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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Dear 48

The Tightly Closed Door

+ posted by Heart Space as translation on Jul 22, 2012 22:29 | Go to Dear

-> RTS Page for Dear 48

Page 20:
Top Panel: Where did they go?
Carol: Going out at times like this... Purino and Chiruha are really in danger!
Kurenai: ................
Subaru (memory bubble): I'm going to die anyway.
Kurenai (Text by Subaru's left): What does that mean...?
Black Panel (Bottom Left): He already accepted the possiblity of death.
Kanade found the cure for him; he went back to the Demon World probably because he wanted to live...

Page 21
The Guy (memory bubble): Lord Subaru Harnest--
Already came back. You didn't know?
Middel Panel(By Kurenai's Head): He went back to being the Demon Lord? Then why does he want Chiruha?
Or is it because he needed Chiruha for the cure?
Carol: ......
Carol (bottom left): Ah, just in time. Kisara!
We can't find Purino and Chiruha...

Page 22
Kisara: You....!
You want to capture Chiruha?
Carol: Kisara!

Page 23
Carol: You are ... Kanade...?
Kanade: This is why you are angry. But this visit has it's reason...
Mimosa: You guys must have lots of questions.
Can we go inside to discuss about this?

Page 24
Kanade: It's been 2 months. Since we gave you trouble.
Kisara: You know them!?
Carol: No, we just met them once. Just in time to see him faint.
Kisara: How did you guys know that Chiruha is lycanthrope?
Kanade: Because she's a rare creature.

Page 25
Kanade (top panel): I want to catch her to make her a sample.
Carol, Kurenai, Kisara (bubble above Carol's head in the top panel: !!
Kanade: It's a joke!
Kanade: Hehehe...
Kanade: .... Sorry... This joke wasn't that funny...
Carol: Please... Talk.You Need to look at the atmosphere first.

Page 26
Kisara: What the...! After killing you, asking that woman will be faster!
Kanade: Sorry.
Kanade (bottom right): Ten thousand flags.
Mimosa (text by her head, in the same panel): Ah, how dirty.
Kanade: I'm really sorry, I'm not used to this serious atmosphere.
Let me introduce us again... I'm Kanade. This is Mimosa.

Page 27
Kanade: You're right.We want to take that girl.
Top left panel: !
Kanade: But we don't have any means to hurt her... It's just that...
There's someone who wants to meet her.

Page 28
Kanade (text in bubble by Chiruha): Sigma ... is a lycanthrope like her.
bubble in the middle: !

Page 29
Kanade(Top Panel): Sigma tried to find her for a long time ... a long time... Years have passed slowly...Now, he finally found ... his kind...
Kanade (bottom right): In this world, I'm afraid, they're the only two left.
Carol: Lycanthrope... Besides Chiruha, there's actually...
Kanade: I promise we will be very careful... Let her come back with us.
Kisara (Bottom Left): Don't joke with me...

Page 30
Kisara: You're obviously taking Chiruha anyway, and you still wasted your time to say all that.
Chiruha is not a thing...!
Mimosa: That's because Subaru thinks speed's strategy is the best. We don't have the means to hurt Chiruha on purpose!
Carol: Subaru...?
Kurenai: ....!!
Kisara: Why does it invovle Subaru?
Carol: After Kanade appeared ... Subaru said he wanted to go back to cure his right hand...He said ... because Kanade found out the cure...

Page 31
Kanade: The cure...?
Mimosa: Pu!
Mimosa (top left panel): So pitiful... You guys got fooled by him..We didn't know the cure from the start. Even if we did, it's useless.
Kurenai: What...!
Carol: Then ... Subaru...?
Mimosa: He lives happily. Staying by Sigma's side won't cause him any trouble. That's what Subaru said himself.He also said that about another lycanthrope's existance.

Page 32
Text by Kurenai: His right hand can't be cured...?
Black Panel: But he always seemed to be so lively ... because he stayed by lycanthrope's side...?If it's like this, then that lycanthrope must know something...
Kisara: Now I understand.
Kisara: That bastard wanted to sell Chiruha to that lycanthrope.Is that right...?
Carol: Kisara...!
Mimosa: It's probably like this.
Kanade: Mimosa...
Mimosa: I think conversation time is over.

