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Shishunki no Iron Maiden 7

Shishunki no Iron Maiden 7 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Feb 13, 2013 19:54 | Go to Shishunki no Iron Maiden

-> RTS Page for Shishunki no Iron Maiden 7


Shishunki no Iron Maiden 7 TL:

Page 1:
[Tsukiko] It's...
[Tsukiko] over----
[Haruki] 'It's over'... the mid-terms are still to come...
[Tsukiko] That's not it... the... awakening period- -whisper whisper- // During the period, my skin gets rough and I gets irritable... it's awful
[Haruki] Haa, you're irritable all year round
[Tsukiko] What was that-
[Nonoa] That girl...
[Nonoa] Perhaps...
[Text on left] {The story so far} After saving her from a pinch where she had transformed on a stage in front of the whole school, Haruki also promised to cooperate with Tsukiko. Before the two who are on their daily return home, a suspicious shadow draws near...!?
[Chapter] Who's that girl!?

Page 2:
[Text] On that day, girls and boys are nervous <3

Page 3:
[Chapter] Chapter 7 I'm Nonoa

Page 4:
[Tsukiko] Mayama... is it okay for a bit?
[Tsukiko] I've got something to talk to you about...
[Haruki] Ah!? Shut up- I'm busy right now!!
[Text above his head] Oooohh
[Smaller text] The play where it will hurt if you stab your hand with your pen
[Tsukiko] ...boys are able to get engrossed in something like that... -you're even middle schoolers-
[Text] Hey Haruki, recently your relationship with Himemiya is strangely good?
[Text] Did something happen?
[Haruki] Haa!? N-...nothing happened you idiots
[Text] It hurts!?
[Text] Idiot

Page 5:
[Box] It's been a number of days since the incident in the P.E. hall...
[Box] Since then, all I can remember is the excessive amount of time I've spent with Tsukiko......
[Haruki] H-...hey, don'y say you want to talk in front of the whole class!
[Tsukiko] ? Why?
[Haruki] Why, you say....
[Haruki] If... r-rumours about us dating start spreading... what're you gonna do- -it would be disgusting-
[Tsukiko] Ahaha, it's fine, we're not in elementary school -we're just talking-
[Haruki] Damn... somehow that composure is pissing me off...

Page 6:
[Tsukiko] B-...
[Tsukiko] Because of that... saying I needed to talk to you....
[Tsukiko] That... erm...
[Tsukiko] It's a little difficult to say but...
[Text] ...Who's that!?
[Text] ....!!
[Haruki] Ah-... hey you
[Haruki] Wait a minute---

Page 7:
[Nonoa] -----Hya-..
[Nonoa] N-...

Page 8:
[Haruki] asjdbalsjdl!!!
[Text] Wh-..what was that scream just then!?
[Text] It's Mayama
[Text] It's him again
[Haruki] Wh-...
[Haruki] Wh-....wh-...wh-....!?
[Nonoa] ...as
[Nonoa] As expected. Senpai... saw through my perfect camoflage...
[Nonoa] I'm pleased to meet you for the first time
[Nonoa] I'm... first year Sasaki Nonoa!

Page 9:
[Nonoa] You might think it rude but....
[Nonoa] For the past few days... I've been watching you two senpai...!
[Haruki] ....ah?
[Nonoa] Then----...
[Tsukiko] !
[Nonoa] ....I noticed
[Nonoa] That girl's true character...!
[Text] ----!?
[Haruki] Wha-...!?
[Text] Badump
[Nonoa] Himemiya Tsukiko....
[Nonoa] you----..
[Text] True character? What's that...?
[Text] Wel...
[Text] What is it?
[Tsukiko] Wa---!! Wa-wait a minute...!!

Page 10:
[Nonoa] You're Mayama-senpai's // sex friend!? (a friend with benefits haha)
[Text] ....

Page 11:
[Haruki] Wh-....what did you say----!!
[Text] H-...h-h-h-how was it!? Hey- how was it Haruki!?
[Text] You bastard, the reason why your relationship got good all of a sudden was because of that huh---!!
[Haruki] Are you idiots----!! You! Stop fucking with megugu
[Nonoa] Eh? Huh? Am I wrong?
[Text] Wa-...wait a minute, is it true, Tsukiko!?
[Tsukiko] ....Ah // Erm--...
[Tsukiko] What's... a sex friend?
[Text] Eh
[Under chick] Shortbread?
[Nonoa] Huh? Why is she acting as if she doesn't know...
[Text] H-...hey, Tsukiko... a sex friend is----...

Page 12:
[Tsukiko] Wa------!? // Wh-...whawhawha what are you talking about!? It's not like that-!!
[Tsukiko] I-...I mean why a se-...sex friend....!? Wouldn't something more normal be 'girlfriend' or something!!
[Nonoa] Then... are you his girlfriend? -Mayama-senpai's-
[Haruki] N-..no way! Who'd with this plain girl--- -that's disgusting-
[Tsukiko] It-...it was just an example!! I'm not his girlsfriend-!

Page 13:
[Nonoa] I knew it
[Tsukiko] .....
[Text] Angry
[Nonoa] Well, no matter how you think about it, you don't give off that 'girlfriend' vibe huh....?
[Tsukiko] ...
[Nonoa] This boring girl isn't suited for Mayama-senpai!!
[Tsukiko] E-...erm, Sasaki-san... was it?
[Smaller text] Bo-...boring?
[Tsukiko] You... the expressions you used towards a senpai...
[Nonoa] Mayama-senpai...
[Tsukiko] Ignored
[Nonoa] The speech you gave the other day in the hall... really left an impression on me!!

