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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Maken-Ki 50

Maken-Ki 50 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Jan 19, 2013 13:52 | Go to Maken-Ki

-> RTS Page for Maken-Ki 50


TLC: Kemari

Maken Ki 50 TL

Page 0:
[SFX] Goto- - place
[Text] …….This is…….?
[Gen] Can we really use this pot
[Text] to realise Ouken's trye form?
[Subheading] Takeru is confronting Ouken! On the other hand, Akaya and the others are---
[Yan Min] You're too loud
[SFX] Shi--- - ssshh
[Yan Min] Don't you know where we are?
[Text] ……. the enemy's
[Text] headquarters…….

Page 1:
[Chapter] Chapter 50 [This is a story from long ago]
[Text] Right in the middle of

Page 2:
[Text] Kamigari's headquarters

Page 3:
[Akaya] Ouken said it himself // So it’s must likely accurate
[Text next to Gen] I know this already!
[Akaya] Before coming here
[Akaya] I even discussed this with someone who knew about it within the Night Executives // Though it's unlikely he'll do anything, the real trouble is his motive
[Akaya] …. this pot, if you don't have the special element // You won't be able to crack the seal that's been applied
[Akaya] If someone without that element attempted to crack it…
[SFX] Ban
[Akaya] …. This smoke
[SFX] Shuuuu - dispersing
[Demitra] Others have tried to no success
[Demitra] Since none of them possessed the “black element”…
[Gen] Looks like this is where I come in

Page 4:
[Black twin] ……..Hey….. What's a…….. "black element"?
[Yan Min] You don't know!? // You're SS-class maken users and yet…..
[Text] Elements have special traits expressed using different colours // Out of all of the colours the "black element"
[Text] is said to combine all of the special traits into one // Worldwide there are only about 5 people who possess such a rare power
[Twins] Yan Min…… is really knowledgable
[Akaya] Well…. 1 of the 5 people
[Akaya] is actually here
[SFX] zu zu zu
[Text] He can replicate any traits // He’s the Maken blacksmith
[Gen] You finished explaining?
[Gen] Now…..
[Text] Open!

Page 5:
[Text] So
[Text] What's up….. did it work?
[Akaya] ….Ahh…. This is more than I thought……
[Akaya] But this is troubling
[Akaya] If this is the truth //I don't think his opponent will be able to touch him
[Text] Yamato Ouken is
[SFX] Zaku- - wind blowing

Page 6:
[Takeru] …..Himegami-senpai…….
[Takeru] isn't human?
[SFX] don
[Takeru] What are you talking about? - It's just stupid…..-
[Ouken] ….. Of course // can't you say anything?
[Takeru] You're saying the same kinda thing as Usui was……. But // "I don't think Himegami-senpai's beauty is human…. // she's a Goddess"
Usui said the same thing but… // "I don't think Himegami-senpai's beauty is human…. // she's a Goddess"
[Takeru] he did say something like that
[Kodama] …….
[Usui] Achhoooooo!!

Page 7:
[Usui] Ha-!!
[SFX] Kaba- - Wakes up
[Usui] ….W-… was that a dream……
[Usui] It was that frightening dream….
[Usui] It's almost been a year since I've continued to have the dream where everyone forgot about me
[Text] Nyaa
[Usui] ….Morii
[Usui] What happened to your owner?
[Usui] Everyone in Maken-ki too….
[Usui] Hm?
[Usui] What's that…..
[SFX] Goon - shock
[Usui] Wahh!?
[Usui] Hey hey…..
[Usui] What was with that huge element!
[Usui] What the hell's going on!?

Page 8:
[Ouken] Guhaha
[SFX] Ban ban - electric shocks
[Usui] This Usui boy you talk about
[Usui] has got good intuition
[Takeru] …..Himegami-senpai……..
[Text] Kodama…….
[Ouken] Go and tell them like a good girl Kodama…… or maybe
[Ouken] you don't have any recollection of that time long ago…..
[Kodama] There’s no way I have forgotten…
[Kodama] It’s not something I can forgot so easily…
[Text] -----This is…

Page 9:
[Text] a very very…..
[Text] very…..
[Text] old story-----
[Text] Oousu!
[Text] Do you know where Oousu is!!

Page 10:
[Text] We saw him near the river earlier but
[Text] even when we approached him….
[Choutei] Good grief…. My stupid son…
[Choutei] had to run away again
[Box] Yamato Court Emperor - Emperor Keikou
T/N: Yamato Choutei was an era during the Kofun period
[Text] You can bring him back by force! Just get him back here!!
[Text] Yes your majesty, but to it’s hard to capture Oousu no Mikoto …
[Text] even with a hundred soldiers …..
[Text] No excuses…
[SFX] Pi-
[Text] Only those who are incompetent give up before trying...
[SFX] Kin- - sheathing
[Text] And if you can't even do that

Page 11:
[SFX] zuru- - sliced
[Text] You can vanish…..
[Text] Kyaaaa!!
[Text] He was useless to Yamato
[Box] Yamato Court Second Prince Kousu no Mikoto
[SFX] Bushaaa - spurting
[Keikou] Kousu! You fool…..
[Keikou] How many of my retainers do you have to kill until you're satisfied!!
[Kousuno] Father…. // I don't remember menial things like the number of 'garbage' I've thrown onto the heap
[Kousuno] I alone am enough to be able to do that garbage's job

