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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Hayate no Gotoku! 325

An Artisan’s Technique, Seasoned with Salt.

+ posted by Hidden Detective as translation on Jul 1, 2011 08:53 | Go to Hayate no Gotoku!

-> RTS Page for Hayate no Gotoku! 325

Word document version: http://www.mediafire.com/?iw3a90pppktlfhj

• Note: Ok, so some of the translations may not be direct or exact translation because I switched the word orders or paraphrased for better sentence flow in English grammar or slang, but the overall meaning will remain the same. Sometimes I’ll use the slash “/” for when I can’t decide an exact English word to use and put a couple choices. Sentences in parentheses are my opinions or translator’s notes/explanations for some parts or scenes, and maybe on occasion a commentary on the situation (you guys just decide whether to put those in for fun/humor or not, for the none-t/n ones). Different/separate sentences in connected bubbles or boxes will also be in new lines. New lines with no speaker indicated in the front means they have the same speaker as the line above.


Top: Hayate no Gotoku! Mini Info Center: The movie will air in two months! Certain movie theaters have begun to show the special news on Hayate x Negima. The CD collection for all the Hayate no Gotoku character songs and the theatrical soundtrack will be released soon!
Title: Chapter 325, “An Artisan’s Technique, Seasoned with Salt.”
Catchphrase with the title: a measuring spoon is not needed.
Left margin: the Hayate no Gotoku art collection will be released soon!! And Volumes 1-28 are hot on sale now!!


Right margin: The large bath in Hakuou Academy is perfect for relieving the butler’s accumulated fatigue and stress overtime, not to mention it has a great view!!

SFX: steamy, foggy

Hayate: wow,
So this is the public bath in the clock tower.

Hinagiku-san told me to take a break.
I guess I’ll just take her up on the offer and enjoy this place.

But before I go in…


SFX: whoosh



Hayate: ok, good…
There is nobody else here.

Since there is always a good chance of running into a girl when I enter baths…
I have to be careful…

But there shouldn’t be…
Any student with free time to come here during this hour…

So I may as well…
Take my take and relax.


Miki: I think it’s about time…
To write our lower kakizome.

Izumi: lower…
Risa: Kakizome? (Not good, I’m getting a bad feeling for Hayate whenever these three are around… 0_0)

Well…!! I’m not sure what you mean by lower kakizome…
But it sounds quite exciting!!
Miki: hehe, doesn’t it?

Risa: ok, so what is a lower kakizome?
Miki: if you don’t know, I’ll enlighten you.

Students always make kakaizomes at the beginning of the year, right?
We each write down our goals for the year in calligraphy.
Risa: right, I know…


Miki: but because you always feel so fresh during the beginning of the year…
You’d often write down impossible goals that you can’t accomplish even throughout your entire life, right?!

And so…!!
Now that we are halfway through this year…
We should reset our goals for the year…!!

This time we’ll make sure to right down more realistic, achievable goals!!
The purpose of a lower kakizome!!
Risa: I see…! So we should basically lower our goals!!

Alright, the materials are ready…
So let’s get started on the kakizome!!

Miki: However…
Be careful not to get ink on your uniforms!! (Ok, why say that? Now someone’s bound to get inked… And I have a pretty good guess who…)


Risa: ok then! Here goes!!
SFX: splat
Izumi: nyah!!

SFX: splat


Splat (yep, easiest page to translate… XP)


Risa: whoo ——
All done…
On the paper: forget fewer things. (Great, why set another impossible goal for yourself Risa…?)
Miki: what’s with all the ink, Izumi?
You’re almost like a lump of coal now…
Izumi: and whose fault do you think it is?!

Miki: well, you can’t just go to your afternoon classes…
With ink all over you.
Here is a new set of uniform; better go clean yourself in the clock tower’s bath.
Izumi: you don’t have to tell me twice.

Are those two good at anything else besides pranking…?

SFX: appear

Ruka: ah!!
SFX: bonk


Ruka: ouch…

Izumi: waaah!! I – I – I’m sorry!!
I got your uniform dirty!!

