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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Maken-Ki 49

Maken-Ki 49 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Jan 19, 2013 12:18 | Go to Maken-Ki

-> RTS Page for Maken-Ki 49


TLC: Kemari

Maken Ki 49 TL

Page 1:
[Text] !!
[SFX] Za za za za - running
[Text] Why are you here….
[Text] You can't go there!
[Text] I won't let get in Ouken-sama's wa-…..
[Text] !?
[Text] You and… that element...
[Text] W-……ai…..
[Text] Wai-…..

Page 2:
[Chapter] Chapter 49 [That kind of person isn't human]
[Text] The kids who do bad things are left to you, Shiria <3

Page 3:
[Shiria] Naughty children~
[Shiria] will be spanked by….
[SFX] kuru - turn
[Text] the superstar
[Text] Shiria <3
[Otohime] Shi-… Shiria Ootsuka
[Otohime] Why are you here…
[SFX] tashi - dread
[Otohime] You're part of Venus ….
[Otohime] Your actions have already been reported to the staff….

Page 4:
[Shiria] Hm~ Oh well <3
[Shiria] Because there was a commanding officer there <3
[Otohime] Kodai… Akaya!
[Otohime] Was it "Hypnosis"……..!
[Azuki] VENUS is a part of Kamigari… so what do you intend to do?
[Azuki] Perhaps… you came as an ally?
[Shiria] Eh?
[Shiria] But I thought I was always an ally? <3
[Azuki] Since when!?
[Azuki smaller text] I'll go and beat the crap out of you!!
[Haruko] Now now…
[Haruko] As for you being on our side, we don't have anyone to encourage us like you
[Otohime] …Hah!
[Otohime] Even if you could get another ally
[Otohime] In the end, you still won’t be able to interfere with the loca-…..
[Text] Uhh…

Page 5:
[Text] ……Uh……ku…..
[SFX] Dan - appear
[Text] This is…
[Otohime] Wh-!?
[Otohime] Why did they return to normal….
[Shiria] You know right, Otohime-chan?
[Shiria] About my ability…
[Text] "Inverse" <3
[Shiria] It lets me reverse the effects of the black element on the locals
[Shiria] I only turned them back to their original bodies <3
[Inaho] Everyone's saved
[Girl] Yeah!
[Shiria] How. ev. er

Page 6:
[Shiria] Within 30 minutes they revert back again <3
[SFX] Tehe <3
[Text] Eh?
[Azuki] Isn't that completely useless then!
[Text] That was a harsh joke
[Shiria] But, Bu-ut <3
[Shiria] Within that time, you can fight at full power right <3
[Azuki] Heh! That's right!
[Azuki] We should seriously get going!
[SFX] Za- - approach
[Text] In that case
[Text] I'll take you down

Page 7:
[Text] !!
[SFX] gashi - lock
[Shiria] I'd love to respond to hottie-kun's courting but
[Shiria] I'm sorry <3 I already have a person my heart is set on <3
[Shiria] Later…. don't misunderstand this
[Shiria] Because I'm a higher rank than you
[Shiria] The one who's going down…

Page 8:
[Shiria] is you! <3
[SFX] Zun - smash
[SFX] Dou - explode
[Text] Kyaa!!
[SFX] Gaha- - coughing up blood

Page 9:
[Otohime] Onii-sama-!!
[Azuki] Bu-!
[Azuki] Consider your surrounds when fighting!
[Inaho] ……
[Inaho] But
[Inaho] As expected from you
[Inaho] Defeating an opponent that Haruko was trouble dealing with in a single blow…
[Inaho] Guess she’s been holding back when fighting me
[Text] Ahh… I'm angry but VENUS really are strong…..
[Text] …. now
[SFX] Za - step
[Text] then
[Text] Shall we begin?
[SFX] zawa zawa - menacing
[Text] The punishment for the naughty child…
[SFX] Gaku gaku - shaking
[Otohime] ….A…..Ah… You guys……
[Otohime] I-……If you do anything…..

Page 10:
[Otohime] I'll tell
[Otohime] Ojii-channnnn!!
[SFX] Pasha - dolphin jumping
[Kodama] ….Huu
[Kodama] You still haven't gone to hell huh….
[Text] Guhaha

Page 11:
[Ouken] You haven’t changed one bit since, still as sharp as usual
[Ouken] But I’ve also recovered from that time
[Ouken] The level of attack won’t kill me
[Kodama] You indiscriminately suck out peoples' souls
[Kodama] Are you going to turn this island into a desert?
[Ouken] You're the same as back then, always arguing with me. Admit it, strength is the key
[Ouken] And my strength has reached the point where this Tomoe crest appeared on my chest (Tomoe is the comma design on his chest)
[Ouken] I'm delighted to be able to meet you once again but
[Ouken] an insect that's been scurrying about for a while now
[Ouken] is blocking my view

Page 12:
[Ouken] We will crush you…
[SFX] Za - appear
[Leo] Wha-!?
[Leo] You guys!!
[Text] Uh! ….Gu-!!
[Text] You're awful Leo-san // leaving us out of a large fight…
[Text] For a long time now I've thought that Kamigari's lot were unbearable
[Text] Please let us take a bit too!

