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Maken-Ki 48

Maken-Ki 48 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Jan 19, 2013 12:03 | Go to Maken-Ki

-> RTS Page for Maken-Ki 48


TLC: Kemari

Maken Ki 48 TL

Page 1:
[Text] Gu-!!
[SFX] Ga-
[Ouken] …What's wrong? Weren't you meant to defeat me?
[Leo] Damn it-… Let… go
[Ouken] I've seen enough so I'll practice with you for a bit
[Kodama] You bastard!!
[Kodama] Take your filthy hands off…
[Kodama] him!?
[SFX] Gun- - sudden stop
[Kodama] Uh…!
[Text] Fufu…
[SFX] Gu gu gu - struggling
[Text] It seems in the end you were the unprepared one
[Text] Himegami Kodama…

Page 2:
[Chapter] Chapter 48 [Mami Habaya]
[Text] Being able to shock and shock with this hot gaze… <3

Page 3:
[Ouken] Well done Hakuto
[Ouken] Your loyalty…. is something to be admired
[Hakuto] Ahh…
[Hakuto] Ouken-sama…
[Kodama] Uu… This is disgusting…
[Kodama] Nojichi, quickly..
[SFX] Zowa- - shudder
[Text] Yes <3 I'll go and cut them down
[Text] Don't worry Jou-chan
[Leo] The one who's careless… is you
[Leo] Ouken-san!
[Text] Generator "Electron"

Page 4:
[Text] Lightning Fang!!
[Leo] Heh…. Hehe
[Leo] How is it? My electric shock gives
[Leo] gives quite the shock right?
[Ouken] …Ahh
[Ouken] Just perfect to fix my stiffed shoulder
[Text] !!
[SFX] Gugu
[Text] What…
[Text] that was the technique that took Hakuto out!?
[Kodama] Leo!
[Text] Bu-!
[Kodama] Quickly! Get aw-… !?
[SFX] Kiiiii

Page 5:
[SFX] udo - appearing
[Ouken] !!
[SFX] Zun - Hit
[Ouken] Urgh!!
[Ouken] Arghhhh!!
[SFX] Gagaga - pushing back
[Ouken] Ugh-… Uh!
[Ouken] Ku…. What was that light……

Page 6:
[Ouken] Arrow!?
[Ouken] Koda….ma!
[Text] "Tenman Shrine"
[SFX] Ga-

Page 7:
[Text] "God's Roar"
[Leo] Jo-…Jou-chan… Are you really preserving your power?
[Leo] …. It's frustrating to say but
[Leo] my lightning attack can't be compared with yours…
[Kodama] …Fuu
[Kodama] …. Attacking once uses up so much….

Page 8:
[Kodama] As usual, what an energy-guzzler
[Kodama] Ikajichi

Page 9:
[Text] If I knew better I'd have used more caution
[Text] Even without "God's Roar'" you could've taken him out
[Kodama] I get it
[Kodama] That "guy"…
[Kodama] is my… biggest
[Kodama] Anyway
[SFX] Kuru - turn
[Kodama] Where did it come flying from?
[Kodama] That light arrow…
[Text] ---Ten minutes before
[Text] Okinoshima Coast----
[SFX] zazaza - waves crashing
[Text] …..Ooooo

Page 10:
[Text] Oooooooo!!
[Text] Huh!
[Text] What's happening now!!
[Text] !! Uh……
[Text] Take…..
[Text] This!!
[Text] Ga….. Guga…..
[Text] Ga…..

Page 11:
[Text] Gaaa!!
[Azuki] Kyaa!?
[Azuki] What the hell are you doing!!
[Smaller text] I don't have that many normal clothes!
[SFX] Don - kick
[Azuki] Seriously… since they're locals if they wanted us leave I would've listened to them
[Text] What's that?
[Azuki] ….Even so
[Azuki] Seriously what are these people?
[Azuki] They suddenly became monsters and on top of that
[Azuki] They could fight with us on level terms….

