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Hayate no Gotoku! 331

It’s Pretty Much As Quiet As 200 Million Years Ago.

+ posted by Hidden Detective as translation on Aug 8, 2011 09:14 | Go to Hayate no Gotoku!

-> RTS Page for Hayate no Gotoku! 331

Microsoft Word version: http://www.mediafire.com/?yqsba9h9szqti9c

• Note: Ok, so some of the translations may not be direct or exact translation because I switched the word orders or paraphrased for better sentence flow in English grammar or slang, but the overall meaning will remain the same. Sometimes I’ll use the slash “/” for when I can’t decide an exact English word to use and put a couple choices. Sentences in parentheses are my opinions or translator’s notes/explanations for some parts or scenes, and maybe on occasion a commentary on the situation (you guys just decide whether to put those in for fun/humor or not, for the none-t/n ones). Different/separate sentences in connected bubbles or boxes will also be in new lines. New lines with no speaker indicated in the front means they have the same speaker as the line above.


Saki: young master…
Is planning to confess to Isumi-san…

If he conveys his feelings…
And she accepts his confession…

Then what…
Should I do…?

Chapter 331 “It’s Pretty Much As Quiet As 200 Million Years Ago.”

Left margin: The theatrical anime will air on August 27!! Volume 29 and its limited edition will be released on August 10th!! And the art book “Hayate no Gotoku! Girls Graphics, Hata Kenjirou’s Art Book” will also be released on the same day!!


Right margin: Wataru is determined to confess his feelings. His words may change the entire world, or may change nothing at all…

Wataru: I’m going to confess to her…
Before I leave Hakuou!!

Ayumu: not possible!!

Wataru: wh – what do you mean “not possible”?!
Ayumu: simple…
How can a scaredy cat like you who haven’t been able to confess in the past ten years just suddenly succeed now?

Wataru: is that so?! Then how about a bet?!
Ayumu: ok, go ahead, I’m all ears. ♥

Wataru: alright then, if I successfully confess to her…
You’ll have to work as a maid at my new store for a mere 300 yen per hour!! (Wait a minute, is Wataru admitting that he has a maid complex here…? -_-b)

Ayumu: sure. ♥
It’s not so hard, simply wearing a frilly maid uniform and saying “welcome back, master~”!! (Oh, I have a feeling that Ayumu’s going to regret undermining the hardship of being a maid later…)


Wataru: fine!! Then don’t you dare forget it!!!
Ayumu: ok, ok…
But if you don’t succeed, you’ll have to start addressing me as “Ayumu Ojousama”.

Isumi: ……

What is this?
Sakuya: it’s from Wataru…
And this too.
It has a written time and place for you to go to.

He said that he has something to tell you before leaving Hakuou.
Nagi: oh ——!!

So Wataru is finally going to confess his love for Isumi!!
Isumi: ……
Sakuya: yep, I believe so too.

Nagi: then I got to go and see it through!!
Sakuya: come now, isn’t that a little too insensitive?
Isumi: ……

What are…
You two saying?


Isumi: how can Wataru-kun…
Possibly love me?

Sakuya: not good… things look pretty bleak for Wataru.
Nagi: has he lost before he even got to the battlefield…?

Isumi: oh well, anyway, I just have to get there at the specified time, right?
Sakuya: yeah… pretty much…

Isumi: so do you guys want to follow along?
There’s no way he’ll say that he loves me.

By the way, if I’m right, I’ll have you guys boil water in your belly buttons. (*t/n: this can’t be translated well, but in Japanese, it could also refer to doing something impossible and/or hilarious. So Isumi essentially means that if she’s right, they’ll have to do that to entertain her…)
Sakuya: ……

Never mind that right now, Isumi…
Can you really get there on time by yourself without getting lost?


Sakuya: ah, she’s already gone ———!!
SFX in the center: vanished
Nagi: looks like this problem comes before the confession.

We have no choice, Hayate…
You go find Isumi and take her there.
Hayate: undersood!!

Isumi: seriously…
Nagi and Sakuya are so bothersome.

