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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Koisuru Edison 1

Koisuru Edison 1 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Feb 3, 2013 16:52 | Go to Koisuru Edison

-> RTS Page for Koisuru Edison 1


Koisuru Edison 1 TL

Page 1:
[Text halfway down page] The girl genius' (pervert?) love invention gag <3
[Text above title] First chapter of the new serilaisation!!!

Page 2:
[Box] The king of inventions, Thomas Edison
[Box] It's said that his last invention was in the form of a screw
[Box] All of Edison's knowledge was stuffed into that screw
[Box] Presently, it's burried inside the head of one high school girl!!!
[SFX] Don
[Text] Fuooooo, is that so---
[Text] Isn't it dangerous!?
[Text] It's often said that people have had a screw loose but
[Text] I've had this one a lot----
[Text] It would be better for you to get it surgically removed as soon as possible...
[Text] Nah-- but, well, it's fine! It's cool!!
[Text] Really! You really do have a screw loose!!!
[Text] Chapter 1 of the brand new serialisation!! 'Koisuru Edison'

Page 3:
[Text on right] 'Prince of Fairy Tale 'Grim's' Watanabe Kizuku's revival series!!
[Text at top] Colour Cover and Front pages, 26 pages!!
[Chapter] Chapter 1 Inventor Girl Spica

Page 4:
[Text at top] New serialisation!!!
[Text on left] A lovely invention gag story with two chapters every issue!!
[Text at bottom] Stop your hands! Open your eyes! The new super comet serialisation chapter 1 in 2013!!!
[Text on left] The manga continues with 27 pages!!

Page 5:
[Box] This is the student dorm run by parents
[Box] Akahoshi-sou (Sou is a prefix for an inn or dorm, like Love Hina and Hinata-sou)
[Box] Ah-- I'm finally finished...
[Box] Also, I'm their son Akahoshi Kensuke, I'm commuting from here to school
[Box] My father who used to be the caretaker and the landlord died so until my high school graduation, I've been forced to become the dorm manager...
[Text] I'm tired...
[Box] The dorm's cleaning
[Box] Making the boarders' meals
[Box] I have to manage other things like dealing with dorm trouble while going to school
[Sign below box] Don't walk in the flower bed
[Sign on window] Don't break
[Sign near to ice cream] Don't graffitti

Page 6:
[Text] I'm not doing anymore... Hah... at least I got something like that bath...
[Omami] Spica-chan!!
[Spica] Ah- Omami!!
[Omami] Why did you expressly call me outside of the dorm? // If you wanted to talk, my room would have been fine...
[Spica] I think I wanted to show Omami something good!!! Follow me!
[Omami] Ah- Wait a minute!!
[Spica] Here, look, look!!
[Omami] Haa haa... What what? What is it?
[Omami] Haa
[Omami] Haa

Page 7:
[Omami] Haa
[Omami] Haa
[Text] Ehhhhhh!!?
[Text] Erm... huh... Oushibara... Why are you here....!? eh- a peeper!?
[Omami] Y-you're wrong!!
[Text] ...but you were panting 'haa haa'...
[Omami] You're wrong! Erm! Spica-chan! Wait, what I mean is Spica-chan!!
[Spica] See it? The dorm manager's ass....
[Spica] Isn't it hard to resist?
[Omami] You scared me!!! // What kind of things do you show me!!

Page 8:
[Text] Spica-!!! Is it you again?
[Spica] Ahh, wonderful... // Spica wants to look at the dorm manager's ass while eating 3 cups of rice
[Spica] Oh yeah! Do you wanna eat too, Omami?
[Text] That wasn't a metaphor!?
[Omami] ....Spica-chan... // Do you possibly do these kinds of things all the time....?
[Spica] Of course!
[Omami] .......uh!!!
[Spica] Omami!! Even asses have a story to them...
[Omami] Eh!?
[Spica] If you miss one of their stories, you won't be able to follow the rest of them!
[Omami] Ehh-!? // That sounds like something from a Jump manga!!
[Text] That's so half-baked!! You pervert!!!
[Spica] Ahh-...

Page 9:
[Text] Now then... should I start making the food before everyone gets home?
[Text] Huh-!?
[Text] We've run out of ingredients for tonight's meal..!! // This is bad--...!!!
[Text] At this rate we won't have an evening meal...
[Text] There isn't any money from the food expenses or the rent left either...
[Spica] What's up dorm manager?
[Text] Uwaa!!!
[Text] Again! It's you again!!
[Spica] It's because I was just looking at the dorm manager's ass!!
[Text] Ass this, ass that, shut up!!
[Text] Actually, to tell you the truth...
[Spica] ....ehhhh-!!?

Page 10:
[Spica] That's... something like not having an evening meal... // Everyone will be angry again!?
[Text] We don't have any dinner, you say...?
[Text] Isn't that the dorm manager's job...?
[Text] How about we get a replacement for you, huh?
[Text] Ah... That time I was made to look like a revolving lantern just came back to me...
[Text] Wait a minute!! Isn't this overkill!!?
[Text] Isn't this called bullying!?
[Text] Tell me the distinction
[Spica] Yeah...Spica clearly remembers that time too...
[Spica] And yet, if I look closely...
[On crotch] Spica life <3
[Text] Wait- You're the one who wrote that!!!
[Text] Ahhhh, no matter what I do, that hell....
[Text] Dorm manager...

