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Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. 16

Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai 16 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Feb 2, 2013 17:27 | Go to Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai.

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Dakara 16 TL:

Page 1:
[Lisara] Ah enough already! You've been annoying me for a while now!
[Ryousuke] But..... Ilya-chan
[Ryousuke] is a shinigami!
[Ryousuke] She's probably a member of Merilot Life Insurance......! (Checked with the anime wiki)

Page 2:
[Top] The highly praised TV anime is now broadcasting
Lisara's rival is wreaking havoc!
Rather than a battle between bust sizes, the serious battle between shinigami begins!? Here's chapter 16!

Page 3:
[Ilya] You shouldn't be talking in that way Lisara-chan // Wouldn't you stain the Restall house's name?
[Text] Restall!?
[Text] Kaga Lisara-san is a Restall.....? // Then you're a shinigami.....?
[Ilya] If you didn't notice it you must be a real idiot

Page 4:
[Ilya] In addition to you being useless to me, you can't even use your own head // Do you want to get fired?
[Text] You're seriously an idiot
[Text] I-..... I'm sorry!
[Ilya] Well you can't do anything about stupid subordinates
[Ryousuke] Perhaps Ilya-chan has a bad personality.....!?
[Ilya] Anyway // why is Lisara-chan freeloading at an ordinary person's home?
[Lisara] .... It's none of your business

Page 5:
[Ilya] Even though our relationship is that of the top two rankings in the graduation exam
[Ilya] Although Ilya got first place and Lisara-chan got second
[Lisara] .... our grades were the only things that were close
[Above Ilya] Aha <3
[Ilya] Lisara-chan, probably lost because of those small breasts! // Thank goodness Ilya has huge breasts~
[SFX] Mugyuu - breasts touching
[SFX] Buchi- - snap

Page 6:
[Lisara] Ryousuke!
[Ryousuke] Wai-!?
[Lisara] Disrado!
[SFX] Buaaa

Page 7:
[Lisara] Let's settle past events right here and now
[SFX] Gou
[Lisara] Just like you wanted!

Page 8:
[SFX] Jaki
[SFX] Gaku- - fall
[Text] I get it // Ryousuke-kun is the source of all of your spiritual power right
[Lisara] We were exposed
[Next to Lisara] Damn it!
[Ryousuke] And before we even attacked!
[Next to Ryousuke] Before she even saw anything!

Page 9:
[Lisara] I-... It can't be helped // Ilya is entirely at fault!
[SFX] Jaki-
[Ilya] Kusu Kusu
[Lisara] It's fine// As it is now I can't defeat you, but if I can erase your memories we'll be fine
[Lisara] Be prepared, Ilya
[Ilya] Those were Ilya's lines
[SFX] Suru- - Loosen

Page 10:
[Ilya] Disrado

Page 11:
[SFX] Zuzu
[SFX] Bachi- - tighten
[Ilya] Come forth, Flotty-chan (Again, checked with the anime wiki)
[SFX] Hyu- - appear

Page 12:
[Ilya] Did you miss Flotty-chan? // When Ilya got first place and graduated, she receieved this treasure especially
[Ilya] But // why hasn't Lisara-chan brought out Gram?

Page 13:
[Ilya] Ahh // Perhaps it's attached to Ryousuke-kun's soul
[SFX] Dokun - heartbeat
[Ilya] You must've used a rare procedure for that right
[Ilya] I wonder if he was forced to do so?
[SFX] Gugu.... - shaking
[Lisara] Ku-
[Lisara] It has nothing to do with you-----!
[SFX] Da- - dash

Page 14:
[SFX] Bo-
[SFX] Su- - raise
[Lisara] She didn't flinch!?
[Lisara] Take this!!
[SFX] Gou

Page 15:
[SFX} Giin - clashing
[SFX] Ga-
[SFX] Kuru- - spin
[Ilya] You're
[Ilya] so naive<3

Page 16:
[SFX] Dosu- - smack
[Lisara] Kaha-
[SFX] Ba-
[SFX] Zaza- - retreat

Page 17:
[Lisara] Guho-
[Lisara] Haa
[Lisara] Haa
[Ilya] Well, have you found your conclusion yet
[SFX] Pero- - lick
[Lisara] N-... Not yet-
[Ryousuke] Hey-
[SFX] Pon - place
[Lisara] Haa
[Lisara] Haa
[Lisara] Ha
[Ryousuke] Stop it already
[Ryousuke] You say this is a fight between girls but you shouldn't be doing this right....?

