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Dear 49

Sight of One's back

+ posted by Heart Space as translation on Jul 26, 2012 18:22 | Go to Dear

-> RTS Page for Dear 49

Page 58
Carol: Can't find her anywhere...!The ship had already left!
Captain: She's not home either.
Purino: Chiruha... Where did she go...?
Carol: I searched around the house, inside and out... I found out that ... the kitchen was already cleaned out.Maybe...

Page 59
Captain: She must have decided to leave on her own.
Captain (top left panel): Disappeared without a sound... She wasn't forced to leave...
Purino: Chiruha...
Carol: Let's chase after her.We have to quickly go back to the Demon World.

Page 60
Purino: Carol...! But the rest...
Carol: Kisara still hasn't woken up yet... But ... Kurenai can stand, it's okay.
Purino: .... Okay.Then let's go.

Page 61
Purino (middle panel): Right now Komomo's situation is unsteady, she can't go to the Demon World to see him...
Bottom Right Panel: It's okay... Clevart can take care of Komomo.
Purino: Komomo...

Page 62
Purino: Komomo...!

Page 63
Komomo: Purino.
Purino: Why did you take your sword?
Purnio (top left panel): You... Are you okay?
Komomo: I heard from Captain that Subaru's blood relatives appeared again, right?
Purino: .... But.... Maybe there's some misunderstanding.
Komomo, you should believe in him...
Komomo: Belief is important, but...
Purino: Komomo........

Page 64
Komomo: I want to figure out that person.

Page 65
Komomo:If I don't know him, then how can we talk about belief.
At least I should think about how to understand him.
Komomo (middle panel): I decided to figure things out .
Komomo (bottom panel): I want to go to Demon World. I want to understand him.Even if the result upsets me.

Page 66
Komomo: I still want to give him a punch!
Komomo (thoughts on middle panel): Even though he didn't say anything to me...
Komomo (thought on bottom panel): Just staying by my side... gives me so much comfort...

Page 67
Text by Purino (Komomo's thoughts): I want to find out about the past him*...The rest I don't need...!
Purino: .........!
Purino (middle panel): How surprising...! Even though I thought you would be upset.
Komomo: I imagine things a lot! But then I thought about the fever, I fell asleep.
Purino: Eh? You've been sleeping? That's why when I knocked, you didn't answer.
Komomo: All because of the fever, my brain regained conscious though!
Text by Komomo's bubble: Ahahahahahahaha...
Purino: You ... are really okay...?

Page 68
Text by Komomo: I'm okay--
Purino (thought bubble): Eyes ... are red...
Text on Purino: Everyone...
Text in middle panel (to the side): is so strong....
Purino: Chiruha...
Purino (bottom panel): From this morning, she's been missing...
Let's go!

Page 69
Purino (Top Panel): Let's go together ... to the Demon World.
bottom panel: Can we use it?
someone: It's been so long since we've used it, needs some repair.
Komomo: Does it need a long time...?

Page 70
Captain: Don't be impatient! The helicopter is quicker than the ship!
Komomo: Hn...
Carol: Captain, we will definitely take Chiruha back.
Captain: ..... Of course.
Captain (bottom right panel): With Chiruha...And you...
Captain (bottom left panel): Everyone must come back!

Page 71
Captain: We still haven't officially started a farewell party.
Komomo: Wu...
Komomo (bottom right panel): Captain!
Komomo (above the bottom left panel): Wu, wu! Captain, really thank you...
Wu! Captain is like a dad.
Captain: Aya.
Purino: Wu...
Purino (bottom left panel): Clevart-san.... To me, you are also like a dad.
Captain: Eh?

Page 72
bubble by Captain: Captain-----
Carol and Kurenai: ............
Carol (at his right side of head): Heh.
Carol (right side): Okay---
Carol (middle panel): Daddy----!
Captain: Wu pu!
Carol: Daddy, buy me a Japanese doll---------!
Captain: What are you talking about?!
Captain (bottom left panel): You.... You too...?
Kurenai: No, I don't need it.

Page 73
Kurenai: .... After we come back, we will thank you and apologize.
Wait for me to come back.
Captain: .... Hn.
Captain (middle panel): You sure are respectfull!
Kurenai: !
Captain: I will wait for you.
Kurenai: .... Hn.
Squad Member: Oil has been filled! It can be started!
Bubble: !

Page 74
Captain: I Wish you good luck!
Carol: ....... Okay!

Page 75
Komomo: Itekimasu*!
*meaning they are going

Page 76
Chiruha (below the top panel, left side of the panel): I'm already satisfied.
Chiruha (middle panel): Good-bye.

Page 77
Top panel (3 different bubbles with the same word): Hu...
Kisara: ...Chiruha?
Black Boxes: Is it because Chiruha gave me immortality...?
No, maybe it's because I'm oversensitive...
Before, I can feel Chiruha by my side...
But now, this feeling is gone.

