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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Nisekoi 58

Nisekoi 58 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Jan 20, 2013 18:28 | Go to Nisekoi

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Nisekoi 58 TL:

Page 1:
[Box] Something like love
[Box] is such a bother right?
[Beside box] This week is finally the girls' turn...!!
[Onodera] !
[Box] Being unable to be at ease due to paranoia
[Box] If you can gather the courage and hold out your hand // That's when it'll be within your reach
[Box] Though I say this,
[Box] I've never done anything like fall in love, but
[Box] My glasses-self can see // things like someone liking someone else
[Miyamoto] Huh?
[Miyamoto] ....Where did
[Miyamoto] my glasses go?

Page 2:
[Text] Even without them, you're you
[Chapter] Loss
[Author] Komi Naoshi

Page 3:
[Raku] Eh? // You don't have your glasses, Miyamoto?
[Miyamoto] ... looks like it huh
[Miyamoto] I noticed that my glasses were dirty in the hallway and....
[Miyamoto] I went to get the cloth to wipe my glasses from the classrom and
[Miyamoto] when I returned....
[Text near Miyamoto] Huh?
[Miyamoto] ...of course, since I thought they'd fallen into the courtyard, I went to look for them there, // but they were nowhere to be found...
[Raku] You don't have your glasses so that's expected // You'd have a hard time finding it too
[Raku] Okay // Since we'll look for them together, tell us which area they looked like they fell in
[Miyamoto] I'm in your debt

Page 4:
[Onodera] I wonder if there's anyone else who're willing to help // Maybe Chitoge-chan or Tsugumi-chan
[Raku] Because those two had plans, they left earlier
[Raku] Tachibana went home earlier too
[Text] Hiya-------!!
[Text] Did you say you lost your glasses~!? // I'll help out too~~~~~!!
[Miyamoto] It's fine // I don't want to do anything that would mean I'm indebted to you
[Text] How cold~~ Aren't we glasses buddies!?
[Miyamoto] I don't have a friend like that
[SFX] Ha-!!
[Text] No, wait!!
[Text] Actually, let's not look for your glasses!!
[Miyamoto] ?
[Text] Because Ruri-chan without glasses is also
[Text] super wonderful-
[Miyamoto] Let's go
[Miyamoto] If we search with three people, we're sure to find it immediately
[Raku] Ye-.....yeah...

Page 5:
[Text] !!!!?
[SFX] Go-go-....
[SFX] KAra-!! - sliding
[SFX] Ka-!!
[SFX] Zube--!!
[Text] Ruri-chan!!? Miyamoto!!?
[Raku] Are you okay....!! // For that to happen, you must really be unable to see!!
[Miyamoto] ....recently, my eyesight has got a lot worse

Page 6:
[Miyamoto] I'm fine // Why don't you go down ahead, Ichijou-kun?
[Miyamoto] I'll catch up later
[Raku] That's not me!!!
[Raku] Isn't this serious!? // We'll accompany you properly so let's go and look for them together!
[Miyamoto] ....sorry
[Text] Ah-----! // I found the glasses Ruri-chan was looking for! Look, look~~~
[Text] Here!
[Text] Eh.....
[Miyamoto] Where on earth were they.....
[Text] Too ba~~d!! These are my glasses~~!!
[Text next to him] Ahahaha, I got you~~~~~<3
[Text] Hofau!!?