Page 13:
[Leo] You idiots!!
[Leo] Get away now!!
[Text] Hehe… I'm holding his joints and…
[Text] I have confidence in my strength….
[Text] Huh?
[SFX] Guru
[Text] Wha-!?
[Ouken] ……. Fuu….. I don't notice such puny levels of element….
[Ouken] Yet you call yourselves ability users
[Ouken] And only go for the joints and strength…
[Ouken] If you're an ability user…
[Ouken] Fight like one
[SFX] dogo - smashed

Page 14:
[Leo] Atsushi!!
[Leo] Kouji!!
[SFX] Ga-
[Kodama] You bastard!!
[Kodama] !
[SFX] Bita- - running
[SFX] Gushi- - picks up

Page 15:
[Text] Uh……
[Text] ….Guh…
[Text] Uh…. Sorry Leo-san
[Text] We screwed up again…
[Text] Trash like us...
[Text] Really… are useless
[Text] We wanted to be of help to the Leo-san that always saves us but
[Text] We ended up…. pulling you down….
[Ouken] You've suffered for sure
[Ouken] Indeed you are a bunch of trashy worms
[Ouken] Since you guys want to be of help
[SFX] Gu- - grasp
[Ouken] You can become my shield

Page 16:
[Text] Sneak attacks then hostages?
[Text] They aren’t what a boss would do, are they?
[Ouken] Tch! Who are you!?
[Text] I'm just a small guy speaking his mind
[Leo] This voice….
[Kodama] I can feel an element but
[Kodama] it's not the same as theirs
[Ouken] ……. This voice…..
[Ouken] It feels like he's using a voice attack similar to my "power of language"….
[Ouken] Over there!!
[SFX] Ka - throw

Page 17:
[SFX] Bin Bin
[SFX] Yo-i
[Ouken] … I don't know who's over there but
[Ouken] You've been mouthing off from such a long distance
[Ouken] Stop barking
[Ouken] If you have something you want to say, come here and
[Ouken] Sa-…
[Ouken] Eh?
[Ouken] Absolute….

Page 18:
[Text] Fist!!!

Page 19:
[SFX] Don

Page 20:
[SFX] Zubo
[Takeru] ……Hah
[Takeru] Anyhow, he would probably recover immediately with that level of attack but…
[SFX] Shuuu.. - Steaming
[Takeru] At least I confirmed that it works -I only used a bit of my power, I'm a little happy-
[Kodama] !….
[Kodama] …Nii-…
[Kodama] …… sama

Page 21:
[Takeru] Himegami-senpai-!
[Takeru] Thank goodness you're okay!
[Takeru] I was so worried when you disappeared!
[Takeru] When I was on my way here, an old lady got in my way // but thank goodness my bluff punches freaked the shit out of her
[Kodama] …….. you
[Kodama] Takeru….?
[Takeru] Eh? That's right but….
[Takeru] I don't get why you're staring, has anything like my hair changed or something?
[Takeru] It's all worn out because of Tesshin
[Takeru] Hm?
[Kodama] ?
[Takeru] What's up?
[Takeru] Nothing, nothing~
[Takeru] Senpai's also had it rough huh~….
[SFX] Mufu---- - pervy mode
[Takeru] Your clothes are also tattered….
[Takeru] Ehehe <3

Page 22:
[Kodama] Don't misunderstand right…….Takeru
[SFX] Shuuu - steaming
[SFX] Beh---
[Takeru] ……I…. I guess
[Kodama] Anyways, you didn’t have that element before
[Kodama] What did you do to get it?
[Takeru] Well, there was various things
[Takeru] It’s a long story…
[SFX] Gasa- - movement
[Ouken] … I don't get it
[Ouken] Why are you helping that girl?

Page 23:
[Kodama] ….
[Takeru] Gu-….. He's back in action in no time
[Takeru] I knew this would happen but….. it's still a bit of a shock
[Ouken] .. So why?
[SFX] Baki- - cracking his neck
[Takeru] ?
[Takeru] It's because she's my friend
[Ouken] …Kuhaha
[Ouken] Friend….. huh?
[Ouken] Perhaps it's only you guys that think that
[Ouken] Anyway, that girl
[Ouken] Even without her abilities….

Page 24:
[Ouken] She isn't even
[SFX] Don
[Ouken] a human
[Takeru] ….
[Takeru] Huh?
[Text] Have you hit your head too hard, Ouken?

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