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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Omamori Himari 63

Omamori Himari 63 TL

+ posted by hayatakun as translation on Mar 9, 2013 16:13 | Go to Omamori Himari

-> RTS Page for Omamori Himari 63

Omamori Himari 63 TL:

Page 1:
[Yuuto] Uhh...
[Rinko] Yuuto!
[Yuuto] It's dangerous so you should fall back, Rinko! It's being settled here!
[Rinko] What are you talking about, the bleeding wont stop!
[Text on left] Himari's snapped for Yuuto's sake...!?
[Himari] Fu---
[Himari] Fu---!

Page 2:
[Text] I love meat and sweets~
[Chapter] 63rd Slice 'The gouging demon cat's fangs'

Page 3:
[Kyuubi] Damn......cat.....!
[Text] !
[Text] Uh!!!!......

Page 4:
[Yu] !! // Noiha-...
[Text] Please stay there
[Yu] ....!!
[Text] This isn't a matter of whether you can do anything or not. // Although you may be one of Himari-sama's honourable school friends, you are just a human
[Text] This is a dispute amongst those you call the people of darkness
[Text] Because there's also debt to be paid because of being manipulated by the Kyuubi, it can't be helped...
[Text] ...!
[Text] This will also end here
[Yu] Noihara-san, Tama-san....

Page 5:
[Kaya] Yo, you were chewed on quite flashily, huh----
[Yuuto] Kaya
[Yuuto] That was a cheap cost for someone as useless as me
[Smaller text] Thanks Rinko
[Kaya] You don't say- You should really stop those remarks
[Kaya] Well, whatever I say....
[Kaya] You did well being useless in your own way
[Kaya] You were using the Kyuubi as a wall to overcome and amplify your 'light ferry'
[Kaya] And you burned her by yourself
[Kaya] Since she doesn't have the eye for a reversal, // This is Himari's win!
[Yuuto] Th-that so....

Page 6:
[Box] The inexperinced, golden haired Kyuubi
[Box] Tamamonomae-----
[Box] You wounded the Young Master
[Box] What am I doing to one of the 3 great demons
[Box] I'm eating this fox spirit
[Box] That's right, You won't be following us around anymore, it's the end
[Text] I'll eat you, I'll eat all of you
[Text] Hyu....

Page 7:
[Text] I'll take
[Text] all of you-----

Page 8:
[Kaya] !
[Text] Hey Yuuto! Is that fine? Is it really okay!?
[Yuuto] Of course it's not!
[Yuuto] But if I'm to be a demon slayer I have to turn a blind eye towards this kind of thing!
[Text] ...
[Text] Bun-
[Yuuto] If I don't, Kuesu's death would have been for....!
[Text] Kyuubi-sama!

Page 9:
[Text] !?
[Box] It's not good, I'll hit Kyuubi-sama...!
[Text] Kyaa!?
[Text] Wh-what are you doing, idiot! Pervert!

Page 10:
[Yuuto] Shut up---!
[Text] Ah
[Text] Ahhhh
[Text] Ugah
[Yuuto] Owww...
[Text] Are you okay, Yuuto?
[Yuuto] I heard her say Kyuubi-sama so I figured she was an enemy too
[Text] Yeah, she was fighting Himari earlier -was she waiting for the right time to attack?-

Page 11:
[Kaya] You blockhead! Idiot master! Himari's in trouble!
[Yuuto] !!
[Text] Gupu-
[Text] Gupu-

Page 12:
[Kyuubi] .....it's.....being.....
[Kyuubi] sucked.....out.....
[Kyuubi] .....my......
[Box] What's this, this warmth mass inside this guy....
[Box] A warm darkness.... vitality.... // that's right, this is....
[Box] All of the ayakashi energy that she's been devouring up until now!
[Box] It's making my head spin.... the grudges of all the ayakashi that fell victim to her are dark, indifferent, warm....
[Box] This is....
[Box] delicious

Page 13:
[Kyuubi] Stop sucking.....
[Kyuubi] This is all mine.....!
[Text] Ah-.....!
[Himari] You did the same to master and up until now, weren't you teasing Ayakashi and animals alike?
[Himari] Well? How does it feel being the teased?
[Text] ....!!

Page 14:
[Himari] Come to think of it, earlier you
[Himari] Nibbled master right here right
[Himari] Don't be obstinate, this can't be helped
[Kyuubi] ........-!!!

Page 15:
[Kaya] This is bad, Himari's- Himari's absorbing the Kyuubi's ayakashi energy!
[Box] Without a doubt, this is....
[Box] The same as that time...!
[Yuuto] Okay Himari!
[Yuuto] Enough already, stop!
[Yuuto] Let go of her!
[Yuuto] Himari! Stop sucking out her ayakashi energy!
[Text] Kuh-!
[Text] Wawa-!

Page 16:

Page 17:
[Yu] Hi-....!?

Page 18:
[Kyuubi] Hyu---
[Kyuubi] Hyu--..
[Yu] Tama-san!?
[Text] ....
[Text] It seems the barrier's disappeared immediately
[Text] Hnnnn...
[Text] We're leaving
[Himari] .....kufu
[Himari] ..... fufu.....
[Himari] fufufu......
[Himari] Fuhahaha....

Page 19:
[Himari] Hahahahaha
[Himari] Hahahaha
[Box] Himari defeated the Kyuubi
[Himari] Haaaaa- hahahahaha
[Box] On top of that, it was an overwhelming victory
[Box] However, everyone who heard

Page 20:
[Box] Himari's laugh felt a sense of dread----
[Text] Yuuto
[Yuuto] Is that Shizuku?
[Text] The 'delusion house' was solved in no time.....nano // Since a lot of my water is going to fall, be careful.... nano

Page 21:
[Text] Ah-
[Text] Ah-
[Text] ....since you kept on asking for extensions I accidentally came late----
[Text] What-- when you're surrounded by female underclassmen, something like karaoke should be your top priority----
[Text] ....what the hell, I didn't hear anything about it raining today...
[Text] ....
[Tex] Uwa, everyone, older bro is ecchi---
[Text] You idiot! Even if I were to look at you alone I wouldn't be happy!!

Page 22:
[Text] ....Ahh, coming up with a predicition for data that I didn't obtain would be impossible for even me
[Text] Since the barrier even cut off radio signals
[Text] ... that's fine but, I have a request
[Text] I'd like my reward
[Text] Since you guys are doing this all from your round table.... // Okay, ro-ger
[Text] Cya
[Text] Kuhihi, the messed up gears are worth watching now
[Text] I wonder if the rain would stop.... if something like a day where demon hunters and ayakashi were to live in harmony were to come....

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#1. by Ratanga ()
Posted on Mar 10, 2013
I really appreciate the fact that you use your time to translate these.

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