you’re resting.
[Text] Ryuutou Kosou.
[Text] It will be a fierce battle.
[Text] Takeru and Ouken are going to fight.
[Minori] Huh?

Page 5:
[Minori] What are you talking about? Ouken is my opponent!
[Tesshin] I know, that's why you need to rest.
[Text] You mean you want me to sit around while one of my students is killed in front of my eyes…
[Text] Is that what you're saying? Are you Kamigari?!….
(check context: kamigari in katagana; by Ouken’s side in kanji)
Based on the Kanji, I would rewrite the second half as, “Are you siding with Ouken?!” Otherwise I think it is alright.
[Text] Ah… <3 Principal you're awake…
[Minori] Kyuuuu~~~ - faint
[SFX] Kyuu~~ - fainted
[Takeru] Huh!? You're still asleep!?
[Takeru] Huh!? Still out cold?
[Tesshin] It can't be helped.
[Tesshin] This wound would have been fatal for a regular person.
[Tesshin] Even so, she could still move. // Her natural surplus of “element” must have protected her body from further damage.

Page 6:
[Minori] E-even more so…
[Minori] If I can't do anything…
[Tesshin] The reason I'm here is
[Tesshin] The reason I’m here
[Tesshin] is because I believe that Takeru will return safely.
[Minori] ! …. perhaps
[Text] The reason why he can use 'Blood Pointer' is!?
[Text] Hmm…
[SFX] Zaaaaaa - water rushing
[Minori] I see….. That's good.
[Minori] It’s because I wasn't able to become that guy's strength…
[Tesshin] You're wrong.
[Tesshin] I felt you guys' presence from inside the cave.
[Tesshin] Initially, Takeru couldn’t withstand the power of ‘Blood Pointer’,
[Tesshin] but, within a short period of time, he’s been trained beyond recognition.
[Tesshin] And it's all due to your guidance.

Page 7:
[Text] You’re blessed to have a pupil,
[Text] who thinks the same way you do.
If that deviates from the context too much, ‘who’s on the same wavelength as you’ also works.
[SFX] Gu - Tighten
[Tesshin] Regardless, there’s no one who can win
[Tesshin] against Ouken (Ouken or Oken)
[Tesshin] Therefore…
[Text] !

Page 8:
[Tesshin] You can use my element. (it translates to 'you can suck my element' but sounds too wrong)
[SFX] Don
[Takeru] Huh?
[Takeru] You're… Kamigari right?
[Text] I heard some time ago…
[Text] That Ouken has betrayed his morals // and now only abducts females for his pleasure.
[SFX] Za za - running
[Text] For a while I questioned Ouken's behaviour but…
[Text] … he went on with his malicious deeds…
[Text] I cannot watch Ouken fall any further.
[Text] …. I got it.
[Text] …. But.

Page 9:
[Text] When you stare at me with your cold, white eyes,
[Text] you seem really unapproachable. smaller text: It's scary
[Tesshin] If it's pupils…. I have them.
[Takeru] Hm?
[Takeru] Hmm?
[Takeru] Pff! … It's true…
[SFX] pu pu - laughter
[Tesshin] …Sigh… You really can't grasp the situation.
[Takeru] S-sorry, sorry.
[Takeru] …hahh… But you seriously helped me out.
[Takeru] This debt too, I'll definitely return it.

Page 10:
[Text] … this debt "too' huh….
[Tesshin] If that's so,
[Tesshin] you can pay me back with something sweet.
[Tesshin] Oh… get me 'Age-Manjuu' from Asakusa
T/N: Asakusa is a place in japan
T/N: Manjuu http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manj%C5%AB
[Tesshin] They taste nice and sweet.
[Takeru] Because I like sweet stuff.
[SFX] ni - smile
[Tesshin] Huh? What's up?
[Takeru] Hehe… Nothing… Let's get this over and done with.
[SFX] Dosu - Settle
[Text] ?
[Tesshin] …. It's good that you suddenly became motivated…
[Tesshin] After this you will 'fight to protect'.
[Tesshin] It's not enough to just help your friends.
[Tesshin] Your opponent is very similar to you in the fact that he has team mates to help him…. Therefore
[Tesshin] Your opponent is very similar to you as he also has teammates to help him… Therefore,
[Tesshin] You definitely need to come back alive.
[Tesshin] Aah
[Tesshin] You're here for that reason…..

Page 11:
[Takeru] Leave it to me.
[Text] I’ll beat that Ouken up,
[Text] and return together with Kodama-senpai.
[Text] …..ku
[SFX] Bou - attacks
[Text] Hahahaha

Page 12:
[Text] How is it?
[Text] Did my previous attack surprise you?
[Text] Well, if you can’t see your opponent,
[Text] you can’t avoid their attacks!
[SFX] Bo - Attacks
[Text] Shit! He's really fast…
[Text] Is this the 'Mist Legs'?
[Himegami] Hm?
[Text] They say that this guy can move faster than the speed of sound.
[Text] It is named after the shock wave released when he activates it.
[Text] Moving at sonic speed while emitting sound waves…
[Text] In other words he….

Page 13:
[Text] He manipulates 'sound'.
[Text] As you've already guessed,
[Text] I can even freely manipulate voice
[Text] I can even freely manipulate voices.
[Text] To the extent that I used the voice of that non-element user’s daughter to catch him.
[Text] There isn’t a way I cannot wield it!
[Text] Ke! So what!!
[Text] My 'electron' will exceed yours!
[SFX] Baha - Electricity
[Text] "Lightning Fang"
[Text] Huh!?