Page 7:
[Text] Huh!? // You idiot!! // There was no way you saw them...!! // Guo-...!! Gyaaaaaaaaa----!!
[SFX] Various sounds of bones breaking
[Onodera] ... I wonder if it's been given in to the lost and found in the staff room~~
[Miyamoto] I went there earlier but it was no use // Though, if a little more time passes, I think I'll check there again
[Text] Now then... // This is the area where it dropped right....?
[Text] ......I think so......
[Raku] .....hmm // If they fell around this area we should find them soon enough..
[Miyamoto] !
[Miyamoto] G-... got them!!
[Raku] Eh-!? -really!?-

Page 8:
[Miyamoto] Nope, it was a slipper
[Bubble] For a moment there you even thought it was your glasses....!?
[Raku] That's a plastic bottle!!
[Raku] That's a daruma... // Why's that here in the first place!!?
[Raku] ...but we still haven't found them~....
[Onodera] If they aren't here where could they be--
[Miyamoto] ....Perhaps I dropped them over there
[Onodera] Eh? // There's somewhere else?
[Miyamoto] ...behind the special building // There's a dark bush that people rarely go to
[Miyamoto] I went there earlier and....

Page 9:
[Miyamoto] Did some head shaking exercises // My glasses probably fell off then....
[Sign] Onodera
[Text] What are head shaking exercises!!?
[Miyamoto] Sorry but since my eyes are bad, could you two go and look for them over there?
[Text] Eh!? That story was serious!? -Didn't you leave your glasses on the window!?-
[Text] Wa-wa-..! Ruri-chan!!
[Onodera] What are you saying~~!! // You don't have to try to get the two of us alone!!
[Miyamoto] Even though you want to~
[Miyamoto] I went through a lot of trouble so you two should at least talk okay? -I'm fine-
[Miyamoto] Isn't this a long awaited chance?
[Miyamoto] If you do anything over there, no one will be able to hear you // I think that would be a great place to push him down, Kosaki
[Next to Raku] Ha? What's that?
[Onodera] Wa-------!! That's Ichijou-kun-----!!

Page 10:
[Onodera] ....Enough-----!! // I'm going back to the staff room!! -they might be there now!!-
[Miyamoto] Good luck~~
[Text] She's not honest about her feelings~~
[Raku] ...What were you talking about just then?
[Miyamoto] Nothing much
[Raku] ...you say some weird things every now and then, Miyamoto
[Miyamoto] ...it all depends on you, Ichijou-kun // whether something is strange or not
[Raku] ....??
[Next to Miyamoto] My my
[Text] ....Speacking of which
[Text] I haven't done something like talking with just the two of us since we were assigned together in middle school...
[Text] Ah, that time at the pool too...
[Text] ...h-.... // hey Miyamoto...!
[Miyamoto] ...what?

Page 11:
[Raku] I-.... I know this is a sudden but // Does Onodera have someone she likes?
[Miyamoto] ...........why would I tell you something like that for huh...?
[Raku] Hi--!!?
[Raku] I-....!! I'm sorry!!? -she's angry!?-
[Miyamoto] .............. // you really don't pay attention do you?
[Raku] ...ha?
[Miyamoto] The one Kosaki likes
[Text] She has one!!? Someone she likes!!? Onodera!!?
[Miyamoto] .....you're so dense
[Miyamoto] Since he's been so dense up 'til now should I tell him
[Miyamoto] Or should I get angry....
[Smaller text] Kosaki thought he understood too and yet why....

Page 12:
[Miyamoto] ...seriously // you're the one who can't see anything
[Raku] ...Eh?
[Miyamoto] Compared to someone without glasses like me
[Miyamoto] you're a lot blinder
[Miyamoto] ...Why don't you try thinking
[Miyamoto] about the girls that are close to you?
[Raku] .....
[Raku] Close..... to me....?
[Raku] ....like Chitoge?
[Miyamoto] Like
[Miyamoto] Kosaki
[Miyamoto] ...as expected you still don't understand
[Text] Why is it you two,
[Miyamoto] Just a little... if you were to look at that girl just a little more...
[Text] don't get something that looks so obvious
[Text] from where I'm standing?
[Text] .... If only I were to look properly.....
[Text] I'm.... not looking properly at Onodera...?

