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Kuneru Maruta 2

Kuneru Maruta 2 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Feb 19, 2013 13:52 | Go to Kuneru Maruta

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Kuneru Maruta 2 TL:

Page 1:
[Box] The bacalhau I received from Portugal is down to it's last piece
[Chapter] Chapter 2 Cod Dip
[Text] She's poor but shes a glutton. She won't compromise on either though...
[Smaller text] Something~~~ There's no~~~ food~~~
[Maruta] I have no choice but to endure this week with only crackers...

Page 2:
[Text] Guuuu
[Maruta] Uh...
[Text] Last time she made croquettes using bacalhau but...
[Maruta] Maybe I'll eat the crackers...
[Maruta] But crackers and water isn't all I have left...
[Maruta] If I have the bacalhau as it is now it won't be nice...
[Maruta] The crab dip I ate at last year's party at the embassy was delicious~~~
[Under picture] Crab dip
[Maruta] The sourness of the sour cream and the flavour of the crab mixed together---...
[Maruta] No... if it's that dip I wonder if I could make it pretty easily
[Maruta] If I could have the sour cream, with this and that....

Page 3:
[Maruta] Okay-
[On sign] Fresh Store
[Maruta] So expensive...
[Maruta] Even though I worked so hard to think of something good...
[Sign] Discounted goods
[Maruta] Ah
[Milk] 70% off
[Ramen] 50yen off

Page 4:
[Maruta] I can buy fresh cream and yoghurt for 100 yen!
[Above her] Oh my god!
[Maruta] I can make sour cream!!
[Smaller text] Look, a weird foreigner
[Smaller text] Yeah
[Maruta] I still haven't been abandone by God... -I'm gracious...-
[Maruta] Next, if I could get some canned crab----
[Top of sign] Reccommended product
[Mid Sign] Specially picked snow crab
[Above Maruta] God...

Page 5:
[Maruta] Uuu-... even though I thought I gathered all the ingredients...
[Maruta] If I could at least replace the crab with something...
[Assistant] Ekusukyoozu mee? (In katakana so said with a Japanese accent)
[Next to assistant] Ahh yoo OK?
[Maruta] ...lobster? // Spiny lobster is expensive... (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_spiny_lobster) // Shrimp... prawn... sakura shrimp ... (http://img.21food.com/20110609/product/1305722904578.jpg) // !
[Maruta] That's it!!
[Box] For the sake of researching for my urban engineering course, I came to study abroad at a university in Tokyo 2 years ago
[Box] Normally you'd return to your home country to study for your Master's degree but...
[Sign] Forest park

Page 6:
[Text] Plop
[Above kids] Nothing's biting
[Above kids] Ssh, don't talk loudly!
[Box] I decided to stay in this town
[Kid] Onee-chan, are you a foreigner?
[Maruta] Yep- I'm from Portugal
[Kid] That's a lie, you're not talking in English
[Maruta] I studied Japanese
[Kid] You're not using any bait?
[Box] The various people you meet are average, the food... it's hard for me to leave the flavours that constitute this town----...
[Maruta] I am, I'm using bacalhau
[Kid] Ahaha, you said idiot! (Bacalhau is バカリャウin Japanese and idiot is バカ That's why he's laughing lol)
[Maruta] I'm using my important last piece of bacalhau...
[Kid] Hey, what are you trying to catch here?
[Maruta] Ah-!
[Maruta] They took it!!
[Smaller text] Wow!!
[Smaller text] I'm pulling, pulling-
[Smaller text] That's amazing-----
[Smaller text] Good luck, Onee-chan!

Page 7:
[Box] Right now, I borrowed a little money I put aside for this 70 year old apartment,
[Box] According to others, I live a very idle lifestyle
[Text] Open
[Maruta] I wonder how it turned out~~
[Maruta] Yesterday I mixed the cream and the plain yoghurt together and let it rest in the fridge. // With this, a tasy sour cream...
[Maruta] I did it!
[Box] It's going well (musical note) Next, put the fish caught yesterday into clean water----
[Above Maruta] Ohh~~~ Looks healthy~

Page 8:
[Maruta] Crayfish!
[Box] Firstly, wash the crayfish in alcohol, and put in into some boiled salt...
[Maruta] This reminds of me 'Yakamashi Village'... -by Lindgren (Astrid Lindgren)
[Box] Next, put the sour cream into a bowl, // and add some chives that have been finely cut,
[Box] Throw the herb crushed soup in too
[Box] Lastly, get the boiled crayfish, peel off the skin and break it into small pieces...
[Box] If you mix the contents of the bowl together---

Page 9:
[Box] Tada~~~~
[Box] Crayfish sour cream dip complete~~~
[Box] If you eat this on top of the crackers...

Page 10:
[Maruta] Delicious!
[Box] I may be in a state of poverty but
[Box] My gluttonous single way of life is being enhanced
[Text at bottom] Maruta's rustic style economising gourmet!
[Text at bottom] If you try it, you'll reccommend this use of canned crab!!

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