Page 18:
[Ryousuke] Isn't this
[Ryousuke] all pointless?
[Lisara] Ryo-.... // Ryousuke...?
[Ilya] .....
[Text] Doing something like looking elsewhere mid-battle
[Text] She's seriously naive

Page 19:
[SFX] Da- - swing
[Lisara] Wha-....!
[Text] Good grief, it's as Ero-suke says // Two girls fighting like this is unbearable for me to see
[SFX] Pita
[Ilya] Who're you?
[Text] This is seriously pointless // Such a waste of beauty

Page 20:
[Hikaru] I'm Momosono Academy's number-one-wanted-to-be-made-love-with-boy / number-one-wanted-to-be-embraced-boy (One's more adult than the other so you choose aha) // Be it my money, my face or my merits, they're all top rank
[SFX] Ba--n - appear
[Hikaru] Asagaya's most beautiful guy // Tamano Hikaru!
[Text] The eight odd people's "Pink Boxer" // He's the strongest candidate for the 'special specimen' but... (special person being the person who only appears once every few hundred years; ability to become a hero etc)
[Text] ... This guy?
[Hikaru] You were late to call me
[Hikaru] If you see I'm here now // I wonder if you should be fighting over the 'special specimen' in such a place?

Page 21:
[Hikaru] Hi- !?
[SFX] Pita- - point
[Ilya] Why do you know about the 'special specimen'....?
[SFX} Gaku gaku - shaking
[Hikaru] W-...well, I just happened to be invovled in an uprising against Lisara-kun // Naturally-----
[Ilya] Then why did you interfere with this duel?
[SFX] Su- - drop
[Hikaru] It's not that I meant to interfere.....

Page 22:
[Hikaru] Girls should be competing as it's beautiful
[Hikaru] Under the hot summer's sunshine girls should be competing with radiance!
[Ilya] ....Ilya can't understand what you're saying
[Hikaru] As a matter of fact, the next time the pool opens, there will be a swimsuit contest
[Hikaru] How about finding your conclusion then?

Page 23:
[Text] Glittering sunshine // The voices of the charming girls that go 'Kya- Kya-' and 'Ufufu' // And the ripe, venus bodies that you are only allowed to get close to!
[Text] Don't you think that you fruity and sweet girl would be perfect for that kind of summer arena---?
[Text near Hikaru] Thank you youth!!
[Hikaru] I really love beautiful people // Moreover, the amount of beauty will increase!
[Ilya] That sounds a little interesting
[SFX] Fu--n -
[Ilya] That's right Lisara-chan // Why don't we bet?
[Lisara] Bet?

Page 24:
[Ilya] If Ilya loses, she'll share Merilot's 'special specimen' 's data with you
[Ilya] But if Lisara-chan loses // How about Ilya receiving Gram and getting it's contract?
[Lisara] Those conditions are unnaceptable!
[Ilya] Is it because you don't have any breasts you get cold feet
[Ilya] That's right! That's why you keep losing!

Page 25:
[Lisara] I-I get it! // When the time comes, If I win it's all fine!
[Lisara] If I win!! ( I don't really get why she says this lol)
[Text near Ilya] Aha <3
[Ilya] Yaay // Even though you'll regret this later, Ilya doesn't understand--? (as in she doesn't understand why Lisara's agreeing I guess)

Page 26:
[Ryousuke] -----Hey // Were you serious about that bet?
[Lisara] I was serious
[Ryousuke] .... was this something special?
[Lisara] Eeh // Ilya and I were always competing for top // But.... I lost
[Lisara] Whether it be the Restall shinigami school or even in being the Restall successor..........
[SFX] Funi funi - fondling sounds
[Lisara] And even things like bust size....

Page 27:
[Lisara] Ojii-sama said that if I were top, he would prepare everything up to the Restall treasure 'Flotty' for me.......
[Text] So that thing was planned to become yours
[Lisara] And yet, Ilya directly changed sides and even took our stuff
[SFX] Ahaha <3
[Text] Thanks to that, my relatives forced me to be where I am now
[Ryousuke] Is that why you're searching for the 'special specimen'?
[Text near Ryousuke] It makes sense
[Lisara] That's right
[Lisara] Ah enough!
[Lisara] This and that are all because of Ilya!

Page 28:
[Lisara] Watch me // because the human world doesn't care about things like bust size
[Lisara] N-......no, it's not like they don't care.....
[Lisara] Sure, my bust size loses by a little, however // I don't expect my beauty to lose to your pepenope, Ilya! ( I don't know what pepenope- is aha)
[Ryousuke] A little.....?
[Text on left] Ahead of the hopeless battle, Lisara's pride is-----!?

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