Page 13:
[Raku] ....what about her // there's nothing.... I'm not seeing in her....
[Text] Rather, you see it everyday...!
[Miyamoto] ....you can't see it
[Raku] ... I don't get what you mean
[Raku] Say it in a way that's easier to understand
[Text] ....this is really irritating....
[Miyamoto] ..... // the-----
[Miyamoto] The one
[Miyamoto] Kosaki likes is

Page 14:
[Miyamoto] Yo-....
[Text] Tada~~~!! // How is it!? Have you found you glasses yet~~!?
[Raku] ...Shuu // what are you dong....
[Shuu] Well~~ I came across the two of you talking~~ // So I thought I'd listen in!
[Miyamoto] ...what are you doing here? // Didn't I say that you didn't have to help out?
[Shuu] Ahaha! I'm not especially here to help
[Shuu] I'm just about to go home!
[Onodera] ...huh? // Maiko-kun?
[Raku] Onodera! // Any luck?
[Onodera] Nope // It looks like it still hasn't come back

Page 15:
[Text] Perhaps they're still in the hallway
[Text] Should we go back up there to check again~~
[Onodera] Ruri-chan, we're going to look for them up there // You stay here, Ruri-chan!
[Miyamoto] Ah, okay, thanks
[Shuu] ...you shouldn't you know // doing unnecessary things
[Miyamoto] ......
[Miyamoto] ...I knew it was on purpose....
[Miyamoto] ..what shouldn't I do? // Those two like each other right?
[Miyamoto] I want the two of them to understand each other's feelings
[Miyamoto] It's irritating the way it is now
[Miyamoto] Helping them out would be kind right?

Page 16:
[Shuu] ...of course
[Shuu] Helping them out would be kind
[Shuu] But
[Shuu] In the end, mustering the courage to confess
[Shuu] is up to the peoples concerned
[Miyamoto] ......why?
[Miyamoto] Despite having the same result
[Shuu] Seeing them as the same is wrong
[Shuu] It's a touchy subject but the weight of something you bear with your own power and
[Shuu] something with someone else's are different
[Miyamoto] ..... you talk as if you know
[Miyamoto] even though you haven't ever had something like someone you like
[Shuu] Wrong? // Right now I have someone I like?
[Miyamoto] ............... // Is that so -not that I care-

Page 17:
[Shuu] ... I // want my important friend to overcome these hurdles and gain happiness
[Shuu] Becuase Raku is a good person
[Miyamoto] ............
[Miyamoto] Its.... the same for me....
[Raku] He~~~y, Miyamoto~~!
[Raku] Your glasses!
[Raku] We found them~~!!
[Miyamoto] ....why're you so messy? // Where were they?
[Shuu] Well that's~ // I never would've thought they'd be in that place~~
[Text] That really was a blidnspot huh~~
[Text] That's right! A place only glasses could--...
[Miyamoto] Where were they?

Page 18:
[Text] ....but
[Text] in the end, I wonder what Miyamoto said yesterday...
[Text] I'm not looking at Onodera huh....
[Text] Uhhhh~~~~!!
[Text] Onodera has someone she likes~~!!
[Text] The thing I feared the most has suddenly....
[Text] I couldn't get a wink of sleep yesterday, what do I do....
[Miyamoto] ...Ichijou-kun
[Miyamoto] ...what I said about Kosaki having someone she likes
[Miyamoto] it was a joke

Page 19:
[Raku] What the hell Miyamoto---! That was a nasty joke....
[Miyamoto] Huh // Why was that a nasty joke I wonder?
[Raku] ...well... that.... it's nothing....
[Miyamoto] ....so // that's that
[Text] Yesssssssss
[Text] I don't know how but Onodera still doesn't have someone she likes!!
[Text] Looks like I'll be sleeping easy today~~!!
[Onodera] Ichijou-ku~~n, can you come here for a bit~~?
[Raku] Huuh!? What is it Onodera~~!!
[Miyamoto] ......
[Miyamoto] Well, this time
[Miyamoto] I'll forgive
[Miyamoto] my glasses buddy
[Text] Take care of your feelings!!

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