There is no way…
That Wataru-kun loves me…

SFX: open

Isumi: a map and a message saying…
“There is something that I want to tell you. Please meet me here at 19:00”.


As well as an extremely detailed map and address, a phone number that I can use to reach Wataru-kun and the others at any time…
Instructions on how to use my cell phone, a map and instructions for the public phones, a telephone card, a 10 yen coin…
And… a whistle…

Is it for me to use to call for help…
In case of an emergency?
SFX: whiiiii —

Isumi: seriously, Wataru-kun worries too much.
How can I be lost like this –
SFX: whiiiii —

Isumi: ah…
SFX: whiiiii ——…
Dash off


Isumi: ……
Whiii —

Whiii —

Sakuya: oh, there is still over an hour until the meeting time…
But Wataru’s already here…

But do you think Isumi will…
Or should I say, can she make it?
Nagi: hmm, Hayate is already going after her, but I still seriously doubt it…

Isumi: it’s alright, even if I don’t have the map…
Whiiii —
I won’t get lost that easily.


Isumi: if you ask me why, it’s because…
I bought a super weapon two days ago, the smartphone!!!
SFX: hold out (Even if it’s a cartoon style, I think Isumi’s fingers are way too short proportionally to her hand size… -_-)

Isumi: oh! And sorry to any of you who doubts that I know how to use it…
I spent an entire night with Sakuya figuring out how to use it to make calls.
Whiii —
So if I use this…

I can…
Call someone!!

Phone: whiii
Text on the phone: please recharge
Isumi: ……

Geez, why does everything…
Make such loud, annoying “whiii” noises?
Whiiii (As expected, no amount of preparation can overcome Isumi’s mastery in the art of getting lost…)


Sakuya: it’s already been 5 hours…
Since the meeting time.

Not good, looks like it’s all over for him/

Nagi: is Wataru still waiting?
Sakuya: yep.

Nagi: well, Hayate will definitely find her and take her ——
SFX: slide
Hayate: I’m back!

Nagi: huh?
Why are you back, Hayate?
Hayate: well, it wasn’t easy to find Isumi-san this time…

But the one who helped me find her said…


“Allow me…
To take her there.”

Isumi: thank you for taking me here, Saki-san.
Saki: no problem.

It’s a maid’s duty…
To grant her master’s wish.

Alright then, young master, finish what you started…

Wataru: Saki!!


Saki: carry it through,

Isumi: so, Wataru-kun?
What did you want to tell me?

Wataru: ah…
I wanted to tell you that…
I have always…


Wataru: I have always been in love with you!
I have loved you ever since we were little…

To the point of skipping grades to get into the same high school to chase after you…
To the point of my heart racing from just standing next to you like this…

So ——


L –...!!


Wataru: lo – …!!
Loved you…!! (Does anyone else wish that “d” wasn’t in his words…?)




Wataru: wahhh!!

Pull out
Isumi: Wataru-kun…

Wataru: … nn!!
?! (I guess an indirect kiss is as far as they’ll ever go…)

Isumi: if you’re just using past tense…
Then there’s no need to say more…


Wataru: Isumi?!!

Isumi: that…
No longer belongs to me.

Wataru: ……

Sakuya: I… Isumi?!
Isumi: didn’t I tell you?

There is no way…
That Wataru-kun loves me.


Saki: why did you…
Use past tense like that?

Wataru: there is no “why”…
I planned to say that… Right from the beginning.
Saki: eh?

Wataru: because what’s important…
Is the future that we will grasp together.

Saki: ……

Yes… (Honestly, I feel somewhat conflicted about how everything turned out this chapter…)

Isumi: ok then, time to boil water in your belly buttons.
Sakuya and Nagi: ehhh ———?!

Right margin: he has parted with his old self and his long-term first love in order to advance into the future…

Promo Pic

(We’ll use page 14…)

Isumi: come on, don’t chicken out now.
Wataru: wait, just give me another minute to prepare!

Isumi: man…
You are really too shy for a male character…

Wataru: wai –!!
Put in

Isumi: and that’s how it’s done…
You still have much to learn about increasing the manga’s popularity…

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