Page 14:
[Nonoa] The ultimate mutiny towards the system...
[Nonoa] It was great! The best type of anarchy! The highest peak of badassery!!
[Nonoa] To be frank...
[Nonoa] I got wet
[Nonoa] Someone who is suitable for Mayama-senpai isn't that serious girl, // it's a girl who can understand Senpai's punk spirit!!
[Nonoa] Senpai... would you go out with me!?

Page 15:
[Text] It's a confession--
[Text] Go-got wet...?
[Text] Th-...that Mayama...
[Text] Shes's even quite cute...
[Tsukiko] ....
[Text] ---Ma-... Mayama...
[Text] What will you do---
[Haruki] Seriously!?
[Haruki] You'll let me do you!?

Page 16:
[Text] You're seriously the worst!!
[Text] Die
[Text] What do you think you're doing with the heart of a girl!?
[Tsukiko] Hey? Do you get it... That's the kind of guy... that you admire-----
[Nonoa] I.... // It's fine if you just want my body
[Nonoa] Ra-...rather, it's in accordance with my anticipations...!!
[Nonoa] A true badass makes women serve him for sure!
[Tsukiko] Wa-...wait a minute, what are you saying!? Please respect yourself more!!
[Nonoa] Huh? My parent!? Are you my parents!!? // I'm not a little brat!!
[Text] Eh? What? Seriously...!? Oh my God...!?
[Text] Am I going to climb the stairway to adulthood...!?

Page 17:
[Tsukiko] ...
[Tsukiko] Th-...then, isn't it fine if you like him!? // Recently, middle schoolers have got lewd!!
[Nonoa] Fuck you! You're in middle school too!!
[Haruki] !
[Nonoa] Senpai... I'd like to... hear your answer... <3
[Haruki] ...
[Haruki] ---H-...hey, Tsukiko- Didn't you have something to talk to be about?
[Tsukiko] What is it? It's fine already
[Haruki] It's not fine, I feel bad

Page 18:
[Nonoa] E-erm, senpai!?
[Haruki] Ah.. my bad, I'll do it after this!
[Haruki] Erm----
[Haruki] What....was your name again?
[Text] What was that? That perverted demon king....
[Text] The shake before the disaster...!?
[Tsukiko] ----.hey, what are you gonig to do? Are you going to date her?
[Haruki] ...w-well, it doesn't have anything to do with you!

Page 19:
[Tsukiko] ...Th-that's true but....
[Tsukiko] What's up.... I only asked...
[Haruki] ...
[Haruki] Hmph
[Haruki] ...then, quickly, the real issue at hand! What did you want to talk about!?
[Tsukiko] Ah.. yeah... that's... erm...
[Nonoa] Senpai-----!!
[Nonoa] I'm Sasaki Nonoa! First year, Sasaki Nonoa!!
[Nonoa] What's senpai's favourite food!? I'd like to know!!!
[Haruki] Ah...?

Page 20:
[Nonoa] The food I like is Pocky! Do you eat them too, senpai!?
[Haruki] N-...no...
[Nonoa] Then, do you wanna play the Pocky game!?
[Haruki] E-...erm... I'm a little busy right now...
[Nonoa] N----<3
[Haruki] ...
[Tsukiko] What are you going---!! -I accidentally tsukkomi'd-
[Haruki] Hah!? I accidentally!!
[Tsukiko] Please, take your time...
[Tsukiko] ---then... the thing I wanted to talk about...
[Nonoa] Senpai, it's Nonoa! Since you're a third year from now on let's go to Chicago---!!
[Haruki] Let's not!
[Tsukiko] About the talk...
[Nonoa] Senpai, it's Nonoa! Do you want to break the glass in the windows!?
[Haruki] What was that!?
[Nonoa] It's Ozaki! Ozaki!
[Nonoa] Senpai, it's Nonoa! Let's start a fire
[Haruki] No, it's raining...
[Nonoa] Senpai, it's Nonoa!
[Text] We're in class!
[Nonoa] It's Nonoa!
[Nonoa] It's Nonoa!

Page 21:
[Text] Senpai, it's Nonoa!
[Text] N.O.N.O.A!
[Text] Are you gradually remembering it!?
[Haruki] ....I've remembered it. You're Nonoa....
[Text] Haha... have you fallen in love with that outrageous girl?
[Text] Go out with her already, go out with her <3
[Text] Then, if you were to go out with her and do ecchi things,
[Text] Would you show me the pictures of you screwing?
[Text] You're one of the worst too...
[Text] I mean, Nonoa is interfering like crazy and we can't talk at all-- but...
[Text] What did Tsukiko want...? Something was strangely shy about her but...
[Haruki] !

Page 22:
[From] Tsukiko
The talking matter
[Main body] Could you wait for me in the multipurpose room afterschool? We'll talk there. PS. make sure you don't get seen my Nonoa-chan..
[Text] Senpai, it's Nonoa!
[Text] Where did you go------!?
[Text] Nonoa... you also don't learn your lesson
[Text] Mayama... wasn't it? What's so good about him?
[Nonoa] Shut up----!!
[Text] Senpai being cold to me is definitely that girl's fault....
[Text] Even though she's not his sex friend or girlfriend, why is it senpai and that girl...

Page 23:
[Text] Himemiya Tsukiko....
[Text] is there something between you two....!?
[Sign] Multipurpose room
[Haruki] ...W-what, it's just you....
[Tsukiko] ....it looks like Nonoa-chan has got you completely scared....
[Haruki] Idio-.... I'm not scared
[Haruki] We'll get in trouble if we're here for too long so talk already!
[Tsukiko] ...but, we can finally talk in peace
[Haruki] H-...hey... I didn't really need to tell you anything-----

Page 24:
[Tsukiko] I..... I.....
[Tsukiko] Want you to // 'watch' me.....
[Haruki] ....
[Haruki] He....?
[Text on right] Next issue, the puberty opening colour pages!!

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