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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. 19

Dakara Boku wa H ga Dekinai 19 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Feb 2, 2013 17:31 | Go to Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai.

-> RTS Page for Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai. 19


Dakara Boku ha H ga Dekinai 19 TL:

Page 1:
[Text] Waa-
[Text] It's 2nd year, class B's Lisara-san--
[Text] As I thought, I really admire her beauty--

Page 2:
[Text] Of course, this year's contest is Lisara-san's alone-- // I guess I'll vote for her--
[Ryousuke] Co-come here for a bit!
[Lisara] Wh-what is it!?
[Ryousuke] Even though this is for the sake of raising your popularity, // isn't it backfiring! // It's just disgusting-
[Text near Ryousuke] It's embarrassing so stop it
[Lisara] Is……. is that so?
[Lisara] Then what do you suggest I do?
[Ryousuke] Just leave it to me!

Page 3:
[Text on right] In order to protect her pride, she has to some things to cast aside---!
[Text on left] Lisara and Ilya's willpower and pride are giving of sparks!? It's chapter 18!

Page 4:
[Ryousuke] I said that but
[Ryousuke] What do I do…..
[Ilya] Hey hey, everyone
[Ilya] Since I went through a lot of trouble to become your classmate
[Ilya] Can't all of you tell Ilya about yourselves?

Page 5:
[Ilya] Even though Ilya wants to become friends, I don't even know your names
[Ilya] Ne // is this okay…..?

Page 6:
[Ilya] You're Oohira-kun right // I hope we'll get on well together <3
[Ilya] If it's okay, please take care of me in the swimsuit contest
[Ilya] As well <3

Page 7:
[Mina] Even if you don't act like yourself, if it's Ilya-san, I think she'll win
[Ryousuke] She'll probably win but // she still wants to snatch away our classmates' votes
[Lisara] Ilya, that bitch, as sly as usual, I'll…..
[Ryousuke] Th-….that thirst for blood is ugly, Lisara // You won't get votes looking like that!
[Ryousuke] Your opponent is an active gravure idol // Because of that you can't oppose her
[Lisara] ----are you saying that I'm inferior to Ilya?

Page 8:
[Ryousuke] That's not it, // I guarantee it
[Lisara] That's obvious

Page 9:
[Mina] I also think that you have enough of a chance to win!
[Lisara] Mina, for being my hired applauder too, // Thanks
[Text to Mina] That's-
[Mina] Don't worry about it-!
[Box] Somehow, I have to make Lisara win---

Page 10:
[Ryousuke] Lisara // Let me take a sexy photo of you
[Lisara] ….I wish you'd leave sleep talk for when you're asleep
[Text next to Lisara] All of a sudden

Page 11:
[Ryousuke] ….I thought about it all night // Listen to me
[Ryousuke] As it is now, Ilya's votes will no doubt put her in first place
[Ryousuke] If that happens, she'll have 3 points
[Ryousuke] The remaining 3 points are the judge's. // Although, either Tamano-senpai or the secret judge would probably vote for Ilya, // do you agree?
[Kyuru] Of course, after all there's such a difference between her and Onee-sama's figures

Page 12:
[Lisara] D-….don't underestimate my opponents battle power // One of those people will probably vote for her
[Ryousuke] Ahh // if that's the case, we should think that Ilya will get at least 4 points
[Next to Kyuru] I suppose….
[Kyuru] Onee-sama must be thinking something like 'If I don't get voted into second place, there's no chance for me' right
[Text next to Lisara] I get it already-
[Lisara] Then, what's the relationship between that and a photo?
[Ryousuke] That's easy // You're holding the route of a dilettante who has certain influence within the school

Page 13:
[Lisara] Is a dilettante someone elegant?
[Ryousuke] Fu-
[Text] An ero-man who shares the same fetishism as me
[Lisara] I was an idiot for listening to you
[Text next to Ryousuke] Shut up!
[Ryousuke] My colleague's information dispersion capacity is considerable you know!
[Kyuru] So you're saying these people can spread Onee-sama's sexy photo and // her popularity will go up immediately

Page 14:
[Ryousuke] And for that reason, we'll take some sexy photographs
[Lisara] Pho-huh!?
[Ryouske] We don't have a lot of time and this is the quickest and easies way to circulate gossip
[Lisara] Th-....that might be true but.....
[Ryousuke] I'm worried about this too // But------ if I see your's and Mina's effort, I think I'll definitely want to make you win

Page 15:
[Ryousuke] If you lend me your hand, there will be a possibility for victory, // Lisara
[Lisara] You'd better not run away from this hand that may win
[Lisara] The Restall name is on the line here!
[Ryousuke] Well said, // Now then,
[Ryousuke] We'll make use of your red hair and the hair under your see-through panties....
[Lisara] That kind of photo is R-18! // I probably wouldn't be able to become a bride either-

Page 16:
[Ryousuke] Take off your slippers and // The top of the toes.... // From here, there's a feeling of being stepped on.....
[Ryousuke] Yeah, that's it!

Page 17:
[Lisara] Wait, // Is this kind of thing really okay?
[Ryousuke] In the 21st century, feet gained a whole new dimension to them, blazing a new frontier
[Ryousuke] Having exhausted possible areas within the seeable parts of the woman's body, humanity discovered an entirely unexplored region
[Lisara] ....?
[Ryousuke] To put it simply, // it stimulates one's M-soul? (M - Masochistic obviously)
[Lisara] I didn't want to understand it
[Ryousuke] Now, // there's still more photos to be taken

Page 18:
[Ryousuke] Pull them up 120 degrees from your knees, // and stop the stockings there-
[Ryousuke] Then spill a bit whilst drinking // and also lick your finger...... yeah

Page 19:
[Ryousuke] Lastly, raise your right arm 45 degrees, // in order to see your cuff // That's good-- Your red......hair is....

Page 20:
[SFX] Tokun- - baddump
[Lisara] ..... // ------suke?
[Lisara] Wait, // Ryousuke?
[Lisara] What's up? // Are we finished already?
[Ryousuke] Ah.... well, // One more

Page 21:
[Ryousuke] ------erm //
[Lisara] Even though I started this morning, I still feel like I've got a way to go to have a presence with the boys
[Smaller text] I don't get it....
[Ryousuke] Well, just watch // because the result will be amazing

Page 22:
[Sign] Library
[Text] It's been a while since you were last came, // Ryousuke
[Ryousuke] The World History Library Inka Empire hasn't // changed from before....
[Text] And for what reason has someone of your level come here today?
[Ryousuke] I want you to cooperate with me // I want you to quickly spread this person on this route
[Ryousuke] Before the contest voting begins

Page 23:
[Text] Th-.....
[Text] This is.....!
[Text] I see, is this for the sake of this girl winning? // What place is are you aiming for?
[Ryousuke] The story is quick and easy, // 2nd place
[Text] ----- I understand, good luck // However, the reward for success is to ask for her armpit on the way home from school // For things like the smell
[Ryousuke] As always, you're a man of the world

Page 24:
[Text] Someone like you is the perfect superman right, Ryousuke
[Text] The First emperor of the Inka Empire, his majesty Manko Kapakk (Manko means pussy in slang but I have no idea what kapakku is) // Hooray!!
[Ryousuke] I ended up saving this one huh
[Text] With the 'Saved' weapon and the friend's power, the counterattack begins!?

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