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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Tenjou Tenge 126

+ posted by hayateblitz as translation on Sep 17, 2009 01:28 | Go to Tenjou Tenge

-> RTS Page for Tenjou Tenge 126

Chinese scanlation translated from can be read here.

Updated 18th September 2009:
Ok, after finally going to the library and read the english translated Kojiki, 天斑马 is not a zebra, but a piebald horse. Or a dappled horse. Or a patchy/spotty black and white horse. Which ever you prefer... but it was not a zebra... my bad >.<

And missing lines added. Thanks to Rock-Bird who pointed them out :)

pg 1 Text:
- "The flayed heavenly piebald horse"
- "Dropped through the hole"

- "Amaterasu-ōmikami was terrified by the sight"
- "escapes into the Heavenly Cave and shuts herself in"

- "shuts herself in"

See through the darkness and capture the light.

(t/n: 眼瞳睁开 means roughly: dilating the pupils. But I sort of left it out because it doesn’t flow well… if you can think of an alternative sentence then please let me know :))

Bigger white text on page 1:
(t/n: translation mostly copied from english version of the Kojiki by Philippi. Also, characters transcribed here are in simplified chinese - not the traditional chinese/kanji characters you'll see in the raw. And the characters underlined are the ones I've guessed 'cause they were hidden behind the black text).

When Amaterasu-omikami
Was inside the sacred weaving hall
Seeing to the weaving of the divine garments
Breaking through the roof of the hall
A flayed heavenly piebald horse
Fell on top of the people inside

The heavenly weaving maiden was alarmed
And struck her genitals against the shuttle and died
So thereupon Amaterasu-omikami
Was terrified by the sight

And shuts herself in the Heavenly Cave

Text at bottom right of page:
//“闭坐其中”, 表示持有神格的存在死掉了。
“shuts herself in”, means indication of godhood has ceased to exist.
(t/n: “闭坐其中”, Japanese hiragana is こもる which babelfish says ‘you are confined’.)

pg 2-3
Foretold to awaken,
become the light that brightens others’ destiny!!

pg 4
Mitsuomi: 真... 夜......!?
Mitsuomi: Ma... ya...!?

pg 5
Masataka: 呜
Masataka: hu.

Dogen: !?
Dogen: !?

Dogen: 怎么了雅孝!! // 哪里受伤了!!
Masataka: 不... 不是... 等... 抱歉...... // ... 没事的...
Dogen: What is it Masataka!! // Where are you hurt!!
Masataka: N... no... Wait... Sorry // ... No problems...

Masataka: 部长...
Text: 事到如今... 虽然不管发生什么事都已经不会吃惊了......
Masataka: Captain...
Text: Whatever happens from now on wouldn't be as startling.

Dogen: 怎么了 没事吧 没关系的让我看看 // 快点 快点 快点 快点 快点 ~~~
Masataka: ......爸爸...你应该不会是故意的吧......?
Dogen: What? No problems? Nevermind, just let me see. Hurry Hurry Hurry Hurry Hurry ~ ~
Masataka: ... Dad... You aren't doing this on purpose, are you ?

pg 6
Mitsuomi: 真...
Mitsuomi: Ma...
- That's right. To me
- I have no right to see you.

在那山洞里 满不在乎地将你逼进死亡深渊的...就是我
- That day
- in the cave, it was me who heartlessly forced you into death's door.

pg 7
Maya: 光臣 // 违背约定的罪过 // 很深重哦
Maya: Mitsuomi // The punishment for breaking a promise // is severe.

Mitsuomi: ...!?
Mitsuomi: ...!?

FlashbackMaya: 一个月后的天览武会预备战的---...决战 // 全部的胜负都在那里决出
FlashbackMaya: Let's meet again a month from now, at the Imperial Martial Arts Tournament... the Final rounds. // There, we can settle everything between us, once and for all.

