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Translations: Gintama 636 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 865 by cnet128

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai: Meakashi-hen 4


-> RTS Page for Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai: Meakashi-hen 4

Page 121:
Shion: (He said Satoshi-kun to leave Hinamizawa!) / / In that Satoshi-kun is getting ready to leave home!?
Chapter 4: "Unable to forgive ..."

Page 122:
Satoshi: Satoko!! / / Satoko!!

Page 123:
Satoshi: She it! Please stop her!
Tamae: Shut mouth! / / Tao must protect it teaches! / Do not need to create accountable know!
Satoshi: Satoko! / / Sato ...!

Page 124:
Rena: Satoshi-kun ... as birthday gift for Satoko-chan, but he is doing more to power the power out. / Satoko-chan is to have the animals 100.000Y cotton. / / However, the unconscious, / / Satoshi-kun again and again to flee very far somewhere with the money. / / So, Oyashiro-sama did not intend to forgive them.
Satoko: Nii-nii. / Nii-nii. / / Nii-nii. / Nii-nii.

Page 125:
[Footsteps ...]

Page 126:
Satoshi: aaaa!! / / AAAAA!!

Page 127:
[English rain, shortness of breath]

Page 128:
[Australia ...]

Page 129:
Tamae: No excuse for eyebrow ... / No excuse for eyebrow ... / No excuse for eyebrow ...

Page 130:
(Retrospective) Rena: At this here, all of which are experiencing Satoshi-kun ... / This is a harbinger of Oyashiro-sama's curse. / / Who are the steps to come gradually. / Who is looking after you right back. / / Soon Now hear your own footsteps as a deviation and extra steps. / Night to, someone to stand next to the bed looking down ...
Shion: (I understand not taking half the story is Rena. / Unique is one thing you know ... / / Perhaps Satoshi-kun is to go from this place!!) / A plot, which Onee a !!?
Mion: W-What's this, Shion!?
Shion: Please! Onee!! Change seats with you one day away!!

Page 131:
Shion: You have to Hinamizawa!! / / Satoshi-kun!

Page 132:
Shion: Sato ...
Satoshi: What ha?

Page 133:
Shion: A ... Um ... / He is healthy but ...?
Satoshi: ... / ... Health know ... / / What again?
Shion: Um ...
Satoshi: If there's nothing here I go. I still want to stay alone.
Shion: So a. He looks so tired ... / Employment more ... very heavy. / / A ... He do more?
Satoshi: What ball is rather? Only that only ha?
Shion: Satoshi-ku ...
Satoshi: If you do not have so many more stories are not?

Page 134:
Satoshi: version too go.

Page 135
Shion: What ...? / For nothing but, Satoshi-kun ... / Walking near here ... / / So what ... / For he must excuse what I hate to like?
Satoshi: Free to ask that their hearts have a better ball a!!
Shion: fuzz? / To do things like understand!!

Page 136:
Shion: Group I understand but, Satoshi-kun!! / / Huc ... / To understand what ... / / (Satoshi-kun is in his or delete ... / has not then why ...?)

Page 137:
Satoko: Sorry. / Sorry. / / Sorry. / Save the children, Nii-nii !! / Save the children voiii!! / / Nii-nii. / Nii-nii.

Page 138:
[Hell yeah, Shion!!]

Page 139:
Satoko: A!
Shion: Because things like eyebrow ... / / For things like machine that Satoshi-kun ...
Satoko: Save the children, Nii-nii.
Shion: Want to cry, then cry! / But eyebrow know! Crying is not solved anything! / / The star eyebrow Left cry? / As if to cry, someone will come rescue eyebrow ha!?

Page 140:
Shion: lingual view were too sad to imagine, to study the clouds are there to do damage, right?? / / Knowing not ha!? Is guilty of the May Day!! / / Monday as eyebrow would rather not exist better!! / / Monday as eyebrow and die for ---!!

Page 141:
Rika: Do bullying Satoko. / Satoko trade worth much then. Not bullying him.
Shion: Post trade should also be something tha a!? / / Do this go to where the dependence is, / should Satoshi-kun to mortification!!
Satoko: Nii-nii.
Shion: You're also creating dams that block the ball always know!?

Page 142:
Satoshi: Satoko!!
Shion:!! / / Sato ...
Satoshi: Satoko!!
Satoko: Nii-nii!! / / Nii-nii is, em ... not do anything bad end ... / Mion-san ... / Mion-san she ...

Page 143:
Satoshi: The star is rather!? Mion!! / / Satoko did nothing!? / Criminals I do! / / Why do I always bọn also been bullying another but!!?
Shion: ... this new example to Satoshi-kun said "his own heart to that question" Why? / / If so, he should also try to ask stomach stomach Satoko see. / / Even Satoshi-kun but do not know what!?

Page 144:
Shion: Because Satoko cling tightly to Satoshi-kun, so Satoshi-kun is mortification but what? / / If Satoko liver divorce, where they have become a burden to Satoshi-kun! / / Empty all the children that causes them both!
Satoshi: the Con ... / / Just to only!!
Shion: Even Satoshi-kun are too fondness Satoko know! / Because fondness, though how long should it take longer still clinging tightly to him!

Page 145:
Satoshi: She is about four to know but! / / Throughout the village, causing most difficulties, then parents four to accrue on the wall, / / This time to version four to a!? / / Although anywhere is urgent that traitor to the village ... / How do Sonozaki's not the star!?

Page 146:
Satoshi: bullying who is weak so much fun ha!!
Rena: Stop! / / Satoshi-kun stop go! / Mii-chan no malicious What Where.

Page 147:
Rena: the example of Satoshi-kun should worry him any disturbances to the ... / / Both Mii-chan again. / He knows that to do so will not solve the what? / / Both Satoko-chan ... / Do not cry because of what must spill the first box of rice ... not know? / / Do, make peace together to ...
Shion: Sorry ... I is not the same ...
Satoshi: I ... also not ...
Shion: (Wha. ..? / What this ...?)

Page 148:
Shion: (Minh. .. / What are you doing?) / / Sorry ... Onee ...

Page 149:
Shion: Onee ... / Satoshi-kun, he ... the very anger Sonozaki right?
Mion: ... She also thought the ... / / People who have things like encouraging the terrorists alone every home Houjou, considering it as lessons for unity, is the Sonozaki. / Even though the cold that has Houjou think, is the root cause was Sonozaki Don Ho in the current circumstances, it is also not a stranger ...
Shion: So then why!? / Why only now happening!? / Again there but right now this!?
Mion: Or it is because ... / Satoshi-kun has grown ...
Shion: (Ever since then as adults, so whether you are home Sonozaki, he was also treated normal? / But now he is ... haggard soul and body, so Weld from the core is flush out movement!) / / Story so ... / (If so they would rather that ...! / Right from the first meeting, he collect his eyes in protest ...!)

Page 150:
Shion: (Then you did not ... / / I did not ...)

Page 151:
Shion: entangled in nets and love ...

Page 152:
[Poor them]

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