Page 12:
[Text] Want me to tell you?
[Text] If you cry like a monkey, then I will think about it
[Text] Huuuh!?
[Text] Hmm~ you sound more like a gorilla
[Text] But whatever
[Text] Hey! Who's the gorilla!?
[SFX] Pu - laugh
[Text] I gave…. the locals some drugs
[Text] This island had a giant octopus right?
[Text] I used it to create my new and improved drug
[Text] I wasn’t able to get a good control before
[Text] But thanks you guys giving out the “Sakuyabime” you found // my element has amplified and the drug that converts others to my pets has been completed…
[Text] I added the drug to the water supply // I wonder why that girl is unaffected
[Text] W-..we get our drinking water from a well…
[Text] I see… Well this is not a number you can stop anyways… // A good girl like you can’t abandon these locals, right? // with this antidote, they will return to normal
[Text] Eh!?
[Text] Does it actually work? I haven’t tested it yet -kyahaha-
[Text] Then…

Page 13:
[Text] We'll defeat you…
[Text] And…
[Text] make you tell us how to cure them!!
Make you spilt the cure!!
[Text] ….Hee, you're determined
[Text] That’s fine… we won’t know
[Text] Unless you give it a try
[Text] Well there's one fool…
[Text] who looks like they have no motivation at all…

Page 14:
[Text] Right?
[Text] Ms. President
[Text] Speaking of it… The president’s been acting weird for some time
[Text] Maybe it's the same as the time I….
[Text] faced Kamigari….
[Text] Wrong
[Text] The girl isn’t scare of Kamigari
[Text] But her grandpa
[Text]How do you know…

Page 15:
[Text] It didn't happen in Kamigari
[SFX] Pi
[Text] Once I investigated I immediately found out
[Text] Once Tenbi students get to the third year they all
[Text] Go to Kamigari for the sake of training but
[Text] Last year… an outstanding second year entered amongst the others
[Text] And that was you
[Text] Takaki Furan
[Text] Ojii-sama liked you
[Text] And it seems he gave you an invitation
[Text] But you refused it…
[Text] You came across as too proud
[Text] So with trouble…

Page 16:
[Text] Ojii-sama asked
[Text] you to become his mistress
[Text] Wha-!?
[Text] However, you let one of your friends take your place
[Text] so you could run back home to Tenbi, right?

Page 17:
[Text] And yet she still became a traumatised man-hater!
[Text] She's a lesbian
[SFX] Hyuuu - dropping
[Text] Hm?
[Text] Hyaa!?
[SFX] Don - land
[Text] Haa haa… Don't worry
[Text] Kaichou-han
[Text] Eeh!
[SFX] Ga- - hit
[Text] Because I won't let put one finger on you!
[Text] Chacha…
[Text] Haruko-san…

Page 18:
[Text] !!
[SFX] Kii
[Text] Yuuka-san!
[Text] Don't worry
[Text] Furan
[Text] Don't worry, it's okay
[Text] I'm protecting you because…
[Text] You're my important person…
[Text] Furan
[Text] I…..
[Text] At the moment I'm the same as that time….
[SFX] Kii - sparkle
[Text] But… I can’t let this go on
[Text] But…. Now….. I….
[Text] Gaaaaa…..
[Text] a?
[SFX] kuku - stop
[Text] I….

Page 19:
[SFX] Goo -
[Text] Hu-!?
[Text] What's…..
[Text] …..this!?
[SFX] Dogo - smashed
[Text] Onii….
[Text] -sama
[Text] … everyone
[Text] Aren't you misunderstanding something?

Page 20:
[Text] I am Tenbi Academy's Student Council President…..
[Text] Takaki Furan!
[Text] Maken
[Text] "Habaya"

Page 21:
[Text] My duty is not “to be protected by others”
[Text] Tenbi Academy…. The students…..
[Text] It's my mission to protect them!!

Page 22:
[Text] President…
[Smaller text] You're so cool <3
[Text] That's our Kaichou-han!
[Text] High-handed and looking good!
[Text] … That maken is… one of the eight maken
[Text] "Habaya"
[Text] It’s confirmed…. that person just shot the ‘ball’ generated by habaya
[Text] Until the light arrow hits it's target it will continue to chase it, the bow that always hits its target
[Text] B-… but because I know
[Text] It uses a massive amount of power, it can't fire that many shots!
[Text] And earlier you even wasted a shot right!
[SFX] Pan pan
[Text] ….. That…..
[Text] attack had all my resolve on it
[Text] Hah?
[Text] I don't get what you're saying but
[Text] those guys look like they're still alive
[Text] It looks like you guys can't kill the locals after all
[Text] Even after you used Habaya, nothing's changed in the course of the battle….
[Text] Shi-ri-a<3

Page 23:
[Text] Love <3
[Inaho] ! This voice….
[Text] Love <3
[Text] Beam <3
[Text] Eh!?
[Text] Uhah! Wha-..
[Text] What!? Just then….
[Text] Aw! You’ve been such a bad girl, Otohime-chan <3
[Text] !!
[Text] Bofu

Page 24:
[Text] For bad kids like you
[SFX] Fuu - sound of wind
[Text] The superstar of love and hope, Shiria-chan will
[Text] give you a spanking <3
[Text] Aha <3
[Text] Can Shiria's love save the locals !?

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