Page 11:
[Spica] Dorm manager is in trouble...
[Text] What do I do!? What do I do!?
[Text] I want to help him...
[Text] Hm...?
[Text] I wonder how to somehow do it...
[Text] Spica...?
[Text] Spica's power is...
[Box] When Matsunaka Spica's thoughs rise to a high enough level, due to the screw stuck in her head, minute electrical currents begin to flow in her brain
[Text] I want to help the dorm manager!!!
[Text] ...uhh!?
[Box] With this techniques power, she switches to the 'Invention Mode' where she can create amazing inventions that would normally be unable to be created
[Text] Invention Mode!!!
[Text] Now entered!!!

Page 12:
[Box] If Matsunaka Spica enters her invention mode, she gets Edison's face!!!
[Text] With that face, it doesn't look like you'll be having much inspiration...
[Box] And thus... Matsunaka Spica cares about that fact a little...
[Spica] Do-don't look, please...!!
[Text] Eh? Ah... sorry...
[Text] Inventing!!
[Text] Begin!!!
[Text] For the sake of the dorm manager... I'll make something that will be of use to him...!!!
[Text] I did it!!
[Text] Eh-!?

Page 13:
[Text] Wh-what's that? What does it do?
[Spica] It shoots out a satiety ray (a ray that makes you feel full)
[Text] ......hah?
[Spica] If you shoot this at someone, it stimulates their hunger centre and makes them full
[Text] Eh- you mean, shooting that....is.... dinner?
[Spica] That's right
[Text] No way!!
[Text] Every single time, you make such weird contraptions!!
[Spica] I used my thought and made it for the sake of the dorm manager--!!
[Text] What's this? It's loud in here...
[Text] Ah- I'm hungry
[Text] Heey, what's for dinner today, dorm manager?
[Spica] Even if it looks like this, eat!!!
[Text] Eh----!!!?

Page 14:
[Spica] Goo-!!!
[Text] She really shot it!!!
[Text] Uh--!!
[Text] Th-...
[Text] Thanks for the meal...
[Text] That's not dinner!!!
[Spica] It all went well!
[Spica] Expect him to feel full until morning
[Text] How can this guy be pulling such a happy face!!!

Page 15:
[Spica] Let's go round the dorm and make everybody full using this!
[Text] Is this... really okay... // Am I selling my soul to the devil right now...?
[Spica] Found one!!
[Text] Eh-!? What, what!?
[Spica] Please, be obedient!!!
[Text] No way, if you aim that thing at me, I'm going to run!!
[Spica] There!!
[Text] Uwa-!!!
[Text] Ah-! It grazed him!!!
[Text] He fell!!!

Page 16:
[Spica] In the meanwhile, I'll make you feel full in advance!!
[Text] That's completely out of the question!! // Why do you feel it's your responsibility to fill these peoples' stomachs!!!
[Text] Hey! Are you okay!!?
[Text] Ahh, I'm fine! It's because I'm always training!!
[Text] That's amazing!!?
[Text] Ah... but...
[Text] Did I hit my head a little...?
[Text] It felt like my stomach got full at that time
[Spica] Since he's fine
[Spica] That's two people now!
[Text] I'm back--
[Spica] Ah-!
[Text] She's back!!
[Text] I'm starving--
[Spica] Welcome back, Mai-san-
[Mai] Huh, Suu, you're greeting me?

Page 17:
[Spica] I'm ready!!!
[Mai] Ah... that's right
[Mai] This looks like a delivery
[Text] Thank you for your continued patronage-- Express home delivery-- Can you give me your seal?
[Spica] Uo- my aim was!!!
[Text] Uwahhh!!!
[Text] What's this!! My stomach became full all of a sudden!!!?
[Text] Wa-!!! Don't shoot that delivery man!!
[Text] Sorry, are you okay?
[Text] Ah... thank you
[Text] I know this is a weird thing to say but
[Text] Your seal... thanks for the meal!
[Text] He became full!
[Text] Being caved into a situation he doesn't understand made him say something weird!!

Page 18:
[Text] Spica! Don't fill outsiders' stomachs!!
[Spica] Both Mai-san and Omami are now full!
[Text] Before I noticed!!
[Spica] Now then, everyone is full now... // huh-!?
[Text] What's wrong!?
[Spica] The batteries only last for a mintue..!!
[Text] Huhhh!?
[Text] Wh-what do we do... there's still the two of us left...
[SFX] Gururu - bellies rumbling in the background
[Spica] There's no choice!
[Text] Uwa-!!?
[Text] You...
[Text] If you make me full... you will...
[Text] Dorm manager... please get full before Spica...
[Box] Later that night...
[Omami] Are you okay, Spica-chan?
[SFX] Gurururu Guuu - really loud stomach rumbling
[Text] If you can smell it then it's all cool
[Text] Oh- this is rare, you're not getting angry....
[Text] This time there's nothing that can be done!!
[Text above end] She's annoying but cute<3

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