I’ll get you a set of clean uniform…! Why don’t you come to the bath too…!!
Ruka: eh…?

SFX: steamy


Hayate: whoo ——
Large baths sure feel nice…

Having such a spacious room…
All to myself is the best.

Ruka: huh…?


Ruka: it’s you, right?

Hayate: Ru…



Hayate: waahhh!! Ruka-san, it’s you!!
SFX: splash, splash
Ruka: why are you backing away like that? (Is it me or is Hata making their arms skinnier and skinnier…?)

Background: Hayate’s current thoughts: why do I always end up stuck in such terrible pinches?! Is this the nightmare mode?! And why am I in such an impossible game?!
At least she hasn’t noticed that I’m a guy because of the milky-white water…
But how am I supposed to get out of this situation?!

And Ruka-san, don’t just stand there, just get in the water already!!
A girl shouldn’t act so indecent in front of a guy!

Indecent… (Wait, has Hata always drawn Ruka to be this well-endowed…?)


Ruka: fancy meeting you here! What a coincidence!!
SFX: splash
Hayate: don’t come so close!!

Not good!! This is getting really bad!!
Ruka-san still thinks that I’m a girl!! I planned to tell her the truth at some point, but now is not the right moment!!

But what if I just…
Actually, I’m a guy.
Come clean right now and get it over with?

Ruka: how dare you trick me!! I’ll sue you to the end of your life!!
Hayate: No!! This definitely isn’t the right time to say it!!

Then I guess…
I have no choice but to fool her for now!!


SFX: touch

Ruka: wow, such nice skin…
Hayate: !!!!
SFX: poke

Ruka: as an idol, I have always looked after my skin seriously… But your skin is really impressive, Hayate-san.
Hayate: ……!!

Hayate was thinking that he needed to quickly get into a dress in order to fool her…
But then a certain image flashed in his mind.

A true artisan…
Can make a truly delicious soup…
By merely adding a small pinch of salt into hot water as long as he gets the perfect amount.


Background: is cross-dressing really simply putting on cute clothes?!
No!! of course not!!

The essence of cross-dressing is being able to emit femininity with even the slightest effort!!
Getting the perfect small pinch of salt correctly is the secret to true cross-dressing!! (OMG, what is Hata thinking? Is her really trying to turn Hayate into a true pervert…? O_-b)

So my cross-dressing…
No longer depends on cute clothes!!

Let’s have a try!!
I’ll cross-dress my mentality!!! (But you can’t get rid of what’s below the belt mentally Hayate… -_-b)

Ruka: even with another girl…
Bathing together still feels embarrassing.
SFX: touch
Hayate: !!! (I’m well aware of Hata’s recent chibi development in character designs, but their heads are starting to look too heavy for their bodies to support… -_-b)


Ruka: but…
This bath really feels nice.
SFX: splash

Hayate: I’m sorry, I made such a big speech about cross-dressing my mentality…
But in the end, I just can’t do it…!!

Then there’s no other choice! I have to tell her the truth no matter how bad the timing is!!
Um… well… Ruka-san!!

That’s right! It’s better to tell her now than to have her find out by accident later on… I’m sure she’ll understand if I just explain…!!
The thing is, I’m actually…


SFX: steamy

Hayate: ……
SFX: ahhhh
Izumi: ……

Hayate: Se – Segawa-san?!

Bottom: to be continued in issue 31 on June 29th.

Right margin: His cross-dressing has collapsed physically and mentally!! With no way to cover for himself, what will the naked butler do now?!

Promo Pic

(We’ll use the last page…)

SFX: steamy

Hayate: ……
SFX: shock
Izumi: ah, I…

Hayate: what the?! Segawa-san…!!
Why did you reduce in size compared to in the season 2 limited?!
Izumi: It’s not my fault! Haven’t you realize that Hata has been Chibi-fying all of us lately?!

*For those who don’t quite get it, read the 9 chapters of the season 2 DVD limited (Not part of the main story plot)…

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