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Translations: Gintama 616 (2) , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Dear 59

Long for Love

+ posted by Heart Space as translation on Aug 17, 2012 15:07 | Go to Dear

-> RTS Page for Dear 59

Dear Volume 12 chapter 59: Long for Love

Page 84
Text: At that time, I was small and had mysophobia. I was disappointed in everything. The only thing I was good for might have been that I didn't have to think about anything!

Page 85
White Boxes: It had been 2 years since the Lycanthrope's right hand chose me and I became the Demon Lord. At the same time, I became a follower (slave), taking charge of providing food. Stigma's food were the prisoners. Human lives.
Soldier 1: Why does the Demon Lord do it himself?
Soldier 2: Maybe it's his hobby.
Soldier 1: I don't think so... This joke...

Page 86
Subaru (white box): I continuously take away people's lives.

Page 87
bubble by the door: Which way?
bubble by the door: No one's there.
Subaru: Intruders?
Bottom left panel: Gu da...

Page 88
Komomo: You are the Demon Lord, huh...

Page 89
Komomo: I want ... revenge for my mother...!
by Komomo: shake
Bottom Panel: Pa sa...

Page 90
Text beside Komomo: Child....?
Doctor: Because she lost a lot of blood, she has anemia.
Subaru: This child actually intruded Demon Town...

Page 91
Subaru: Our soldiers, are they really reliable?
Doctor: Ah, she woke up. Hey! If you move around too much, you will die!
Subaru: Lying down obediently is better.

Page 92
Subaru: Your mother died?
Doctor: Your majesty...
Komomo: A demon that looked like a monster went crazy, Mom got involved and died! Everything is the Demon Lord's fault! I only had one mother...

Page 93
Subaru: You hate me?
Doctor: Ah! Wait...!

Page 94
Komomo: Hate...!
Doctor: Hey...! Shes bleeding again... You're really reckless. Hurry and stop the blood!
Nurse: Yes!
Subaru (white box): -----She...

Page 95
white box: Purely relied on her will power to kill and came here.
Subaru: Good morning. What happened? Got tied up? That desperate? Aren't you tired?
Komomo: Shut up!

Page 96
Subaru: I'm really touched! You can kill me, I've chosen you.
Komomo: Eh... What...

Page 97
Subaru: Because I thought I've been waiting for this. To you real resentment, I have a common tingle.
White Box: I straight-forwardly feel .... what shes feeling.
*this translation doesn't really make sence can you explain it? what subaru said*

Page 98
White Box: Sincerely feel her danger.
Komomo: Wu, wu.... No... Mom... Don't...

Page 98
Doctor: Just now, she got noisy and then she fell asleep. Talking in her dreams. She's a girl that says what she wants to say, that's why she's that blind. I already told her that demons that look like monsters and the demons that look like humans are not the same creature. She definitely will understand.
Komomo: Wu, wu... Mom, wait. Not the one with the expiration date.... It's the best tasting term... It's okay.
By the Doctor in small words: Pu... Hehehe.
Doctor: Really... Making me difficult to tense up...

Page 99
White box: Losing something is a really hopeless feeling.

Page 100
White Box: I often went to see her.
Komomo: I want to take this off, too attractive.
Doctor: Is that so...
Subaru: Good morning.
By Doctor (small words): Ah, your majesty.
White box: Her attitude is hostile like always.
Komomo: You came again.
White boxes: She's a girl who's straight-forward, easy to understand. She likes whatever she likes. Has a few things she hates, doesn't like wasting food. Of course, she hates me.

Page 101:
White box: Her resolute faith deeply attracted me.
Komomo: You really have a lot of free time, strange one.
Subaru: Strange one?
Komomo: You wanted me to kill you, right? Strange one.

Page 102
Subaru: I don't want to ponder about it anymore. What should I do? Whether it's alcohol... Opposite sex... Medicine... Everything is a moment of utility. Two years ago, many people died because of the choosing of a Demon Lord.

Page 103:
Subaru: Even if the most important person died, this world is still moving. In the end, everyone is protecting themselves. It will become quiet one day. Neural that rough... Fickle...
*what does he mean by Neural rough fickle?*

Page 104 & 105
white box: When I was little, I often got sick because of small stuff. Older brother told me....
Subaru's brother: Subaru.The doctor said that the cause of your difficult breathing is psychogenic . Your nerve is really thin. This means that you're smart and naive, which is good. Subaru, you need to be strong.
Black box: That... kind and strong brother also died.

Page 106
Black Box: I can't accept it , can't get used to it, and can't forget it. That's why I can only gradually go crazy.
Subaru : You're really strong. Even though you're that sad, you can still stay normal. You will never forget me, right?
White Box: It's not like I wanted to draw her to me by letting her kill me or want her to heal my old wound.

Page 107:
white box: It's really just a pure admiration. Her joy, anger, mourning, cheer are all a very distinct heart. In this selfish and fickle world...
Subaru: What? Refuse to give in? Upset?

Page 108
White Boxes: Only with her, I feel emotion without guard.

Page 109
Top panel: Eh? Hahaha...
Subaru: Where are you going?

Page 110
Komomo: I heard from the doctor that the monster-like demons and human-like demons are not the same, so it has nothing to do with the Demon Lord.
Subaru: .... You should have already known that you were blaming others, right? But you couldn't put down your anger and sadness.Now you want to accept it with difficulty?

Page 111
Subaru: Can you also get used to it? Lie to yourself, gradually forget...?

Page 112
*nothing on the page to translate*

Page 113
Subaru: You are a human with magic...
Komomo: Right... That's why I only had mom... In my life, always! You're the same as me. You are also lonely. Demons can also be happy and sad, I learned that from you. That's why I'm going...

Page 114
Komomo: I refuse to accept it, I am upset, I am lonely, I won't ever forget it in this life. But I can only live on like this.

Page 115
white boxes: Originally... I thought... If she kills me, letting me stay in her heart, I can be purified... Even though I know that's impossible, why did I still have such hope? Why? It turned out to be because I still wanted to stay in her heart....

Page 116
bubble: I wanted her to love me... I admired her even-if-she-got-hurt-she-still-won't-surrender bright personality... Fell in love with her.

Page 117
Subaru: But... Because you can't forget your wounds and loneliness... you can have the chance to meet the person who attracts you... Like I met you...

Page 118
Subaru: Hope you also will have a nice meeting. Really hoping that that person is me.
white box: The first time I thought I didn't repel against feeling.

Page 119
white box: Having a love that cannot be helped. Me and Komomo separated at that place temporarily. Originally, I thought we will never meet each other again. But after a few years, I still hadn't forgotten about her. I discovered that I can still meet her. If you can have hope, world can still be changed.

Page 120
white box: Those years that I cried with her, smiled with her, I wanted to experience more with her so much. Hoping that I can stay in her heart. And then... I also hope...

Page 121
bubble top panel: To continue to live on...
Komomo: Subaru...!
Subaru: Komomo...

Page 122
Subaru: Sorry... I hurt you... I let you cry again... Sorry...

Page 123
Komomo: Don't look down on me. I will punch you really hard, let you regain conscious.

Page 124
Subaru: Worthy of bieng komomo

Page 125
Mimosa: Stigma! Stigma!
Carol: !
bottom left panel: Stigma...!

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