Page 14:
[Text] Guah!!
[Text] !!
[Text] As expected of an A-class Maken!
[Himegami] You ok?
[Text] Ahh
[Text] Indeed, it lacks nothing in terms of speed,
[Text] But because your body can't follow my movements,
[Text] by the time you attack, you lag behind.
[Text] You have to be able to react to this speed in order to hit me
[Text] and to be able to dodge me.
[Text] or dodge my attacks.
[Text] Hya!!

Page 15:
[Text] Ku…
[Text] You arrogant son of a-
[Text] … however it would be a waste to use my element now…
[Text] I have yet to fight against him.
[Text] E….rm….. you're Tareo, right?
[Text] Do you have the will // to fight against your master and Kamigari?
[Text] Hirata Leo!
[Text] If I didn’t intend to be here, then I would have left ages ago, right!?
[SFX] puru - shake
[Text] … that's good.
[Text] If that's so lend me your head
[Text outside bubble] Are you listening?
[Text] I'll tell you what I intend to do.
[SFX] Ga - grab
[Text] ……Ok got it…

Page 16:
[Text] Funfun!!
[Text] Funtau!!
[SFX] Baha
[Text] !?
[SFX] Gyo
[Text] … Are those electricity balls? …… No.
[Text] Just plant lumps… they are just holy basils surrounded in electricity….
[Text] What are you planning to do, huh?
[Text] Even if you use element to raise the electrical power, there’s still no way I can be hit….
[Text] -----!

Page 17:
[Text] Fufu, do you think you’ll get a hit with multiple shots?
[Text] You must be joking with that kind of insane plan your ability is as good as nothing…..
[Text] If you have an ability, you should use your maken and fight, right?
[Text] Little man.
[Text] Whether the person has the ability or not….
[Text] Whether they're strong or not….
[Text] Because you fuss over trivial matters,
[Text] You and Ouken
[Text] Have lost sight of the truly precious things.
[Text] Still provoking me huh?
[Text] That's okay.
[SFX] Gu - step
[Text] I will destroy you as you wish!!

Page 18:
[SFX] Bita - stop
[Text] ….Eh!?
[Text] You didn't notice?
[Text] I increased the elastic adhesive of the natural rubber thread
[Text] I increased the elasticity and adhesiveness of the natural rubber thread,
[Text] And wove it in between the trees.
[Text] As result of your arrogance and shooting about the place, (Can't really work out what 調子 means in this context)
[SFX] Gugu - Struggling
[Text] You moved around enough to get stuck and entangled.
[Text] Game over.
[SFX] Baha - electricity
[Text] Wa-wait…..

Page 19:
[Text] Just
[Text] Kidding.
[Text] Hahh!!
[SFX] Zuba - Burst of energy
[Text] Gu!?
[Text] A sound shockwave?
[SFX] Dosa - Place
[Text] It seems like the one who got cocky and lost is
[Text] It seems like the one who got cocky and lost
[Text] more you!
[Text] you!
[Text] is you!
[Text] Himegami Kodama!!

Page 20:
[SFX] ban
[SFX] Dosa - fall
[Text] Wh-…
[SFX] biku biku - twitch
[Text] What…. happened….?
[Text] Why… My body is…. going numb…
[SFX] koro - roll
[Text] !!

Page 21:
[Text] …..This trap went right to plan
[Text] ……This trap went according to plan.
[SFX] za
[Text] Fun…. you're pulling a face that says 'I don't understand what happened'
[Text] How fun… You’re pulling a face that says ‘I don’t understand what happened’.
[Text] The trigger activated when you cut this piece of thread,
[Text] and the electricity came from the electrified plants Leo threw just now.
[Text] Leo wasn’t aiming for you.
[Text] He planned to hit the rubber threads woven between the trees,
[Text] which then acted like a sling shot.
[Text] When the trigger was cut,
[Text] The binding thread would blind you,
[Text] And the ball would shoot towards the middle where I was standing.
[Text] You took my bait and moved the way I expected -kukuku-
[Text] …. You were right.

Page 22:
[Text] “You can’t avoid what you can’t see”… Right?
[Text] Well, in this case:
[Text] "You can't avoid what you can clearly see." (This sounds better than the actual translation of "You can't avoid even if you can see"

Page 23:
[Text] "Lightning Fang"

Page 24:
[Text] Sorry, Nojichi.
[Text] I didn't mean to use your energy for something so trivial.
[Text] Kodama-sama, I’ll be happy if I can be of service <3
[Text] Fufu…
[Text] In order to preserve element, I won’t summon you unless I absolutely need to.
[Text] Preserving?
[Text] Is that why you made me do everything before? –You’re awful-
[Text] You did excellent.
[Text] I want to thank you.
[Text] Uu….. Kuku…..
[Text] I might have gone easy on you ….
[Text] … but you will regret it.
[Text] It's good you caught me instead of Ouken-sama.

Page 25:
[Text] You bastard…. you think I care about the opinion of a loser dog like you?
[SFX] gu gu - stomping
[Text] If you're saying people like Ouken aren't our enemy…
[Text] Leave him be.
[Text] He's the bottom anyways
[Text] If Jou-chan hasn't run away, you only have to get rid of him.
[Text] I don't want to look like a fool to Junior….
[Text] Well, even an attendant can still win.
[Text] Even if it's unexpected we still won, right?
[Text] Who're you?
[SFX] Zun - step
[Text] Wha-!?
[Text] Ah… Ahhhh

Page 26:
[Text] I said I was going to crush you right
[Text] Didn’t I say I was going to crush you?
They keep saying, ‘Right?’ and it’s starting to get repetitive <_< So here is an alternative. In addition, “I said I was going to crush you, didn’t I?” should also work.
[Text] Ouken.
[Text] Come on, give me a smile
[Text] Kodama!
[SFX] Zan - menace
[Text at bottom] Kodama vs Ouken!!

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