Page 12:
[Text] Those in the South are causing a scene, please leave those savages to me
[Text] I shall show you their complete destruction
[Kousuno] Ah….. first I should summon
[Kousuno] my useless brother
[Keikou] …..
[Keikou] Do what you like….
[Kousuno] Yes!
[Keikou] …..You guys….. should hold a memorial service for him….
[Text] Your Majesty….
[Text] I already know… I can no longer stop my son
[Text] Kousu was blessed by heaven, he's someone with power equal to that of God…..
[Text] Only someone blessed with an equal power is able to stop him
[Text] Only that guy…..
[SFX] Zaaaa

Page 13:
[Text] Waitt-!
[Text] …..N-…..
[SFX] Da- - running
[Text] Wait up!!
[Text] Tachibana-chan~~~~ <3
[SFX] Ufufu <3
[Box] Yamato Court First Prince Oousu no Mikoto
[SFX] Ahahaha <3
[Text] No~~~<3 Don't Oousu-sama~ <3
[Oousu] ! That
[Oousu] river is rough so it's dangerous
[Tachibana] Oousu-sama….
[SFX] sa- - hide
[Tachibana] Soon you'll become the one to rule this place…..
[Tachibana] You shouldn't tease a maid like me..
[Ouusu] I….

Page 14:
[Ouusu] Before I think about ruling
[Oousu] I want to engrave my love for the beautiful flower
[Oousu] known as Tachibana in my heart….
[Tachibana] Ouusu….-sama….
[SFX] Do- do- - heartbeats
[Ouusu] Tachibana…….
[Ouusu] Ohhhhh!
[Ouusu] It was worth practising last night! -those lines-
[SFX] Kin- - sheath
[Text] Nnnn~~~~~

Page 15:
[SFX all over double spread] Zan

Page 16:
[Text] Hm?
[Kousuno] I found you
[Kousuno] Older brother

Page 17:
[Ouusu] K-…Kousu!
[Oousu] Y-…. Are you trying to kill me!?
[Kousu] Haha… I was searching for brother's presence, // besides, I didn't hit you with my sword
[Kousu] ….. Although
[Kousu] I did intend to hit someone
[SFX] Biku - shock
[Kousu] Someone of humble birth…
[SFX] Pashi-
[Oousu] Kousu!?
[Kousu] Were you expecting to be allowed to trick my brother ….
[Kousu] The likes of someone with dirty blood like you // wanting to mix with us royalty is a sin worthy of death
[Kousu] Let me dispose
[Kousu] of you here

Page 18: (Page 18 in dropbox, wrong order)
[SFX] Zuha- - slice
[Tachibana] O-…..
[Tachibana] Oousu-sama!!
[Oousu] Gu-… R-…Run

Page 19:
[Tachibana] I-…. I wont!
[Tachibana] Not until Oousu-sama and I….
[Oousu] Just run!!
[Oousu] I beg….you?
[SFX] Shyu--
[SFX] Da- - running
[Kousu] …..
[Kousu] I don't understand….
[Kousu] My power "Soul Game"…. was given to me by God
[Kousu] With it, the only one who can match me is brother's "Soul Convergence"
[Kousu] Together, we could even dominate continents on the other side of the sea
[Kousu] We were chosen to become divine existences were we not?
[Kousu] Yet, you ignore reality with people like that maid girl….
[Oousu] I don’t get you

Page 20:
[Oousu] Women are important flowers that will bring hope for the future
[Oousu] It's something to love // Not hurt
[Oousu] Someone like you who don’t understand such a simple fact…
[Oousu] Is 1000 years too early to dominate the other continents
[Kousu] I was wondering if I would be able to use your power but
[Kousu] if you're this far gone…
[Kousu] it can't be helped….
[SFX] Ooooo - ominous atmosphere
[Kousu] Your existence will interfere with my plan
[Kousu] Using this opportunity to clear up trash isn't too bad

Page 20:
[Kousu] A thousand years too early huh?
[Kousu] Then watch me from the depths of hell… brother
[Kousu] Soon everyone….. even the Gods will….
[Kousu] be kneeling in front me….
[SFX] Kaa - crows
[Oousu] Uh…..
[Oousu] Guhhh…. Ko-….usu…
[SFX] Kii
[Oousu] He completely sliced me…. without hesitation….

Page 22:
[Kousu] …Wh-…at? Did you come to pick at my dying flesh?
[SFX] Kaa - kaw?
[Kousu] Kuku.. on the other hand, I'm going to take a bit…. of your soul's power….
[Kousu] Although, it will not be enough…
[Kousu] Even with "this power" I'm not able to successfully recover……..
[SFX] Kiiii
[Kousu] What a boring way to die….
[Kousu] At least Tachibana….. was able to….survive…..
[Kousu] ….an illusion…of..an… angel? …. has death finally come for me…..
[Kousu] At least in the end I was able to see a beautiful woman as my salvation…..
[Text] Hm…. This person's body is holding an interesting ability
[Text] The power of her soul is flowing into my body…

Page 24:
[Kousu] …! She’s not an illusion
[Kousu] Who….. are you?
[Text] My name?
[Text] That's right… I have several names but the most common one used is….
[Text] Yamata no Orochi
[Text] There are many who call me by this name
[Star] Eh, Kodama has huge breasts!?

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