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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Hayate no Gotoku! 326

Before You Have Actually Done It

+ posted by Hidden Detective as translation on Jul 10, 2011 07:27 | Go to Hayate no Gotoku!

-> RTS Page for Hayate no Gotoku! 326

Microsoft Word version: http://www.mediafire.com/?jo3fvmbhcw6s6vv

• Note: Ok, so some of the translations may not be direct or exact translation because I switched the word orders or paraphrased for better sentence flow in English grammar or slang, but the overall meaning will remain the same. Sometimes I’ll use the slash “/” for when I can’t decide an exact English word to use and put a couple choices. Sentences in parentheses are my opinions or translator’s notes/explanations for some parts or scenes, and maybe on occasion a commentary on the situation (you guys just decide whether to put those in for fun/humor or not, for the none-t/n ones). Different/separate sentences in connected bubbles or boxes will also be in new lines. New lines with no speaker indicated in the front means they have the same speaker as the line above.


Title: chapter 326: “Before You Have Actually Done It”, you won’t be able to predict the outcome, right?
Left margin: The theatrical anime will air on August 27th!! And Volumes 1 – 28 are hot on sale!!
Bottom margin: The art book is also in the making! (I really wanna know what Sakuya’s thinking while staring at the Chinese lion statue so closely… ?_?)


Right margin: For now, all he can do is kneel, since he saw her naked in the bath. However, kneeling is not enough to solve all of his current problems…!! (Sigh, it’s a sad but true fact, that the guy is always at fault no matter who saw who naked, accidental or not… Whenever a guy/girl sees a girl/guy naked, or both at the same time, all it takes is one scream from the girl, and the guy gets arrested as a pervert and/or molester… x_x)

Hayate: well, um… just moments ago…
I caused you a lot of trouble, Segawa-san. I’m truly sorry.
Izumi: Nyahaha. It’s alright, don’t worry…

And I’m sorry that…
I wasn’t able to show you anything impressive… (As expected of Izumi, who can brush aside almost anything and never gets anybody in trouble… (: )

But come to think of it, why were you and the girl in the bath together?
Hayate: um… Well, that’s…


Hayate: explaining…
Izumi: ……
The four SFXs (from right to left): it’s like this…
And that…
And then this…
And that…

Izumi: I see…
So she has mistaken you for a girl the entire time…

So that’s why she get so shocked and collapsed ~~
Hayate: right…


Background: It was like…
Time had stopped.

I couldn’t believe…
What happened in front of my eyes…

Everything almost…
Felt like a dream…

A dream ——


Ruka: uh…

Izumi: ah! ♥
Are you awake now?

Ruka: um… Where am I?
Izumi: the infirmary. You fainted in the bath, Ruka-chan.

Ruka: in the bath…?
I see…
So was all of that a dream after all?

I’m sorry for causing you more trouble.
It seems that I had a strange dream…
Izumi: a dream?


I just had a dream…
Where Hayate-san was actually a guy.

Izumi: ……

Oh ~
A dream, huh…
Even after all that, she still doesn’t believe that Hayata-kun is a boy…

What a naïve and honest girl… (Wow, you have to do something seriously clueless or naïve for Izumi to comment this way… -_-)
Ruka: I’m alright now.
Thanks for helping me!

Hayate: uh… um, Ruka-san…
Ruka: Hayate-san…?


Ruka: I’m sorry…
For causing you trouble again…

You are…
A girl, right…?

Hayate: at this moment…
If I just answer “yes, I’m indeed a girl”, she’d probably believe me easily…

But if I don’t come clean right now…
Not only Ruka-san, I won’t forgive myself either in the future!!

So I must ——!!
Um!! Ruka-san!!
I’m actually…!!


Miki and Risa: What?! Even though he’s a boy, Hayata-kun pretended to be a girl in order to peep on other girls naked?!! (Great, here comes the queen and empress of misunderstanding and getting people in trouble… I don’t know how Izumi every became best friend with these two; they get along like water and fire… -_-b)

Risa: Even if he’s a cute boy who cross-dresses really well, I can’t believe he would do something so despicable!
Miki: that’s right! Taking advantage of his cross-dressing ability like that is unforgivable!!
Izumi: come on!! I never said anything like that!!

Risa: so what, Hayata-kun?! Do you want to see girls naked that badly?!
Miki: so you enjoy doing this to this extend, Hayata-kun?!
Hayate: what?! What are you talking about?!!

