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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Koaka Head 5

Koaka Head 5 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Feb 22, 2013 14:04 | Go to Koaka Head

-> RTS Page for Koaka Head 5


Koaka Head 5 TL (Page 143-172):

Page 1:
[Text] That was the first time I've seen Takeru so serious in a while
[Itou] Uooooohhh-!!! // Wa-...
[Itou] You waiiiitt-!!
[Nacchan] Wha-!?

Page 2:
[Text] Itou-kun-...
[Text] You're catching up with her again-...!!
[Nacchan] Wh-...why're you pulling that face for-...
[Nacchan] It's disgusting so don't get near me-!!
[Itou] Shut hu----p!! (saying it wheezily) I won't let you have your way... -Zehaa-
[Itou] -Ze- like before... -Zehaa-
[Itou] you know-!!
[Nacchan] !!

Page 3:
[Text] The-...
[Text] They're tied-
[Text] No-!!
[Text] They're slightly... // ahead-!!
[Text] They're coming-!!

Page 4:
[Text] It's the-...

Page 5:
[Text] Last lap...!!

Page 6:
[Text] Nacchan... // Itou-kun...
[Text] .................
[Smaller text] If you look at the distance between them, it's amazing...
[Nacchan] -Haa- -you bastard-... you were
[Nacchan] hiding your skill huh-... -haa- (it's actually a cat hiding it's claws but it fits better like this)
[Nacchan] In the end, it was all about Aya huh
[Itou] !?
[Nacchan] Someone like you being in your position is
[Nacchan] Disgusting!!
[Itou] Geh-!!

Page 7:
[Itou] Being called disgusting can't be helped... in this case... or any others... but-
[Itou] Uchida-san... what did you mean by
[Itou] I'll be at the finish...
[Itou] I'm not particularly doing it for you----!!
[Itou] You were the person who came and talked to me-!! -it doesn't matter to me at all!!-

Page 8:
[Nacchan] Why... you...
[Nacchan] What have you been spouting since earlier-... -this-
[Nacchan] You've got guts-
[Itou] I'm fine being gross-!!
[Nacchan] You're disgusting, shut up!!

Page 9:
[Text] !!
[Nacchan] What the hell... your face has a habit of looking as if it's died-
[Nacchan] Keep it behind me-----

Page 10:
[Text] So-somehow it looks a little weird...
[Smaller text] Eh...?
[Smaller text] Somehow they look like they're fighting again?
[Text] I wonder if something's wrong...
[Smaller text] Gyaaa gyaaa gyaaa
[Smaller text] What the...
[Smaller text] Huh....
[Text] Eh? Huh...?
[Text] Somehow...
[Text] ...
[Text] Those two
[Text] Aren't they
[Text] Running outside of the course...?

Page 11:
[Itou] Uchida-san was saying that she'd be happy if I won
[Nacchan] !
[Itou] Uchida-san doesn't particulalrly want something like agreed terms of winning and losing
[Itou] You just decided such things at your own convenience
[Itou] You're nothing but a nuisance...
[Itou] Even Uchida-san
[Itou] thinks that you satisfying just yourself is annoying-!!

Page 12:
[Nacchan] What... was that-!! -say it again!!-
[Itou] Hiii-!?
[Nacchan] Ahh-!?
[Itou] Wha-.... hey!? -wai-...-
[Itou] Don't...
[Text] !!
[Itou] Suddenly change direc-..

Page 13:
[Text] Uh-...
[Text] Geh-... -damn-
[Text] (random symbols)
[Text] !

Page 14:
[Text] Th-...they fell...? -on their faces...
[Text] !
[Text] -.....
[Nacchan] Aya thinks...
[Itou] ...
[Nacchan] I'm a... // nuisance...
[Nacchan] You know nothing and yet // you talk as if you understand
[Nacchan] It's not very effective...
[Nacchan] A bastard like you getting carried away with Aya's kindness...
[Nacchan] Misunderstanding it...
[Nacchan] Thinking that way, even confessing and getting rejected...

Page 15:
[Nacchan] Rumours will spread about things that happened and things that didn't,
[Nacchan] and Aya will get hurt again
[Itou] !
[Itou] Wh-...what's with you... that sort of thing... even if it happens to me again...
[Itou] Ge-..generally // I...
[Text] I
[Itou] To Wata-...
[Aya] Itou-kun ...
[Text] !!

Page 16:
[Aya] Itou-kun... wouldn't do such a thing, // Nacchan...
[Nacchan] Aya... // Ah...
[Smaller text] Uchida-san...?
[Nacchan] You... how much softer are you going to be on him-
[Nacchan] Saying he won't do such a thing...
[Nacchan] Would such a guy guarantee that!?
[Itou] .....
[Nacchan] I... for Aya
[Aya] Nacchan
[Aya] It's fine

Page 17:
[Aya] Itou-kun // wouldn't do that
[Aya] Did you hear too, Nacchan? // I was made to make a fake confession to Itou-kun because of a punishment game...
[Aya] When I confessed to Itou-kun...
[Aya] He responded clearly saying that he liked Watase-san
[Aya] He didn't particularly think anything of me
[Smaller text] Haha...
[Itou] .....
[Nacchan] .....

Page 18:
[Aya] I'm really sorry for that time...
[Smaller text] Really so...
[Itou] Ah... no, that's
[Nacchan] Aya don't apologise---!! -It's for the sake of keeping hiim away!-
[Aya] And, for what Nacchan's done too...
[Smaller text] Once again...
[Itou] Ah.. no, so...
[Nacchan] Aya!! -stop it!!-
[Aya] Nacchan
[Nacchan] Anh!?
[Aya] Thanks
[Aya] for always taking care of me

Page 19:
[Nacchan] Wha-...!!
[Nacchan] Damn it
[Nacchan] Ahh, okay!!
[Nacchan] So be it...
[Nacchan] Ah-- I'm annoyed!! // Keh-
[Itou] ...

