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Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. 18

Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai 18 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Feb 2, 2013 17:29 | Go to Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai.

-> RTS Page for Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. 18


Dakara 18 TL:

Page 1:
[Text on right] A 'Crimson' autumn arrives---!!
[Text on left] The TV anime is also very popular!
[Text on left] As thanks for the popularity, here's a centre colour--

Page 2:
[Ryousuke] Thanks to Lisara sucking my soul out yesterday // I've felt empty since this morning...
[SFX] Gacha - open
[Kyuru] Nsho- // N- // This is weird
[Kyuru] I can't get into it anymore // .....huh, Ryousuke-san!?

Page 3:
[Kyuru] Wh-....Wh-
[Kyuru] Why did this happen again!
[SFX in background] Kaaa - blushing
[Ryousuke] It's breakfast time?
[Text] Wait a minute, Kyuru! // You've---

Page 4:
[Lisara] Confused my skirt for yours!
[SFX] Gacha - open
[Lisara] Una-!? // Wh-wh-wh-wh-why are you here, Ryousuke!

Page 5:
[Ryousuke] It's because my life is empty......?
[Smaller text] So improper
[Lisara] I don't care-
[SFX] Ga- - trip
[Lisara] Kyaa-!?
[Ryousuke] H-...hey
[SFX] Ba- - reach
[SFX] Bechi
[Text] Fugya-

Page 6:
[Lisara] O- ouch.....
[SFX] Zuru - pulled down
[SFX] Biku biku - twitch twitch

Page 7:
[Ryousuke] Ermm.... // Is that Hanketsu? (Hanketsu - clothing worn low, exposing part of the buttocks)
[Lisara] N-.....
[Lisara] Nooooooo!
[SFX} Dogo - thump

Page 8:
[Lisara] Ahh..... another bad experience from this morning
[Ryousuke] No matter how you think about it, that's your downfall
[Lisara] But don't you usually wake up a lot later
[Ryousuke] Even so, I'm live there too // To move around in that appearance is....
[Lisara] I don't usually do that // It's because today Kyuru accidentally wore my skirt
[Text] You should temporarily wear Kyuru's then

Page 9:
[Lisara] But because it will fall off immediately
[Lisara] It's no use.....
[Lisara] What? // My waist is slimmer than hers
[Text] Of course, if there's a such a difference in bust size then....
[SFX] Giro- - glare
[Text] I-...I'm sorry

Page 10:
[Text] However, something like a whole school meeting, // is there going to be some important news or something?
[Text] Ah- // it's the principal
[Principal] Eh----- Ahem
[Principal] Today, I would like to report that a wonderful transfer student will be coming to our school

Page 11:
[Principal] The currently extremely popular gravure idol,
[Principal] Ilya-san, has suddenly decided that she is coming to our school

Page 12:
[Ryousuke] It can't be that she transfered here for the sole reason of the swimsuit contest....
[Lisara] For a long time now, that person would do anything // But by no means did I think she'd do something like move here
[Lisara] Moreover, this way she can look for the 'special power user' as well
[Lisara] Ilya is a first class shinigami too
[Ryousuke] Finding and contracting the 'special power user' before you
[Lisara] That's right // that person is calculative

Page 13:
[Ryousuke] You really do hate Ilya-chan don't you
[Lisara] It's nothing like hate // Even really hate wouldn't be enough
[Lisara] I'll tell you know, if you get tricked by that face, you'll get hurt
[Lisara] Because her personality is the worst of the worst
[Text] Quiet!
[Text] Quiet

Page 14:
[Hikaru] Yesterday, the head of the pool opening commitee was chosen to be me, Tamano Hikaru
[Hikaru] Today, I have a wonderful and excellent announcement for you
[Hikaru] Momozono Academy's pool opening commemorative swimsuit contest // This exhibition is declared to be held here

Page 15:
[Hikaru] The rules are simple // All of you will vote in advance // It doesn't matter whether you vote for someone in the high school section or the middle school section // The top 4 from the votes will be accepted for participation into the contest!
[Hikaru] The qualifying period is two days from today // That time will namely become the appeal period
[Hikaru] Let's determine the Venus that attracted the gaze from summer!
[Hikaru] Let's do it guys!

Page 16:
[Box] The scoring method is as follows // The girl that gets the most votes will be awarded 3 points, second place gets you 2 points, third place gets you 1 point and fourth gets you nothing
[Above people] 1 - 3 points, 2 - 2 points, 3 - 1 point, person depressed 0 points
[Above people with paper] Judges
[Box] The judges choosing the beauty on the day of the opening.... no, each of the three judges will get to vote for one person // It will be a scramble for a total of nine possible points
[Hikaru] Firstly, the judge who knows the most about the jewelry known as girls.... // I, Tamano Hikaru
[Hikaru] Also, the second year from class B, Kaga..... Ero-Ryousuke
[Ryousuke] Eh..... me!?
[Text] Ahh, he's so pervy // He does have that feel to him // It seems unlikely he'll do anything though

Page 17:
[Hikaru] The third judge was daringly chosen from outside of the student body // He's someone who is as popular and good looking as myself within Asagaya
[Hikaru] For the sake of preventing any unfairness, until the opening day, the votes will be kept hidden
[Hikaru] Have fun
[SFX] Chu- - blowing a kiss
[SFX] Gu- - grip

Page 18:
[Ryousuke] Somehow, it looks hopeless to not try to earn the student votes // It's quite tough isn't it?
[Lisara] Since Ilya's a gravure idol she's famous isn't she? // My popularity level is low in comparison

Page 19:
[Ryousuke] Although yelling at Tamano-senpai got you popular
[Text next to Ryousuke] Well.....
[Lisara] Anyway, my staff officer is Ryousuke!
[Lisara] Whatever it takes, we'll break Ilya's confidence!
[Text] ..... I completely forgot about that wolf in sheep's clothing
[Mina] It's terrible
[Mina] It seems the transfer student is also coming to this class!
[Bubble] .............

Page 20:
[Ilya] I'm Ilya // Pleased to meet you!
[Teacher] Erm- // Sensei would like to hear your family name too.......
[Ilya] Family name!? // E-.......errrrrm
[Ilya] It's Kaga // Ilya
[SFX] Zawa--- - shock

Page 21:
[Ryousuke] Wait a minute! // I didn't know anything about this!?
[Ilya] I'm sorry, that was a lie-- // It's really Fukumune Ilya
[Ilya] Since I'm acquaintances with Ryousuke-kun through Lisara-san
[Ilya] I accidentally made a joke

Page 22:
[Teacher] Lisara-san?
[Ilya] Yeah
[Ilya] Lisara-san is a friend // So would it be okay if I sat near to her?
[Teacher] U----n, if that's the case, // it can't be helped
[SFX] Pero - sticking tongue out

Page 23:
[Ilya] Well then, is that seat okay?
[SFX] pi- - point
[Ilya] The window side seat behind Ryousuke-kun
[Teacher] Eh..... but from there you won't be able to talk to Lisara-san.......?
[Ilya] Ilya only has to be able to see Lisara-san's back and she'll feel relieved
[SFX] Gu- - grip
[Teacher] Is that so // Then, Muneo-kun, could you switch places please

Page 24:
[Ilya] Take care of me from now on, // Ryousuke-kun
[SFX] Chira - look
[Ryousuke] Hiii!
[SFX] Buru buru - shaking
[Text on right] The battle betting their pride begins-----!?

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