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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128
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Dear 51


+ posted by Heart Space as translation on Aug 6, 2012 18:27 | Go to Dear

-> RTS Page for Dear 51

Dear Chapter 51 script: Contact

Page 135
Kanade: This is our home... Hope you will like it here.
Chiruha: I thought we were going to the Demon World.
Kanade: No...

Page 136
Mimosa: We and Demon Lord Subaru are blood related, but we are not soldiers... That's why we have nothing to do with the Demon Army.
Middle Panel (by helicopter): But the Lycanthrope Stigma and the Demon Lord who has the right hand of the lycanthrope have an intimate connection. If Stigma needed to, he can immediately summon the army.
White Boxes: Here... there is another lycanthrope.

Page 138
Kanade: We came back...
Kanade (middle left panel): Over here please...
Kanade: Stigma...
Kanade (bottom left panel): Sleeping in this kind of place again... You're really casual...

Page 139
Text on Chiruha: Lycanthrope... He's... Another...

Page 140:
Chiruha: Headgear...?
Kanade: His hobby is rather special...

Page 141
Text beside Chiruha: This person is ...a lycanthrope...?
Kanade: Stigma... Wake up...
Kanade (top left panel): Stigma... Stig...

Page 142
Stigma: You...?
Stigma: Is it you?

Page 143
Stigma: Ah! Ears! Ears--- Good, so cute. Mine are not cute at all.
Stigmae (top left panel): "Chiruha", "Chiruha".... Did I say that wrong? Let me see your face.
Kanade: Stigma...
Stigma (Bottom Right): Chiruha... I've been dying to see you...!
Chiruha (thought bubble): He's crying?
Kanade: Stigma... Chiruha is already tired. Let her rest...
Stigma: Eh---.... Is that so...

Page 144
Stigma: Wu! Ah---- Tears---- Tissue, tissue.
Kanade: You're really impressive.
Kanade (top left panel): I will first take you to your room... The room is for you, please rest.
Middel Panel: I will call you when it's dinnertime.

Page 145
Kanade: You can wear any of the clothes in the wardrobe. Stigma scared you? Sorry... He finally got to see his own kind... it's been So long... He always thinks of himself as alone... You must also be emotional...?

Page 146
Kanade: ... I'm really sorry... he talked so much with you... Please rest...
Middle Panel: Pada!

Page 147
Mimosa: Dinner's ready!
Kanade: Mimosa... You're dressed like this again... My heart will bump disorderly*
Mimosa: Don't look at me with those evil eyes, be careful or I will kill you!
Stigma: Heh--- Looks really delicious.
*It means his heart is beating hard, and I think he means it sarcastically.

Page 148
Stigma: When you're not here, I really can't eat a great meal. Mimosa's cooking is the best.
Mimosa: ... Thank you...
Stigma: Ah! Chiruha! Sit over here!What do you like to eat? I like food that are easy to eat, like spaghetti, stuff like soup are really difficult.
Kanade: That's because you are determined not to take off the headgear... Really impressive...

Page 149
Kanade: I will share my carrot.
Mimosa: Eat it yourself.
Kanade: Got scolded...
Mimosa: Think about how old you are, still being picky.
Kanade: Just saying, I like to eat chiken... Body fat 5%... I have some pride about that...
Mimosa: You're really annoying...
Stigma: Chiruha, Chiruha, eat more! Please don't hesitate!

Page 150
Stigma: From now on, we're a family. Oh?
Kanade: Right... From now on, we will be living together...
Chiruha: Family...? You hurt him so badly.

Page 151
Chiruha: Okay, if you wish, then I'm okay with it. If you want to be family it's okay. But, I won't allow you to hurt him, don't approach him. The reason I came here is because of him.

Page 152
Chiruha: If I can't be sure about his safety, then there's no use in coming here.
White bubble (bottom right panel): You also must be emotional...?
Text: Of course... Meeting another lycanthrope, I'm also happy... Because... Maybe I can cure Ki-Chan's immortality...