Page 20:
[Itou] Wha-... // What's with her... all of a sudden...
[Aya] Are you okay?
[Aya] It was successfully stopped this time
[Itou] !
[Itou] Eh? Ahh... -it doesn't feel like it was stopped successfully...-
[Aya] Nacchan seems to have vented her again to a certain degree -she's quite straightforward-
[Itou] ... -ehh...-
[Aya] Itou-kun, // Please don't hate Nacchan
[Aya] She's kind to her friends and always tries to help // She's a really nice girl
[Itou] I...
[Itou] I...

Page 21:
[Aya] She's quite similar
[Aya] to you, Itou-kun
[Itou] With... with me...!?
[Smaller text] Her...?
[Watase] Itou-ku--n!!
[Watase] It's bad, it's bad-
[Smaller text] How long have you been doing PE?
[Smaller text] You still can't do it---
[Watase] Sensei's---
[Itou] Watase-san
[Aya] Should we go back,
[Smaller text] Quickly come back----
[Aya] To where everyone else is?
[Smaller text] The lesson's over---
[Text] Ah...

Page 22:
[Box] And so, // the next day---
[Smaller text] Morning----
[Text] Haa~~~~...
[Itou] Yesterday was awful
[Smaller text] Haa...
[Itou] And Shinomiya-sensei was hunched over crying
[Text] That girls was always scowling at me...
[Smaller text] There's a thirst for blood...
[Smaller text] Sensei-
[Smaller text] My first lesson is~~~~
[Text] In the end, the conclusion we came to ended up being indefinite...

Page 23:
[Text] Maybe... it's because of the face I pulled when I got serious(?)
[Text] But it feels like the feeling of people shunning me has increased...
[Text] Haha... somehow I've
[Text] become a little accustomed to it... -I give up...-
[Nacchan] Ah--- this is heavy-
[Itou] !?

Page 24:
[Nacchan] Hm? // I hit something
[Nacchan] Trash?...
[Itou] Wh-...
[Itou] Who's // trash-
[Itou] Who huh!!
[Smaller text] Those who like calling people trash are trash themselves---
[Nacchan] What was that?! // I'll kill you bastard
[Itou] Kuooo~~~
[Itou] Th-... // the muscle pain is---
[Smaller text] This guy...
[Aya] Nacchan!
[Nacchan] !
[Aya] Come on---
[Aya] Even though you promised you wouldn't fight because of yesterday's arguement
[Nacchan] We-..we're not fighting // I was just praising him for the good fight he put up yesterday!!
[Nacchan] Right-
[Itou] ....

Page 25:
[Itou] You bitch---- it's not settled yet
[Itou] Get it
[Nacchan] ....
[Nacchan] Keh-
[Smaller text] I was hit again...
[Aya] Good Morning to you too, Itou-kun
[Itou] Ye-... // yeah
[Itou] Mornin-...g
[Aya] Did you get closer with Nacchan?
[Smaller text] Perhaps?
[Itou] Eh?
[Smaller text] By Nacchan you mean that girl...!?
[Box] If I think about it... // From the first day of school I've been confessed to fakely,
[Watase] !
[Smaller text] No...
[Box] I've been tangled up with people who pick fights with me,

Page 26:
[Box] Since entering this school, it's only been things like that----
[Box] It's been tough!
[Box] But...
[Box] I have a feeling that my peaceful days are going to begin at last
[Box] I can still feel a lot of avoidance from the class but
[Smaller text] Hehehe
[Smaller text] I can say with confidence that they're keeping away...
[Box] If I put it another way, no one interferes with me, even whilst I'm talking with Watase-san...
[Text] It's only making friends...
[Text] -sliding- Itou-kun-
[Text] Eh!?
[Text] That voice is Watase-san-!!
[Box] Ears that can perfectly recognise Watase-san's voice

Page 27:
[Text] If I think about Watase-san, I'm beckoning the real thing~~~!?
[Text] Hey, hey, hey, can my feelings finally move a mountain~~~!?
[Itou] Go-.. // good morning, Watase-san
[Smaller text] Dehehehe
[Itou] The weather's nice today too huh
[Text] Wh-...why did she call me over!?
[Watase] Lend me your ear for a bit
[Text] Eh!? -ear!?-
[Itou] Ha---hahi-
[Text] What!? What's this!?
[Text] Perhaps... a confe-...
[Watase] Things look like they're going well with Aya-san
[Watase] Good for you, Itou-kun!

Page 28:
[Text] ... huh...!?
[Itou] Wh-... // what was that?
[Smaller text] Watase-san...?
[Watase] As I said, things look like
[Watase] They're going well with Aya-san
[Itou] ...
[Itou] Gufu-
[Smaller text] I'll leave it to you!!
[Watase] Come on, you're quite reserved about this, Itou-kun
[Itou] Eh // No...
[Itou] Watase-san? -erm...-

Page 29:
[Watase] Aya-san is a wonderful girl
[Watase] I'll be cheering you on too, so good luck, // okay!
[On weight] Since I'll be cheering you on too 1000 tons
[Itou] Wa-... // Watase-san...
[Itou] That's... you're completely
[Watase] H-..huh?
[Smaller text] Itou-kun?
[Itou] misunderstanding...

Page 30:
[Smaller text] Eh-!? You just got here!?
[Smaller text] Again!?
[Smaller text] Please, let me go home...

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