Page 33
Kanade: .... Maybe...
Top left panel: !!
Kanade (by Carol's side): I wanted to resolve this peacefully....
Kanade (by Kurenai's side): Replacing kindness with violence is not what I wish.

Page 34
Kanade: But sometimes, there are things more important than kindess.
Kurenai: Carol!
Carol: Okay!
Text in the bottom left panel: !

Page 35
Mimosa: Don't be so impatient.
Mimosa (top left panel): I know how you guys fight.
Mimosa (same panel): .... It's better to surrender.
Mimosa ( bottom panel): !

Page 36
bottom left panel: pa pa!

Page 37
Carol: Kisara!
Kisara: Shut up!
Kisara (bottom right panel): Don't you casually call me...!
We weren't supposed to stay close to you monsters in the first place...
Kisara (above the bottom left panel): You and Subaru are the same...!
Kanade: ... Fighting with your people definitely won't win the enemy...

Page 38
Kanade: That's why I warned you...

Page 39
Purino (top panel): I will go see Komomo-chan.
Chiruha(Right Panel): Hn.
Purino(Right panel): Kisara, Kurenai and the others will worry, you have to greet them!
Purino(Left Panel): Bye-bye.
Chiruha(Left Panel): I'll leave Komo-Chan to you...

Page 40
top right panel: Dong!
Chiruha (top right panel): Wah.
Chiruha (top left panel): What's wrong...?
Chiruha (above bottom left panel): Kanade.....
Kanade: Very sorry...

Page 41
Chiruha: ..............!

Page 42
Chiruha (bottom right panel): ...........Ki-----........ Chan....
Chiruha (above bottom left panel): Ki-chan! Ki-chan!
Chiruha (bottom left panel): Ki-chan...
Kanade: Chiruha...

Page 43
Kanade: Please come with us... There's someone that's the same as you, the lycanthrope ... is waiting for you...
Chiruha (top left panel): Ki-chan...
Chiruha: Ki-chan...
Kanade (middle panel): ... I've heard you're trying to find an answer...
Kanade (bottom right panel): I think ... Sigma, the lycanthrope ... might know the answer...

Page 44
Kisara: Don't ... go...
Kisara (middle panel): Don't ... go...
bubble next to the big bubble in the middle panel: Hu---
bubble next to the big bubble in the middle panel: Hu---
Chiruha: Ki-chan...!
Kanade: .........
Kanade (above bottom left panel): .... See you.
Mimosa: We will wait for you tomorrow morning.
Bottom Left Panel: Waiting for you at the dock.

Page 45
top right panel (in different bubbles): Drip! Drip! Drip! Drip!
Maid (bubble above the maid's head): Go get a new bandage!
Another maid (under the second maid): Yes!
Carol: Where's Kurenai?
Captain: Still hasn't regain consciousness, but his injury won't endanger his life.
Carol: Kisara...
Captain (bottom middle panel, next to his head): .......
Captain (bottom middle panel, under his chin): He's okay.
Carol: ............

Page 46
Captain: Chiruha? What is Kisara's situation?
Chiruha: There's no heartbeat...
Captain: But he regained consciousness. That's because of you?
Capatin (bottom left panel): Chiruha... the thing about Subaru is really regretful*..... But Kurenai and Carol both fought for you.
Captain: I trust them, you have lots of friends, don't give up or become hopeless

Page 47
Captain: ................
middle panel: Drip!
bottom right panel (each text in different bubbles): Drip! Drip! Drip! Drip!

Page 48
top black panel with a small light circle: ... Thump...

Page 49
Chiruha: I'm sorry.
text (from right to left): Maybe you think I'm exaggerating...
But ... in my heart, you are just like a God...
left panel (from right to left, top to bottom): My whole life was supposed to be kept in that small shrine...
But Ki-chan came to be by my side...
Letting me learn ... what emotion is....
Caring for me, worrying about me...

Page 50
bubble: And to like this kind of me.

Page 51
Chiruha (top panel): I'm already satisfied.
Chiruha (bottom panel, from right to left): Thank you. Daisuki.
Even if I turn into an old woman, I will still like you.

Page 52
Chiruha: Good bye.

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