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Shishunki no Iron Maiden 6

Shishunki no Iron Maiden 6 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Jan 31, 2013 21:59 | Go to Shishunki no Iron Maiden

-> RTS Page for Shishunki no Iron Maiden 6


Shishunki no Iron Maiden 6 TL

Page 1:
[Top Text] I can't take it anymore <3
[Chapter] Chapter 6: A close call (TL NOTE: This is a play on words, ギリギリmeans a close call and 義理 means obligation, linking with the 'obligation' in the chapter. Hence the mixture of the two: 義理ギリ)

Page 2:
[Text] It....
[Text] It came out....!!
[Text] In...in front of the whole school....!
[Text] It looks like I won't be found out at this angle but...
[SFX] Piku- - twitch
[Text] Ah-
[Text] Don't-....
[Text] If it comes out any more, my limit will...
[Text] At this rate I'll be found out-
[Text] It's coming-...
[Text] It's coming-...
[Text] It's coming-...

Page 3:
[Text] All of the iron inside of me
[Text] is coming out-------!!!
[Text] -----H-hey...
[Text] That's.... look...!!

Page 4:
[Text] Ah...
[Text] The banner....!
[SFX] Basa- - throw

Page 5:
[Text] Mayama Haruki
[Text] Meeting!!

Page 6:
[Text] !!
[Text] ...
[Text] Wha-...!?
[Text] H-..hey, what's he doing...!?
[Text] You... get down from there-!! What the heck are you doing....!!
[Haruki] Shut up---, idiot--!!
[Haruki] Stop and listen for a bit... A sound and healthy cultural festival...!?
[Haruki] Sounds fucking boring-- I refuse to take part- I propose a cultural festival that's more fun-------

Page 7:
[Text] Firstly, for the stalls...
[Text] we'll have a no panty teahouse with the female teachers and students
[Text] For the fare, there'll be a miss swimsuit judging contest...
[Text] For the defeated masses there'll be a strike out game where girls have to undress!!
[Text above woman] While watching my appearance...
[Text] We'll invite a guest AV actress and in the talk show, she'll climax (AV - adult video)
[Box] Please break it in your free time.
[Text] By smashing up the vice principal's lexus as best we can, we'll let off some steam!!
[Text] In the casino space, naturally there'll be Baccarat Poker... (A gambling card game in which players hold two- or three-card hands, the winning hand being that giving the highest remainder when its face value is divided by ten)
[Text] In the dog race containing the pets gathered from every family, they'll aim to grab 1000 yen notes!!!

Page 8:
[Text] This is Mayama Haruki's
[Text] Culture Festival-----!!

Page 9:
[Text] ....hey
[Text] Clap already. Clap
[Text] What were you talking about!? Is your mind serisouly that disgusting!?
[Text] Kneel and apologise to all us girls!!
[Smaller text] Die!!
[Haruki] Uoh!?
[Text] Oi, I said get down you shitty brat-
[Haruki] Gue-!? What the hell!? -Sensei's the same too-
[Text] Good grief... Such a problem child....
[Text] ....
[Text] ------... Mayama....
[Text] You....

Page 10:
[Text] .....
[Text] Hehe....
[Text] Haruki! You're amazing!!! You pulled off something we couldn't do so naturally!!
[Text] We'll support your plan-----!!
[Text] Oh---- Gacchan, Yacchin, thank you-!!
[Text] ...Haha
[Text] Sounds good- It's naughty...
[Text] Hey, second year!! We'll support you!!
[Text] Yeah-
[Text] Ha!? The boys... Are the lot of them idiots or something!?
[Text] No... it's because all of the boys are in favour of his plan...
[Text] All of a sudden the culture festival is going to be fun----!!
[Text] Put in a breast pub too--!!
[Text] Th-..then the boys have to strip too
[Text] Eh-
[Text] Hey- Quiet down- Quiet down---!!
[Text] You lot return to your original places----!!
[Text] ....

Page 11:
[Text] Ah-!!
[Text] W-wait you-----!!
[Text] All of you return to your classrooms and reflect on what you've done----
[Smaller text] Mayama---- Where'd you go-----!?
[Text] Kuku...
[Text] Create major havoc at the meeting strategy...success!!
[Text] ....

Page 12:
[Text] -----..Sorry
[Haruki] H-..huh, you're different today
[Haruki] Aren't you going to say something like 'Hurry up and help me or You!! Die!!' like always!?
[Text] Sorry...
[Text] ...