Maya: 本应在决战有我打倒的在你体内的死神 已经由你自己打倒了啊
Maya: I was suppose to defeat the Death God within you in the finals. But it seems that you have already defeated it yourself.

pg 8 (no text)

pg 9
People: 怎...怎么了!?虽然不是很明白... 好像非常非常地喷怒了!? 
People: Wh... what's happeneing!? Though I don't quite understand... he looks very very angry!?

pg 10-11
Text: 退下!!
Text: Back off!!

pg 12-13 (no text)

pg 14
Maka: 什... 你们在做什么!!
Dogen: 啊!!
Maka: Wha... What are you guys doing!!
Dogen: Ah!!

Makiko: 那 不是在喷怒
Makiko: That's not anger.

pg 15
Makiko: 是在畏惧喔 // ...对天照 (你).
Makiko: it's apprehension // ...towards Amaterasu (you).

Maka: 真贵子殿... // 非常... 抱歉... 我 ...
Maka: Makiko-dono... // I'm so... sorry... I ...

pg 16
Makiko: 能够逆转着命运的洪流的 // 只有天照
Makiko: The only one who is able to reverse this fate's mighty flood // is Amaterasu

Dogen: 真贵子...
Dogen: Makiko...
- having absorbed so much 'qi' using Dragon's Fist
- the body can't handle it.

Makiko: 齿轮已全部收齐 // 正在开始转动 
Makiko: All the gears have been gathered // it's beginning to move

pg 17
Makiko: ... 天照 (你) 是 // 过去... x一叶 显悟所设计出的计划...的 // "反转机"
Makiko: ... Amaterasu (you) is // the plan crafted by Sohaku Kago in the past... the // "reversal machine" (t/n: hm... not sure whether this is the right term. Has this been described in other chapters?)
- From your perspective, the real battle
- is just beginning.

pg 18-19
Asshat: 不行了!! 又... 又... 开始... 活动了...!!
Asshat: Not good!! It's... it's getting... lively again...!!

Aya: 不对... // 这和刚才为止的 -- 不同...
Aya: No... // This, compared to what it has been doing up to now -- is different...

pg 20
这是... 因为我们的精神...
- This is... because our spirits
- are within Souichirou-sama's heart

传达过来了... !!
- (his feelings are) conveyed to us... !!

Bob: ...!? 啊.... 稍... 稍等...一下
Asshat: 什... 你在哭什么啊
Kurei: ...管... 管君才是
Bob: ...!? Ah.... Wait... Wait a minute...
Asshat: Wha... Why are you crying
Kurei: ...Su... Sugano-kun too

pg 21
- Souichirou

- I really wanted to -- let you
- grow up as a normal kid.

血统... 命运什么的
- Blood relations... fate
- The battle between normal people and people with special abilities (t/n: not sure these are the right terms to describe this)
- I alone will resolve them.

- This child
- I will protect him

pg 22
Souichirou: 我.... 要更加...更加...变强......
Souichirou: I.... want to become... stronger

- But

Souichirou: 等变强了.... 我要把 把妈妈弄成这样的家伙们... ...
Text: 一定
Souichirou: When I get stronger, I will.... I will find the people who did this to mum... ...
Text: surely

Text: 被守护的人是我 
Text: the person protected was me

Makiko: 不要哭
正因为有你在... 不管受多重的伤 不管多么迷失方向
Makiko: Don't cry
- Because you exist... it doesn't matter how heavily wounded I get... it doesn't matter how lost I get
- I am able to get to where I am today

pg 23
- Because you exist
- I am able to become this strong

Makiko: 对... // 不.... 起.... 宗... 一... 朗...
Makiko: So... // rry.... Sou... ichi... rou...
- Sorry
- I am a worthless mother

pg 24
- Thank you

- For being born into my life.

Accept a destined birth, resist against a destined death......!!


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#1. by Rock-Bird ()
Posted on Sep 17, 2009
Thank you, nice translation. But page 01 contains a lot more text, can you translate that too?

Edit: Wonderful, thx :-)

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