Page 78
Squad Member 1: Wah, you scared me!
Squad Member 2: Vice Captain!
Squad Member 3 (middle panel): Why are you dressed up like this...?
Kisara: Chiruha?
Where's Chiruha?
Squad Member 1: Eh? Chiruha?
Squad Member 2: We didn't see her today.
Squad Member: Isn't she with you?
Kisara: ....!
Kisara (above bottom left panel): Chiruha...
Inspector Abel: What's wrong? Kisara. Sumeragi*
*The rest, I don't know. I think it's his surname, but because the words are blurry, so I'm not sure.

Page 79
Abel: You can't dress like that to work, Vice Captain Kisara Sumeragi.
Kisara (to left panel): ........
Kisara: Inspector....
Kisara (middle right panel): Did you see Chiruha...? You should know where Chiruha is...
Abel: Member Chiruha?
Abel (bottom panel): I haven't seen her today.

Page 80
Abel: Anyway, please use respectful words to your boss, Vice Captain Kisara. Sumeragi.
Kisara: Chiruha...
Kisara: Chiruha...
Text on Kisara: What I want...
Text beside Captain: My only wish is for you to stay by my side.
Captain: Kisara?
Captain (above bottom left panel): So you're here... How can you run around...? Does your injury hurt?
Captain (bottom left panel): Kisara...?

Page 81
Kisara (top right panel):The House...
Kisara: Is very clean.
Kisara (top left panel): She left on her own will...
White Box (top left panel): "In this world"
White Box (middle panel): "there's only 2 lycanthropes..."
Captain: ......
Captain (bottom left panel): Then...? What are you going to do...?

Page 82
Captain (middle panel): ...........
Captain (bottom left panel): Will yu become my son?*
*he was talking about adopting so i assume he means become his child

Page 83
Captain: From now on, you don't need to fight.And you don't need to use the immortality.You will be our adopted son,so you won't need to worry about the money, maybe your days will be boring. But... Life can be very safe... It's just that... At that place, will you be happy?

Page 84
Captain (top panel): Is it unlikely?...
Captain (middle panel): That after you've known her, you've changed.
Captain (bottom right panel): The world in your eyes...
Captain (bottom left panel): Has also changed...

Page 85
Captain (top bubble): Her existance changed your original feelings... Meeting this kind of partner has nothing to do with immortality...
Captain (middle bubble): This is a miracle.
Captain (bottom bubble): It also has nothing to do with lycanthropes, monsters, or humans.

Page 86
Captain (right panel): Because only she can give you happiness.
Captain (left top panel): and Vice versa,
Captain (left bottom panel): Don't tell me you're going to give up this time.

Page 87
Captain: Aren't you going to chase after your happiness?
Squad Member (bottom right panel): Uh-------....
Squad member (bottom right panel): We aren't sure about the details ... but ... maybe you had mentioned something about "lycanthropes"?
Captain: Eh?
Text on Captain's face: Oops!

Page 88
Squad Member 1: I still don't understand, but ... Vice Captain, ganbatte!
Squad Member 2: Hn, it's related to Chiruha , maybe?
Squad Member 1: Young people are so busy---
Squad Member 2: Right!
Squad Member 3: It's right to work hard and move forward.
Squad Member 4: Even though I'm also not so sure! Ahahahaha!
Captain: Hey! This is not a game!
Inspector (it's actually the phone): Beeeeeeeeeeeeep...
Bottom Right Panel (the bubble in the corner): Beep!
Inspector: Hello? It's me.
Inspector (above the bottom left panel): Oh, is that so, got it.
Inspector (bubble to the left): Over.
The Small Bubble: Beep!
Inspector: Vice Captain Kisara. Sumeragi.

Page 89
Inspector (top right panel): According to a reliable source I just got,
Inspector: information that at 6:25 this morning, Member Chiruha went onto a ship that travels to Armidale*.
Inspector (middle panel): Quickly catch up with her, Vice Captain Kisara. Sumeragi.
Squad Member 1: Oh yeah! Go!
Squad Member 2: Hurry up and go!
Squad Member 3: Where did that reliable information come from?
Squad Member 4: Quickly go!
Squad Member 5: Right!
Squad Member 6 (bottom left panel): Quicky go------!

Page 90
Kisara: Then I'm going.
Squad Member 1: Oh----- Go, young man!
Squad Member 2: Good luck*!
*He's talking in English.

Page 91
Squad Member 1 (top right panel): Youth is really good!
Squad Member 2 (under that bubble of squad member 1): But where is he going exactly?
Squad Member 3 (connected to bubble of squad member 2): I don't know.
Captain (top left panel): You are willing to pretend not to know about this?
Inspector: What are you talking about?
Inspector (bubble to the left): I'm just letting a little boy to chase his girlfriend.
Captain (bottom right panel): Haha.
Captain (bottom left panel): Well said.

Page 92
Kisara looking all sexy like*drools*

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