Risa: come to think of it, you put on a skirt happily on the cruise in Mykonos, Hayata-kun.
Hayate: what?! Who said I put it on happily?! Or even willingly?!
Miki: was it back then that you realized your love for cross-dressing, Hayata-kun?!
Hayate: I have never once loved cross-dressing!! (Typical of those two, ignoring everything you try to explain when they are dumping blames on you…)


Risa: but that maid outfit suited you really well, Hayata-kun!!
Miki: Hayata-kun, are you really a girl?!
Hayate: no!! Of course not ——!!

I am 100%...
A genuine boy ——!!!

Ruka: is…
That so…?

Hayate: ……

Ah… um…


Ruka: …… (This expression… Does anyone else see Fumi with white/blue hair and cat ears here? They even share similar hairstyles, in case anyone didn’t notice…)
SFX: meoowww* —— (*t/n: a bit more aggressive than the common “meow” from cats, but not to the degree of a hiss yet…)

Hayate: well… um… Ruka-san?
SFX: leap away

SFX: meoowww ——
Hiss ——
Hayate: ……

Phone: rinnnng, rinnnng
Ruka: meow?


Ruka: click! Yes, this is Ruka… Right, no problem… Another job, right?

Understood, Studio B of Shinjuku at 18:00. Thank you very much.

Phone: Beep

Ruka: well then…
I’m off to work.

Hayate: ah…
I’ll take you there…

Ruka: it’s alright…
No thanks.


Hayate: ……

Risa: Hayata-kun…
According to my woman’s intuition…

I believe that she’s probably mad.
Hayate: I don’t need you to tell me that!!

I better catch up to her quickly…
And sincerely apologize…!!

Please wait!!
SFX: slide open


Kotetsu: oh, honey. No need to charge into my arms like this. I’m not going anywhere…
Hayate: …… (Yep, I was wondering where Kotetsu is… There’s no way he wouldn’t show up when Hayate was just taking a bath…)

SFX: Bonk, wham, smash

Hayate: come to think of it…
Everything turned out this way because you made me cross-dress.
Kotetsu: hahaha, what are you saying, honey?

Hayate: anyways, I have no time to deal with you!! Just get lost!!
Kotetsu: hey, wait up, honey ——!!

Hayate: Ruka-san!!


Hayate: shoot!
She’s already gone…!!
I lost track of her because of that idiot!!

I heard her mentioning a studio in Shinjuku at 18:00…
Or maybe it’s better to head to her apartment right now…

Nagi: hey, Hayate, what’s the matter?
Hayate: ah, Ojou-sama!!

How should I put this…?

Nagi: ……


Nagi: you…
Got stuck in something like that again, right?

Hayate: yes!!
That’s pretty much it!! (*clap* must applaud their synchronized rhythm here… XP)

Nagi: then don’t mind me…
Just go!!
Hayate: thank you!!

Chiharu: impressive… you understood everything from just that?
Nagi: yep…

Simply put, it’s typical for Hayate to end up in serious predicaments despite his good intentions. And judging by his reaction, it definitely involves a girl.
Chiharu: ……


Ruka: I see…
So Hayate-san is actually… Hayate-kun…

SFX: blush

Ruka: this is so embarrassing…
I can’t…
Meet him again…

Right margin: Ruka’s maiden’s heart may have awakened now that she has learned that Hayate is a boy… What lies ahead for Hayate who wants to meet up again and Ruka who no longer wants to meet him…?
Bottom: to be continued in Issue 32 on Wednesday, July 6th.

Promo Pic

(We’ll use the page 13…)

Kotetsu: come on, Honey, don’t fight it anymore. We need some BL moments in this manga in order to attract more female readers; otherwise it’d be too imbalanced.
Hayate: ……

SFX: bonk, wham, smash

Hayate: who’d believe in that crap?
Besides, if anyone saw that, I’ll lose my harem, and it’d be the end of Hayate no Gotoku!!
Kotetsu: haha, still sharp as always, eh honey? But that’s what I love about you…

Hayate: and I know you put hidden camera in the room to capture the moment!! I’m going to search and destroy!!
Kotetsu: come on, honey, what are you talking ab ——

Kotetsu: noooooo ——!!!

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#1. by Dark Xex ()
Posted on Jul 10, 2011
thanks, please, translate 328.

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