Page 153
Top Panel: I don't care about another lycanthrope's existance... To me, only Ki-Chan is meaningful...
Stigma: Who's he?
Kanade: Stigma... I'm really sorry... Originally, I had wished for Chiruha to get used to being here... It's all because of my carelessness... You came here to find out about something, right...?

Page 154
Stigma: Find out about someting? What? If I can answer it, Chiruha will stay? Will you?
Kanade: Stigma...
Chiruha: Okay! I will.

Page 155
Stigma: ... Then we agreed it's a promise... Pro....
middle panel: Stigma...!
Chiruha: What happened...?
Kanade: .... It's okay, it happens...

Page 156
Kanade: His physical strength has always been bad. Just now, he was overexcited. I will take him back to his bedroom.
Mimosa: Stigma...
Kanade: He's just overexcited. Let him rest a little and he will be fine....
Mimosa: ............
Kanade: Are you okay...?

Page 157
Mimosa: What do you mean?
Kanade: Are there lots of complexed emotions in your heart...?
Mimosa: I don't need you to worry about me.

Page 158
Chiruha(thoughts): Did he eat dinner yet...? When I let him do whatever he wants, he will always eat whatever is there .He can actually cook... Ah, but there's Captain, he should be okay.

Page 159
Chiruha(thought bubble): Ki-Chan...
Text: Soon..
Middle Panel: I will soon know...
Bubble (middle panel): Don don!
bottom right panel: Ku Cha!
Puppet (Stigma): Chiruha. Are you asleep?

Page 160
Stigma: Luckily, you're not sleeping.
Chiruha: .... You can move now?
Stigma: I'm okay, but don't tell Kanade and Mimosa! This is my room.

Page 161
Chiruha: You made all these?
Stigma: Yes!
Chiruha: You like to create stuff?
Stigma: No. It's because I'm bored.
Chiruha: .... Is that so...

Page 162
Stigma: being too free is not good, it makes me go mad.
Chiruha: .........
Text: He and I are the same... Always alone... But I met Ki-Chan... But he ... WAS alone for so long...
Chiruha: You looked for me just to look at these?

Page 163
Stigma: There's also another reason: I will complete the promise before Chiruha changes her mind.
Chiruha: Then... You're willing me to tell me?
Stigma: Hn, if it's what I know, then any question is fine. It's about the lycanthrope?
Chiruha: Hn.

Page 164
Chiruha: You know about Su-Chan's right hand? Is there a way to recover his hand, making it not a lycanthrope's hand...?
Stigma: There is a way, but can't use it. If he Wants to remove that power, it has be me or Subaru will die.

Page 165
Chiruha: Eh.......? This... What do you mean....?
Stigma: Subaru's Lycanthrope Right Hand is originally my right hand.
Chiruha: .......!
bubble at the bottom left: Lycanthrope Stigma and the Demon Lord who has the lycanthrope's right hand....

Page 166
Right Panel: They have an intimate connection.
Chiruha: Your ... that ... right hand...?
Stigma: Right hand? This is a fake hand! Want to look at it?
Chiruha: .... Why...?

Page 167
Stigma: Giving him power means letting me have a slave that belongs to me. Giving him this power means he wouldn't be able to oppose me for his entire life. Lycanthrope and slave have an inseparable connection. No matter where he is, I will know the location. If he wants to cut off our connection, I can even kill him. Like this, the power of the lycanthrope will come back to the lycanthrope's body. Or if the lycanthrope died, the source of the power will disappear, the power will disappear too.

Page 168
Stigma: Lycanthrope's immortality is not invincible. If you completely made the body dissolve into ash, then that person should die! ? Chiruha? Chiruha, what happened? Are you okay?

Page 169
White Boxes(right to left): Su-Chan's right hand's rejection was caused by Stigma... If Su-Chan wants to be safely freed, than Stigma must die. Then...

Page 170
Text: Only my death ... can cure Ki-Chan's immortality...
*cool pic on this page*

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