Page 13:
[Text] ----Sorry... I.. about Mayama
[Text] It seems that guy is cold hearted! // ...I was thinking something like that
[Text] To make you do such a thing... // it must've been a real annoyance...
[Haruki] ...
[Text] From now on... because I'll try to do my best on my own...
[Himemiya] ...Ahhhhhh~~~ What do I do- Even though you have entrance exams too next year... My grades are~~..!!
[Haruki] Ha-!! They've been bad for a long time now!!
[Haruki] ... // well
[Haruki] Nevertheless
[Haruki] --- // From now on,
[Haruki] Since I'm in a position where I'm likely to help for a little longer, don't overdo it...

Page 14:
[Himemiya] ...
[Himemiya] Eh....
[Himemiya] Wh-...what was that...? -'From now on'....-
[Haruki] Therforeeeeee!!
[SFX] Press
[Text] Deleted
[Haruki] I'll start helping you out!
[Haruki] Let's protect your 'secret'.... together!

Page 15:
[Himemiya] .....
[Himemiya] Wh-...
[Himemiya] What!? Why!?
[Haruki] Oh-....
[Himemiya] Ah
[Haruki] ...I wonder if I should give up--- Of course...
[Himemiya] Ahh-!! Sorry, I'm sorry-!!

Page 16:
[Himemiya] But.... before you....
[Text] I have no obligation towards you as far as helping goes--!!
[Himemiya] Even though you said that... why...!?
[Haruki] ....
[Haruki] .... // well
[Haruki] It's only a bit but I remembered about that 'obligation'...
[Text] As I thought, you having 'Winchester' // was all a lie----
[Text] Right, right----
[Text] You're a liar!!

Page 17:
[Text] Yep!
[Text] A liar!
[SFX] Liar! Liar!
[Haruki] It-...
[Haruki] It's not a....
[Haruki] lie....
[Haruki] It's not....
[Himemiya] It's not a lie-!!
[Haruki] !
[Himemiya] -----...
[Himemiya] ...
[Haruki] Tsukiko.....!

Page 18:
[Himemiya] Haruki isn't a liar!
[Himemiya] I... was given.... THIS...by Haruki!
[Card Name] Winchester Bluedragon
[Text] ....
[Text] ...W-
[Text] 'Winchester'!? Seriously!?
[Text] It has to be a lie, hey!!
[Sign] 4th year, Class 3
[Text] Is...is it true, Mayama---!?

Page 19:
[Haruki] ----Heyyy-
[Haruki] Heyy- wait, Tsukiko--
[Himemiya] Haruki!
[Haruki] Wh-..what was that, earlier..
[Haruki] Why...d-did you help me out...
[Himemiya] Eh? Ummm... Why, huh...
[Himemiya] Hn---
[Himemiya] I don't like Yamane-kun either....
[Himemiya] ...and when a friend is in trouble, a friend will help them out!!
[Himemiya] ...is what 'Gun Battle King's' Mister Python said too!!

Page 20:
[Smaller text] By the way, this colour copy only came out in spring
[Smaller text] Uoh!?
[Himemiya] -------Wh-
[Himemiya] What... is the obligation....?
[Haruki] It-...it's nothing // It's nothing in particular...!
[Haruki] I-... I'm telling you now, I only want to return that favour...
[Haruki] It's not like I'm worried about you!! ----D-
[Haruki] Don't get the wrong idea!!
[Himemiya] What a shame-- I already finished changing my clothes
[Haruki] ....tch-

Page 21:
[Himemiya] Mayama,
[Himemiya] Thank you...!
[Haruki] ------..
[Haruki] Heh-
[Himemiya] ...hm? What's up...
[Haruki] Ahh... the panties you took off... I wonder if they'll sell for a high price...

Page 22:
[Himemiya] You're the lowest!
[Haruki] Guah!? You-...Is that how you treat someone who does you a favour!?
[Himemiya] Shut up!! Idiot!! Die!!
[Smaller bubble] You idiot--
[Smallest bubble] I'm not an idiot--!!
[Text] Huh?
[Text] What're you looking at, Nonoa?
[Text] Ahh---, from earlier!
[Smaller text] He was the worst right---
[Smaller text] Yeah---
[Text] ....
[Text] Mayama Haruki and // Himemiya Tsukiko...-----huh
[Text] Something
[Text] Bothers me about them...?

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