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Koisuru Edison 2

Koisuru Edison 2 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Feb 9, 2013 12:24 | Go to Koisuru Edison

-> RTS Page for Koisuru Edison 2


This was quite a funny chapter!

Koisuru Edison 2 TL:

Page 1:
[Top text] 2 chapters with every issue!!
[Chapter] Chapter 2
[Chapter] Cleaning robot
[Text on right] The power to love is
[Text on left] The power to invent-!!
[Bottom left] Stop your hands! Open your eyes!!! The heart shaking shooting stars new series takes it's first step!!!
[Author] Watanabe Kizuku

Page 2:
[Text] Why are you all playing around in my room at your own convenience again!!
[Text] Dorm Manager
[Text] Rather than that stuff, do you guys know about this!? Right no it's amazing!
[Text] It looks like there's a robot that automatically cleans for you!
[Text] That's old-!
[Omami] Everybody knows about something like Roombo! (Roombo is the name of the magazine he's holding, or the robot on the magazine, probably the robot)
[Text] It's a breaking story!
[Text] Eh-, it's famous!?

Page 3:
[Spica] This is the first time Spica's seen this!!
[Spica] Heh- In the time you're at school, it cleans your room for you! How convenient-!!
[Spica] Dorm manager, do you want this!?
[Text] Eh... yeah, that's well... if it conveniently cleans for me...
[Spica] If it's dorm manager's room, Spica will clean it whenever!!
[Text] Because you'd go and steal my stuff, no way!
[Spica] Then, Spica will make on of those for you!
[Text] Eh, seriously!?
[Spica] Whilst I'm inventing, don't ever peek into my room please....
[Text] After all, she gets embarassed about being seen with Edison's face when she's inventing// Before she's an inventor, she's just a girl...
[Box] A short while after...
[Spica] I did it! A fully automatic cleaning machine!!
[Text] So fast!!
[Spica] That's trivial! Everyone, quickly come here!!

Page 4:
[Spica] Tada!!

Page 5:
[Text] .....she did use this as a reference right...
[Text] Why did she make it like that!!?
[Spica] Eh!? Ah- is this a small cleaning robot? // Amazing!! It's tiny!!!
[Text] Normally you'd get it!!
[Spica] Well, but, I worked hard to make it and it's said you'll never know until you've tried it out
[Text] If I let that roam around the dorm, I'll feel sick!
[Text] Because Suu tried her hardest to make it, please use it!!
[Omami] That's right! Dorm manager was the one who suggested it right!!
[Text] Damn it, the girls are being lenient towards Spica...
[Spica] Since it's a humanoid, someway or another it can clean up, it can even suck up the dust in high places!
[Text] Ah, well, that's certainly amazing but
[Spica] Try it!! Let's try it and see what happens! // Just for a bit!! // Just the tip!
[Text] The tip!?

Page 6:
[Spica] Now then, press the switch
[Text] Oh- it moved!
[Text] It gives off a feeling of a useful robot
[Text] Immediately the rubbish in the high places are-
[Text] !!?
[Text] It sucks it up from the mouth!!?
[Text] I've only had a cleaning machine once but what the hell was that!?
[Spica] Later, if you've pressed the switch, even whilst sleeping, it conveniently enters your room and cleans for you!
[Text] That thing's gong to come into my room while I'm asleep!!? // Give me a break!

Page 7:
[Robot] No no no! Don't worry about it!!! // Because I'll enter your room without making any noise, you really don't need to worry at all!!
[Text] It's started selling itself!! // Scary!
[Text] I mean, sucking using it's mouth is unpleasant
[Spica] In the case of of you not wanting to see it sucking stuff up, there's a manners mode
[Spica] Without any signs, while giving of the atmosphere of a boy who's leaning on a wall who doesn't suck anything...
[Text] Uwa... it's making me angry // Why is his collar up!?
[Spica] Like that, he sucks perfectly outside of human sight
[Text] ...then, if you always look at him like this, will he stop?

Page 8:
[Text] Eh!?
[Text] !!?
[Text] Damn...!! Something like this is really annoying...!!!
[Text] Eh-!!?
[Text] A power outage!?
[Text] Someone check the breaker!
[Text] I can't see it!

Page 9:
[Text] Hyugo-!! (Sound of the robot sucking)
[Text] Hyugo-!!
[Text] Hey!! He's sucking unreasonably!!
[Text] Hyugo-!!
[Text] Hyugo-!!
[Text] Hyugo-!!
[Text] Kya!! Wait a minute, where are you sucking!?
[Text] Hyugo-!!
[Text] Hyugo-!!
[Text] I have a flashlight!!
[Text] Hyugo-!!
[Text] Hyugo-!!
[Text] Where's the breaker!?
[Text] !!?
[Text] That's enough already!!
[Text] Eh-!!?
[Sign] Off
[Text] You're the one who turned it off!!!
[Box] That shock cancelled the manners mode
[Smaller text] But it's a cool invention!!

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#1. by Maxy Barnard ()
Posted on Feb 9, 2013
Great job! Still surprised anyone jumped on this, but I'm glad to see you have
#2. by hayatakun ()
Posted on Feb 10, 2013

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